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Want to Get Into Jazz? Listen to These 10 Albums First

Jazz music has an interesting history and a fascinating, multi-layered ethos. But even without knowing all that context and background, people instinctively feel that it’s just plain cool. Given that most of us would like to be little more cool, a lot of folks would like to get more into jazz music. But, they don’t really know where to begin.  If you Google “jazz music for beginners,” up will come myriad lists of jazz albums and tracks for the would-be aficionado to sample. But here’s the prob...
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How to Choose a Couch For a Heavy Person

Buying a quality couch is never a simple task. When you need one for a heavy person there are additional challenges. The wrong choice will simply not be comfortable and is unlikely to last very long. There are a few important factors one has to consider when thinking about how to choose a couch for an overweight person. We will take you through the most important things to think about so that you can make an informed decision and buy the best option based on your needs. For more detailed informa...
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4 Ways on How To Get Ahead in Your Legal Career

There’s no denying that the legal field is one of the best career choices out there. While the business world is ever-changing, the fundamentals remain the same — and there’s little doubt the law is an integral part of virtually all processes. Yet, while pursuing a legal career is a good option, it’s also true that competition for the best positions can be fierce. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some tried and tested methods for getting ahead in your career. Get Talking Networking ...
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Morehouse Polo Team Certified by US Polo Association

The Morehouse College Polo Club has received official notice from the United States Polo Association of their membership into the organization, making it the first Historically Black College & University (HBCU) to have a polo team. “We would like to officially welcome Morehouse College to the I/I Family! Morehouse is in Atlanta, and will be playing out of The Atlanta Regional Polo Center with Jolie Listonand Frankie Questel,” said Amy Fraser, Director Intercollegiate/Interscholastic Polo, in a...
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5 Reasons Why It Pays to Hire The Right Kind of Lawyer

Nobody really wants to spend money on hiring a lawyer. But, every now and again, things go wrong and you need legal advice and support. Someone who can explain your rights and help you to navigate the system. When you hire the right person, they can greatly improve your chances of securing justice and compensation. But, whether you are looking for a slip and fall lawyer or a vehicle accident attorney, you do need to be careful. It is always a clever idea to take your time and shop around to fi...
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Psychological Tricks To Help You Bounce Back From Any Knock

We all like to believe that we’re robust people, able to deal with the worst that the world can throw at us. But we never really know how resilient we are until we’re embroiled in a situation that puts us on the back foot. There are all kinds of things that can knock your life off track, including redundancy, unemployment, divorce, and injury. The good news though is that there is a range of psychological tricks you can use to help speed your recovery and get back to a semblance of a normal li...
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3 Tips for Getting Things Together When a Situation Is Spiraling Out Of Control

From time to time, things go wrong, and circumstances arise that can completely throw us off track and mess up our best plans and intentions. Of course, you can’t exactly plan and organize your life so that nothing ever goes wrong, or so that things never spiral out of control. But, there are definitely certain things you can do that can help to interrupt a downward spiral and get things back on track. Here are a few tips for getting things together when a situation is spiraling out of control...
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Dealing With a Messy Divorce? How to Move on From a Messy Divorce

One of the most difficult and traumatic experiences in life can be a breakup or divorce. Whatever the reason for the split — and whether you wanted it or not — the breakdown of a relationship can upset your entire world and trigger all kinds of painful and unsettling emotions. You can experience all sorts of confusion and rifts during and after a messy divorce. You might have trouble with tasks such as finding the perfect lawyer to get you through – the folks over at Perry, Bundy, Plyler & Lon...
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Top 4 Tips To Grow Old in Style

Everyone gets old – it’s just a fact. And although it can initially feel difficult to cope with the prospect, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Getting older is also an exciting time – filled with many incredible opportunities. Not only will you now be able to do certain things – such as driving, drinking, etc. but you’ll also have the freedom to travel more regularly and make other big decisions by yourself – such as get married or buy a house. Life moves by so fast and you want to ma...
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SneakErasers Make the Perfect Gift for Anyone

One of my favorite things to do when I finally got a job was collect shoes. Trust me, it wasn’t relegated to Jordan’s or anything related to Nike. My parents used to get mad because I’d clean the sides of them with warm water, toothbrush and Dawn detergent. Now that I’m much older, that’s something I’ve passed down to my kids. Ever though I’m not a sneaker head anymore that doesn’t mean that I don’t want my shoes looking clean. With so many people creating different things, we finally got some...
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Sneak Erasers Make the Perfect Gift for Anyone

