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Can You Still Have A Child After A Hysterectomy?

There are many reasons why you might end up having a hysterectomy. The procedure, designed to remove the uterus entirely , may be a requirement if you have advanced uterine cancer, uterine fibroids that cause you pain, or a uterine prolapse. It may also be recommended in cases of endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain and heavy periods, or adenomyosis. In supracervical or subtotal hysterectomies, only the top portion of the uterus is removed, while a total hysterectomy generally removes the f...
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Why health care should start long before you reach the hospital

The average American spends about 24 hours a year at the doctor's office. What you do the other 364 days a year mostly determines your health.Michael Dowling discusses Northwell's focus on environmental, social, economic and other social determinants of health.
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How Diet & Exercise Can Help Prevent Mental Health Issues and More

While struggling with mental health issues or trying to avoid substance abuse, your emotions are like a roller coaster and they can vary from time to time. This rhythm, when not well handled, can make your situation worse. For people with drug or alcohol addictions, there is a high likelihood of developing mental health issues too. You can control this by managing what you eat and how you work out. Below are ways on how to use your diet and exercise to prevent substance abuse or mental hea...
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COVER SHOTS: Issa Rae for Women’s Health… (PHOTOS)

The glow up is real!!! “Insecure” star Issa Rae covers the April 2019 issue of Women’s Health magazine. In the issue, the actress/writer/director candidly talks about how she gained weight during the success of her web series and how it began to affected her self esteem. In addition to her health management program, Issa Rae shares her take on talkative ride share drivers and exes who won’t leave you alone as part of the mag’s “Rant or Rave” series. More photos + excerpts below… (more…) ...
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Once-a-month injection to treat HIV passes two initial trials

Researchers in Seattle unveiled study results that offer hope to men with HIV, as well as those on PrEP.
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Permanent daylight saving time clears another hurdle, passing Washington state Senate

The state Senate has approved a measure to get Washington off the time-changing seesaw and adopt daylight saving time year-round. The House passed a similar bill on Saturday.
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Lynn Enright Destroys Myths About the Female Body

In her new book Vagina: A Re-Education, Lynn Enright (journalist and “accidental vagina specialist”) is debunking the myths, theories and lies that many women grew up believing. From gender bias in sex education to pain, pleasure, pregnancy and beyond, Enright explores the female body and the experience of living inside one—with many personal anecdotes. Enright spoke with Kelly Pigram about the book, which is fascinating …
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The unexpected cost of living for a very long time

Medical advances have increased our longevity by decades, says Michael Dowling, president and CEO of Northwell Health. That benefit comes with an unintended disadvantage – high costs. Bringing the overall cost of health care down is near impossible, as an increased life expectancy brings new diseases and procedures with it.Reducing the out-of-pocket cost is a separate issue, however. It is possible and necessary to lower costs so they don't become a barrier to people seeking care. ...
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How To Invest In Your Health And Wellbeing

There is nothing more important than taking care of your health and wellbeing. Without it, you will not be able to do or focus on anything throughout your day to day life. The solution, then, is to invest in your wellbeing no matter how busy your life gets! If you want to be able to pursue your dream job and even maintain a good relationship with your friends and family, you will have to look after yourself. What do you do? You must treat yourself well and engage in activities that m...
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Do You Need CBD Oil For Pain Management?

Unfortunately, twenty percent of people worldwide are coping with pain every day in their lives. Worst still is that some are dealing with chronic pain. They try to depend on these painkillers to relieve the pain. Due to continued use of these drugs (even when they are not successfully relieving the pain), many end up getting addicted to them. Well, you don’t have to join that number.  What you need is CBD Oil. In fact, if you have been experiencing some pains in your body, for example...
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Getting fit in middle age as beneficial as starting early – study

Increasing activity in 40s and 50s lowers risk of early death just like staying fit from teensGetting active in midlife could be as good for you as starting young when it comes to reducing the risk of an early death, researchers have suggested.But experts say the study, which looked at people’s patterns of exercise as they aged and their subsequent death records, also shows it does not do to rest on your laurels: the benefits fade once exercise declines. Continue reading...
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Freud is renowned, but his ideas are ill-substantiated

