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How Bad Managers Can Become Good Managers

The pandemic has the ability to create good managers out of bad ones Image Credit: So would you say that you are a good manager or a bad manager? If, somewhat oddly, you answered that you are a bad manager, I may have some good news for you. As we are all very much aware, the past year has been completely upside down. However, despite creating a great deal of uncertainty about what everyone should be doing and making the job of being a manager that much harder, it may ...
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Happy Thanksgiving — Take The Week Off!

Image Credit Here's Hoping That This Week Is Special For Everyone Loyal readers & subscribers, here’s hoping that this upcoming week is a great week for you — I’m taking it off! Blogging will resume next week… For my readers in the U.S., you know that this week is all about family, turkey, and of course football. I’m not sure what it is about turkey that always seems to make everyone fall asleep, but I’m hoping that when I wake up this year the global recession will be but a distant memory,...
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How Managers Can Protect Their Company from a Cyberattack

Managers need tips on how to keep their company and team safe Image Credit: Blogtrepreneur Every manager knows that technology offers many business benefits, from driving productivity to transforming operations to optimizing workflows. However, there is a dark side also. Technology can open up a company to cyberattacks — a threat that, in most cases, companies are not equipped to handle. So who’s most at risk? Small and midsize businesses. The biggest problem is that 80 percent of C...
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Good Managers Know When To Stand Aside

Teams can be most productive when managers leave them alone Image Credit: Sean MacEntee Like most managers, you are probably pretty proud of yourself. You understand the value that you bring to the table and you know that your team is able to accomplish more because of you. However, feeling this good about yourself can sometimes lead to you getting in the way of your team. There are times that manager need to know when it’s time for them to step aside in order to allow their team to...
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Four Things That Google Learned About Managers

The best managers practice these four habits Image Credit: zilupe Follow We all know who Google is, right? Well it turns out that they like data and they like processing data. What this means for managers is that Google spends their time collecting data about how managers are using their manager skills to manage their teams and then they process that data. They used to think that the smartest people made the best managers, turns out that they were wrong – they needed to get some ma...
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3 Things Managers Need To Be Aware Of When Hiring

Your goal is to make sure that people fit into the company’s culture Image Credit: James 2 There are a lot of parts of being a manager that are tough. One of the most challenging is when it comes time for us to hire someone to join our team. The world is filled with a lot of people and there will probably be many who want to get a job at your company working on your team. As a manager, it’s going to be your job to use your manager skills to sort through all of the candidates in order...
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How Can A Manager Get A Promotion?

The secret is to think about what your boss needs Image Credit: David Blackwell Sure you are enjoying your manager position, but wouldn’t you like to receive a raise? There is a problem with getting a raise: when it comes to using your manager skills to ask for a promotion or raise, most of us focus the conversation around the same thing: ourselves. All too often this does not get us the outcome that we want. What we really need to do is to listen to what social science research has ...
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What’s The Best Way For A Manager To Interview For A Job

The best way to get the job that you are interviewing for Image Credit: Alan Cleaver When a manager goes interviewing for a job, they may find it odd to be on the other side of the interviewing table. We use our manager skills to do a lot of interviewing as a part of our job; however, when we go looking for our next job we need to know how to use our manager training to do so successfully. What’s the best way for a manager to get the job that they are interviewing for? The Right ...
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What Should Managers Look For In A Mentor?

Positivity may not be the most important factor Image Credit: Brian Ujiie In order to become better managers, we all realize that there are a number of ways to make this happen. We can go seek manager training and try to develop the manager skills that we know that we need. However, there is another way to go about becoming better: get a mentor. If you decide to go this route, right off the bat you’ll be faced with a difficult question: what should you look for in a mentor? Wha...
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Before You Take That New Job, Check Out Its Culture

Is that new job really going to be a good fit? Image Credit: Chris Devers As managers, we are often presented with opportunities to switch jobs. We may be presented with a new job that catches our attention and we may start to seriously start to think about switching employers. However, as attractive as a new job may appear, it might be in our own best interest to not rush into taking a new job. One of the big questions that we have to use our manager skills to answer before making...
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Japanese Workplaces Become High Tech

