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Key findings about the religious composition of India

Religious pluralism has long been a core value in India, which has a large majority of Hindus and smaller shares of Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and other groups. In recent years, the size of these communities and their future growth have been topics of great interest to the Indian public. Indian Hindu devotees offer prayers on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in Guwahati, India, on Nov. 13, 2018. (Biju Boro/AFP/Getty Images) By Stephanie Kramer | Pew Research Center A new Pe...
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Couscous cake and Middle Eastern mac’n’cheese: eight show-stopping new recipes from Team Ottolenghi

It takes a band of global talents to create Yotam Ottolenghi’s distinctive dishes. In an exclusive extract from his latest book, he introduces some of their finest new creationsOriginally located under a railway arch in north London, built from equal parts brick and tahini, walls coated in olive oil and floors stained with spice, the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen started off simply as the place where I play with my food; my low-tech lab where ideas turn into dishes, which turn into recipes. Gradually,...
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Rituals Launched a Summer Fragrance for Year Round

Inspired by the idea of eternal summer, Rituals launched in July of 2021 a new perfume within their Oriental Essence line that aims to bring the charms of summer throughout the year. Soleil d'Or whisks you away to golden sands and turquoise waters with its citrusy, floral-aquatic, and musky-woody notes. "This vibrant fragrance takes you to the beautiful coast of India, where the sun warms up... Read full article: Rituals Launched a Summer Fragrance for Year Round from Fragrantica Perfumes and ...
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‘Every man was drinking’: how much do bans on alcohol help women in India?

Women’s protests led to prohibition in Bihar but can alcohol bans end domestic abuse and harassment?Holding sticks and brooms, the women marched to the liquor shop in the centre of Konar village. It was a rare ambush in the staunchly patriarchal Bihar state in eastern India. But they were at breaking point.“In every village women were troubled by alcohol. Men harassed them on the streets. Husbands beat them at home,” says Sunita Devi, 52, a former seamstress who led the crowd. “When they saw us ...
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How we met: ‘It took until I was 48 years old to meet the handsome prince’

Cathy, 56 and Maurizio, 58, became close after she hired him as a massage therapist in 2014. They now live together at their home in Welling, KentAfter splitting up from her partner at the age of 35, Cathy didn’t feel as if she would find love again. “I developed lymphedema around the same time, which made my leg balloon,” she says. “My relationship had failed and I could hardly move because of my condition. I didn’t feel like anyone would find me attractive. It felt like my life was over.” Over...
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Supreme Court of India issues notices on alleged ostracisation of Parsi women

Petitioners allege that women marrying non-Parsis, and their offspring, are not allowed to participate in the community’s religious, social and other activities R. Balaji   |   Telegraph India The Supreme Court on Friday issued notices to the Centre and others on a petition challenging the alleged discrimination and ostracisation of Parsi women who marry outside the community. The petitioners — a minor named Rian R. Kishnani and his mother Sanayaa Dalal — have alleged that women marrying non-...
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You can stop short of all-out cynicism and still accept that the threshold for binning the Old Trafford Test was lower than normal

Have you ever agreed to go to a thing and secretly not really wanted to go to the thing? Maybe it was a thing you’d ordinarily enjoy – like a meal out with a friend – only you also had a whole bunch of other stuff on that week and so it started to feel like an extra hassle. Maybe you fully intended to go anyway and then one of the kids got a bit sick. You could probably have found a way to avoid cancelling, but… Sometimes people don’t plan to let you down. Sometimes their intentions are ...
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A Jashan Welcoming the "Good Times" was Performed at the ZAC Atashkadeh

It was a rare event, that all of the 5 High Priests/Vada Dasturs came together to give blessings and a message of love, peace, joy, health, and prosperity to our community. They addressed the Global community after the Behram Yazad Jashan to welcome the “GOOD TIMES” performed by Ervads Jal Birdy, Zerkxis & Zarrir Bhandara at the ZAC LA Atash Kadeh on Saturday, September 4th, 2021. It  was attended by 201 Zoroastrians ,192 attended over Zoom, from all over the world and 9 in person. After the Jas...
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Indian Curry is Largely “Unmappable”—But This Writer Found Her Way Home Through One Recipe

Her mother’s Parsi-style, seafood-studded stew. By Meher Mirza | Updated Sep 3, 2021 4:18 PM When I came back to sun-brightened Mumbai after getting a degree in London, I had never felt so far from myself. The road ahead felt bouldered, the path itself lost to me. Then, as always, it was to food that I turned for reorientation. My mother, in a fluster of anxiety, poured out a flurry of dishes—all the Mumbai chaat that I had missed terribly, the chile cheese toast, the potato bhajias. But most...
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How did the Mistrys of the Shapoorji Pallonji group manage to acquire shares in the Tata Group?

