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Two Beloved Hollywood Spas Offering Post-Pandemic Pampering

Surya Spa, Santa Monica Proper Hotel The recently opened Santa Monica outpost of ayurvedic guru to the stars Martha Soffer’s Surya Spa brings together ancient wellness principles and beauty treatments, cleanses, culinary classes, yoga and meditation. Clients: Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Beck What to expect: The Kelly Wearstler-designed 3,000-square-foot flagship consists of six treatment rooms, […]
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West Hollywood Recovery Center, The Log Cabin Reopen for In-Person 12-Step Meetings

The West Hollywood Recovery Center and The Log Cabin have reopened for 12-step meetings. Both facilities — located across the street from one another on Robertson Boulevard at Melrose Avenue — have hosted dozens of weekly meetings but locked their doors at the onset of the pandemic. Most meetings offered virtual alternatives via Zoom. As […]
Tags: Health, News, Lifestyle, Recovery, Robertson Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood Log Cabin, West Hollywood Recovery Center

Toxic ‘forever chemicals’ widespread in top makeup brands, study finds

Researchers find signs of PFAS in over half of 231 samples of products including lipstick, mascara and foundationToxic PFAS “forever chemicals” are widely used in cosmetics produced by major brands in the US and Canada, a new study that tested for the chemicals in hundreds of products found.The peer-reviewed study, published in Environmental Science & Technology, detected what the study’s authors characterized as “high” levels of organic fluorine, an indicator of PFAS, in over half of 231 makeup...
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Got the jab, bought the T-shirt: ‘vaxinistas’ and the rise of pandemic merchandise

Like fans after a gig, people are broadcasting being vaccinated with branded merchandise, while vintage ‘pharma-merch’ is going for high prices on eBayThis summer’s trend is not a dish or a dress, but a clean bill of health posted on social media. There’s even a word for it: a “vaxinista” – a combination of “fashionista” and “vaccine” – is someone who has not only had both jabs, but wants to broadcast it via vaccine selfies, cards and even merchandise.This interest in pharmaceutical merch has no...
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Celebrity buzz: how stars’ bedroom toys have got us all talking about sex

With famous users leading a rebrand, pleasure accessories lose their stigma in a £90bn health and wellness boomLily Allen has one. Cara Delevingne has one. Dakota Johnson has developed her own range. Is the celebrity sex toy 2021’s answer to the celebrity perfume?For some, getting busy has been the last thing on the menu during the pandemic. Study after study, from India to Italy, has revealed that lockdown libido loss is real and that stress has killed the buzz in the bedroom. Sexual wellness, ...
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Fresha raises $100M for its beauty and wellness booking platform and marketplace

Beauty and wellness businesses have come roaring back to life with the decline of Covid-19 restrictions, and a startup that’s built a platform that caters to the many needs of small enterprises in the industry today is announcing a big round of funding to grow with them. Fresha — a multipurpose commerce tool for independent wellness and beauty businesses such as hair, nail and skin salons, yoga instructors and more, based first and foremost around a completely free platform for those businesses ...
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Managers Prepare To Use AI As Their Offices Start To Open Up

Safety monitoring is one of the things that manager will need to do Image Credit: Jesús Corrius The Covid-19 pandemic caused just about every office to shut down and close their doors. Each member of your team started working from home and as a manager you had a whole new set of issues that you had to work through in order to keep your team both together and productive. However, now things are once again starting to change. The arrival of a vaccine has allowed business to once again ...
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Podcast #715: What’s the Most Sustainable Diet?

If you’re someone who wants to lose weight, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about and experimenting with different diets. Browse the literal shelves of a bookstore or the metaphorical ones of the internet, and you can find thousands of options to choose from, each with their ardent fans and supposedly decisive rationales. But which diet really works best, and, most importantly, given that 95% of people who lose weight on one gain it back, is a plan that an average human can stick wit...
Tags: Health, Podcast, Life, America, Barry, Health & Fitness, Barry Barry, Barry Estabrook

‘On a rampage’: the African women fighting to end FGM

Female genital mutilation has revived under Covid but activists are pushing hard to save girls at riskIt was when the phone started ringing with calls from worried mothers in Somalia that Ifrah Ahmed knew she was making an impact. The women told her their daughters had been bleeding for hours after undergoing female genital mutilation and asked what to do. Ahmed told them to seek medical attention, and probably saved lives by doing so.The mothers called because they had heard the story of a 10-y...
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‘A career change saved my life’: the people who built better lives after burnout

Chronic stress at work can lead to listlessness, fatigue – and a much higher risk of stroke and heart disease. But there are ways to save yourself before it’s too lateSpencer Carter had been signed off work for three months with stress. Before that time was up, his employers “encouraged” him back early, then doubled the size of the team he managed – and his responsibility. “In the last couple of years, everything got worse,” he says, with a degree of understatement. In fact, his GP warned him th...
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Just don’t do it: 10 exercise myths

