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James Charles hits back at sexual predator allegations

"I have never, and would never, and will never use my fame, money or power, to manipulate or get any sexual actions from a guy."
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James Charles hits back at sexual predator allegations, says “I’m a 19-year-old virgin!”

"I have never, and would never, and will never use my fame, money or power, to manipulate or get any sexual actions from a guy."
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Vlogger who posted video of suicide victim’s corpse thinks people should be nicer to James Charles

We're really not sure Logan Paul is someone James Charles needs in his corner right now. Then again, maybe the kid can use whatever support he can can get.
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Vlogger Jeffree Star’s past predatory sexual behavior is finally coming back to haunt him

It all started when Star, who has a long history of fetishizing straight men, called James Charles a "danger to society" for fetishizing straight men.
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More terrible news for disgraced beauty vlogger James Charles

When it rains, it pours. Especially if your name is James Charles.
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Twitter declares James Charles canceled for his predatory straight boy fetish

James Charles has lost over 2.5 million followers and counting in a matter of days after shocking allegations were lodged against him.
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James Charles releases teary apology after being accused of coercing straight men into having gay sex

"I’ve been involved in a lot of very unique and strange situations that have left people confused or upset, and I learned the hard way about ways I can interact with boys I’m interested in."
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Shawn Mendes says he loves being thirsted after by gay YouTuber

The interaction came after a social media miscommunication -- Twitter must have been in retrograde.
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Makeup News Brief: Makeup Free, Men are Buying More Makeup, and CVS Bans Photoshop

There’s a lot to discuss in today’s makeup news brief including the fact that men are wearing more makeup than ever before! According to the media, 2018 may very well be the year when men start paying a lot more attention to their grooming habits and in some habits they already are. Getting the average Joe to use concealer or even think of makeup as “manly” has proven a hard task for brands but with proper marketing they are seeing more and more of an uptick in male demographic sales of conce...
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New York Girls Swear By These Beauty Brands

You may have walked by many a New York girl and thought, What is her secret? What keeps her flawless all the time, even after dancing the night away at a bar until 3 a.m. — and then taking the world by storm by 9 the next morning?Well, her secret could be a daily green juice or a 6 a.m. morning run. More than likely, however, it's a really good foundation, some concealer, and a ton of water.So to find out what beauty products New York women are actually using, we worked with Social Context Labs...
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Grape-Soda-Colored Eyes Are Now a Thing, Thanks to James Charles

We already called that lavender eyes and highlighter are definitely going to dominate color palettes in 2018, and now we're excited to report that the trend is taking a bolder turn. Beauty influencer James Charles recently shared his "grape soda"-inspired eyes, and we're totally digging it for Winter. The color is a bright, royal purple - and James interpreted it with a bit of shimmer. He used shades from the Morphe palettes 15N and 35B to create the look. We love the winged black liner and lu...
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The Morphe Holiday Line Is Here, and Just WAIT Until You See the Blinged-Out Brushes

'Tis the season to spend, spend, spend on limited-edition holiday goodies and sets. We won't judge you for making it rain all over Sephora for the sake of having a merry and bright holiday, but just so you know, you can also reap the rewards of luxe beauty under $100. Don't believe us? Look no further than Morphe's just-released Holiday Collection, which includes perhaps the most extra makeup brushes known to humanity - with a relatively inexpensive price tag. In fact, aside from the aforement...
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James Charles Says He's "Really F*cking Sorry" For Past Racist Remarks

this should've been done a very long time ago; addressing my racist past. - Sister James (@jamescharles) November 3, 2017 At just 18 years old, James Charles has become one of the most prolific beauty bloggers of social media. His massive platform (he has nearly three million followers on Instagram alone), however, has not come without scrutiny. In Fall of 2016, James made history as the first male face of CoverGirl, but months later, he was under fire for tweeting ...
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You'll Drop Your Pink Drink on the Floor When You See James Charles's Neon Skeleton Look

