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If You Just Can't Wait to Color Your Hair, Follow This Hairdresser's At-Home Tips

In normal circumstances, we'd recommend you skip the at-home hair color and leave it to the pros (especially if you're throwing bleach into the equation), but times are not exactly normal. With so many of us taking matters into our own hands and going the DIY route at the moment, we understand why you might want to go through the hair-dyeing process at home. That said, if you're not a professional, there are plenty of opportunities for DIY hair coloring to go wrong, which is why you should li...
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9 Epic Hair Transformations - and the Major Life Moments That Sparked Them

Sure, dyeing your blond hair cotton candy pink isn't as dangerous as, say, flinging yourself out of a plane with only a parachute to save you - but it certainly takes guts. (Have you seen how wrong an at-home dye job can go?) It's precisely that element of risk involved in committing to a dramatic hair change that makes a big chop or daring color experiment pair so nicely with a major life event. Both require the courage to let go of an old, familiar version of yourself and a willingness to make...
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Botched Your Own Haircut or Dye Job? Here's How to Fix Your At-Home Hair Mistakes

Maybe giving yourself bangs for the first time since childhood felt like an overdue change, or maybe, you decided your split ends needed a trim, or your roots covering. No matter what lead you to committing one of these common at-home hair mistakes, there is a way to fix it. We get it: salons are closed, you're spending more time inside, and taking matters into your own hands might seem like a good idea at the time. We're all for experimentation with beauty, especially in the name of self-care, ...
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Can't Resist Coloring Your Hair at Home? At Least Consider These 6 Expert Tips First

"We're about three weeks away from seeing everyone's natural hair color," reads a new meme circulating on Instagram and Twitter. In the midst of quarantine and social distancing, this level of lighthearted #relatablecontent is equal parts true and hilarious. It might make you want to order a few box dyes and root touch-up creams ASAP - but not so fast. Although salons are temporarily closed, hairstylists are still urging you to proceed with caution. If you already have color-treated hair, their...
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How to Maintain Your Hair Color While Salons Are Closed

If you're someone who follows a strict beauty routine - hair salon touch-ups every four weeks, monthly facials, weekly manicures - then social distancing is likely affecting your schedule greatly. Nail salons, hair salons, and beauty stores are closing, forcing everyone to take matters into their own hands with DIY facials, at-home mani-pedis, and most importantly, DIY hair color touch-ups. If you're in the same boat and currently stressing about how you're going to keep your hair dye from look...
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What to Do If Your Hair Color Comes Out Too Dark When Dyeing It at Home

It can happen to even the most skilled, veteran at-home colorist: you use a box color to dye your hair and the hue comes out much darker than you had hoped. Before you panic and swear your hair is ruined forever, there are ways you can try to lighten the color in a pinch. Before you even pay a visit to a professional colorist, you may be able to fix the hue with a few store-bought hair products and some sound advice from the box dye company. If you're less than satisfied with the hue that you e...
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What to Do If Your Hair Color Comes Out Too Dark When Dyeing Your at Home

It can happen to even the most skilled, veteran at-home colorist: you use a box color to dye your hair and the hue comes out much darker than you had hoped. Before you panic and swear your hair is ruined forever, there are ways you can try to lighten the color in a pinch. Before you even pay a visit to a professional colorist, you may be able to fix the hue with a few store-bought hair products and some sound advice from the box dye company. If you're less than satisfied with the hue that you e...
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Definition: What's the Difference Between a Single and a Double Process Color?

Say you're at the hair salon looking over the color treatment service menu and you get a little puzzled: should you get a single process color, or should you go for the double process color? To make that decision, you need to know what the difference is between the two color treatments. Ahead, we're breaking down what a single and a double process color do to your hair, so you can pick the right one for you. single process will probably take a little less time and save you a few pennies. Wha...
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It’s Officially Happening: Jennifer Lopez Just Debuted Chunky Highlights

Remember when we said chunky highlights were going to be making a comeback this year? Well, Jennifer Lopez couldn't wait any longer and just made it happen with her new thick-highlighted hairstyle. J Lo's go-to celebrity hairstylist, Chris Appleton, posted a series of photos of the star showing off the twin space buns he created on her, but we couldn't stop staring at the fresh color. Lopez's hair is a mix of warm, light brown with caramel-blond highlights. George Papanikolas, colorist and Matr...
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How to Prep For Your First Hair-Color Appointment, According to a Celebrity Colorist

At some point in our lives, we all experience a desire for a big hair transformation that you just can't shake. For some, it's a drastic bob haircut; for others, it's a major color change. From the moment it hits you until you finally find yourself in the salon chair with foils in your hair, it's all you can think about. If this craving to switch up your look is what leads you to make your first professional hair-coloring appointment, you'll want to do a little research beforehand. There are a ...
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Wait, So Long Island Iced Tea Is Now the Inspiration For a Spring Hair Color Trend?

