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How to Choose a Career that You’ll Love (even if you don’t know what you want to do)

How do most people choose a career? Well…they don’t. They stumble into a job after college, take whatever they can get, then follow one of the few paths available from that random job. No wonder most people are frustrated in their careers. But there actually IS a way to narrow down your potential interests to choose a career that you will love. Ramit Sethi, our founder and career-path guru, has put together a Dream Job system that helps you explore ALL the careers you’re interested i...
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How to use LinkedIn hashtags and resume keywords to apply for remote work

Just one in 10 companies expects all their staff to return to the office after the pandemic. Manish Rajput/SOPA Images When looking for remote jobs, it's important to tailor your résumé and cover letter accordingly. Highlighting any previous remote work or related soft skills such as Zoom could go a long way. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile and using the relevant hashtags will catch recruiters' attention. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Remote work might ha...
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Pinterest and Yahoo are giving staff a day off to avoid burnout

Pinterest's HQ. Smith Collection/Gado / Contributor via Getty Pinterest and Yahoo gave staff a global day off on Friday. They a join firms like Nike, Bumble, and LinkedIn in announcing plans to combat burnout. Staff took to social media to celebrate the news. See more stories on Insider's business page. Pinterest and Yahoo are the latest companies to give staff paid time off to unwind and alleviate symptoms of burnout.Pinterest said in a post on its own Pinterest page that all of i...
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Pinterest is giving staff a day off to avoid burnout

Pinterest's HQ. Smith Collection/Gado / Contributor via Getty Pinterest gave all its staff a day off on Friday. It joins firms like Nike, Bumble, and LinkedIn in giving employees bonus time off to combat burnout. Yahoo also gave staffers a day off to celebrate the firm's acquisition by private equity firm Apollo. See more stories on Insider's business page. Pinterest is the latest company to give staff paid time off to unwind and alleviate symptoms of burnout.The image-sharing ...
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Don't Be a Victim of the Great Resignation

By now, you’ve likely heard the term “the great resignation.” Anthony Klotz, a professor at Texas A&M University, coined the term in a May Bloomberg article to refer to the great numbers of workers expected to exit the workforce after the pandemic. Klotz does his own research, but a recent Microsoft study, the 2021 Work Trend Index, mirrored his findings. Microsoft surveyed more than 30,000 people in 31 countries and analyzed trillions of productivity and labor signals across LinkedIn and Micros...
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How to Get an Internship: 5 Tips for Standing Out

Years ago, our founder Ramit Sethi beat out several Stanford MBA students for an incredible internship at Sun Microsystems. Oh, and he was just a sophomore in college at the time. That’s right. A skinny teenage college student beat out the cream-of-the-crop students getting their Master’s Degree in business.  “How did he swing that?” you might ask.  Great question! Getting an internship isn’t quite as hard as you might think and getting your dream internship is far more achievable...
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LinkedIn will allow individual teams to decide if they ever want to return to the office

The logo of LinkedIn can be seen at the digital fair dmexco in Cologne, Germany, 13 September 2017. Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa/Getty Images LinkedIn will allow individual teams to decide how and when they want to return to the office. The company told Insider exclusively that wants to step away from a 'one-size-fits-all policy.' The company is not currently mandating that employees in the office must be double-vaccinated. See more stories on Insider's business page. LinkedIn is giv...
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5 of My Pluralsight Courses I Wish Everyone Would Watch (and why)

I have 36 courses in Pluralsight… kind of. Two are retired and “one” is a 6-session job search course. I started in 2012 with a LinkedIn course and have done many job search, career, soft skills, and professional development courses in the last 9 years. I’ve spent the last year and a half updating courses, and have a few more to update. For years I’ve recommended various courses to various audiences, whether that was on this blog, in a live presentation, or on social media. I’ve had to think “wh...
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A Google privacy engineer says he quit over 'constant gaslighting' following the firing of two AI experts

AI researcher Timnit Gebru (left) and Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Kimberly White/Getty Images/Denis Balibouse/Reuters A Google privacy engineer said he quit after the company controversially fired two AI ethicists. One of them, Timnit Gebru, said was fired in December, prompting widespread employee outrage. The engineer, Damien Desfontaines, has been with the company since 2014, per his LinkedIn profile. See more stories on Insider's business page. A senior privacy software engineer at G...
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I'm a notoriously bad sleeper who tried Sleep by Headspace for a month to stop waking up in the middle of the night - here's how it went

