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Are You Working On The Right Things?

I have this imagine in my mind of a mime, or circus performer, who has a bunch of sticks holding up spinning plates. The performer’s job is to keep every plate spinning so that they don’t fall. Keeping the plates spinning is really the analogy of my career. From early on, when I was IT manager of a national company I had a LOT of things I did. I had no idea what a normal day looked liked because one day I might work on programs and applications, another day I might be in meetings ALL DAY, other ...
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Project Hope: The Job Search Program #InformationalInterviews

In 2006 I lost my job. It was a devastating experience for me and my family. It drilled into the core of who I was, and how I valued myself. I was afraid of not being able to provide for my family. The stress had long-term impacts on how I think about money, the future, “job security,” etc. Now, 14 years later, I have created a tool for job seekers to help them organize their job search. It is a great tool that I’ve invested 14 years and gobs of money into. Last year, though, I came out with wha...
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Feedback on “Get Your Next Promotion” Pluralsight Course from Heather MacDonald

One of the most rewarding parts of creating stuff (in this case, soft skills courses for Pluralsight) is hearing what others think about it. Well, not hearing anything… I don’t need to hear that I’m a dolt. But I do love to hear how anything I’ve created has helped you think differently, or inspired you to do something (anything!). Mark LeBlanc said one of his objectives as a speaker is to impact and inspire. As soon as he said that it became my objective, as a creator. I was delighted to get ta...
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Two Rabbits = Too Many Distractions?

My friend, resume writer Robert Dagnall, has posted this a couple of times recently on Facebook: The first time I saw it I didn’t think anything of it. But then, Friday morning it popped up again and I guess I was feeling a little philosophical. What if, in a job search, you are chasing two different rabbits?  Well, maybe that’s a bad example. In a job search you are likely working on multiple job opportunities at the same time, and you should be. You can’t go after one for months, and ignore e...
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JibberJobber Theme for 2017 (Pre-announcement)

I like to do this in early January, so this is a little late. But in early January I was nursing a broken ankle (didn’t know it at the time) and was otherwise preoccupied. Even though we are in March, this theme is still relevant. Maybe it’s even more relevant now. Monday I’ll announce this the JibberJobber Theme for 2017. I haven’t been perfect at defining an annual theme, but here are some of the past themes (click each title to read the theme): 2012 THEME: Job Search is 99% Communication I’m ...
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