Technology is slowly entering the Japanese workplace Image Credit: Bryan Jones As managers, we are used to being able to use our manager skills and technology in the workplace. In fact, at this point in time I would guess that most of us could not imagine a day in the office without using the full collection of technology that we have come to rely on. That’s why it can be very startling when we realize that this is not the way that it is everywhere in the world. Sure, I think that ...
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The Problem With Lying At Work

Lying at work can do a lot of damage Image Credit: Cat Branchman Life is complicated and, yes, there are times when it is inconvenient to tell the truth. It can be as simple as one of you friends asking if you like the outfit that they are wearing (you don’t) or your boss asking if that report will be done by the end of the day (it won’t). It can be very easy to “bend the edges” or tell white, gray, or even black lies when we are at work. Our manager training does not teach us how...
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Managers Want To Know Why Being A Leader Is So Hard To Do

Management is easy, leadership is hard to do well Image Credit: Guitguit Ok, hopefully we can all agree that the basic management stuff is pretty easy for just about anyone with manager skills to do: sign time cards, have an annual review, keep things on track. These things don’t require a great deal of manager training. I like to think of management as being the process of having everyone work on what they are supposed to be doing when you are in the room. However, then we move on ...
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Is It Time To Quit?

What do managers need to think about before quitting? Image Credit: Erin Kelly Let’s face it: we’ve all been through a lot. Life may have been quite busy before, but then that pandemic thing happened and things just sorta went out of control no matter how good your manager skills are. Now that life is getting back to normal, it’s perfectly ok for you to be thinking about perhaps quitting your job and looking for a new one. Although this is an acceptable thought to be having, before yo...
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Will Work From Home Keep You Behind?

Working from home may cause your career to shift Image Credit: Lengyel Márk So where do you want to work? This used to be a fairly easy question to answer: everyone went into the office when they went to work. However, that darn pandemic changed everything for everyone. We all spend a year working from home. A lot of us discovered that we liked working from home. There was no commute to the office required. We didn’t have to dress up. However, now that the pandemic is pretty much ove...
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Does Your Team Need Couples Counseling?

Couples therapy can help work relationships Image Credit: Henderson Hills As a manager, we know that the key to our success is the ability to get along with the members of our team. It turns out that things go a bit deeper than that. In order for our team to be successful, everyone on the team has to get along with everyone else who is on the team. I’d like to be able to tell you that this is something that just seems to happen naturally; however, there are times that it doesn’t. W...
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Managers Deal With The Challenge Of Remote Workers

Managers need to find ways to make remote workers feel like a member of the team Image Credit: ThoroughlyReviewed As we move further and further into the 21st Century, what work looks like is continuing to change. Managers realize that successful teams exhibit a type of office camaraderie where the different members of the team are willing to go above and beyond for the other members of their team. This can start to get tricky when we start to include remote workers as a part of our...
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How Managers Can Manage A Hybrid Work Environment

Managers need to find new ways to engage team members Image Credit: Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture The world of workplaces has undergone a great deal of change. It used to be that everyone would go into work, sit at a desk, and then go home again at the end of the day. The pandemic sent everyone home for a year and the workplace that we all knew and loved appears to be gone for good. What is taking its place is being called a “hybrid work environment”. In this ...
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How Managers Can Get Candidates To Stop Turning Down Job Offers

Managers need to understand why candidates are turning job offers down Image Credit: Amtec Photos As a manager, one of the most important things that we are tasked with doing is using our manager skills to make sure that our teams are fully staffed. In order to do this, we have to perform a set of tasks: interview candidates, select the ones that best meet our needs, make an offer, hope that they accept the offer, and then onboard them. However, this whole process can fall apart if ...
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Managers Have To Practice Conscientiousness

A manager’s success is actually about conscientiousness, not competition Image Credit: Fabio Venni When a manager is looking to use their manager skills to add someone to their team, what are the qualities that we should be looking for? Sure, we often go looking for a future team member who will be driven, aggressive, and focused on reaching their goals. However, is it possible that we’ve been getting this all wrong? It turns out that the personality trait that predicts success at ...
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Managers Prepare To Use AI As Their Offices Start To Open Up