The Headspace app. Headspace Freelance writer Zoe Rosenberg has struggled with getting a good night's sleep for years. She decided to download Sleep by Headspace, which costs $69.99 a year. She liked the wind-down and mid-night exercises, which helped her get to sleep after waking up. See more stories on Insider's business page. I don't remember when it started, but somewhere along the way, I became bad at sleeping. This was way before the pandemic made sleep practically imposs...
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5 Reasons Every Job is an Opportunity

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. – Thomas Edison A part of me wanted to blame myself. Another part wanted to blame employers for not recognizing talent. And yet another part wanted to blame God. I was working a job I didn’t care for after years of studying and preparing for an occupation in my field. Sound familiar at all? By my final semester of college, I’d heard the gamut of wisdom and statistics shared by leadership figure...
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How to Find a Top Headhunter in Your Industry

When you are first looking for a job, any job, you will apply to recruitment agencies, respond to ads in the paper or put up in shop windows, and rely on word of mouth to hear about suitable opportunities. However, as you grow and learn valuable skills, this all-embracing anything-goes job hunt falls away in favour of a slower, more discerning job hunt, fairly often for the types of positions that are never really advertised. But these jobs exist and fall vacant from time to time – how can you ...
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From LinkedIn hashtags to résumé keywords, these are the best ways to tailor your application for remote work

Just one in 10 companies expects all their staff to return to the office after the pandemic. Manish Rajput/SOPA Images When looking for remote jobs, it's important to tailor your résumé and cover letter accordingly. Highlighting any previous remote work or related soft skills such as Zoom could go a long way. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile and using the relevant hashtags will catch recruiters' attention. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Remote work might have been ...
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How H.R Professionals Can Support Returning Mothers

For many women, returning to work after having a baby can feel like one of the most challenging times of their career. A new baby brings joy and exhaustion in equal measures. While mothers are adapting to all the new tasks in their new role as a parent, their professional life can feel a world away, and the last thing they need is a stressful return to work. When it is time to return to the office, there are some easy ways for companies to help make the transition a positive one. Photo by Linke...
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When the Job Search Is Like a Puzzle

About a month ago my wife and our youngest kid decided we were a puzzle family. So they bought three puzzles, cleared off the dining room table, and started the first puzzle. It went well. As it should have. We are (relatively) smart, and we had time. It was fun to spend time on a project as a family. The puzzle finished pretty quickly and I was left wondering “what is this huge hype around the world about doing puzzles? It’s too easy!” Then, we started the second puzzle. It was way harder. Sign...
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The 15 most in-demand jobs in 2021 and the salary ranges you should expect for each one, according to LinkedIn

LinkedIn saw an increase in digital creators during 2020 in its latest report. Indypendenz/Shutterstock To find the most in-demand jobs as we start a new year, LinkedIn examined its hiring data to find what kinds of occupations saw the most growth from April to October 2020 compared to 2019. According to the report, many of these jobs saw an increase in response to the pandemic. For instance, LinkedIn saw employment growth for nurses and in e-commerce in 2020, since more people were needed...
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Connection Culture Course Among LinkedIn Learning’s Most Popular

LinkedIn members can take it for free Our new LinkedIn Learning course, Creating a Connection Culture, is one of the most popular courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform. LinkedIn Learning members can take the course for free at this link. Once you click to begin taking the course you will have 24 hours to complete it. Check it out and share this post and free link with your family, friends and colleagues. The post Connection Culture Course Among LinkedIn Learning’s Most Popular appeared fi...
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How to quit your job and leave on good terms, including sample resignation letter templates to use

If you can't resign in person, schedule a phone or video call with your boss. JGalione/Getty Images If you're working remotely but ready to quit your job, there are several best practices you should follow to leave on good terms. While it's ideal to initiate the conversation in person, during the pandemic you can start with a phone or video call with your boss. It's also important to confirm your vocal resignation in writing through a formal email. Keep the message brief, avoid complai...
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NEW YEAR, NEW CAREER: How to change jobs, make more money, and feel more satisfied

Take the reins of your career. Getty Images The start of a new year is a natural time to consider a career change. Even amid a global recession, it's possible to find and nab a new role. Executives and strategists say a successful transition is about working systematically. Business Insider regularly interviews experts about changing jobs and careers. You can read all about it by subscribing to Business Insider. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The start of a new year ...
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13 cheap online courses that can help you land your next job, from writing cover letters to interviewing better

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. iStock; Gilbert Espinoza/Business Insider Applying to jobs can feel like a tedious process. You can rework your cover letter and shoot an application out into the ether online without knowing much else. Just like any other skill, you can get better at applying to - and getting offers from - the right jobs.Cheap online classes can give you instant access to the expertise, expert advice, and feedback...
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Anatomy of My LinkedIn Profile Header

