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Billionaire Bill Gross and his millionaire neighbor are back in court amid a months-long feud over an expensive sculpture and the 'Gilligan's Island' theme song

Amy and Bill Gross. PATRICK T. FALLON / Contributor / Getty Images Billionaire investor Bill Gross is back in court this week over a spat with his neighbor. The neighbor claims Gross and his wife, Amy, violated a court order regarding playing loud music. The conflict stems from a $1 million glass sculpture on Gross's property. See more stories on Insider's business page. Billionaire bond investor Bill Gross and his wife, Amy, are back in court this week over an ongoing spat with ...
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2021 ABA Profile Of The Legal Profession

The American Bar Association’s 2021 Profile of the Legal Profession is a snapshot of where things stand as of the end of July of this year. Certainly another year outside of the ordinary, with the country and the legal profession still grappling with the global pandemic. From demographics, “legal deserts” and wages, to legal education, lawyer well-being and legal tech, the ABA’s profile is an interesting and informative read for those wanting to see where the profession stands – and where it is ...
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#DoNotTouchMyClothes: Afghan women’s social media protest against Taliban

Women around the world are sharing pictures of themselves in traditional colourful clothes in a campaign against the new strict dress code for female studentsAfter street demonstrations across major cities in Afghanistan, women have now taken to social media to protest against the Taliban’s hardline policies towards them.An online campaign has seen Afghan women around the world share photos of themselves wearing traditional colourful clothes, using the hashtag #DoNotTouchMyClothes. Continue read...
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Attends Her First Met Gala In A ‘Tax The Rich’ Dress

The U.S. Representative attended with Aurora James from Brother Vellies.
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‘Every man was drinking’: how much do bans on alcohol help women in India?

Women’s protests led to prohibition in Bihar but can alcohol bans end domestic abuse and harassment?Holding sticks and brooms, the women marched to the liquor shop in the centre of Konar village. It was a rare ambush in the staunchly patriarchal Bihar state in eastern India. But they were at breaking point.“In every village women were troubled by alcohol. Men harassed them on the streets. Husbands beat them at home,” says Sunita Devi, 52, a former seamstress who led the crowd. “When they saw us ...
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In-House Counsel Salary Data In 29 States and D.C.

In-house counsel salary data is something we track in our In-House Counsel Salaries Guide, which is soon to be updated with new data aggregated by Ironclad in conjunction with a 2020 effort by Major, Lindsey & Africa. While much of the hub-bub of late has been once again focused on the inexorable rise in first year Biglaw salaries, in-house counsel salary data is often more difficult to find and track over time. One thing is for sure, the demand for lawyers is at one of its highest levels in rec...
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The Taliban are not the only threat to Afghanistan. Aid cuts could undo 20 years of progress

The most vulnerable people will bear the cost of sanctions, as services and the economy collapseWatching Afghanistan’s unfolding trauma, I’ve thought a lot about Mumtaz Ahmed, a young teacher I met a few years ago. Her family fled Kabul during Taliban rule in the late 1990s.Raised as a refugee in Pakistan, Ahmed had defied the odds and made it to university. Now, she was back in Afghanistan teaching maths in a rural girls’ school. “I came back because I believe in education and I love my country...
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In ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story,’ Modern History Is Told Through Kate Spade Bags And A Prada Backpack

'Monica has this incredible memory. She could remember the brands and where she bought these pieces.'
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"After being cited for a rip in her jeans on the first day of school, Sophia Trevino has led a protest seeking changes to the district’s dress code, which she says unfairly targets girls."

  Lined up with other students as they came into the school, Sophia was asked to put her hands down by her thighs to measure if the rip in her jeans was lower than her fingertips. It was not. She and 15 other girls were written up before first period. Every Friday since then, Sophia and other students at Simpson Middle School, about 25 miles north of Atlanta, have worn T-shirts that denounce dress codes as “sexist,” “racist” and “classist.” ... “Dress codes are definitely sexist,” [said Sabrina...
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The Highest Paid In-House Counsel

The highest paid in-house counsel saw some shifts due to the pandemic, and in different ways than their outside counsel counterparts. LawFuel gives the scoop on some of the general in-house counsel compensation trends, and comparisons between recent data that has been released. Is compensation important? Of course it is, but for some lawyers, lower compensation has brought greater happiness. So don’t send this post to HR without redacting that. One thing is clear, if Biglaw is engaging in salary...
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"The eldest by a minute, she is the only heterosexual in our family; her twin is a lesbian and so are her two Moms...."

