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4 “Notes to Self” that Will Stop You from Taking Today for Granted

“May you actually live every day of your life.” — Jonathan Swift I recently received an email from a young “Think Better, Live Better 2020” digital ticket attendee named Kaarina that nearly brought me to tears. And after exchanging a few heartfelt replies back and forth with her, she graciously gave me permission to share the opening lines of her initial email: “I’m dying of cancer (Lymphoma) at age 21. I was sent home from the hospital for my final weeks over 32 weeks ago. But now I’m back a...
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SEX WEEK: Buy This Horny Incense Holder And You Will Be So Cool

Thank you for your continued support of The Inventory. Buy this horny incense holder and you will be so cool.Read more...
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Spermicidal Condoms Are No Good

A condom that can actually kill sperm sounds like a pretty good deal when it comes to birth control, right? But it turns out they aren’t any more effective than regular condoms, and they can actually increase your risk of STDs.Read more...
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SEX WEEK: Let’s Solve Shower Sex

In her roundup of gender-neutral sex toys, our very own Style Girlfriend asked, “Psst, Dame crew, if you’re reading anything in the works to solve shower sex? Asking for a friend.” While we hope our pals over at Dame do have things in the works to solve some of the problems that come along with shower sex,…Read more...
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7 Hard Things You Should Do for Yourself When You Don’t Feel Good Enough

You are enough. You have enough. You do enough. Breathe deep… let go, and just live right now in the moment. Angel and I coach a number of students, 2-on-1 and in small groups — and pretty much every one of them is hard on themselves in some way. There’s this underlying feeling of stress and pain driven by disappointed in themselves, anger at themselves, or constantly believing they are inadequate. Can you relate to this? I think most of us can. This is a fundamental problem that most of us f...
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SEX WEEK: The Five Sex Stains You’ll Meet In Life

Sex is many things but one very specific thing that sex is, is messy. And I say great, go on, get out there, get it in there, make a big mess! I say that, in part, because messy sex often correlates to great sex and I, a lover, want everyone to be having great sex. But I also say that because I get paid to be a…Read more...
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How to Cut Down on Sugar, With Dr. Yoni Freedhoff

Trying to lower your sugar intake? We’re learning how this week with the help of two experts. First, Kathleen DesMaisons, addictive nutrition guru and author of Potatoes Not Prozac: Simple Solutions for Sugar Addiction, walks us through her practical and effective approach to gradually cutting sugar out of your diet.…Read more...
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Silicone Lube Stains Don’t Stand A Chance Against This Miracle Product

It should go without saying — but is well worth saying anyway! — that the choice of lube is an entirely personal choice. From a cleaning perspective, however, water-based lubes are the clear winner; they’re very easy stains to treat and often don’t even require a pre-treatment product because regular washing will…Read more...
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SEX WEEK: Silicone Lube Stains Don’t Stand A Chance Against This Miracle Product

It should go without saying — but is well worth saying anyway! — that the choice of lube is an entirely personal choice. From a cleaning perspective, however, water-based lubes are the clear winner; they’re very easy stains to treat and often don’t even require a pre-treatment product because regular washing will…Read more...
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How to Juggle Your Creative Projects Around Family Life

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Ali Luke. It can be tough to make the space and find the energy for creative projects at the best of times. But when you have young children or a busy family life, it’s often particularly tricky. I’ve got two kids, aged five and nearly-seven. Eight years ago, I could spend whole Saturdays writing fiction, if I wanted to, and it was easy to work into the evenings on my blog posts and ebooks. But, like pretty much every parent out there, I’ve found that it’s...
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My Platinum Blonde Hair Has Gone Hideously Brassy, Please Help!

