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Milton Glaser (RIP) Explains Why We Must Overcome the Fear of Failure, Take Risks & Discover Our True Potential

Milton Glaser died last week at the age of 91, a long life that included decade upon decade as the best-known name in graphic design. Within the profession he became as well-known as several of his designs did in the wider world: the Bob Dylan poster, logos for companies like DC Comics, the Glaser Stencil font, and above all  I ? NY. Glaser may have become an icon, but he didn't become a brand — "one of my most despised words," he says in the interview clip above. He also acknowledges tha...
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Milton Glaser (RIP) Presents 10 Rules for Life & Work: Wisdom from the Celebrated Designer

“None of us has really the ability to understand our path until it’s over,” the celebrated graphic designer Milton Glaser (RIP) muses less than a minute into the above video. Glaser’s many contributions to pop culture---the  I ? NY logo, the psychedelic portrait of a rainbow-haired Bob Dylan, DC Comics’ classic bullet logo---confer undeniable authority. To the outside eye, he seems to have had a pretty firm handle on the path he traveled for lo these many decades. Aspirant designers would d...
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5 leckere Rezepte, die die kulinarischen Highlights deines Grillabends werden

Die Grillsaison hat begonnen! Und auch, wenn wir dieses Jahr leider auf große Grillpartys mit all unseren Freund*innen verzichten müssen (danke Corona), können wir zumindest ein paar unserer Lieben zum kleinen BBQ einladen – und die freuen sich bestimmt schon riesig auf saftige Spieße, leckere Salate und einen tollen Abend zusammen.Wenn du allerdings keine Lust mehr darauf hast, Cevapcici und Kartoffelsalat zu servieren, sondern dich mal an neuen Grillrezepten ausprobieren willst, bist du hier a...
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Mentors, Attachment Disorders, and Your Career

-->When I was 15 years old, I spent a year living with my family in Bangkok, Thailand. We lived in a small apartment tower with about twelve other families. One day, I went down to the lobby of the apartment before going to school and there was a small puppy that had come in off the street. I did not know exactly where the puppy came from, but I did recognize that the guards in the building were not being all that nice to the puppy.  The puppy was obviously a street dog, and it appeared to be al...
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This Is Why Babies Are Able To Sleep Through Everything

If you followed the Olympics last year, you might've noticed Boomer Phelps sleeping through the Today show. This probably didn't surprise you if you've spent time around an infant. Babies seem to have an uncanny ability to stay asleep even amid chaos. According to an article in The Guardian by Dr. Daniel Glaser, director of Science Gallery at King’s College London, that's because their brains are actually wired differently.Since babies rely on adults to watch out for them while they're getting ...
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Your Survival Guide for Missing A Flight

Missing a flight is a traveler's worst nightmare. No matter how organized or punctual you are, you're bound to land in this situation at some point. It could be a last-minute road closure, a severe train delay, or some other scenario out of your control. But they all leave you with this all-important question: What do I do now?Reassuringly, this misfortune befalls even the best of us, and there are a number of things you can do to position yourself for a quick exit strategy. We've tapped two tr...
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Milton Glaser’s 10 Rules for Life & Work: The Celebrated Designer Dispenses Wisdom Gained Over His Long Life & Career

“None of us has really the ability to understand our path until it’s over,” the celebrated graphic designer Milton Glaser muses less than a minute into the above video. The 86-year-old Glaser’s many... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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The 32 Most Memorable Celebrity Cameos On Girls

At this point, the stars of Girls are veritable celebrities in their own right. For six seasons, the HBO series has consistently generated a the maelstrom of talking points. In fact, for both its strengths and its flaws, Girls has been steering the zeitgeist itself.Each season, Girls has churns out provocative, sometimes infuriating, story lines. Some episodes, like this season's "American Bitch," give rise to at least one think piece per pop culture publication unpacking the story's ins, outs,...
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The Surprising Bath Product That Could Alleviate Your Migraines

Besides the pain of a throbbing headache, the most frustrating part of being a migraine sufferer is how difficult it is to find an effective treatment. I personally have given up on preventative or emergency medications, as many of them have only made me feel worse. But thanks to a viral Facebook post, those dealing with these awful headaches may finally be able to get some relief. The Daily Mail discovered Facebook user Jill Hamilton's tip from a friend, which declares Johnson's Baby Soothing ...
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This Is The Ridiculous Hibernation Hoodie We Need Right Now

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC It's getting colder, the nights are darker, and every day it gets more and more tempting to curl up into a ball and never emerge until the spring. We might have found a way to do that and be a functioning member of society, and it's thanks to comedian Jon Glaser. Glaser appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night to promote his show Jon Glaser Loves Gear, and he brought some pretty funky gear of his own.It's called a "relaxation hoodie," and unl...
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