Safety monitoring is one of the things that manager will need to do Image Credit: Jesús Corrius The Covid-19 pandemic caused just about every office to shut down and close their doors. Each member of your team started working from home and as a manager you had a whole new set of issues that you had to work through in order to keep your team both together and productive. However, now things are once again starting to change. The arrival of a vaccine has allowed business to once again ...
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How Managers Can Prevent Their Teams From Spending Too Much Time In Meetings

Managers need to protect a team’s productivity and morale Image Credit: Zach Graves So here’s an important question for managers: how much of your week do you spend in meetings? I suspect that the answer is probably “A lot.” Too often back-to-back meetings are becoming the norm throughout the business world, leaving everyone frazzled and farther behind at the end of each day. We need to ask ourselves why does this happen? It sure seems as though pointless recurring meetings are one ...
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How To Celebrate Successes With Your Team

When you team has a success, you need to acknowledge it Image Credit: Multnomah County Library As a manager you need to remember that celebrating our achievements is important for every team. Joyfully acknowledging milestones gives credit to the hard work done by the team, provides motivation for reaching goals, and rewards everyone for a job well done. Nowhere is this truer than where we work. Managers need to realize that many of team members spend more time working than with thei...
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Managers Need To Understand The Difference Between “Working From Home” And “Remote Working”

As managers, one of our goals is to find ways to get the most out of everyone who is part of our team. One way to go about doing this is to show some flexibility in where our team members perform their work. Right now both remote working and “working from home” are popular workplace trends that can have real benefits for your team. Managers know that there are huge benefits for the company as well, especially when you think about the having ability to add team members regardless of where t...
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How A Manager Can Effectively Execute An Offsite Team Meeting

A well-run offsite meeting can make a team work better together Image Credit: Joits Every manager realizes that the members of their team are one of the biggest expenses that their company has to deal with. At the same time we all realize that company culture is critical, and your team needs clear goals. You can tackle all three of these issues by conducting a well-planned company offsite that can help you excel in all three categories. A meeting like this will allow you to reset, m...
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Managers Need To Understand The Limitations Of Technology In The Workplace

Managers Need To Understand The Limitations Of Technology In The Workplace Managers know that technology has given us more flexibility in how we work than ever before, and for that, our mental well-being has definitely improved. They know that the human brain can only tolerate so much stimulation before reaching overload. Managers try to combat this by changing the work environment to avoid burning out, giving teams a fresh atmosphere in which to thrive. This helps them stay in the “flow,...
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Managers Need To Have A Plan To Deal With An Active Shooter

Nobody wants to think about it, but you do need to have a plan Image Credit: COD Newsroom I really wish that we did not have to have this discussion. No matter how much manager training you’ve had or how sharp you think that your manager skills are, none of us is ready to deal with a life & death situation that having someone in our office with a gun creates. In the past this never seemed to be a problem. The office was seen as being a safe place where everyone could get along. Sur...
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Hey Manager, How Much Of Your Time Are You Wasting?

Where does all of your time go and how can you get it back? Image Credit: Kostya Sasquatch What is the most precious thing that you own? Your home? Your car? Maybe an expensive watch or some jewelry? Nope, I can say with some confidence that the most valuable thing that you own is your time. This is the one thing that even with our manager skills none of us ever seem to have enough of and we would all like to find ways to get more of it. The biggest question that we all have to answe...
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What Do Managers Need To Know About Employee Biometric Data?

Employees are staring to worry about what will happen with their data Image Credit: jakub Managers are aware that the modern workplace is having technology added to it every day. The new technologies that companies are using includes things like fingerprint and facial scanners. Every time that a worker gets scanned, more and more data about that worker is collected by the company. What is starting to happen is that workers are becoming aware of the enormous amount of data about the...
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Managers Need To Know If They Are Confident Or Overconfident

There is a fine line between being confident and being overconfident Image Credit: myri_bonnie So manager – are you overconfident? I’m pretty sure that we all know that being self-confident is one of the manager skills that we all need in order to be a great manager. However, it turns out that there is a dark side to this trait – we can easily become overconfident. When we are confident we act decisively and challenge other people. When we are overconfident we become arrogant and ...
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