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How To: Best Take Advantage of a Pluralsight Free Pass

I just noticed on the Pluralsight homepage they are offering another Free Weekend. This one is from today, Friday, through Sunday. I also have on good authority that Pluralsight Authors (aka, content creators) might have 30 day passes you can take advantage of (just ask an Author you know if they have one). Disclaimer: I have 36 courses in the Pluralsight library. See them here (they are mostly on soft skills, careers, and professional development) I wanted to share some thoughts on how you can...
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My Kidney Stone and Your Job Search

Part I: Back Story A couple of years ago, when I was working at BambooHR, I had an immense pain in my belly/back/gut. I hoped it wasn’t something life-ending like cancer, but you never know. I hadn’t felt anything that painful since I had my gall bladder attacks, many years ago. I really hoped it wasn’t my appendix, which would only mean surgery. The pain was so bad I just couldn’t imagine it being anything that was no big deal. I think it was a Sunday when I finally dragged myself to the urgent...
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Election Results and 100% Unemployment

There are a lot of big questions waiting to be answered over the next few months, based on whoever wins this unprecedented election between Biden and Trump. One of the questions is, what will happen to/with the economy? This question translates to, “what will happen to me? My income, my spending power, my ability to finance the lifestyle I want.” What will happen to the unemployment rate, which for at least a couple of years has been really low? How will COVID-restrictions impact economic growth...
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“Do The Thing!”

My eleven year old son asked me to watch The Last Airbender series with him. It was one of the most brilliant series and animations I’ve seen. Like a good Pixar movie, this was excellent for kids and adults… clever, complex, etc. In the next Avatar series, based around a different character (Korra), there is a brilliant-but-wacky entrepreneur, or business tycoon, named Varrick. His assistant’s name is Zhu Li (which sounded like Julie), and she was uber-competent and patient with Varrick. Probabl...
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Question: How Do You Move Up The Ladder?

My Twitter friend from the UK, @itsamatar, asked me this: I’m inspired by your journey from intern to VP to MG and wanted to get your advice on how to move up the ladder from your experience. I’ve been stuck in Infrastructure and Technical roles for nearly a decade and want to know if you have 5-6 tips I should implement that would increase my chances. Thank you That’s a good question and it probably has a million answers. My journey, which drives my answer, will undoubtedly be different than y...
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Reputation Question: When your reference is BAD

I have a great question from a friend and JibberJobber user, I’ll call him [Name Redacted]. His question: Jason, I have a less than great reference. The issue is that it was a government job and if someone asks when I worked there, there is sort of like a check box that says something like “separation for performance.” The superior did this to many people, and was actually fired in part for it, but those who were hurt by it are in the city’s record and they don’t think through the implications o...
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The 6 Week Job Search Program

Hey, so I’ve been crazy busy spinning all my plates… that is, I have a lot of things I’m working on, each of them are like plates spinning on sticks. If any of them slow down too much they will fall, so I’m busy keeping each plate spinning. All good stuff, and I’m super excited about some pending changes to JibberJobber that will, among other things, make JibberJobber FASTER for you. Also, more mobile friendly. I’ll talk more about that soon. Today I wanted to share a video I did a few days ago ...
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An Embarrassing Tale and Lessons Learned

A few years ago my wife and our found ourselves in a whirlwind of a few months as we surprisingly packed up our house and moved. Wow. That statement summarizes so much. My days were so busy I would say I did “cross fit” for 12 to 14 hours a day… packing boxes, moving things, taking donations to thrift shops or the dump, fixing things… it was exhausting. We found ourselves in a move we didn’t imagine we’d be in. It was good, but it was a ton of work. The plan was for us to sell our house and use...
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Job Search Tools or Job Search Tactics?

I’ve recently seen two posts on social media talking about resumes that struck me as odd. One was from a job seeker talking about how much time and effort you need to put into your resume, and then comments came in like “I did all this and I am still not getting jobs!” The other was from someone on LinkedIn who talked about resumes to resume writers who collaborate with their clients to create a resume vs. creating one without collaborating…. insinuating they just pump something out that maybe m...
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The Confident Job Seeker

In 2008 I wrote my first book on LinkedIn. Within a year or two I was in Minneapolis speaking at a few job clubs. Minneapolis (the Twin Cities area, really) holds a special place in my heart. I have spoken there probably 25 times over a few trips and have been welcomed so warmly. Of course, it’s Minnesota, right? So I go to Minneapolis for my first speaking tour and I was, well, of course, awesome. I had spoken in Texas and California and Washington and the D.C. area and Florida and other place...
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Is “Don’t Give Up” the Right Advice for Your Job Search?