"... Because I grew up in an Irish-Catholic household where sexual feelings were at best contained, at worst annulled, I took particular pleasure in allowing hers to flourish. The boyfriend’s parents... had been raised in other faiths and had converted to Islam. They insisted on strict compliance with religious laws. Meaning: Their boy with the luxurious hair was not allowed to date.... I became complicit in their circumventing his parents’ prohibitions.... [M]y own family’s disapproval of my le...
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"Goblincore: the fashion trend that embraces ‘chaos, dirt and mud’/Sales of clothes and accessories featuring mushrooms, snails, frogs and worms are booming, but why now?"

Headline at The Guardian.  Yes, I know this isn't the most important thing going on in the world right now, but maybe that's why we've got Goblincore. I remember a similar enthusiasm for mushroom and frog motifs in the early 1970s. [Goblincore] “romanticizes the ugly, lesser appreciated parts of the natural world.” Its trappings include animal skulls and earthworms... [I]t is about “chaos, dirt and mud.”... “I’ve been tagging some of my pieces as goblincore for over 18 months but recently it ...
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Unacknowledged rape: the sexual assault survivors who hide their trauma – even from themselves

Surveys suggest a large proportion of women have experienced sexual assaults that they labelled as a misunderstanding. This has serious psychological repercussions and increases the chance of being victimised againThe morning after it happened, I said a cheery: “Good morning,” to my university roommate, as if nothing was wrong. “How was last night?” she asked. “So fun,” I lied. The truth was that the night before I had feared for my life.I didn’t articulate it, but deep down I knew that what had...
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4 BS Interview Responses Hiring Managers See Through

BS interview responses are, by their very definition, bound to get you off on the wrong foot with a potential legal employer. So no matter how hard you prepare, and how nervous you may get, try to avoid BS interview responses at all costs. Companies want you to work for them, which is why you’ve ended up in the interview chair. So instead of subterfuge and drivel, do your best to make hiring managers love you. While nerve-wracking and sometimes tedious, the interview process is the potential beg...
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"To me, the crime is that Monica, Linda and Paula had no control over how they were perceived... It was unbelievable, the hate."

Said Sarah Burgess, a producer and writer of most of the 10-episode series "Impeachment," quoted in (NYT).Set in the 1990s, the 10-episode series revisits the miasma of scandal and innuendo that shrouded the Clinton White House: Paula Jones’s sexual harassment lawsuit against President Bill Clinton; Clinton’s sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky; Lewinsky’s friendship with Linda Tripp; and the tangle of lies, half-truths and illicit recordings that were ultimately detailed in the Starr Rep...
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Leaving Work At Work: Five Steps To Disconnect [Sponsored]

Being present at home is paramount to maintaining work-life balance.
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Robots Are Coming For The Lawyers

Robots are coming for the lawyers, as they have come for many other sectors of the economy, according to a recent article. While many once feared that total automation of certain legal tasks would result in job losses for lawyers, partial automation may be transformative enough to effect significant changes in the composition of legal teams. So, are you targeted for termination? The answer will continue to evolve, as the same tools that provide automation in whole or in part can also free up law...
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"How much of this is regular professional midlife-crisis stuff? These women seemed a little young to be going through it, but is this just what happens..."

"... when people get deep enough into a lucrative career—they have a freakout? Contemplate walking away from everything? Perhaps, but these ladies’ meltdowns struck me as a lot more soulful than the behavior we associate with a typical midlife crisis: getting a Brazilian butt lift, say, or starting an affair with a co-worker. The One Hundred Women weren’t screwing up their lives. They were focussing on their loved ones, or on creative pursuits they’d never let themselves take seriously before th...
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"A small, dedicated group of white-collar workers, in industries from tech to banking to insurance, say they have found a way to double their pay."

"Work two full-time remote jobs, don’t tell anyone and, for the most part, don’t do too much work, either. Alone in their home offices, they toggle between two laptops. They play 'Tetris' with their calendars, trying to dodge endless meetings. Sometimes they log on to two meetings at once. They use paid time off—in some cases, unlimited—to juggle the occasional big project or ramp up at a new gig. Many say they don’t work more than 40 hours a week for both jobs combined. They don’t apologize fo...
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Michael Kors Should Expect An ‘L’ Based On The Use Of New Balance’s ‘N’

Not only does New Balance have a sincere case for consumer confusion, it also has a clear claim for dilution.
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It Happened: Forever 21 Copied Someone, And There Was A Positive Outcome

After being called out for knocking off popular 'Koreatown' merch — the proceeds of which benefit local nonprofits — the retailer did the right thing. But why now?
Tags: Fashion, Law, Intellectual Property, Koreatown, ATL Fashion

Pores for thought: how sweat reveals our every secret, from what we’ve eaten to whether we’re on drugs

Just one drop of perspiration might soon be enough to identify a criminal or diagnose a cancer. But this fast-moving science could also pose a serious threat to civil libertiesWhen I deposited my index fingerprint on a laboratory slide so that Simona Francese could analyse it, I felt as if I was giving her the password to my body’s secrets. Most forensic scientists examine a fingerprint’s pattern but Francese, a forensic scientist from Sheffield Hallam University, analyses the chemicals left beh...
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"There is this post-apocalyptic, beige, baggy style that people think of when they hear genderless, which is limiting."