We all believe we should exercise more. So why is it so hard to keep it up? Daniel E Lieberman, Harvard professor of evolutionary biology, explodes the most common and unhelpful workout mythsYesterday at an outdoor coffee shop, I met my old friend James in person for the first time since the pandemic began. Over the past year on Zoom, he looked just fine, but in 3D there was no hiding how much weight he’d gained. As we sat down with our cappuccinos, I didn’t say a thing, but the first words out ...
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Why self-belief is a superpower that can be harnessed

Lockdowns may have eroded people’s swagger, but research suggests there are ways to remedy the situationIn July 2007, the Irish golfer Padraig Harrington won one of golf’s most coveted competitions, the British Open. The story of how he did this, one of the most remarkable finishes in golfing history, illustrates one of the ways confidence works.The Claret Jug – the Open’s famous prize – was within Harrington’s grasp as he teed off at the penultimate hole of the tournament. He had a one-shot lea...
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‘My hairline threatened my identity so much the ground felt shaky’: why hair transplants are booming

Celebrity endorsements, new techniques and lockdown have led to rising demand for follicular transplants. But with patchy regulation, are men being exploited when they are vulnerable? Hamish says he’s not at all vain. He wouldn’t consider getting his teeth whitened. He has an average life, with a happy marriage and two children. But when he caught sight of the top of his head in a family photo about eight years ago, something consumed him.“I just saw this massive receding hairline and it trigger...
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Most Britons cannot name all parts of the vulva, survey reveals

Nearly 40% mislabelled clitoris regardless of their gender in study conducted out of concern for female patientsDo you know your urethra from your clitoris? And could you locate either of them on a diagram? According to a survey of patients in hospital waiting rooms, half of Britons could not identify the urethra, while 37% mislabelled the clitoris – regardless of their gender. Meanwhile, just 46% correctly identified that women have three “holes” down below.Dina El-Hamamsy, a senior obstetrics ...
Tags: Health, Women, Life and style, Society, UK News, Cambridge, Dina El Hamamsy, Addenbrookes

‘Don’t freak out!’ Why keeping calm and carrying on exercising can help back pain

When it hurts to walk, bend or even sit, it’s tempting to lie down until your spine sorts itself out. But moving can be the key to getting betterTurns out pandemics can be atrocious for our backs. By last October, more than a third of people in the UK had reported increased back pain, according to one study – and that was before an intense winter lockdown, followed by a month-long storm. We’ve been doing online yoga without an instructor’s watchful eye and lunging with Joe Wicks without warming...
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My closest friend, my biggest enemy: can I make sense of my sister’s life and death?

When Arifa Akbar’s artist sister died suddenly, she was left wondering why their relationship had been so fractious. Could a trove of sketchbooks reveal the truth?My sister’s illness was a mystery until the day before she died. In the spring of 2016, Fauzia was taken to hospital twice and each time she stayed in intensive care for days on end. Her doctors conducted tests, drew up hypotheses, disproved them, and called in more doctors until her medical team was engorged with expertise but no clos...
Tags: Health, Family, Life and style, Mental Health, Depression, Tuberculosis, Fauzia, Yaseen, Arifa Akbar

Hot tub health kick: why a long bath is almost as good for you as a long run

Researchers have discovered that prolonged immersion in a piping hot bath has many of the same medical benefits as aerobic exerciseName: Hot baths.Age: First used by the ancient Egyptians 4,000 years ago. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Science, Fitness, Life and style, UK News, World news, Medical Research, Health & wellbeing

3 steps for reevaluating your business goals

Self-evaluation is always important. With limited hours in each day, real estate agents need to figure out how to maximize what they do best. Here are a few things to consider when updating your goals for the year.
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Do you have a fear of returning to the office?

If they want us back, will we go? And how can managers make workplaces more enticing? Emma Beddington wonders if office life will ever be the same againMy husband is standing in the kitchen, asking me if his shirt is stained. He looks different: clean-shaven, sharper. I like it. “I think it’s just the light,” I say. “It’s fine.” He changes anyway, then comes in again, looking preoccupied. “I don’t know whether these trousers work,” he says. “What would you usually wear?” I ask. “My Japanese jean...
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Emotion Regulation Measures That You Should Use for Better Wellbeing!