In my email this morning I saw an advertising email talking about not giving up. The title was “Don’t Give Up – Positioning for the Right Perspective.” As far as I can tell, this was an email about investing in the market, or staying the course with your business.  I can’t really tell. But what caught my eye was the “Don’t Give Up!” message. And my first thought, for job seekers, was that maybe there are a lot of things we have to give up. In the job search we learn a lot about who we really are...
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Top 5 In-demand Soft Skills (according to LinkedIn)

I was perusing the intertubes last night and found this article: The Top Skills Companies Need Most in 2020—And How to Learn Them Y’all know I’m a sucker for soft skills and professional development. I’ve spent years creating more than three dozen soft skill and professional courses for Pluralsight, and easily a dozen before Pluralsight. And, for the record, I just tweeted this: Soft skills are like hard skills… but for your career. Here are a list of my soft skill courses on @pluralsight: http...
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Years ago I wrote a scathing blog post to career center directors. It was a dressing down, if you will, because they just weren’t providing current solutions. I’ve learned that career center directors are underfunded and underpaid, and if you’ve been in college you know no one really values them (unfortunately, especially professors). My post, which I’m not even going to take the time to look for, was not kind. At the time I had a wise business coach who read the post and then sent me a multi-p...
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Financial Peace vs. Wealth

A few days ago I posted this poll on Twitter, asking about which you would prefer, financial peace or wealth: If you had to choose one, and only one, which would you choose? #rethinkMoney — Jason Alba (@jasonalba) August 22, 2020 As of right now I have 65 votes. 74% say they want financial peace, which leaves 26% who say they want wealth. I have been on a money journey for the last … well, I guess my whole life. But I’ve been rethinking money and wealth over the last few years. Months ago I...
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Job Search Tool: The Job Seeker Newsletter

Years ago I wrote about a very awesome tactic for networking and personal branding, with an emphasis on helping your network help you in your job search. In most of my on-stage presentations I talk about it, and in a few of my Pluralsight courses I talk about it. This was not a flash-in-the-pan, whimsical suggestion. I think a regular newsletter for your network can be a super powerful tool. In the April 5th (2012) post I talk about the three things that go into your newsletter. This is serious...
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Control in Life and Career

I need control. In recent chats with my wife I’ve been thinking about what I want is control. In my recent blog posts I talk about switching from “job security,” where you give control to your employer, to “income security,” where you do things to give you more control. Ironically, at the end of the day, we can’t control much.  Cancer can knock out all of your plans (and finances). Death can shatter your world. And too many of us know, job loss can dismantle everything. Stephen Covey talks about...
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How To: Hiding Reserved Lines When using Email2Log

I’ve had a couple people ask me recently how to hide the “reserved lines” when they send an email to someone and use the amazing Email2Log feature in JibberJobber. Email2WHUT? When you use Email2Log, you send an email to someone and bcc the JibberJobber server. JibberJobber takes the email and will create a Log Entry for every recipient of the email. For example, when you email a recruiter a follow-up and use Email2Log, it will find that recruiter’s record and make a Log Entry out of your emai...
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Project Hope: The Job Search Program #InformationalInterviews

In 2006 I lost my job. It was a devastating experience for me and my family. It drilled into the core of who I was, and how I valued myself. I was afraid of not being able to provide for my family. The stress had long-term impacts on how I think about money, the future, “job security,” etc. Now, 14 years later, I have created a tool for job seekers to help them organize their job search. It is a great tool that I’ve invested 14 years and gobs of money into. Last year, though, I came out with wha...
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What Is JibberJobber (in videos)? A Job Search CRM…

I was recently asked for some video explainers for JibberJobber, prior to doing a presentation to a job club. This is what I sent: This 4 minute overview explains what JibberJobber is and how to not be overwhelmed (or, to focus on the most important parts of JibberJobber): The one minute video on the homepage gives a conceptual overview: This 4 minute introduction video gives a quick overview of JibberJobber, and emphasizes the Getting Started videos: If nothing else, go through the Get...
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Bad News About the LinkedIn Export (email addresses)

Recently I’ve had a few people ask about downloading their contact info from LinkedIn but not seeing email addresses. I guess I’ve been living under a rock since November 2018… obviously I hadn’t played around with this since then. Years ago I wrote a post on how to export your Contacts from LinkedIn. They have moved links and reworded things, making it hard to do, so I got to update that post every once in a while. I figured since I was getting these questions I’d update it again. Here’s the po...
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“Daddy, are you going to lose your job?”