Welcome to SELF KERR, a new column in which noted Fixer of Problems, Jolie Kerr, will help you with your most vexing grooming, wellness and self-care issues. Benign nail fungus got you down? Are you looking for bath products that won’t make a huge mess of your tub?? Are you plagued by bruises that linger forever??? …Read more...
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10 Little Habits that Wreck Thousands of Lives One Day at a Time

In a culture that seeks quick results, we must learn the beauty of effort, patience, and perseverance. Have you ever told yourself that you’re going to make something happen and then nothing happened? All details aside, it’s because you didn’t have the right habits in place—the little things you do every day that build up to something bigger. Habits define you. All the results in your life come from your daily habits. If you’re out of shape and overweight, you have different habits than someo...
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1 Thing You Should Know About Our Uncertain Reality

In the mid-1950’s, the leaders of Thailand decided to build a new highway into their largest city, Bangkok. The highway would pass through an area with relatively low population density where an old broken-down temple stood. The government purchased the property rights to the old temple and the surrounding grounds, and agreed to let a few local monks move a 500-year-old white stucco statue of Buddha to a safer location. The stucco Buddha was absolutely immense in size and weight. It stood nearl...
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The All-Upgrades Episode of The Upgrade

In this week’s episode, Alice and Melissa revisit their Upgrades of the Week from past episodes and see how they’ve held up, from chrome extensions to shifts in mindset. There’s a little bit of pride, a little bit of shame, and a whole lot of improvement. You’ll be so perfect by the end of this episode you won’t know…Read more...
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9 Things it’s Not Too Late to Start Doing for Yourself

Right now, don’t judge or berate yourself for how long your journey is taking. We all need our own time to travel our own distance. And every step is necessary. Consider this post your reminder… Marc and I have spent the past 12 years coaching people of all ages and demographics, from all over the world. This experience has taught us, above all, that everyone journeys in their own way. Some people start their careers right out of college in their early twenties, only to find themselves burnt ou...
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Fuck Less Frequently for a Fun Surprise (Menopause)

Having sex less frequently is linked to earlier menopause, according to a new study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science. Which is good or bad news, I guess, depending on how you feel about either sex or menopause.Read more...
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When to Walk Out of a Job Interview Early

Let’s say you’ve gotten to the interview stage of your job search, and five minutes into the conversation you realize that this particular job won’t be a good fit for you after all.Read more...
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An Open Letter to Those Who Have Lied to Impress Others

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” ―Thomas Jefferson This article was inspired by a short email we received recently from a new course student: Dear Marc and Angel, In one of your recent emails you asked your students to think about a weakness they’d like to change. Mine is telling lies. Although they’re usually just little lies, I’ve gotten carried away. I lie about things all the darn time mostly to just make myself appear better than I am… because I want to impress peopl...
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20 Five-Minute Journaling Prompts for a Mentally Strong Finish to January

The holidays are over. School and work are back in full swing. And it’s already mid-January. Thus, it’s time to get our minds clear on all our big ideas for 2020, and what really matters in the days, weeks, and months ahead… Let’s make a pact to finish January mentally strong! How? First, let’s remind ourselves that the best way to achieve anything worthwhile in life is to build small daily rituals that you practice every single day (or at least every day you’re physically able to). A small dai...
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20 Questions that Will Open Your Mind in 2020

Right now, remind yourself of the truth. Remind yourself that the New Year means nothing if your mind is still boxed up in its comfort zone. Don’t fool yourself into living the same year 90 times and calling it a life. And don’t just think outside the box in 2020… Think like there is no box. Open your mind! How? Start by asking yourself better questions. Questions that break you away from all the comfortable distractions in your life, so you can refocus your thinking on what matters most… (mor...
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20 Uncomfortable Things You Need to Start Doing for Yourself in 2020

When you look back on 2019, don’t think of the pain you felt. Think of the strength you gained, and appreciate how far you’ve come. You’ve been through a lot in the past year, but you’ve grown a lot too. Give yourself credit for your resilience, and then step forward again with grace. The next best step forward? Start doing something uncomfortable today that will move your life forward in 2020. Let me explain… (more…)
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20 Tiny Changes You Can Make in Your Home to Make Life Simpler in 2020

by Joshua Becker, author of The Minimalist Home “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” —Hans Hofmann Have incredible stories to tell by the end of 2020, not incredible clutter stuffed in your closets.  I sincerely wish this for my family, and yours, in the year ahead. So, let me start off here by asking you… Does your home serve you—or do you serve your home? Will your home afford you the necessary space to create happy, healthy memories...
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5 Ways to Bust Your Familiarity Bias and See What’s Possible