A human feels several emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, grief, and irritation. All these are essential for your well-being. Otherwise, all your emotions will overpower one another, creating clutter in your mind. Hence, leading to severe mental health issues. According to the National Institute of mental health, one in five people in the U.S. has a mental illness. It is because people tend to keep their feeling to themselves or use methods to numb them, which is not at all healthy. That...
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7 maps and charts that show what could happen if Roe v. Wade fell

In this Wednesday, April 5, 2017 file photo, demonstrators participate in a rally for Planned Parenthood at the Capitol in Austin, Texas. Associated Press The Supreme Court is hearing a big abortion case from Mississippi that could jeopardize Roe v. Wade. The court will rule on the constitutionality of abortion prohibitions before fetal viability. These seven maps and charts show the state of abortion in the US and what could happen if Roe fell. See more stories on Insider's business p...
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How to cure type 2 diabetes – without medication

It can be debilitating and last a lifetime, but type 2 diabetes, if caught early, can be reversed with weight lossIt’s 10 years since Professor Roy Taylor revolutionised treatment for type 2 diabetes with a groundbreaking study that showed the disease could be reversed through rapid weight loss. Until his research was published, type 2 diabetes was thought to be an incurable, lifelong condition. Now, for many people, we know it is not.But his achievements – and the thousands of people he has cur...
Tags: Psychology, Health, Science, Life and style, Society, Diabetes, Health & wellbeing, Roy Taylor

Hankering for a hug? Here’s a guide to post-lockdown greetings

If you’re not ready to hug your neighbour, how about a safer elbow rub, air kiss or cruise tap?Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAre you hankering for a hug, or horrified at the prospect of physical closeness? From Monday, people in England will officially be allowed to touch each other again. After a year of fist bumps, elbow rubs and hails across garden walls, it feels like a symbolic step back towards normality.Yet with the spread of new variants, increasing coronavi...
Tags: Health, Family, England, Relationships, Life and style, Society, Mental Health, Infectious Diseases, Coronavirus

Super Important Reasons To Make Diet and Exercise A Top Priority

Staying healthy is at the highest point of almost everybody’s need list, and our day-by-day decisions can decide exactly how healthy we are. Not all things are in our control, but rather the propensities and approaches we take to our well-being can regularly have an effect between being sound or unfortunate.  Our diet and exercise are the two areas we control the most. These can both effects affect general wellbeing and can be a portion of the principal factors in avoiding illness and o...
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Doctors in London report fivefold increase in children swallowing magnets

Button batteries and magnets found in certain types of children’s toys associated with complicationsThere has been a fivefold increase in magnet ingestion over the past five years in young children amid a steady rise in hospital admissions in London caused by the swallowing of foreign objects, doctors have said.While most of the time objects pass out of the body naturally without incident, button batteries and small permanent magnets found in cordless tools, hard disk drives, magnetic fasteners ...
Tags: Health, Toys, Science, London, Children, Life and style, Society, UK News, NHS

Post-traumatic growth: the woman who learned to live a profoundly good life after loss

After the deaths of her son and husband, Rhian Mannings emerged slowly from grief to start a charity and find love again. What does her experience tell us about how suffering can change us?In February 2012, Rhian was a happy, busy wife, mother of three and a PE teacher in Cardiff. She and her husband, Paul, had met on a blind date in their early 20s. “I knew as soon as we met that I wanted to be with him for ever.” Paul was handsome, kind and “sports-mad”; he was Rhian’s rock, she says. By the e...
Tags: Health, Life and style, Society, Death and dying, Cardiff, Bereavement, Infant and child mortality, George, PAUL, Rhian, Rhian Mannings

Mission menopause: ‘My hormones went off a cliff – and I’m not going to be ashamed’

An estimated 13 million women in the UK are living with the menopause. So why are so many enduring the turmoil of its symptoms without help and support? It’s about time that changed. Portrait by Suki Dhanda. Illustration by Anna Kiosse We are witnessing a tipping point: the rise of Menopause Power: a growing activist movement which will change the Change in the same way that Period Power fought period poverty and stigma. On social media, on podcasts and in newspapers, there’s a huge menopause co...
Tags: Health, UK, Women, Life and style, Society, Health & wellbeing, Menopause, Davina McCall, Anna Kiosse, Suki Dhanda Illustration, Menopause Power, Period Power

Herbal and diet supplements ‘have no effect on weight loss’

Popular aids sold by £29bn industry don’t cut obesity, says Australian studyThere is insufficient evidence to justify recommending herbal and dietary supplements to help people to lose weight.That is the emphatic view of researchers who will present studies on the effectiveness of supplements at the European Congress on Obesity (ECO) to be held online this week. Continue reading...
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Model Tess Holliday reveals she’s recovering from anorexia

Holliday says she hopes her announcement helps to stop the idea that ‘only very underweight people can have anorexia’ Eating disorder campaigners have hailed a decision by the American plus-size model Tess Holliday to announce she is receiving treatment for anorexia, saying that it is helping to stop the idea that “only very underweight people can have anorexia”.Holliday, who has 2.1 million followers on Instagram and has been featured on the pages of Vogue, recently wrote on Twitter: “I’m anore...
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‘I was addicted to the high’: I became an influencer as a joke – then it nearly broke me

Comedian Bella Younger thought wellness Instagrammers were ripe for parody. Soon she was drawn in herself. Could Deliciously Stella find her way back to reality?I have always wanted to be a comedian or television presenter, but never knew how I’d make it happen. After years of working in TV production, pestering executives to put me in a show, I conceded that I might have to demonstrate to them what I could do in order to prove my worth. This is how I ended up spending a Friday afternoon in Apri...
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