I finally got around to watching Moneyball. I’m only half way through so no spoilers…! There’s a scene in the first half were things are not going well for Billy Beane, the main character played by Brad Pitt. Beane took a leap of faith on the econ nerd from Yale and constructed a team of what were apparently considered misfits. Against common sense and the advice of his scouts, they went forward and lost a lot of games. Things were bad and of course the internet was not kind. Billy Beane’s daugh...
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The Job Search: Steak or Bacon?

I love cooking. When I was young I wanted to be a professional chef. Not because I knew what that mean, only because I loved creating things in the kitchen. My mom instilled a love of cooking in me. I wasn’t much a baking aficionado, I was interested in doing entrees and stuff like that. I have fond memories of watching Wok with Yan back in the 80’s, laughing at this super hilarious guy. We’d make a list of ingredients, shop for them, and then cook up some marvels. Those were the (simple) days!...
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Almost Everything Comes and Goes

Jobs come and go. Great bosses come and go. Crappy bosses come and go. Companies come and go Economic swings come and go. Health comes and goes. Relationships come and go. Self esteem comes and goes. Just about everything comes and goes. When good things come I tend to settle into comfortable. When bad things come I tend to panic. Stephen My thinking about how much I control things have shifted since I read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People book. I think I read it in 1991 and was shocke...
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Understanding Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills #careers

When I’ve hired, or evaluated candidates, in the past, I consider hard skills and soft skills. There’s lots of talk about soft skills and how important they are. At a point they supposedly become more important than hard skills. I want to share some important thoughts to help you put the two into perspective. I recognize that some people don’t like the phrases “hard skills” and “soft skills.” I’ll let them debate that… for the purpose of this post it doesn’t matter what we call them… just imagin...
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If I Were In A Job Search Today…

A friend called me asking for advice for a friend who has been out of work for the last two months. I told him I’d write a post with my recommendations for a job seeker in today’s environment. Stay organized in your job search In 2006 I conceptualized JibberJobber as a CRM for job seekers. Today, people use JibberJobber as a job search spreadsheet replacement. If you are networking at all, and are applying to jobs and interviewing, a spreadsheet gets too cluttered. JibberJobber works similar t...
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What Is Job Satisfaction?

I remember speaking in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2011 (9 years ago!!), for the years ago. I think it was me and Dan Schawbel in front of maybe 200 or 300 people. It was really quite fun and charming. Southern charming. I was waiting for someone to drop the “bless your heart” bomb, but no one did. Look how young I was here :p I guess I left the South unscathed, then. Anyway, the morning of the presentation I was driving through downtown Charlotte. I didn’t know what to expect from Charlotte,...
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My Boss Put Me In Urgent Care #CultureMatters

Once, for years, I worked for a bad boss. Without naming names, because this person is still alive, I’ll tell part of the story. I have a certain level of integrity. We all do.. even the worst people out there do. Maybe theirs is like 2% while yours is like 90%. Big lie? No way. White lie? Sure, why not. Do the right thing when it is easy? Of course. Do the right thing when it is hard, or even dangerous? Um… no, I don’t think so. Our integrity is on a scale. Sometimes we have more. Some people h...
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Think Like An Entrepreneur, Not An Employee #CareerChange

I recently did a 6-week series for Pluralsight on jobs and careers. It was a lot of fun (and a bit of work :p). In some of the emails I’m getting from people I can sense a great deal of frustration. This frustration is coming from being in the hamster wheel we call the job search. Again and again, doing the same things, not getting anywhere. I remember waking up during my Big Job Search and thinking “why get out of bed? Why do the same stuff I’ve been doing? I’m not getting any reactions.” I mad...
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New Pluralsight Course: Using Critical Observation on the Job

Last night I got this in my email: One of the coolest things about this course is that it is my 35th published course (I consider it my 38th course I’ve done for Pluralsight… because one was retired and two were massive updates). Seeing this last night was really cool: Critical observation is an interesting topic. As I spent many, many hours researching and thinking about critical observation I grew to really appreciate the importance of it. I think some people are inherently good at critical ...
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Pluralsight Job Search Series Webinars Starts Today

In a social post I wrote: “Pls share with anyone you know is in a career transition, or worried about their job.” And then I remembered that when I most needed this I was neither in a career transition nor was I worried about my job. My job search kind of came out of nowhere. I was sure I had a great resume, background, and experience to land quickly and well. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Whether you are in transition right now, along with the 41,000,000+ others who have filed...
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