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Jeffrey Davis. Imagine you’re at your favorite coffee shop. While you glance over the menu, you probably know what you are going to order before you even arrive. Maybe an inner voice encourages you to be adventurous and try the maple bacon coffee, but then another voice overrides that one and tells you to go with the safe, familiar bet. Before you know it, the barista has your “regular” — a skim latté with a dash of hazelnut syrup — ready by the time you r...
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5 Year-End Notes to Self that Will Move Your Life Forward in 2020

You are not your bad days. You are not your mistakes. You are not your scars. You are not your past. Be here now, and breathe. Tragedy strikes a woman who isn’t yet old. A minivan traveling toward her on a dark mountain highway hits her car nearly head-on just after sunset. She grips her steering wheel as hard as she can and veers into the rocky mountainside until her car screeches to a halt. The minivan flips onto its side and skids in the other direction off a cliff, plummeting nearly 500 f...
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30 Daily Challenges to Improve Your Mental Strength (and Happiness)

Think a little less about managing your problems and a little more about managing your mindset. Mental strength is built through small, daily victories. It’s the individual choices we make daily that build our “mental strength” muscles. We all want this kind of strength, but we can’t wish our way to it. If you want it, you have to do something about it. It’s time to embrace the fact that the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your daily decisions. It’s time to challenge yourself...
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Core Conversations on Start Finishing: How to Overcome FOMO and Finish More Projects

Editor’s Note: This is a continuation of our core conversations on Charlie’s book Start Finishing. In our last conversation, Kerra Bolton talked about the practical magic of rewriting the stories we tell ourselves. In today’s conversation, Steve Arensberg talks about overcoming FOMO to finish more projects. I’m one of those people who seems to be motivated by fear. Not the extrinsic, somewhat reasonable fears like fear of deep water or poisonous snakes, but internally created fears like people’...
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5 Ideas You Must Leave Behind to Get Ahead in Life

If you don’t allow yourself to move past what happened, what was said, what was felt, you will look at your present and future through that same dirty lens. You can never change things by holding on to the existing reality. To get ahead in life, you have to leave some things behind and build a new model for living that makes the existing model obsolete. You must make a firm decision that you’re going to make a change too. It won’t always happen naturally or automatically. Sometimes you will h...
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10 Skincare Tips That’ll Transform Your Skin

You're reading 10 Skincare Tips That’ll Transform Your Skin, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Taking good care of the skin and maintaining it can be difficult with the fast-paced lifestyle, pollution, and stress. The skincare industry is flourishing with all types of skincare products that promise to be the solution to all your skin problems. The skincare products swear to...
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How to Learn from Your “Failures” (and Other, Not-So-Drastic Outcomes)

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Cory Huff. I ran down the basketball court, looking over my shoulder. My teammate threw a perfect pass that came down just over my left shoulder, where the defender couldn’t make a play for it. I took one hard dribble and gathered the ball, stepping twice and jumping for a layup. The defender jumped higher than me, and I felt him block the shot. Even before I landed, I was silently cursing myself. I should have seen the defender coming. I know I don’t jump...
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7 Assumptions We Need to Stop Making About Other People

Never underestimate a person’s challenges. Everyone is struggling. Some are just better at hiding it than others. Too often we judge people too quickly, or too subjectively. We tell ourselves stories about them without thinking it through—our perceptions and biases get the best of us. I was reminded of this today when I received the following in an email from a Think Better, Live Better 2020 ticket-holder (I’m sharing this with permission): “…I learned the hard way that a smile can hide so mu...
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