"We want to create an equal shopping experience for everyone, however you express yourself. All of our bottoms have either a flat front design or a pouch front design, and all of our tops are essentially unisex. Whether you’re extra small or 5X, it’s always the same price, and every style is available equally across prints and colors.... Says E Leifer, answering the question "What’s the difference between gender-equal and gender-neutral clothing?" in (NYT).Another question is: "Is gender-equal...
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Inhouse Impact: Salary Wars and Remote Work

Salary wars and remote work are having a tremendous effect on in-house legal departments and their recruitment efforts. How can organizations survive and thrive in this highly competitive environment? Read on to hear what one of the nation’s leading legal recruiting firms has to say about these trends. As we have seen before, salary wars can boost in-house counsel pay significantly, and the advent of work from home options has provided more flexibility to the legal community than many could ever...
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"Diving Into the Subconscious of the 'Cuomosexual'/How could we have witnessed the Governor’s narcissism, bullying, and hackneyed paternalism, and found these qualities attractive? A psychoanalyst gives her take."

Ah! Perfect! This is exactly the article I'd have requested if The New Yorker had asked me What can we write for you? I could go looking for this material myself and grope at amateur psychoanalysis, but I found this, by Lizzie Widdicombe. How absolutely pleasing to just sit back and read (and react):[J]ust a year ago, much of blue-state America was lusting after Governor Andrew Cuomo... The erotic interest was documented in a Jezebel article—“Help, I Think I’m in Love with Andrew Cuomo???”... Th...
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"In September last year, Williams lost his virginity with a specially trained 'sex surrogate,' an experience he described as 'liberating.'"

"'Because it was funded by the state I could basically not have the shame of it being an unsafe or outlawed practice,' he said. However, the funding was removed in April after the local clinical commissioning group (CCG) wrote to him saying it had been decided that continued sessions were not 'an appropriate use of taxpayers’ funds.'.... 'The NHS opened up a political can of worms by awarding me funding and they wanted to shut it quickly. But they have already set a precedent.'... [Beverlee] Le...
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"Angel argues that, unlike the drives of hunger or thirst, desire does not operate on a deprivation model for either gender."

"She does, however, support the idea that male desire is 'spontaneous' and female desire 'responsive' to explain why women are perceived as suffering from a lack of overt sexual interest. The intention to have sex doesn’t 'just happen' for women as often as it does for men; it may, however, be elicited. She quotes contemporary work by Rosemary Basson, the director of the Sexual Medicine Program at the University of British Columbia, that describes a kind of loop in which the sexual setting, 'the...
Tags: Law, Sex, Anne Enright, University of British Columbia, Katherine Angel, Ann Althouse, Gender Difference, Rosemary Basson, Sexual Medicine Program

"Social media influencers are probably one of the worst things to happen to our society"/"Getting paid to be an influencer. Now there's an important, socially relevant job."

Those are the top 2 highest rated comments on the NYT article We see the very pretty Lugrin and Mehra posing with sun-dappled foliage and poised over laptops in a minimalist office space.The "unprintable name" is easy to print. Here, I'll print it for you: "Fuck You Pay Me." Apparently, influencers are underpaid for the influencing they do for brands...Brands have long had an upper hand with influencers. Most creators operate without a manager or an agent. There are no standard pay rates for cr...
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Is Top Compensation Enough?

Top compensation is a driver for many lawyers in their job search, and Biglaw is making waves once again with soaring associate compensation. Putting aside the flow-down effects on billing rates that hit clients’ bottom lines (e.g., associates billing over $1,000 per hour), the salary wars can benefit in-house lawyer and outside counsel alike by providing increasing economic rewards for often 24/7 work lifestyles. The legal job market is extremely tight, and companies and law firms are fiercely ...
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"'People get very wrapped up in the idea of spontaneously desiring sex,' Dr. Nagoski said, but, especially in women, it’s fairly rare."

"Based on a wide body of research on gender and sexual desire, Dr. Nagoski estimates that roughly 15 percent of women experience spontaneous desire, whereas most experience responsive desire — wanting sex when something erotic is happening. 'When we study people who have great sex over the long-term in a relationship, they do not describe spontaneous desire as a characteristic,' she said. From (NYT). A highly rated comment: "Same old suggestions. Here's the real deal: if you are in a sexles...
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