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A Side Splitting Medieval TikTok Account: Get a Laugh at Medieval Yoga Poses & Much More

@greedypeasant?‍?? Medieval Yoga ? #medievaltiktok #yoga #yogalover #peacewithin #fyp #foryou #foryoupage? original sound – Tyler Gunther 30-year-old Brooklyn-based artist Tyler Gunther views his creation, Greedy Peasant, as “the manifestation of all the strange medieval art we now enjoy in meme form”: Often times medieval history focuses on royals, wars, popes and plagues. With this peasant guide, we get to experience the world through the lens of a queer artist who is just trying to mak...
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7 Netflix-Serien, die binge-worthy & kürzer als 30 Minuten sind

Weißt du, was das wirklich Schöne an Friends ist? Es ist nicht die Chemie zwischen diesen sechs Freund:innen. Dass du die Höhen und Tiefen der Darsteller:innen nachvollziehen kannst, ist es auch nicht. Gunther, der wahre Held der ganzen Serie, hat auch nichts damit zu tun. Das Beste an dieser Kultserie ist, dass die Episoden superkurz sind.Wir wissen natürlich, dass die Länge einer Sendung nicht unbedingt etwas über ihre Qualität aussagt. Friends ist schließlich bis heute eine der beliebtesten ...
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A Maryland couple bought a 120-year-old church for $320,000 and now live in it with their 3 kids — here's a look at how they turned it into a home

Gunther and Anastasiia in front of their home. Courtesy of All Saints House Anastasiia and her husband, Gunther, purchased a nearly 120-year-old church in Maryland for $320,000 in 2017. The couple changed its name from All Saints' Church to All Saints House and now live there with their 3 children. Anastasiia told Business Insider that the couple has spent the past few years restoring it. When they moved into the church in June 2017, they started a slew of restoration projects. Even during...
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11 TV Career Women Inspired By Mary Tyler Moore

Even if you never sat through an entire episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show(and that's a pity), the image of an empowered woman tossing her hat into the air, ready to take on the world, surely feels familiar. A chirpy theme song promised that she (and we) were "going to make it after all," and, lo and behold, she did. It took tamping down her male colleagues' inflated egos and testy temperaments, and trusting in her own professional instincts, but this woman persevered. And because of that, ot...
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The Affair Recap: Trouble Me

This week on The Affai r, every train goes off its tracks. Okay, not every train — Helen (Maura Tierney) and Noah (Dominic West) go off their tracks. It’s not unexpected in Helen’s case, as she has been pushing her crazy train down this particular life path since the last season ended. Noah, on the other hand, is finally making sense. To me. Not to himself. The writers give us the gift of a flashback to Juliette’s (Irène Jacob) class lecture that foreshadowed it all. So let us start this recap ...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Noah, Alison, Helen, Carl Jung, Vic, Juliette, Gunther, Jung, Helen Maura Tierney, Mare Winningham

The Affair Recap: He's Gone & He's Not Coming Back

This week’s episode returns to a magical device that the show used extensively in its first season. We see the same series of events through the eyes of both Helen (Maura Tierney) and Noah (Dominic West). While the previous six episodes had focused on aggressively moving the timeline forward, pushing these two characters in particular towards personal revelations after last week when they were both pushed to face perhaps their largest unresolved mental issues, this episode can afford to slow th...
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Why I Took A Rebound Vacation

For more than a decade, I felt most at ease living out of a suitcase, never quite sure where I might wake up from one day to the next. I found comfort in an automated wake-up call or a knock at the door followed by a familiar "room service!" greeting. I’ve also wandered more than a few times when I’ve felt most powerless. To go someplace new, free of baggage and bullshit, meant I could be anyone I wanted. A passport stamp gave me the power to find happiness in the face of Big Life Shit, if only...
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The Affair Recap: This Is Why I Love You

Noah (Dominic West) and Alison (Ruth Wilson) are reunited for the first time this season and it's easy to see why they were together. Their relationship has previously been obscured by carnal desire and mitigating circumstances, but with this episode, we see how much they appeal to each other on a character level.It starts with Alison's point of view, when Noah shows up in Montauk trying to reconnect. Alison insists she wants a divorce, but it's clear she doesn't really — she has to get one to ...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Noah, Alison, Gunther, Montauk, Joshua Jackson, Ashley Benson

The Products You Use To Manage Your Period Can Change These Girls' Lives

Photographed by Julia Gunther. Many of us living in developed countries sometimes take for granted that — despite the cramps, the tampon tax, and other minor inconveniences — getting our periods doesn't have a huge impact on our day-to-day lives.But for young girls across the globe, having access to sanitary products can directly make or break their futures.In Africa, 1 in 10 school-aged girls miss classes or drop out of school because of their periods, according to a widely cited UNICEF re...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Syria, Malawi, Unicef, Blantyre, Gunther, Nick Schönfeld, Julia Gunther

The Affair Recap: Scachs D'amor

The Affair brings our first look into the viewpoint of Juliette, the French professor who befriends Noah. We go back to the show's roots as it recounts the events of the third season premiere from her point of view.There are, as always, some major discrepancies from the story as Noah remembered it, including a very erotic eye-exchange during the dinner debate. Oh, and Juliette had sex with that male student that was so annoying during the dinner party. Interestingly, she remembers Audrey being ...
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