You've heard of the drink Long Island Iced Tea, but did you know it's now the inspiration for a new hair color trend? In the world of beauty, anything is possible, like beverages you enjoy at the beach becoming a hair color for the upcoming season. "I love this color for Spring because it gives a bright, reflective vibe to your hair without the damage that comes from adding highlights," said Jeremy Tardo, celebrity colorist and Clairol Color ambassador. To achieve it, he explained you should ad...
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Thinking About Dyeing Your Hair From Brunette to Blond? Here's What You Should Know Before You Do

Dyeing your hair is a big decision - especially if you're trying to change your hair color completely like going from brunette to blond. From the color process to the maintenance afterward, you want to make sure you're prepared so your hair color comes out looking like you want it to - aka like the hundreds of photos you saved from Instagram as inspiration. "For someone who is naturally brunette, going blond can be fairly easy depending on the type of blond they'd like to be," said Nikki Lee, G...
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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Lowlights Before Your Next Appointment

Lowlights, highlights, single process, double process, balayage, ombré - there are a lot of hair-color terms to keep track of. For the sake of not sounding like a hair novice - and most importantly not ending up with something you don't want - at your next color appointment, we're taking it upon ourselves to share all the terminology and ins and outs of the treatments. This includes everything you should know before getting lowlights for the first time. "Lowlights are when color is deposited ba...
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Don't Let Brown Hair Go Dull or Brassy With These Haircare Products From Sephora

It's not just blondes who face washed-out color or brassiness in their styles. Cooler-toned, ashy brunette shades like mushroom brown can end up a little too warm over time, and warmer browns and "twilighted hair" could turn dull from sun exposure, hard water, or repeated chemical processes. These haircare products from Sephora keep brunettes top of mind and get to the bottom of all that. There are things to add color, fix color, or just offer a little TLC to brittle, stressed ends. Plus, they ...
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Chunky Highlights Are Making a Comeback - Here's How to Make It Current

When we hear the phrase "chunky highlights," we think of the late '90s and early 2000s, not chic 2020 hairstyles, but that's about to change. This year's biggest hair color trends are pushing boundaries, and the results are looks that will turn heads and make a statement (see: drenched hair color). If you are not ready to take the plunge on anything too drastic but still want to revamp your look, George Papanikolas, colorist and Matrix brand ambassador, is making a case for the chunky-highlights...
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These Products For Blond Hair Will Make Everyone Ask If You Just Went to the Salon

Whether you were born with a beautiful blond hue or sought some assistance elsewhere, you definitely don't want to let it turn drab. Of course, pretty much no one is rushing to sign up for dullness, no matter their hair color, so it's important to consider the specific concerns with light-colored looks in particular. If you do already have cool-toned blond hair, you're also probably all too familiar with the threat of brassiness - and the violet-tinged products often used to balance that back ou...
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Considering a New Hair Color For Spring? Pick Up These Conditioning Treatments First

Is it just us, or are there even more tempting hair color options than ever this year, from burnt orange and caramel to icy blond and rose gold? Now, it's not possible to try out a new trend every single week - and that's not even getting started on other styles that mix up different tones like drenched colors and inverted highlights. Eventually you'll have to pick, but no matter what style - or styles - you ultimately choose, having healthy hair before opting for color treatments is less of a c...
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Mark Our Words: The Icy Blond Hair Color Trend Is Going to Take Over This Season

Orange hues are looking "burnt," brown shades more "dimensional," and blond colors are going "icy" - and that's just to name a few of the new hair color trends gaining popularity. For blondes looking to refresh their color this season, say goodbye to warm, golden, honey hues. This year is all about going cooler and brighter. "Super pale, light, bright blondes will be pushing the limits for this ultra-chic modern look," predicted celebrity colorist for Matrix, George Papanikolas. "Pale, icy blon...
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Kylie Jenner's New Caramel Blond Hair Color Is Too Good Not to Talk About

It's hard to keep up with Kylie Jenner's ever-changing hairstyles and colors. The Kylie Cosmetics owner is not afraid of experimenting with her look. Case in point: her latest change to a caramel blond. Kylie posted a photo on Instagram yesterday showing off her long, caramel blond hair and impeccable airport style, as she prepared to jet-set off to an undisclosed location (somewhere amazing, we presume). We can't help but think Kylie is trying out lighter and brighter styles for the new season...
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5 Spring Hair Color Trends That Will Have You Dialing Your Salon ASAP

Somehow we're already almost three months into 2020. If you missed the "new year, new me" phase, we're happy to report that you're just in time for the beauty equivalent of Spring cleaning: changing up your look. And what better way to do it than with a new hair color? Sure, you can try a new eyeliner technique or lipstick shade, but the best way to shed the old and celebrate the new is with a fresh hairstyle. Whether you're after a subtle tweak or bold transformation, there are plenty of Spring...
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Concrete Proof That Rose Gold Is Still the Perfect Rainbow Hair Hue