One of my favorite things to do when I finally got a job was collect shoes. Trust me, it wasn’t relegated to Jordan’s or anything related to Nike. My parents used to get mad because I’d clean the sides of them with warm water, toothbrush and Dawn detergent. Now that I’m much older, that’s something I’ve passed down to my kids. Ever though I’m not a sneaker head anymore that doesn’t mean that I don’t want my shoes looking clean. With so many people creating different things, we finally got some...
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5 Great Reasons To Change Your Career

Tired of your job? Why not give something else a try? It’s becoming easier than ever to change your career and plenty of people are giving it a shot. Whether you wish you’d followed a different path, or your circumstances have changed, it’s never too late to make a change. Sometimes all you need is a little push to find a new job or give something different a try. Look at these 5 great reasons to change your career. 1. You’re unhappy It’s not unusual to feel unhappy in your job. Some people ...
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3 Amazing and Simple Ways To Better Yourself

If there is one thing in life, we should all strive to do, it’s better ourselves. It matters not whether you improve in your personal life or your professional life; self-improvement is one of the primary keys to happiness. In this post, we are hoping to part with some wisdom that will be basic at its core, but hopefully, it will lead you towards the future and life you have always wanted. Why Do We Need to Improve? Well, the simple fact is that the world is moving forward, and every single da...
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6 Reasons Why Your Family Might Need A Lawyer

You might think that lawyers are only there to help you when you get into trouble with the law or you have business dealings to manage, so you probably haven’t considered hiring one before. But there are actually a lot of different situations where you and your family could benefit from hiring a lawyer. If you don’t seek legal advice when you need it, you could find yourself in a tough situation. These are some of the situations when you and your family may need to speak to a lawyer. Injuries ...
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3 Adrenaline-Fueled Hobbies You Should Try This Year

The January Blues is a real thing! Every year starts off in the same way, you feel a little bit down and depressed after all the excitement of the festive season. It seems like as soon as the Christmas tree goes down, then all your spirits drop. As a result, you need a bit of a pick-me-up. Why don’t you inject some more excitement and adrenaline into your year by taking up a new hobby or two? I’m not thinking along the lines of your typical boring hobbies. Instead, here are some action-packed id...
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Tips When Shopping For Great Emporio Armani Watches

Among various fashion brands, Armani has a high recognition value. You can find its footprint almost everywhere, starting from chocolates, cosmetics, and clothing. Essentially, it has everything that can help you make it a part of your life. And when you talk about fashion, you cannot afford to ignore the contribution of a fashionable watch to your overall style. Although known for its expensive tag, Armani allows you to adopt it in your lifestyle in a comparatively affordable manner through i...
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3 Simple Changes That Will Make Your Weekend Routine Easier

  Working full-time can be very stressful and most people prefer to take the weekends off. Many people end up washing clothes and engaging in other routine chores on the weekend, but it’s important to take some time to enjoy you. If you work hard all week, then you should have time to go to a bar or restaurant. Some people don’t take a little bit of time to relax end up feeling crippled by stress. We have a lot of tools and technology available to make our lives easier, and people should utili...
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Beauty doesn’t send out event-postings to let us know where it’s going to be next, but it’s been showing up with great regularity here, Cafe Bohemia, 15 Barrow Street, in Greenwich Village, New York City. Ricky Alexander and friends brought … Continue reading →
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Why Do Fashionable & Practical Men Prefer Tungsten Wedding Bands?

Modern men are not only fashion-conscious, but they are also, practical too. Most modern couples are opting for attractive tungsten wedding bands. It is important to focus on the materials used in the making of your wedding band because your wedding band would be conveying a cultural and social message and the message would come from the core of your heart. As wedding symbolizes the auspicious beginning of a long journey and partnership entailing the lifetime bonding and love of two individual...
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Star Citizen: Doing Your Part For Your Local Community

Community has long been a crucial element in human society. People can only live around one another successfully if they feel as though they have some sort of unified goal, and it certainly helps relationships when everyone is part of something bigger than themselves. Of course, though, for a community to work, its members need to be contributing something to it. It’s not always easy to figure out what can be done when you want to give your local area a boost, with a lot of people struggling t...
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Making More Of The Workplace Wardrobe: Rocking Your Style Everyday

