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Evil v Good, day 4: Match skitters to a conclusion

We’re pitting an England XI comprising the players we invested in the most against an Antagonists XI using International Cricket Captain’s ‘All Time Greats’ mode. England made 202 runs and lost four wickets on day three. It was very boring and far and away their most successful day. Australia still lead by six runs. Paul Collingwood and Andy Flintoff are at the crease. Morning session Don’t get ahead of yourselves. Darren Gough is batting at eight. Flintoff batted quite zes...
Tags: England, Australia, Sex, Johnson, Shane Warne, Steve Smith, Paul Collingwood, Collingwood, James Anderson, Matt Prior, Anderson, Monty Panesar, Steve Harmison, Mitchell, Flintoff, Don

Evil v Good, day 2: Australia capitalise

We’re pitting an England XI comprising the players we invested in the most against an Antagonists XI using International Cricket Captain’s ‘All Time Greats’ mode. Day one was a colossal and predictable catastrophe for England. Australia resume on 50-1. Morning session Jimmy Anderson opens the bowling and Matthew Hayden hits him for four. Steve Harmison bowls to Ricky Ponting at the other end. Harmy appeals for LBW against Hayden but it pitched about a foot outside leg. Tha...
Tags: England, Australia, Sex, Steve Smith, Jimmy Anderson, Steve, Jason Gillespie, Adam Gilchrist, Anderson, Monty Panesar, Steve Waugh, Glenn Mcgrath, Ricky Ponting, Steve Harmison, England Australia, Flintoff

Evil v Good, day 1: England fail to impose themselves

We’re pitting an England XI comprising the players we invested in the most against an Antagonists XI using International Cricket Captain’s ‘All Time Greats’ mode. Before we start, it’s worth having a very quick Sim Series recap because a lot of these players have already played this format. We’ve played two 1990s-est Ashes Tests (and let’s be honest, this is a very similar thing again). Notable performances from those matches include Graeme Hick top scoring in both innings of the first m...
Tags: England, Australia, Sex, Gillespie, Johnson, Shane Warne, Paul Collingwood, Jason Gillespie, Collingwood, James Anderson, Adam Gilchrist, Matt Prior, Anderson, Monty Panesar, Steve Waugh, Mitchell Johnson

The Realm’s England XI – 8. Darren Gough

We’re picking an England XI comprising the players we invested in the most. Darren Gough at eight is… well, it’s not great, is it? Except it is, because it means Darren Gough is in the team. Gough is in some ways the prototype for players we emotionally invest in. Firstly, he was a bowler. This is important because without good bowlers Test matches can only ever be draws. Secondly, he was a fast bowler. This is important because fast bowlers – particularly those who can bowl r...
Tags: England, Sex, Gough, Darren Gough

Remembering Murali at the Oval in 98: The match when a true one-off revealed the awe-inspiring extent of his powers

In 1998 Muttiah Muralitharan took 17 wickets in a Test match against England at the Oval. But honestly that isn’t even the half of it. Only one person has taken 800 Test wickets and it’s easy to think that’s what makes Muttiah Muralitharan unique.  But we need to take a step back and view him anew from afar, because really the 800 Test wickets is just a tiny, tiny part of the reason why Murali is so magical. To explain this a little better, we’re now going to tell you a story about a...
Tags: England, Sex, Features, South Africa, Pakistan, Norway, Sri Lanka, Oval, Kumar Sangakkara, Moser, Step, Eddy Merckx, Gough, Don Bradman, Sanath Jayasuriya, Jim Laker

1990s Ashes Rematch: Drama on day 5

Last month we pitted a 90s England XI against a 90s Australia XI using International Cricket Captain’s ‘All Time Greats’ mode and the Aussies won. This is the rematch Down Under. Australia (446-5) trail England (575-5 dec) by 129 runs. We’ve done some pretty pointless things in our time, but playing out the fifth day of this match and then writing about it is unquestionably the most pointless today. Here’s what happened on day four. As we resume, Steve Waugh is on 120, Ian Healy...
Tags: England, Australia, Sex, Chris Lewis, Steve Waugh, Mark Waugh, Aussies, Graham Thorpe, Barmy Army, Ian Healy, Frank Tyson, Miller, Salisbury, Lewis, Stewart, Gus

1990s Ashes Rematch: Australia fight hard against unpredictable England attack on day 4

