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Texas police fail to earn stripes as tiger which terrorised suburb goes missing

Tiger named India briefly roamed streets in viral videoOwnership disputed but man, 26, charged with evading arrestHouston police were still searching on Saturday for a tiger that scared locals when it was seen briefly lurking around a suburban neighborhood last weekend. The fugitive felid is not believed to have attacked anyone. Related: Man, 26, arrested after tiger found roaming in Houston suburb Continue reading...
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The Iranian kings who thought the world revolved around them

While not as well-known as that of the Achaemenid dynasty (550–330 BC), the second Persian empire ruled by the Sasanian dynasty (AD 224–642) is a pivotal but often overlooked period of ancient Western Asian art and archaeological history. Standing at the cusp of the ancient and medieval worlds, the Sasanian empire was the last great Iranian empire to rule over Western Asia before the coming of Islam, extending at its height in the seventh century from the Nile to the Oxus. Over the course of lat...
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Aspi Engineer And Winning the Aga Khan Race

Our dear friend Rusi Sorabji writes…. I attach something I wrote about friend, ASPI Engineer*, the 17 years old should go down in the annals of World Aviation better than the likes of Alcock & Brown, Charles Lindbergh, Emelia Earhart, Amy Johnson and to correct the continuous mis-information that is floating around that it was Man Mohan Singh that came first in the Aga Khan Race. Even as late as last year I saw an article in the Indian press stating Singh came first, but do not find anybody fro...
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Rahul Dravid makes a pretty good point about India’s Test tour of England

We tend to think of the ‘bio-bubble’ imposed on touring cricketers as an oppressive, negative thing. But there is an upside – at least from a purely cricket point of view. Thanks to the way the world has been this last year or so, it’s perhaps a little easier for all of us to imagine the unavoidable narrowing of life on a Test tour. Having spent long, somewhat isolated periods in our homes, we can better appreciate the effects of the luxury purgatory that is touring life. We understand tha...
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Over 500 Zarthostis from around the world participate in a Jashan & Pray Together

Our dear friend Ervad Zarrir Bhandara writes in…. Sincere gratitude to all in making our efforts towards ending the pandemic and bringing about good times through the collective power of our Mathravani prayers more worthwhile. First time ever more than 500 community members participated in a Jashan and prayed humbandagi together to raise the collective consciousness exponentially which included Vanant Yasht nirang to remove all kinds of afflictions, Ardibehesht Yasht nirang for health and well ...
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Arzan Nagwaswalla, a Parsi in Team India after 28 years

Farokh Engineer played his final Test for India in 1975 while Diana Edulji’s last game in the women’s team came in July 1993. Arzan Nagwaswalla in action for Gujarat in the Ranji Trophy.   –  VIJAY SONEJI Arzan Nagwaswalla was not even born when Farokh Engineer – the last Parsi cricketer to have featured in the India men’s team – played his final Test for the country in 1975. But the 23-year-old left-arm medium pacer from Gujarat created history on Friday when he was named as a standby for...
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Prints For Hope: Divya Cowasji

We are thrilled to share a very timely initiative by our dear friend and brilliant filmmaker Divya Cowasji. She writes… “I am Divya Cowasji, a Parsi filmmaker and photographer from India. Like everyone here, I am trying to do my bit to help out with the covid nightmare that is unfolding daily at home. I am part of a collective of women photographers from India called 8:30. We are organizing a print sale fundraiser for grassroots organizations helping the most vulnerable through the ...
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So who is ‘playing for humanity’ now then?

The thing about talking grandiose self-serving bollocks is that not only does it expose your fundamental hollowness, but the fundamental meaninglessness of what you said may well also be exposed. Late last month, as the IPL scrabbled towards its inevitable postponement, the most eye-poppingly you-don’t-even-believe-this-yourself justification for continuing came from the interim chief executive of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Hemang Amin. Writing to the players about...
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Using Numbers to Redefine T20 Cricket

When it was launched in 2003, T20 cricket was considered no more than a more commercial format of the sport, which was a bit of fun, and provided a quick result for maximum entertainment. It seemed like it was more entertainment, than sport. It was not cricket as we had known it to be. The game's traditional format - Test Cricket - is far more meticulous with the better team almost always triumphing after five days of good competitive cricket. While, the middle format - ODIs - is somewhere in...
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‘Clean’ skin care is trending — here’s why less is suddenly more

As a cosmetic chemist and brand consultant specializing in “clean” skin care, Krupa Koestline’s phone has been blowing up in the past year. A native of India who grew up surrounded by the holistic ethos of Ayurveda, Koestline grew increasingly uncomfortable with some of the chemicals she was using in her previous gigs as a...
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Prithvi Shaw hit six fours in an over and part of us thinks that’s better than six sixes in an over