We've been loving the neon makeup look for a while now, then neon skeletons came along and we became even more obsessed. Now, James Charles has blessed us with his version of the neon skull, and of course, it's incredible. In true Mean Girls fashion, if James Charles does a neon skeleton for Halloween, we're going to do a neon skeleton for Halloween. So, stop whatever you're doing. Cancel all your weekend plans, because you've got some practicing to do! Grab your pink drinks, people. It's time t...
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This 69-Year-Old Model Is The Newest CoverGirl — & So Much More

CoverGirl made beauty-industry history in late 2016 when then-17-year-old makeup artist James Charles was chosen to be the very first Cover Boy, and it quickly became apparent that the brand’s mission to embrace diversity — in age, in ethnicity, in gender — was far from over.In the past year alone, the drugstore go-to has hired Nura Afia, a beauty vlogger who wears a hijab; Issa Rae, the Insecure actress who got her start as the creator of YouTube web series Awkward Black Girl; and Ayesha Curry...
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The Newest CoverGirl Is 69 Years Old and Declares "Beauty Is for All Ages"

Image Source: Covergirl Maye Musk has been modeling longer than most of us have been alive. Yet, even after five decades in front of the lens, she says she's "just getting started." Exhibit A: CoverGirl just named her its new face. "Who knew, after many years of admiring the gorgeous CoverGirl models, that I would be one at 69 years of age?" she wrote on Instagram. "It just shows, never give up. Thank you CoverGirl, for including me in your tribe of diversity. Beauty truly is for women of all a...
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Why Issa Rae's New Beauty Gig Is So Important

Not even a day later, and we're still reeling from the Season 2 finale of Insecure. And while we have no idea what's in store for Lawrence and Issa on the show, there's a new way to get your Issa Rae fill until next season — and all you have to do is head to the drugstore.The actress announced on her Instagram today that she'll be the new face of CoverGirl. "I remember being an awkward black girl in high school, reading the pages of my favorite magazines, casually flipping through @COVERGIRL ad...
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Prepare to Feel #Blessed by Stained-Glass Makeup, a New Beauty Trend

When we saw James Charles's positively radiant stained-glass makeup look on Instagram, we almost let out a "Hallelujah." The saintly trend, which has been quietly simmering among makeup junkies' pages over the Summer, has finally hit its peak with James's gorgeous interpretation. When we see this style, we can't help but think of sky-high European cathedrals. Coincidentally, that architecture is the same exact thing that Kat Von D says inspired her upcoming Saint + Sinner Eye Shadow Palette. So...
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Jaclyn Hill Approved of This Teen's Senior Pictures Featuring Her Morphe Palette

of course i had to take my senior headshots with my @Jaclynhill palette - Mikala (@mikalagraves) August 27, 2017 High school senior Mikala Graves is a big fan of Jaclyn Hill's eye shadow palette for Morphe . . . so much so that the student dramatically and proudly posed with the palette for her official yearbook photos. On Twitter, Mikala shared the incredible end result and said, "Of course I had to take my senior headshots with my Jaclyn Hill palette." In case you fo...
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This Man's Story Of Being Discriminated For Wearing Makeup At Work Is Going Viral

Not too long ago, seeing a man wearing makeup in his day-to-day life would have been considered an anomaly. But things have changed — and not just where prolific beauty bloggers like James Charles and Manny Gutierrez are concerned. In South Korea, where the male grooming business is booming, men say they wear light makeup to hide flaws and feel more confident. Some grooms are now taking part in wedding-day beauty rituals of their own. Giorgio Armani offers an upscale line of Him and Her color-e...
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This Man Was Reprimanded For Wearing Makeup to Work - and He's NOT Having It

The man in this photo looks flawless. That should be the end of this story. Unfortunately, it isn't. Because this man claims that his manager asked him to remove his makeup just because he's a man. But as he posted in the Facebook group "Spotted Portsmouth," he's not having it, and neither are we. Related50 Dudes That Prove Smoky Eyes and Glitter Are Gender-Neutral According to the employee (who withheld his name from the group that covers news and events in Portsmouth, England), there is ...
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4 Curly Hair Tutorials From Guys With Amazing Hair