An excerpt from ‘The Story of Tata: 1868 to 2021’, by Peter Casey. By Peter Casey | Nobody can hurt me without my permission. — Mahatma Gandhi There are a great many erroneous stories about the Dinshaw relationship with the Tatas and Wadias. The families were indeed close and were leaders in the Bombay community. The Tatas and the Dinshaws were all well known for their deep Zoroastrian faith and extraordinary philanthropic gestures. Both families donated a lot of their wealth to help estab...
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Book Review: The British Raj Was Once a Narco-State

Thomas Manuel’s book ‘Opium Inc: How a Global Drug Trade Funded the British Empire’ shows how the Raj transformed entire farming economies in Bengal and Bihar into opium-producing machines. Britain may claim it gifted civilisation to India but we know for sure that the Raj transformed entire farming economies in Bengal and Bihar into opium-producing machines over the 18th and 19th centuries. British agents smuggled tons of opium into China in exchange for tea, legally and illegally, taking sil...
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Virat Kohli can pick the ‘wrong’ team for Old Trafford and it probably won’t matter

Team selection is a fun thing to talk about before a Test match, but sometimes it really isn’t that important. We tend to view selection decisions through a prism that refracts everything into right or wrong. But cricket doesn’t exactly work like that. In any given Player A versus Player B situation there is of course always a better option – but it’s often marginal. Even when it isn’t, the decision is not generally of as much importance as we tend to think it is. In terms of the outcom...
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Kareena Kapoor Khan on breaking pregnancy taboos: ‘No one wants to talk about belching and swollen feet!’

One of Bollywood’s most bankable actors has written a revolutionary pregnancy book that lifts the lid on libido, caesareans and more. She discusses power, pay and the reality behind the glamourDays after giving birth to her first child – an emergency caesarean after the cord had wrapped itself around the baby’s neck – Kareena Kapoor Khan stood undressed and alone in front of a mirror in her bedroom. “There I was: scarred, chubby, puffy, tired,” she recalls of that moment in 2016. “I saw the baby...
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Burns, Hameed, nothing much going on – and only then ‘the good bit’

Plaudits to India, but this match featured a really weird and memorable passage of play that was pretty much nothing to do with the tourists’ magnificent performance. On the fourth evening, England’s openers delivered some incredibly generic, low octane Test match batting and we somewhat unexpectedly discovered that this really warmed our heart in some strangely fundamental way. We are not, as a rule, a big fan of batting. We did a whole My Golden Summer thing for Wisden about the 2000 West...
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Now an app to nudge Indian truck drivers to drive well

We are thrilled to read about the new app that will ultimately help save lives and make trucking in India safer. Our dear friend and WZCC Global Youth Director Jehaan Kotwal has been working on this app for a few months now and its now ready for use. Jehaan Kotwal the founder of JFK Transport is living the WZCC mantra of Creating Economic, Social & Intellectual Value. Jehaan Kotwal has teamed up with his batchmate Sumedh Mane, an entrepreneur who specialises in technology, to create the Hum...
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Kevin Pietersen's Memorable Times at the Oval

The 4th test of the exhilarating Test Series between England and India gets underway today at the Kia Oval.Just ahead of the Test, Kevin Pietersen, the Betway ambassador, returned to the Oval and reminisced about his favorite moments at the ground.Check out his memories in the video below. KP talked about his 158 against Australia in only the 5th test of his career that helped England draw the final test of the 2005 Ashes series resulting in England's first ever Ashes win in 18 years!In the v...
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We heartily endorse Rory Burns’ run-out appeal body language

You know what they say: ain’t no run-out appeal like the run-out appeal that comes in the immediate aftermath of a drop. With all due respect to Chris Woakes’ bowling and Shardul Thakur’s batting, the highlight of day one of the fourth Test was unquestionably Rory Burns standing astride an imaginary pig, appealing for a run-out. Ollie Robinson bowled; Umesh Yadav heaved mightily and edged it; Craig Overton at slip parried it up and behind him; Burns picked up the ball and threw down the ...
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How 2 psychologists say to use mindfulness to relieve pre and post-interview stress

Mindfulness is the ability to pay full attention to the present. fizkes/Getty images If you can't relax while waiting for results after interviews or exams, a mindfulness hack may help. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs found success in mindful meditation after a trip to India. Psychologists say mindfulness makes it easier to deal with nerve-wracking waits. See more stories on Insider's business page. The post-interview period can be a particularly worrisome and stressful time.A hundred ...
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The oldest surviving Zoroastrian scriptures were found not in Iran or India, but in China

In its Epic Iran exhibition, the British Library will be displaying its unrivalled collection of manuscripts. Article by Ursula Sims-Williams | The opening to chapter nine of the ‘Videvdad Sadah’. | British Library (Public domain) In the United Kingdom, the British Library has an unrivalled collection of Zoroastrian manuscripts and therefore welcomed the opportunity to display three of its Zoroastrian treasures in the current exhibition “Epic Iran” organised by the V&A with the Ir...
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How far will England’s Plan A actually carry them?