Look, obviously six fours in an over is not better than six sixes in an over. But also it is. That’s what we’re going to argue here. Delhi Capitals were chasing 155 against Kolkata Knight Riders yesterday and it’s fair to say they got off to a pretty solid start. First of all, Shivam Mavi bowled a wide first ball, so the required run-rate had already dipped a smidge without them having to do anything. Prithvi Shaw then hit the next six deliveries for four. Hitting every ball to the b...
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Former Attorney General For India and Veteran Jurist Soli Sorabjee passed Away

Soli Jehangir Sorabjee was born in 1930 in Bombay. He commenced his legal practice in 1953 in Bombay High Court. In 1971, he was designated senior counsel by the Supreme Court of India. He became the attorney general of India first from 1989-90 and then from 1998-2004. Sorabjee is a renowned human rights lawyer. He was appointed by the UN as a Special Rapporteur for Nigeria, in 1997, to report on the human rights situation in that country. Following this, he become a member and later Chairman ...
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Homi Dastoor’s Musical Journey: The Ninety First Symphony

Over the last three weeks India is going through one of the worst public health crisis of our lifetimes. The fact that this comes more than a year into the covid-19 pandemic is even worse. Here is a post from 2016 that may help bring some hope and respite in these times. Check out the amazing story of Homi Dastoor.   The Ninety First Symphony is a beautiful documentary on Homi Dastoor’s Musical Journey. Readers of Parsi Khabar are familiar with Homi’s work which was featured here and here. Hi...
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Behram Roj Jashan from Zoroastrian Association of California

“He who heals by means of reciting the Mānthra (is) the best amongst (all) the healers.”  – Ardibehesht Yasht para 6 Our dear friend Mobed Zarrir Bhandara informs us… A Behram Yazad Jashan will be performed at the Zoroastrian Association of California Atashkadehto receive a divine intervention on  Behram roj, Sunday 2nd May at  7:30 PM India 10:00 AM Eastern 7:00 AM Pacific This Behram Yazad Jashan is performed to achieve Victory over the virus in India and to bring about Health,  Stre...
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Ba Humata Lecture Series: May 2021

The May 2021 Ba Humata Lecture shall be on the topic: THE LIGHT OF ZARATHUSHTRA “Aatarsh Puthra Ahuraheh Mazdaao” An Ode To Energy, Light and Life (Atash Niyayesh And Related Prayers) On Sunday, May 2, 2021 8:00 AM Pacific 11:00 AM  Eastern 7:00 PM  Dubai 7:30 PM Tehran 8:30 PM India 3:00 PM UK Speakers include Mobed Dr. Ardeshir Behi, PhD – Scientist and Research Scholar (Iran And Canada) Mobedyar Dr. Rashin Jahangiri, MD – Educator and Research Scholar (Iran)   Noshir Dadrawala – Religious ...
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Princesses de Malabar Lubin Review

The women's fragrance Princesses de Malabar was launched by the French perfume house Lubin in 2018 and is dedicated to the concept of a matrilineal society. The brand chose to highlight the matrilineal society of the Nair people, inhabiting the western coast of India in the state of Kerala and living in large clans, leading their family by the maternal line. "A land where women reign supreme.... Read full article: Princesses de Malabar Lubin Review from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazi...
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Not just the coronavirus, the government’s ineptitude has brought this tsunami on us

Oxygen, vaccination, more beds and firmer enforcement of COVID-19 protocols can help us weather this crisis. The present pandemic has devastated our poor country and anguished its people. There are two reasons for this debacle. The first is the dreaded, deadly coronavirus, which has perhaps mutated and become even more infectious. Equally responsible is the ineptitude and mismanagement of those who govern us and have the responsibility to safeguard our health and welfare. Article by Dr. Farokh...
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How the Parsee gara, or sari, has Chinese influences and history woven into its fabric

Nineteenth century Parsee traders returned to India from Canton with embroidered silk cloth which was fashioned into unique saris which came to be known as garas Traditional Parsee embroidery has its roots in ancient Persian culture and Silk Road influences, with proponents of the craft hoping to popularise it globally Article by Huzan Tata | South China Morning Post A gara with multicoloured embroidery of Chinese motifs and initials in gold on the border (kor) and front (pallav). Photo...
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Jimmy Engineer talks about major artistic achievement Javid Namah mural

Jimmy Engineer said that he has been painting for well over four decades and has so far created hundreds of paintings but he considers transforming big murals into colour Article by Muhammad Zahid Rifat | Daily Times. World-renowned Pakistani artist, social crusader and peace activist Jimmy Engineer has said that he is genuinely proud having transformed in colours in a big mural great poet and philosopher Allama Mohammad Iqbal’s collection of Persian poetry “Javid Namah” and regards it as hi...
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Three great bowlers’ run-ups – but do you have a favourite?