Last month we pitted a 90s England XI against a 90s Australia XI using International Cricket Captain’s ‘All Time Greats’ mode and the Aussies won. This is the rematch Down Under. Australia (151-2) trail England (575-5 dec) by 424 runs. Here’s what happened on day three. Greg Blewett and Mark Waugh walk out to bat. The sun is out and the ball is 43 overs old, but the pitch is turning and there’s a bit of erratic bounce too. Morning session Angus Fraser lumbers in to start...
Tags: England, Australia, Sex, Steve Waugh, Mark Waugh, Aussies, Jonathan Agnew, Salisbury, Lewis, Fraser, Mike Atherton, Atherton, Gough, Healy, Angus Fraser, Waugh

Let’s pick a Left-Handed All-Time Greats XI

Wasim Akram (via YouTube) Here’s a fact for you: most left-handed batsmen are right-handed. Okay, we haven’t actually delved into the data to uncover that, so that may not technically be a fact. We’re pretty sure it’s true though. Batting is a thing you do with both hands. Just because cricket calls one stance ‘left-handed’ and the opposite one ‘right-handed’ doesn’t mean much at all really. No left-hand batsman has scored more Test runs than Alastair Cook. However, if you’...
Tags: Sex, Features, Border, Johnson, Alastair Cook, Michael Clarke, Sri Lanka, Mitchell Starc, Adam Gilchrist, Mitchell Johnson, Bob Willis, Rhodes, Kumar Sangakkara, Allan, Compton, Willis

The Awkwardest Squad: Why the 96/97 “flippin’ murdered ’em” tour of Zimbabwe was peak 90s England (a net bowler’s story)

England in Zimbabwe 96/97 (via Sky Sports/YouTube) Big thanks to everyone who funds the site through our Patreon campaign. We couldn’t justify spending this much time on a King Cricket article without you. Remember 1996? Things were very different in 1996. Back in 1996 Leonardo Dicaprio from The Revenant and Claire Danes from Homeland seemed like a perfectly reasonable Romeo and Juliet. Back in 1996 Babylon Zoo could get to number one before anyone realised that the catchy ...
Tags: England, Wales, Sex, India, Features, Paris, Zimbabwe, Leonardo Dicaprio, Sigur Ros, Bangladesh, Ecb, Perth, Claire Danes, Levi, Nicolas Cage, England cricket news

Living in the Age of Root

The Nevil Road ground, in the tired northern suburbs of Bristol, was never anyone's idea of one of the world's great cricket theatres. It's been smartened up a bit recently, but back in the late nineties when it began to host one-day internationals, it was a prisoner of its own featurelessness. Crammed between rows of terraced houses and a Victorian orphanage, when there wasn't much of a crowd in - which, frankly, was most of the time when Gloucestershire were playing - for all its antique ass...
Tags: England, Australia, Sex, Pakistan, Old Trafford, Yorkshire, Bristol, Natwest, Alastair Cook, Ian Bell, Sachin Tendulkar, Joe Root, Chris Gayle, Middlesex, Adam Gilchrist, Steve Waugh

Stranger to Failure (24th July 2013)

This was written after Joe Root made 180, opening, for England against Australia at Lord's in 2013. It was obvious, even then (in fact it was obvious from about ten minutes into his debut Test innings) that he was an outstanding player. He was so impressive in all the usual ways - in the skill of his batting, but also the lightness and charm of his demeanour - that I may even have thought his future lay in opening the batting.It was also a bit of an attempt to capture some of the enjoyment of ...
Tags: England, Australia, Sex, South Africa, Sheffield, Yorkshire, Wembley, Joe Root, Twickenham, Nagpur, Atherton, Gough, Long Room, Brian Carpenter, Darren Gough

Men and Whitlam of Australia

  Men and Whitlam of Australia… “The decision we will make on December 2 is a choice between the past and the future, between the habits and fears of the past and the demands and opportunities of the future. There are moments in history when the whole fate and future of nations can be decided by a single decision. For Australia, this is such a time.” “We will abolish conscription forthwith. We will abolish fees at universities and colleges of advanced education.”  “We want to give a new life an...
Tags: Education, Australia, Life, Values, History, Culture, Australian politics, Catholic, Gough Whitlam, Oscar Wilde, Roger, Clancy, Gough, St Mary s Cathedral, Aussie Citizenship, Australian Values

A Moron in a Hurry – Part 3

. . .. Previously on Moron in a Hurry:  Sir Roger, strapped to the rack by the Madam Intimidatrix of the Hooded Brethren of the Gruff Wiblam Edifice, shouted that “Freedom is a state of mind”, wondering where he’d heard it before, whereupon his bonds evaporated and the spirit of Wiblam was upon him and possessed his tongue. His eyes flashed and his balls grew large. He spoke of his astonishment. He spoke of facts and moral truths, of the Law and its unhappy servants, of, dog warmers, mouse...
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