I’m diving into my Pluralsight Personal Branding course to redo it for early next year and thought it would be a good time to look at my LinkedIn profile. I like my header, and figured it is a good time to share what I like about it. As I go through this, think about what your header looks like. One of my main messages is to do your branding intentionally. So here we go, with some elements of my intentional branding on my LinkedIn profile header. #1: The “Background photo” Many profiles I see...
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A Year-End Gift to My Readers

LinkedIn Learning Course Access To close out what has been an unpredictable and challenging year for all of us, I’d like to present you with a gift—one that, like many things during the Covid-19 pandemic, has taken twists and turns in the making, including a timetable that changed more than once. 2020 has been a year that has asked all of us to be adaptable and open to new ways of going about life. Case in point, the LinkedIn Learning course that the Connection Culture Group team is so pleased ...
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4 ways to revamp your professional networking strategy while working from home

Don't spend every day in huge virtual conferences — ask your connections to introduce you to someone specific. FreshSplash/Getty If you're finding it hard to network effectively during the pandemic, these tips can help you leverage your contacts and virtual resources.  Ask colleagues to introduce you to their professional friends, and reconnect with people in your network to discuss new experiences or challenges you're facing.  If you have to cold contact someone, make sure your introd...
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Career Research Guide: How to Find Your Dream Job

Finding a job, especially your dream job, is hard. Even if you have a few ideas of what you’re interested in, how do you choose what to pursue? Do you have enough experience to even try at this point? Or, do you think it’s too late for a career change? Let me tell you, it’s never too early or too late to pursue your ambitions.  If you’re new to the job market or looking for change, put yourself in research mode. Go beyond a quick Google search and dive deep into the fundamentals o...
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How Managers Can Use Technology To Find Their Next Job In Trying Times

If you go looking for another job, let technology lend you a helping hand Image Credit: Beverly Yuen Thompson Congratulations, you have a job. However, is this really the job that you want? Do you spend your days dreaming of doing something else? If you ever decided to do that something else, would it require you to make a career change? This is no small change – this can be a very big deal for most managers. If your heart really lies somewhere else, then perhaps the current world t...
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Expand Your Network For Job Search Success

Expand your network and you will increase your chances of landing a coveted in-house counsel job. Especially if you are in work from home mode, numerous platforms exist for you to connect with other individuals who may be able to assist you in your job hunt. Your job search and your connections are inextricably intertwined, so when you expand your circle you are increasing your chances of having connections who can assist you in your career plans. “Networking is vital to job search success. Netw...
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Top 5 In-demand Soft Skills (according to LinkedIn)

I was perusing the intertubes last night and found this article: The Top Skills Companies Need Most in 2020—And How to Learn Them Y’all know I’m a sucker for soft skills and professional development. I’ve spent years creating more than three dozen soft skill and professional courses for Pluralsight, and easily a dozen before Pluralsight. And, for the record, I just tweeted this: Soft skills are like hard skills… but for your career. Here are a list of my soft skill courses on @pluralsight: http...
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Job promotions are down compared to last year, especially in the tourism industry

Luis Alvarez/Getty Images A newly published Workforce Insights report by George Anders, LinkedIn’s senior editor at large, using research from the social network’s Economic Graph team examined year-over-year changes for hiring and promotions. In August, promotions are 40% below last year's leve, while hiring is about the same as last year. Anders notes that the end of April 2020 saw the worst year-over-year decline since the start of the pandemic, with promotions 60% below levels during t...
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A state-by-state look at unemployment in America: 50 people share how they're getting by — and what's next

The Unemployed States of America. Courtesy of LaTrell Smith, Paul Krueger, Callie Price, Julia Bauer, Eric Witiw, Julia Sayers Gokhale, Paula Jan Beasley, Erin Zettell, Stephanie Becerra, Beatrice Johnson, Reuben Harness, and Kimberly Stephens; Shayanne Gal/Business Insider The Unemployed States of America takes readers deep inside the decimated American workforce. Business Insider gathered stories from 50 people facing unemployment in their states to see how they're coping during the coro...
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11 habits of ridiculously likable people you can teach yourself

Being likable is under your control. Andrew Kelly/Reuters Dr. Travis Bradberry is co-author of the bestselling book Emotional Intelligence 2.0, and the cofounder of TalentSmart. He says that too many people succumb to the mistaken belief that being likable comes from natural, unteachable traits that belong only to a lucky few. In fact, being likable is under your control, and it's a matter of emotional intelligence. Being consistent, asking thoughtful questions, and using positive body lan...
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