Can we talk about bowlers’ run-ups? We’ve picked out three great ones. They’re not necessarily our favourites, but we feel like each one says something in particular about how bowlers get to the crease and what we as viewers feel as they’re doing so. But before that, please can we talk about Jurassic Park for a bit, because that’s the best way of explaining why run-ups are important. There is a reason why the first Jurassic Park is good and why all the rest of the Jurassic Park films are no...
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Joanna Lumley: ‘I love Patsy because we’re such polar opposites…’

The actor, 74, on Ab Fab, recycling, President Clinton and why you can’t be happy all the timeThe nuns at convent school wore black stockings under their long habits and wimples. They were part of the Blue Stockings teaching community, and more concerned with turning us into interesting, strong women than anything holy.We followed my father’s regiment in the Gurkhas from India to Hong Kong and Malaysia. My memories are of a bungalow that looked out over a little air strip where biplanes would la...
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Omelette being conspicuously indifferent to the highlights of the 2011 England v India Test series

Rob writes: “Hello King Cricket. (Long time listener, first time caller.) Here is a picture of a cat named Omelette giving me a judging expression for watching the highlights of the 2011 England v India Test series (mainly to remind myself of an era where RP Singh was considered the height of Indian pace bowling resources). “The former England captain AN Cook’s world class blocking-out of half-volleys from a partially interested bowling attack did not resonate with him, and as such I ...
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Rape victims in south Asia still face vaginal tests, report finds

Unscientific ‘morality’ examination linked to low conviction rates and violates women’s rights, says Equality NowPhysical vaginal tests are still used to determine whether women and girls have been raped in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, according to a new report.The practice remains widespread in all three countries and some courts refer to the test in judgments, despite it having no scientific basis and being banned in India. Continue reading...
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UK south-Asian diaspora despairs as India joins Covid red list

With India, Pakistan and Bangladesh travel banned, some UK families are stuck abroad, while others cannot visit frail relatives Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFor the past 17 months, Saurav Dutt has had to watch from afar as relatives were lost to Covid, ancestral homes were damaged by a typhoon, and the mental toll of isolation, grief and illness led elders to question their very existence.He had flights booked for May, but with cases soaring and India on the UK’s t...
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The Battle of the Parsis

Will the house that Jamsetji built with a capital of Rs 21,000 in 1868 continue to retain its values? LET’S START THIS story with the one question everyone asks. How many Parsis are there in India? The answer is likely to be anything between 50,000 and 60,000. No one knows for sure. Ask the Parsis. They will claim 60,000. Ask the demographers. They are more likely to say anything between 45,000 and 50,000. Article by Pritish Nandy | The OPEN Magazine In either case, you would imagine such a ti...
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Farohar Cafe in Udvada: How a mother-son duo is popularising Parsi cuisine through authentic recipes

A sleepy coastal town in Gujarat, about 180km from Mumbai, is home to one of the world’s oldest religions – Zoroastrianism. Udvada, also spelled Udwada, in Pardi taluka of Gujarat’s Valsad district, has been the custodian of the oldest continuously burning temple fire in India at Atash Behram – the most revered Parsi pilgrimage centre in the country. And it is in this very town that mother-son duo Hilla and Shezad Marolia is working towards preserving and popularising the 1,300-year-old Parsi cu...
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Zoroastrians in India: ‘Dating my way out of extinction’ – BBC News

In India, an ancient religion known as Zoroastrianism is under threat. There are fewer than 60,000 believers in the country and their numbers are projected to fall further. The UN says this is alarming and warns of an “extinction in the not too distant future”. Could matchmaking Zoroastrian couples and having more children help keep this 3000-year-old religion alive in India?
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Did you see… Virat Kohli’s vertical clapping?

If Virat Kohli has a defining quality, it is faintly-unnerving intensity. Remember that time he was basically livid about beating Australia? Or all of those very many times when he celebrated a hundred with incandescent rage? We’re if not quite numb to these displays by now, then at least acclimatised to them. The moments that really strike us are therefore generally quirkier ones from the margins of the game. This week Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 3...
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Babar Azam vs Virat Kohli?

Since Babar Azam became the number one ranked ODI Batsman in the world, comparison between him and Virat Kohli has flooded social media. Not only fans, but even former cricketers have weighed in with their retorts. The comparison between the two batting greats is natural as it was Kohli who was dethroned by Babar in the ODI rankings. Plus, Babar and Kohli are the only two batsmen in the world who are ranked in the top 10 (actually top 6) in each format, which clearly makes them the b...
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Parfums Karmic Hues and Scents Inspired by India

Right off the bat, I want to say how impressed I was smelling the debut “Cosmic Balance” collection from the new India-inspired, New Jersey-based brand Parfums Karmic Hues. If you enjoy naturals used in intelligent and unexpected ways, in the manner in which Atelier Français des Matières applies them, consider seeking out some Karmic Hues samples. In terms of impact, they deliver a similar l... Read full article: Parfums Karmic Hues and Scents Inspired by India from Fragrantica Perfumes and Col...
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