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You be the judge: should my husband spend more time with our baby?

We air both sides of a domestic disagreement – and ask you to deliver a verdict• Have a disagreement you’d like settled? Or want to be part of our jury? Click hereSince our baby was born, Tom has not changed his routine, and is out most nights playing sport Continue reading...
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The seven types of rest: I spent a week trying them all. Could they help end my exhaustion?

When we feel extreme fatigue most of us focus on sleep problems. But proper relaxation takes many forms. I spent a week exploring what really works“Are you the most tired you can ever remember being?” asks a friend. Well, yes. I have it easy – my caring responsibilities are limited and my work is physically undemanding and very low stakes – but I am wrecked. The brain fog, tearful confusion and deep lethargy I feel seems near universal. A viral tweet from February asked: “Just to confirm … every...
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Fit fiftysomethings: why the hot new sex symbols are moreish middle-aged men

Whether it is Paul Rudd, Will Smith or Gareth Southgate, men who have passed their half century are having a moment. Welcome to the age of affability, steadiness and deeply desirable dependabilityName: Fit fiftysomethings.Age: 50-59. Continue reading...
Tags: Fitness, Life and style, Health & wellbeing, Gareth Southgate, Ageing, Paul Rudd, David Morrissey, Paul Rudd Will Smith

Samantha Willis was a beloved young pregnant mother. Did bad vaccine advice cost her her life?

When the UK’s jab programme began, expectant mothers were told to steer clear – so Samantha decided to wait until she had had her baby. Two weeks after giving birth, she died in hospitalIt was typical of Samantha Willis that she bought the food for her baby shower herself. No fuss; she didn’t want other people to be put out. She even bought a cheese board, despite the fact that, because she was pregnant, she couldn’t eat half of it.On 1 August, the care worker and mother of three from Derry was ...
Tags: Family, UK, Women, Pregnancy, Life and style, Society, Health & wellbeing, Parents and parenting, Derry, Samantha, Samantha Willis

Braced for impact: walking the ‘camino’ of Cumbria

The newest section of the all-encompassing England Coast Path, from Whitehaven to Silecroft, takes in beaches, blustery dune lands and bird-filled clifftopsThe winding coastal pathway promised to be sublime: a gorse-lined trail atop a sweep of airy crags that fell away to reveal a nesting ground for kittiwakes, razorbills and rare black guillemots. The weather, a mix of smoking fog, brutal winds and lashing rain, was another matter. Talk about blowing the cobwebs off.“Take a bracing walk along t...
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Glennon Doyle: ‘So many women feel caged by gender, sexuality, religion’

Glennon Doyle’s memoir inspired Adele – but do we all need to be ‘untamed’?The marriage wasn’t unbearable, but it didn’t feel right any more. The lightbulb moment came when she realised she needed to think about what she truly wanted, rather than about what society had trained her to think she wanted. Also, she became aware that remaining in an unhappy marriage meant she wasn’t being the parent she wanted to be: following her heart would cause heartbreak to her family now, but it had a noble pur...
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A moment that changed me: ‘After 102 days in intensive care, I finally came home’

A year after I left hospital, I’m still getting over the Covid that almost killed me. But I’m not going to waste another minute of my lifeI was in a wheelchair when they brought me home at the end of September 2020. I had been in intensive care for 102 days. For the first two months my wife, Plum, had not been allowed to visit, instead receiving daily reports on my condition – recurrent delirium, two heart attacks, stents, kidney dialysis, pneumonia, memory loss and tracheotomy – all brought on ...
Tags: Health, Music, The Beatles, Life and style, Health & wellbeing, NHS, Coronavirus

‘They could be the visionaries of our world’: do ‘overemotional’ people hold the key to happiness?

One in five of us struggle to cope with everyday smells, sounds and images. Rather than a weakness, this extreme sensitivity could be a strength in everything from the pandemic to the climate crisis“I feel I’m too sensitive for this world,” says Lena, who can’t cope with crowds or bright lights. Melissa gets her husband to watch films before her to see if she will be able to handle any violence, gore or scariness. When their grownup children bring the grandchildren round, she has to retreat to a...
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I used to hate exercise, but with support from my parents, I’m now jumping for joy

I was turning 40 and very unfit. Now my super-healthy parents, both in their 70s, have inspired me to exercise and I love itIt’s Saturday morning and I’m standing in the middle of Osterley Park, west London, between my mum and dad, getting ready for the weekly parkrun. My dad is jogging on the spot, my mum is doing the same. I am thinking how do I get out of this? Both of them are full of energy, encouraging me to get warmed up. All I want is a chocolate and nice masala chai – my favourite spicy...
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The agony of choosing termination for my baby who had foetal anomaly

There is a silence around the death of a baby, and a greater hush around the issue of termination for foetal anomaly. Laura Doward shares her life-changing experienceI’m looking at my name, handwritten in capital letters, neat as a button. Considering asking for another form to rewrite it, make it shakier.“Foeticide,” the doctor is saying. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Family, Women, Pregnancy, Life and style, Health & wellbeing, Abortion, Parents and parenting, Laura Doward

I’ve been ill and alone – now relationships seem meaningless | Philippa Perry

Reprogramme your thinking from “everyone is horrible” to “everyone is lovely”, says Philippa Perry. It can turn your life aroundThe dilemma I’m only now able to get back into society after 20 months of having to isolate. Due to medical complications, I was only recently vaccinated and had been completely solitary out of fear of dealing with Covid. I was ill with a life-threatening infection at one point during lockdown and luckily got through that, but it showed me how alone and vulnerable I am....
Tags: Friendship, Life and style, Health & wellbeing, Philippa Perry

You be the judge: should my girlfriend stop reusing teabags?