Office wear never used to be so varied for men. Years ago, there was never the amount of choice or options there is today. A man wore a suit to the office, a shirt, and a tie. That may have been the extent of the styling and you may have even found that the shirt and tie were supplied by the employer as a uniform option. But now, things are different. It is much more exciting for a man to dress for the office these days. How you dress is a perception of you and your personality, now a suit and t...
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Warrick Dunn Charities Hosting Annual Celebration

Atlanta Falcons legendary running back Warrick Dunn is hosting his Annual CELEBration Dinner and Celebrity Golf Classic to benefit the Warrick Dunn Charities, Inc. (WDC). Held June 9- 10, the events raise funds for the various WDC programs to impact the lives of single parent families and underserved communities. The 501c3 non-profit’s mission is to improve lives through innovative programming inspired by Dunn’s life journey. Both events are open to the general public and tickets can be purcha...
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4 Most Beneficial Classes Back in High School

While talking with much younger co-workers, our attention turned to school and how much we miss it. We talked about the most beneficial classes we’ve took back in high school and it brought back memories. While in high school, like most of us we couldn’t wait for the day we leave for good. Now that we’re adults, those were some of the best times of our lives and miss it very much. The friendships and just being kids were cool, but the academic side was great also. Unfortunately, my career took...
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5 Changes Your Body Goes Through After Turning 60

With Mother’s Day around the corner, my mother and I got together to spend some quality time. Seeing that we work so much, and we stay in two different towns, we hardly get to see each other. After catching up, we went to have lunch together so we could talk. After telling her about my aches and pains since turning 40, she just said wait until the 60s come calling. After she was giving me the low down on how the body changes, it was kind of scary. When we arrived back at my mom’s house, we tal...
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Rihanna Announces Deal with LVMH, Set to Create New Fashion Label

Rihanna makes a big power move. The mega superstar/designer announced that she has joined the world’s largest luxury group, LVMH. After news of the deal first leaked back in January, the Bajan star confirmed the news on Friday (May 10). According to The New York Times, along with Fenty joining LVMH’s list of iconic fashion houses, first products from the new company would also be unveiled in a few weeks. Rihanna will become the first woman to create an original brand at LVMH, the first woman ...
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11 Style Tips to Dress for a First Date for Guys

What you wear on a first date goes a long way in creating the right impression and also greatly increases the possibility of a second meeting. Indeed, what you say, how you behave and how you carry yourself are important in making a great first impression, but the right outfit will make you feel confident, calm, collected and comfortable when you’re meeting someone for the first time. If you’re anxious about what to wear on a first date, here are 11 style tips you’ll find useful. Don’t hesita...
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4 Ways to Become A Better Version of Yourself

Most people have it in them to be a better version of themselves. Some of us wait for those dreaded New Year’s Resolutions to make proclamations of doing such thing. On a personal level, I’m always trying to better myself and I’m open to try different things to do it. Sometimes bettering yourself doesn’t necessarily mean personal improvements. For me, helping other people sooths the soul and it gives you a special feeling inside. The world is such a crazy place nowadays, more people need to be...
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5 Career Paths That Would Have Been Perfect for Me

Are you on the right career path? Are there any career paths you wish you chose now that you’re older? As we get older, there are things we wished we could’ve done when we were younger. For me, the first thing to come to mind is turning down the Navy. It’s one of the things that used to bother me, but I probably wouldn’t have my kids now. My wife and I didn’t meet each other until two years after graduating high school. My intentions were to go to the Navy immediately after graduating, but it ...
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#BlackGirlMagic: 14-Year-Old Designs Stunning Custom-Made Prom Dress for Older Sister

A high school senior attended her prom like a true star, wearing a one-of-a-kind original dress, all thanks to her younger sister.Like most seniors, Mikayla Lewis, 18, was prepared for the grueling search to find the perfect prom dress. But with some prodding, 14-year-old Courtney Lewis was able to convince her older sister to let her design and construct the dress.And the art school student didn’t disappoint! Courtney designed a stunning dress for her older sister and made Mikayla’s big night e...
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ScHoolboy Q Talks Music, Depression, Golf & ’10 Essentials’ In ‘GQ’

With his new album CrasH Talk only days away, ScHoolboy Q is the latest artist to be featured in GQ. For the profile, the TDE MC takes the publication to the Calabasas Country Club for a round of golf. The feature details Q’s rise to rap stardom and the three-year break since his last album, The Blank Face LP. During that down time, the father opens up on getting into golf, and it providing patience. “I’d be in the house smoking weed, just waiting to go to the studio every day. That’s not a g...
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