If you've yet to dye your hair a rainbow color, we have to ask: what are you waiting for? There are so many dreamy options to choose from, from shades inspired by denim jeans to the aurora borealis. But perhaps our hands-down favorite hair color is rose gold. The color is surprisingly subtle, soft, versatile - after all, metallics are a form of neutral. Plus, it looks stunning on a wide range of hair textures and skin tones. We've rounded up some seriously breathtaking rose gold hair color insp...
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Why Balayage Is Perfect For Bob Haircuts, According to a Top Colorist

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Balayage by Jack Howard™️ (@jackhowardcolor) on Nov 13, 2019 at 9:40am PST Just because you have a bob or a lob, doesn't mean you can't get in on the balayage game. Balayage got its name from the French word for "sweeping," since with this hair color technique, dye is strategically hand-painted by the colorist, "giving softer, less noticeable re-growth ...
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Does Overtone's Nonbleaching Hair Dye Actually Work on Brunettes? I Tried It to Find Out

When I was 15, I very unwisely used Sun In on my dark-brown hair, which transformed the color into a splotchy, orange-tinted mess. My mom helped pay a professional to fix it with a proper highlight job (thanks, Mom!), but after that scarring experience, I decided maybe brunette was best. Twenty years later, no bleach or color has touched my hair. Flash forward to today, and we've come a long way since those Sun In days with the quality of at-home hair coloring. Ever since Overtone released a bru...
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The "Inverted" Hair Color Trend Might Just Convince You to Get Highlights This Spring

Sometimes you just want to dye your hair a dramatic new color without the actual commitment of dyeing your hair a dramatic new color. In cases like these, it's normal to opt to add some low-maintenance highlights to your hair - though your Instagram feed might just convince you that "inverted" hair color is a trend you'll want to try your hand at soon. Inverted hair color, also known as peekaboo highlights, is essentially a pop of color that's hidden under the top layers of hair. The highlights ...
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Ariel Winter Just Traded Her Black Hair For This Spring's Biggest Trend: Burnt Orange

Ariel Winter may have just forecasted the biggest Spring hair color trend for 2020: burnt orange. The Modern Family star debuted the orange-red color in LA, shortly after wrapping 11 seasons of the show. "With Modern Family's long run ending, Ariel is finally free to have the hair color she wants," said Tabitha Dueñas, the Nine Zero One master stylist responsible for Winter's dramatic change. "She wanted to strip out the black and go back to her strawberry golden blonde look we had done previous...
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Burnt Orange Hair Color Is Taking Over This Season, and It's as Hot as It Sounds

From "drenched" hair color to bold accessories, this year has already seen a fair share of top-notch hair trends, and they aren't stopping there. Burnt orange hair color is the newest trend to gain popularity as of late, and it's as hot as it sounds. This bright shade can take hold on any color and texture, due in part to the mix of vibrant red and orange hues that create a burnt orange look that's all kinds of fiery. With natural curls beaming bright to ombré ends boasting bold color, this 202...
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These Sephora Products Belong in the Bathrooms of Anyone With Color-Treated Hair

If you have color-treated hair, chances are you spent time, money, or effort to get that result . . . and, in many cases, all three. Now, even if you didn't factor that into your decision, we'll go out on a limb here and say you most likely don't enjoy wasting any of those things, whether related to your beauty routine or life in general. We don't either, so we decided to save you a little time and effort by rounding up the best products at Sephora to keep your new hair color fade- and frizz-fre...
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These Are the Best Celebrity Hair Color Transformations of 2020 (So Far)

If everyone had access to a team of hairstylists, we might change things up a little more often. But in the meantime, we'll settle for living vicariously through our favorite celebrities. It seems like every day, someone is debuting a bold new hair color or style, and based on what we've seen so far, that rings extremely true in 2020. With a whirlwind award season behind us and big new-decade energy in the air, it's no surprise that celebs have been switching up their looks in major ways. Just ...
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"Drenched" Hair Color Is the Grungiest Spring Trend We Never Knew We Needed

On the arbitrary list of things you might like to be "drenched" in, there is the good (diamonds, compliments, the sun) and the bad (perfume, sweat, perfume) - but perhaps the most unexpected is when the term is used in relation to hair color. The technique, coined by colorist Karissa Schaudt at Maxine Salon in Chicago, is when "the entire head of hair is saturated with at least two different colors" - and it's just the Spring trend you've been looking for. Put simply, "drenched" hair color is t...
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Jennifer Lopez Just Got a Teeny Chop to Her Blond Lob, but it Changed the Entire Look

In September, Jennifer Lopez debuted a new hairstyle at the premiere of Hustlers. Her hair was chopped into a blunt lob and had brighter blond highlights added throughout, making her look like a Greek statue dipped in gold. Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton styled it sleek and straight for the occasion, showing off the blunt ends. But it seems the singer and actor was ready for a 2020 refresh to her cut. In February, Lopez attended the Film Independent Spirit Awards with a slightly shorter lo...
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