Sigmund Freud stands alongside Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein as one of history's best-known scientists.Despite his claim of creating a new science, Freud's psychoanalysis is unfalsifiable and based on scant empirical evidence.Studies continue to show that Freud's ideas are unfounded, and Freud has come under scrutiny for fabricating his most famous case studies. None Few thinkers are as celebrated as Sigmund Freud, a figure as well-known as Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. Neurologist an...
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When To Take A Pause From Electronics

Technology certainly makes life convenient. If you want to find out about anything, you search the web. If part of your family lives across the country you Facetime and it’s like you are there. And, if you want to transfer money, just one click on your smartphone, tablet or computer completes the task.  While having access to this type of technology certainly helps it may also contribute to a disconnect within your family. Missing Out on Life Not too long ago, when you went on vaca...
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'Thousands' of young girls denied abortion after rape in Argentina

Anti-choice doctors and health officials accused of obstructing legal terminations after 11-year-old girl gave birth to rapist’s child The lives of thousands of girls in Argentina are being put at risk as legal abortions are delayed and obstructed by doctors trying to force pregnancies to full term.The issue of anti-choice doctors, medical institutions and government officials deliberately trying to hold up legally sanctioned terminations was brought into sharp focus last week when it emerged th...
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Easy and Tasty Suggestions for Healthy Breakfasts To Go

While you might enjoy sitting down for a leisurely, healthy breakfast on your days off, most days you are probably lucky if you have time to grab a handful of Goldfish crackers on your way out the door. Between school dropoff, errands and work, you’re too busy to eat—and that’s not good. If you’re wondering how to improve your family’s health in 2019 then keep reading! Fortunately, with a bit of pre-planning, along with stocking up with some extra-healthy grocery and supplement items—yo...
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Jim Morrison Declares That “Fat is Beautiful” …. And Means It

There’s a bit of cognitive dissonance in a young rock god giving voice to the fat pride movement some four decades after his death. Years before social media amplified celebrity weight gain coverage to the realm of national news, The Doors’ lead singer, Lizard King Jim Morrison, was the subject of intense bodily scrutiny. The musician’s drug of choice—alcohol—swiftly added some extra cushioning to the sexy, shirtless young lion image photographer Joel Brodsky managed to capture in 1967. ...
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Student who carried heart in backpack dies from transplant complications

Rebecca Henderson, 24, was believed to be only person in world with total artificial heart as treatment for heart cancerA woman who carried her artificial heart in a backpack after her own was removed has died due to transplant complications.Rebecca Henderson, 24, from Bicester, had her entire heart removed and replaced with a total artificial heart (TAH) last year, after being diagnosed with grade 3 heart cancer in 2017. Continue reading...
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Burberry launches staff support plan after ‘noose’ hoodie row

British label vows to embrace diversity and inclusion amid anger over knot designBurberry has pledged to give its employees mandatory training and increase its support to the Samaritans after it was widely condemned for putting a jumper with a “noose” design on the catwalk.A week after the luxury fashion house apologised for the hoodie, which ties in the shape of noose, its chief executive, Marco Gobbetti, said the brand would embrace diversity and inclusion through a series of initiatives. “We ...
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5 realistic ways to save money, according to experts

U.S. household debt reached an all-time high in 2018, a year that also saw a severe drop in the personal savings rate.While the internet propagates many untenable ways to save, experts agree that small changes to our lives can result in large paybacks.These five ways to save money can lead to improved health and living a little greener. None The internet is replete with advice on how to save money, but it can be difficult to find information that's right for you. The FIRE movement promises th...
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Derry Girls join Northern Ireland abortion protest

Cast members march on Westminster to lobby secretary of state for law overhaulStars of the hit television show Derry Girls have joined a group of female MPs in a march on Westminster calling for the extension of abortion rights to Northern Ireland. Related: Pro-choice activists hope Ireland’s success can be replicated in North Continue reading...
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Bedtime social media use may be harming UK teenagers, study says