We air both sides of a domestic disagreement – and ask you to deliver a verdictFall out over housework? Can’t decide where to spend Christmas? If you have a disagreement you’d like settled, or want to be part of our jury, click hereI would like my girlfriend to stop reusing teabags, and not to leave her half-drunk mugs of tea all over our flat Continue reading...
Tags: Relationships, Life and style, Health & wellbeing

‘I can’t explain how I am still alive’: Dr Denis Mukwege on risking his life to save African women

The Nobel prize-winning gynaecologist counts Michaela Coel, Jill Biden and a small army of Congolese women among his fans. Yet he still won’t call himself a heroIn 1984,at the age of 29, Dr Denis Mukwege moved to France from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to complete his training as a junior obstetrician. It was his first trip to Europe, and he had spent half his life savings on the air fare. The city of Angers was to be his home for five years, but he struggled to make it one. He would ar...
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‘I feel like an animal in a cage’: in bed with insomniac Britain

In the small hours, thousands of people lie in bed, eyes open, mind racing, desperately hoping to nod off. What are they thinking about? We spend a long, long night with the nation’s sleeplessPaul Chan has tried hot tea, hot baths, hot-water bottles, a cold breeze from an open window, mental maths, brainteasers, very slow breathing in bed and very brisk walks around his bedroom. Now, on a random night in October, the 52-year-old from Liverpool tries to get to sleep by imagining that he is James ...
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Go with the flow: how period clothing went mainstream

Period underwear is branching out into leak-proof exercise clothes, swimsuits, sleepwear – even blankets. Is this finally the end of tampons and pads?I suppose everyone who has ever got their period has the same nightmare, though for most of us, it’s come true. Mine happened a couple of years ago while reporting at a festival on New York’s Governors Island. It was August, hot and sticky, and I was wearing a white linen dress and thin cotton underwear. I was interviewing people all day. Later, a ...
Tags: Psychology, Business, New York, Women, Life and style, Society, UK News, World news, Retail industry, Health & wellbeing, Menstruation

Unsteady on your feet? Why sleep deprivation is ruining your walk

From obesity to heart disease, there are many harmful effects of a lack of sleep. Now scientists are adding an unexpected one to the list: a wobbly gaitName: Sleep deprivation.Age: Dates to somewhere around the early 19th century. Before that, nobody knew how much sleep they were supposed to get, so they didn’t feel deprived. Continue reading...
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Second act sensations! Meet the people who reached peak fitness – after turning 50

Rich started working out, Mags started running and Shashi started walking three times a day. It is possible to reach new goals as you get older and it is not only your physical health that benefits‘I do sometimes feel like a cliche,” says Rich Jones. We’re in the cafe at his gym and he is in workout gear. It’s true, something about the language and the before and after pictures from his physical transformation – severely overweight to lean and chiselled – would appear familiar from thousands of ...
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Stella Creasy on her lonely maternity cover battle: ‘Women should be able to have kids and do politics’

The Labour politician is used to fighting battles – but can she win her latest: convincing her colleagues to back proper maternity cover for fellow members?Stella Creasy is dodging people on the pavement as we talk. She apologises for the background noise but it’s hard finding time for a conversation when you have a newborn son, a toddler daughter, and no proper maternity leave from a full-time job as Labour MP for Walthamstow; this walk to an appointment is the only window she has. Last month, ...
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Life after loneliness: ‘University was bleak; then I found confidence’

One day, after staring at an academic paper for three hours and writing nothing, I went to an employment adviser. He sent me off in a whole new directionI expected to enjoy university, and when I didn’t I was knocked sideways. I should have done: I was academic, I loved knowing things and equally, I had always thought I was gregarious, and liked having fun. I didn’t think I was bad at making friends either. And indeed, I quickly found a small group of people I got on with. Yet despite all this, ...
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Good vibrations: tapping in to ASMR

ASMR, the euphoric tingling certain sounds provoke, has created online superstars with millions of followers. Is it just a weird fad, or could it help people with anxiety and depression?When I was five years old something strange happened. After a busy afternoon finger-painting and running around, we were gathered by our teacher on the classroom carpet to listen to a story. I can’t remember which book she read – only that she began to do so in a soft voice, pitched somewherejust above a whisper....
Tags: Science, Youtube, Life and style, Health & wellbeing, Tiktok