If you're newly natural, or just in need of a refresher, YouTube is where it's at. There are plenty of helpful articles and forums floating around, but sometimes, a visual reinforcement gets the job done way better. Back in the day, when you thought of natural hair vloggers, women with long, flowing 3c curls probably came to mind. Now, coily 4c textures are getting more love — and more videos geared towards them.But what about the fellas? We see plenty of makeup tutorials from faves like James ...
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Hailey Baldwin Figured Out The Secret To Getting Tattooed Without Pissing Off Your Parents

Sometimes we to forget how young our favorite celebrities are. Most are over the age of 18, but that doesn't mean they're free from parental restrictions. For example, Hailey Baldwin is just 20, and though she’s a famous model who travels the world with her supermodel squad, she still feels the pressure from mom and dad. So when she got her first tattoo, she had to get clever.Because, for the most part, parents and ink just don't go together. (Raise your hand if you've heard "why would you ruin...
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I Had No Idea How Much Racism I Would Experience As Miss USA

WhenDeshauna Barber took her final walk asMiss USA while wearing her natural hair, it was a surprise to everyone — including her peers. In her own words, the active military captain explains the touching reason she wore her Afro and reflects on her challenging year as the 2016 winner. The following was told to Khalea Underwood and edited for length and clarity.Road To RoyaltyPageants really aren't that big in the Black community. I honestly didn’t watch any and wasn't exposed to them until I wa...
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James Charles Gave Maddie Ziegler An Adorable Makeover

If you’re ever looking for a 14-year-old who will make you feel like a major underachiever, just check out the work of dance prodigy Maddie Ziegler. In addition to racking up dance awards like nobody’s business, her résumé includes appearances in multiple Sia music videos, her own fashion line, and an upcoming role in the highly-anticipated film Book of Henry. Oh and her recently-released memoir became an instant New York Times bestseller, but NBD.The effortlessly stylish Ziegler didn’t need a ...
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James Charles Just Responded To Those Ghost Memes In The Best Way

Some people say the only way to stop online harassment is to stop going online. Well, we aren't going anywhere. Reclaim Your Domain is Refinery29's campaign to make the internet (and the world outside it) a safer space for everyone — especially women. If the Demi Lovato Poot memes can teach us anything, it's that no one is immune to flashback (that moment when the flash from a camera reflects too much light, resulting in a Casper-like face that's forever immortalized in a photo). This week, Lo...
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What Flamingo-Pink Eye Shadow Looks Like on Different Skin Tones

Hot pink is no longer a color to save for your lips and nails. This Summer, "flamingo pink" - as we've dubbed it - is going to be the shade you'll see on everyone's eyes. It's already popping up in tutorials from major YouTubers like Nikkitutorials and James Charles. "As part of the blush bomb trend, neon pink has traveled from the cheeks to the eyes - think Lea Michele at the 2017 Grammys and Sophia Bush at the 2017 SAG Awards," said Kelli Bartlett, director of makeup artistry at GlamSquad. "T...
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Zendaya Always Wears These 5 Beauty Trends — & No One Has Noticed

Zendaya's cornered more markets in her short 20 years on the planet than most of us will in our lifetime. Her accolades include actress, activist, singer, dancer, and fashion designer, but we think she should add beauty blogger to her C.V., too.She clued us in on her penchant for doing her own red carpet makeup (not exactly a common trait amongst A-listers) last year, and a few months later she teamed up with CoverGirl's James Charles to film a killer makeup tutorial. Then, just last month she...
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After traveling to Africa, CoverGirl’s new cover boy regrets Ebola joke

What a difference 10 days in South Africa makes. Last month,CoverGirls’ first ever “Cover Boy,” 17-year-old James Charles, made everyone cringe when he fired off a racist tweet joking about Africa being a disease-ridden place where he may catch Ebola: Not only was the tweet not funny, but it was factually inaccurate. In January, the World Health Organization said the continent of Africa was now clear of Ebola. Charles issued a quick, half-hearted apology saying he “felt like sh*t” for the twee...
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