Exclusive: a fifth of 13- to 15-year-olds ‘spend five hours or more a day on social media’Teenagers in Britain may be putting their health and education at risk by spending too much time on social media at bedtime, according to a major study into adolescent sleep habits.More than a third of teenagers spent at least three hours a day on social media, with a fifth devoting at least five hours to the activity, researchers found. Those who were on social media for three hours or more daily were most...
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Washington state considers staying on Pacific Daylight Time forever

When you switch your clock forward by one hour at the beginning of daylight saving time in two weeks, know this: it could be among the last times. Washington state lawmakers are considering several proposals to adopt year-round Pacific Daylight Time, ending the twice-a-year switch between it and Pacific Standard Time. It’s not a new […]
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How To Balance Mom Life and Working From Home in a Healthy Way

If you are a mom, you know it’s hard balancing everything in life. From bringing kids to school and sports, to meal planning every week, to making sure everyone has clean underwear. It’s a tough job being a good mom! Add working from home to that to-do list and you have yourself a sure-fire recipe for stress! We’ve got 5 tips to help you find balance between mom life and working from home so you don’t lose your mind. Finances come first Budgeting, re-budgeting and staying on t...
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Extreme fasting: how Silicon Valley is rebranding eating disorders

The obsession with fasting overlaps with a trend for what is often termed ‘biohacking’ – the idea that your body is a system that can be quantified and optimizedEating is so last season; these days all the cool kids fast. Fasting diets have rocketed in popularity over the last few years, garnering a number of high-profile fans. Like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, for example, who tweeted last month that he’d “been playing with fasting for some time.” Dorsey explained that he does “a 22 hour fast daily...
Tags: Health, Life and style, Society, Eating Disorders, Silicon Valley, Jack Dorsey, Diets and dieting, Dorsey

Everything You Didn’t Know About CBD Vapes

CBD is a kind of cannabinoid that helps in easing the symptoms related to various ailments. It helps in reducing pain, inflammation, and even gets rid of toxins from the brain, combatting oxidative stress. You would find a great variety of CBD products, like CBD vape oil , capsules, concentrates, gummies, and many more. One of the common ways to witness the effects of CBD is vaping. Here’s everything you need to know about CBD vapes and vaping. WHAT IS CBD VAPE OIL CBD vape oil ...
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'In pain all the time': will there ever be relief for women with chronic, life-changing UTIs?

Urinary tract infections are painful - but usually short lived. For thousands of women and children though, the problem can last years. Is a cure in sight?Poppy was travelling the world when it began. It started in Malaysia and got worse in Australia. The student had the infection for a few weeks before she saw a doctor and was given a quick hit of broad-spectrum antibiotics. They didn’t work.“I went on getting worse,” she says. “I was not in any city long enough to do a full culture and wait fo...
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11 Of The Healthiest Winter Foods You Should Eat

Winter is a season, which is awaited for its grandeur with a vacation lifestyle and picnics in the back of everyone’s mind. Though it brings a chill in the air, the young and not so young are thrilled by the various activities, like bonfires, barbeque winter foods. Travelling to snow-capped tourist destinations with its panoramic views, which are a rarity in our tropical climate. There are a wide array of succulent dishes, which tickles the bud of the young and the old. The cold, fog...
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USC doctor accused of forcing gay students to undergo “medically unnecessary rectal examinations”

USC's Dennis A. Kelly is accused of sexual battery, gender violence, sexual harassment, negligence, and fraud.
Tags: Health, Sexual Assault, Life, Lifestyle, Usc, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Sexual Misconduct, Dennis A Kelly

Anesthesia, if limited, can be safe for baby’s brain

While the study can’t answer broader safety questions about repeated or prolonged anesthesia, it may ease the worries of millions of parents whose children have been put under for common procedures.
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BBC criticised for failure to provide abortion advice

Healthcare organisations say not including abortion on Action Line site is stigmatisingHealthcare organisations have called on the BBC to reverse its “stigmatising” decision to not provide information about abortion.After an episode of Call the Midwife, in which a character died as a result of complications from an illegal abortion, women who visited the BBC Action Line website complained there was no advice relating to abortion. Continue reading...
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