I knew that was going to happen… The truth about premonitions

Uncanny and creepy, premonitions that turn out to be authentic can feel profound. But is there science to explain them?Around seven years ago, Garrett, was in a local Pizza Hut with his friends, having a day so ordinary that it is cumbersome to describe. He was 16 – or thereabouts – and had been told by teachers to go around nearby businesses and ask for gift vouchers that the school could use as prizes in a raffle. There were five other teenagers with Garrett, and they’d just finished speaking ...
Tags: Psychology, Health, England, Science, Life and style, Mental Health, Health & wellbeing, Garrett

10 of the best eco-friendly places to stay in Europe

These sustainable stays offer the chance to share mountain views with bears, sleep easy in a low-carbon hotel and wellness experiencesThe Holenberg forest is the gateway to the Maashorst nature reserve, a rewilding pioneer in North Brabant, home to roaming bison and Tauros – a project to revive the aurochs, an ancient European ox. Tucked away in the forest, among a rusty palette of trees, heather and wetlands, sits off-grid and self-sufficient Cabin Anna. From the linen to the recycled waste-pro...
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My son seems to blame me for his anxiety. How can we reconnect?

You are trying so hard, but at 22 he needs you to take a step back so he can breatheMy 22-year-old son is about to start his third year of a four-year degree course, and he is living at home. He has always been quiet and introverted, but popular. Three years ago, when challenged by one of his sisters as to why he never tells us anything, he confided that he had been suffering from anxiety and feeling worthless. I felt sad for him, and powerless.We also discovered that he was smoking cannabis. I ...
Tags: Family, Life and style, Society, Mental Health, Depression, Health & wellbeing, Parents and parenting

How to retrain your frazzled brain and find your focus again

Are you finding it harder than ever to concentrate? Don’t panic: these simple exercises will help you get your attention backPicture your day before you started to read this article. What did you do? In every single moment – getting out of bed, turning on a tap, flicking the kettle switch – your brain was blasted with information. Each second, the eyes will give the brain the equivalent of 10m bits (binary digits) of data. The ears will take in an orchestra of sound waves. Then there’s our thoug...
Tags: Psychology, Science, Life and style, Meditation, Mindfulness, Health & wellbeing, Coronavirus

Life after loneliness: ‘I was a single, isolated workaholic – until I learned to love my own company’

After my second divorce, I was alone for almost a decade. I soon realised that no one was coming to rescue me and began to build a new world for myselfI have had several periods of loneliness in my life, but none more intense than after my second divorce. I was single for almost a decade, and despite being busy, and having a great job in TV, the reality was that I was incredibly lonely.By divorcing, and for a second time, I’d stepped away from what was considered acceptable by the British Pakist...
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Meditation, vodka and vinegar: can the morning routines of the rich and famous make me a better person?

I am not empowered or optimised by my current morning routine. I am a bleary-eyed doom-scroller. So I spent a month ditching my phone, exercising, journalling and embracing the dawn, to find out what really worksAre morning people better than night owls? I was delighted to discover that they are not. The “morning morality effect” – the notion that our capacity to resist lying and cheating dwindles through the day – applies only to larks, research shows; nighthawks behave better in the evenings.M...
Tags: Fitness, Life and style, Health & wellbeing, Albert Einstein, Time Management, Hal Elrod, Elrod, Oprah Winfrey Mahatma Gandhi

‘I feel hurt that my life has ended up here’: The women who are involuntary celibates

What is it like to go without a partner when you long for one – and when even a fleeting sexual connection feels impossible? When a woman named Alana coined the term “incel” in the late 90s, she couldn’t have predicted the outcome. What started as a harmless website to connect lonely, “involuntary celibate” men and women has morphed into an underground online movement associated with male violence and extreme misogyny.In 2014, Elliot Rodger stabbed and shot dead six people in California, blaming...
Tags: UK, Marriage, California, Sex, Relationships, Women, Life and style, Health & wellbeing, Plymouth, Elliot Rodger, Alana, Jack Davison

We put our child in charge for a day – it was both terrifying and freeing

One day a year our daughter does as she pleases and it’s always great fun… and a good education for us allWe call it her “in-charge day”. A day when our nine-year-old daughter Flora is in charge, and we are, effectively, hers to command. A day when all the traditional hierarchies between parent and child are reversed, when she can fulfil her fantasies, refuse to do anything she doesn’t want to and experience a taste of power, authority and absolute freedom.OK, not absolute freedom. There are som...
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Living with Huntington’s disease: ‘For our family, the end of days is always close at hand’

Fifteen years ago, writer Charlotte Raven was diagnosed with the incurable neurodegenerative disease – what did it do to her family and her marriage?The day I found out how I was going to die began innocuously enough: the usual blur of nappy changing and tetchy texts to my husband. Life in our recently refurbished London home had settled into a rhythm, with a low-level background of domestic discontent. Arguments about wallpaper had run their course; our cats had made their peace with our one-ye...
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Stop all the clocks: why are we so bad at going to bed?

Putting off bedtime for one more boxset episode, or some ‘me time’? You may be a sleep procrastinator – and doing yourself serious harmThe hour is late, and I am tired. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to do the sensible thing and go to bed. This is the first time today that no one has needed anything from me. The first time I haven’t been expected to be working, cooking, tidying, fetching, managing, delivering, caring or doing any of the other panoply of tasks most working-age adults seem to fac...
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