The flipside of everything going pretty much exactly to plan is that this is a thing that almost never happens. The best laid schemes are forever ganging agley and so what are you going to do when you’re back in the real world where absolutely everything goes wrong absolutely all of the time? How are you going to adapt to and succeed in the face of normality? England’s Plan A hangs off two pegs of markedly contrasting likeliness. Peg 1 is Jimmy Anderson taking 3-6 in his first six overs...
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Dale Steyn was a trier

Calling someone a trier is usually seen as damning them with faint praise, so we’re going to have to expand on that headline a little bit to ensure the praise is significantly less faint. The early days Dale Steyn’s just retired from cricket. We remember his Test debut. For his first wicket, he arced a yorker into Marcus Trescothick‘s middle stump. It was a good start. Despite that, he only very rarely brushed up against the 90mph mark in that match and we sort of put him to the ba...
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Happy 60th Mickey Mehta

On August 29 2021 our dearest friend, mentor and India’s greatest holistic health and wellness guru Dr. Mickey Mehta will be stepping into super sixties. Four decades normally seem very long, but for Dr. Mickey Mehta it seems they flew pass like a breeze. Yes this year as he steps into 60th birthday, he also completes 40 years as the pioneer of wellness industry on many counts. The first holistic health columnist in India , first fitness TV radio presenter , first one to bring fitness to reality...
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Who will provoke whom into provoking them in the third Test

We’re not saying either England or India goes out there looking for a fight. We are however saying that quite a few of the players have a keen eye for provocation and could probably uncover a bit of it even if they were sentenced to solitary confinement. “It just showed this team is not going to back down and take a backward step when provoked,” said Virat Kohli about his team’s response at Lord’s. Response to what? “I cannot give you the details of the words that were spoken,” he said. ...
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‘My crime is I fell in love’: should India rethink tough laws on underage sex?

Laws intended to tackle child abuse are resulting in young men in consensual relationships being imprisoned. Activists argue a more nuanced approach is neededMani*, 21, began dating Noor*, 17, two years ago. They couldn’t see each other during the Covid lockdowns, but when restrictions began to ease, they would meet on the deserted banks of a canal in a small town in Tamil Nadu. The couple hoped to marry one day, but then Noor fell pregnant, and life turned into a nightmare.Two months ago, Mani ...
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Shahrukh Tarapore’s journey to promoting purposeful technology

“There’s a mantra out there — ‘move fast and break things.’ I think it’s created a lot of problems beyond technology,” the Archetype Solutions Group exec said. “I think there’s a way to learn and not cause chaos for chaos’ sake.” Archetype Solutions Group’s new CTO, Shahrukh Tarapore, spent a lot of time in academia before realizing he didn’t want to become a tenured-track professor. He was on the road to getting a Ph.D in computer science, but wanted to be able to apply research in a more direc...
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Cyrus Todiwala’s first-hand experience with Prostate Cancer

Brilliant chef and good friend Cyrus Todiwala writes about his recent medical bout with prostate cancer As one that has never stopped working nearly fifteen hours a day since 1976 and, thinking that I am OK, my recent escapade with the dreaded Prostate Cancer was a rude awakening. January 2020 our Grade Two star listed building came under new ownership and at once we started to have issues with the new landlord who told us that, under no circumstances will they be willing to extend our lease. ...
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Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman, Supreme Court’s ‘Renaissance Man’, retires on August 12

Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman, Supreme Court’s ‘Renaissance Man’, retires on August 12 Article by Krishnadas Rajagopal ‘His is an absolute integrity matched by phenomenal memory and a capacity for hard work’ Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman, Supreme Court’s “Renaissance Man”, retires on August 12. He was sui generis on the Bench. Sharp, brusque, fearless and armed with repartees. He did not suffer incompetence and frivolous cases in court, dismissing both without mercy. His professional tr...
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Melbet Promo Code India: How to Use Promo Code?

Melbet is a well-known online betting site in India. At this site, you will get a good selection of sports [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Will Sam Curran ever get the chance to prove himself not good enough?

Sam Curran is a weird one. You’d be unlikely to pick him purely as a batsman. You’d be unlikely to pick him purely as a bowler. You wouldn’t pick him he were a right-armer. You wouldn’t pick him if he were a few years older. But there he is – getting picked. We sometimes wonder whether Curran would get picked now if he hadn’t already played a few Tests as an even younger man. Imagine an uncapped 23-year-old Curran: bats a bit, bowls a bit and has been doing it for enough years that you can ...
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Beware the melatonin coursing through England’s veins

There is a very good chance this article about England’s day five capitulation is not biologically sound. We’re pretty sure it’s cricketally accurate however. The second Test was won and lost at some point during a morning of pointlessly bouncing Jasprit Bumrah. It’s a hard moment to pin down precisely, but doing so is way less important than the fact that we all just intrinsically understand that it’s true. Bumrah bounced James Anderson, you see – including with a series of no-balls. En...
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