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'Gray divorce' - getting divorced later in life - is on the rise. Here's how an attorney says you should handle separation when you're older.

"Gray divorce," also known as "silver splitter" or "diamond divorce," refers to the increasing trend of late-in-life divorces. Kupicoo/Getty Images Nicole Sodoma is the founder of a family and separation law firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. She says 'gray divorce' may be caused by factors like longer life expectancy and financial independence. Older couples should consider division of retirement benefits and marital estates in the separation process. See more stories on Insider...
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Bill Gates recently said one of his biggest regrets was not thanking Melinda more during their marriage

Bill and Melinda Gates. Getty Images/Getty Images for Global Citizen Bill and Melinda Gates are separating after 27 years of marriage. In his Netflix documentary, Bill said one of his biggest regrets was not thanking Melinda more. The pair's divorce settlement is likely to be one of the largest ever. See more stories on Insider's business page. Bill and Melinda Gates announced Monday that they are separating after 27 years of marriage. They announced their divorce with separate s...
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Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced. Here's a look inside their 27-year marriage, from meeting at work, to having 3 kids, to spending $45 billion on philanthropy.

Bill and Melinda gates are splitting up, the Microsoft co-founder announced on Monday. Scott Olson/Getty Images Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, announced he and his wife, Melinda, will divorce. Gates married Melinda French in 1994 after the two met at work. The two run the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has an endowment of $49.8 billion as of 2019. See more stories on Insider's business page. Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced.The billionaire Microsoft founder an...
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"Why do people feel the need to label their sexuality with such specificity? As if a 'demi-sexual' is a thing you are and always have been and always will be."

"So short-sighted. Why pressure people into fitting into a sexual 'tribe'? Once we label, we sort ourselves, and then we're in a tribe, and then we reinforce tribal culture within that tribe. So if you join the 'asexual' tribe, then your asexuality will be reinforced and you'll stop going through the normal changes that most of us experience over our lives. Once you classify yourself, you ossify yourself."Asks PatHMV, emailing me about yesterday's post about "Platonic" — sex-free — marriages. I ...
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"There are no statistics about the number of platonic, best-friend marriages, and many people who are in them aren’t open about their situation."

"But chat boards on Reddit and within smaller asexual and aromantic communities have popped up recently, suggesting this could be a larger portion of the marriage population than numbers portray.... Many of these relationships... begin because the couple wants their family life separate from their romantic lives, as they don’t find their romantic lives to be stable. Others may be disenchanted with love, and feel that longstanding friendships with a history of resolving conflict may feel like a s...
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From Naked Attraction to Love Is Blind: The couples who found lasting love on wild TV dating shows

These series rely on gimmicks - whether contestants are required to take off all their clothes or get married at first sight. But romance can flourish regardlessAfter a half-century of dating shows, the genre has grown increasingly outlandish. Naked dating, marrying complete strangers, secret cameras – it can’t be long before singletons are blasted into space in one of Elon Musk’s rockets to find love. But behind all the gimmicks, do any of these shows lead to long-lasting love? We spoke to four...
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Why the Secret of a Happy, Successful Marriage Is Treating It Like a Bank Account

With our archives now 3,500+ articles deep, we’ve decided to republish a classic piece each Sunday to help our newer readers discover some of the best, evergreen gems from the past. This article was originally published in February 2017. In the first few years of a relationship, you and your beloved’s brains are bathed with a heady cocktail of chemicals that make you feel positively high for each other. And you can’t imagine ever feeling differently. Those middle-aged couples who sit silently s...
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My friend is an anti-vaxxer, and she's converting my husband. What can I do?

You’re scared of the virus; they’re scared of the vaccine. Could you try talking about your fears without confrontation, asks Annalisa BarbieriI recently had my Covid-19 vaccine. One longstanding friend queried my decision and forwarded anti-vax conspiracy theories. Initially I responded by saying that we should respect each other’s choices and I would rather not argue with her about it. But after thinking it over, I felt angry and upset about her stance.As my husband has recently recovered from...
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5 Ways To Master The Physical Touch Love Language in Your Marriage

Did you know that touching others causes our brains to release oxytocin, which is known as the bonding or love hormone? Not only can oxytocin increase your fondness for someone, but the hormone can also lower your stress and even increase feelings of gratitude and trust. With this in mind, it’s no wonder why so many people prioritize physical intimacy in their romantic relationships. Are you married to someone who has the physical touch love language? If so, keep reading to learn 5 p...
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How we stay together: 'We dust ourselves off and get on with it, really'

In 15 years of living together, Danie Tregonning and Mark Perkins have only spent two nights apart – but the pair still know not to ‘smother each other’Names: Danie Tregonning and Mark PerkinsYears together: 18Occupations: Artist and compliance specialistIf there’s one area of their lives where Danie Tregonning and Mark Perkins have learned to compromise, it’s on the Eurovision song contest. Continue reading...
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"This guy was known for loving the job so much that he literally skipped to work... I remember thinking, ‘He had a crush on our job...'"

"'... and he couldn’t not talk about it the way you talk about somebody you have a crush on'... I was like, ‘Maybe this is fine, but it isn’t fun.'" Said Liz Glazer, from "A Law Professor Switches to Stand-Up Comedy/Taking an improv class on a whim led to a career in comedy for this onetime law professor" (Wall Street Journal). The skipping-to-work guy was a partner in the law firm where she worked before she took up a job as a law professor, but the concept — wanting to really love your job — c...
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How we stay together: 'It’s within those storms that you aim for the sun'

From fairytale beginning to unimaginable tragedy, Valentino and Carly Giannoni have been through a lot in two decades togetherNames: Valentino and Carly GiannoniYears together: 20Occupations: Self-employedCarly and Valentino Giannoni’s relationship had a picture book start. In 2000, Carly, a twenty-something Australian, went backpacking around Europe. While she was in Italy, she wanted to visit Cinque Terre, the picturesque fishing villages on the Italian Riveria, overlooking the Mediterranean. ...
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I’m having fantasies about men who look like my father | Dear Mariella

You need therapy to help you resolve this painful experience, says Mariella Frostrup. And keep away from internet pornography which can only be more damagingThe dilemma I’m a very happily married man and sex with my wife is loving and satisfying. Recently, however, through viewing porn on the internet, I have become increasingly drawn towards watching older men having sex. Occasionally, I dream of my deceased father and some of these dreams are sexual in nature. The men I find myself watching of...
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Inside the marriage of Washington power couple Ted and Heidi Cruz, who played Aladdin's 'A Whole New World' at their wedding and spend most of their time in separate states

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and Heidi Cruz have been married since 2001, and have two daughters. Alex Wong/Getty Images Sen. Ted Cruz is facing backlash for traveling to Mexico while Texas faces a deadly winter storm.  Cruz's wife, Heidi Cruz, is no stranger to the scrutiny that comes with being a politician's spouse. Here's a full timeline of Ted and Heidi Cruz's two-decade-long relationship.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Sen. Ted Cruz is back in the spotlight afte...
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To have and to hold: getting hitched in lockdown weddings

It hasn’t been the easiest year for wedding planners, but despite the restrictions these four happy couples proved that where there’s a will there’s a wayWhen it became clear that their planned December wedding in a church in Cambridge was going to be at best Covid-complicated, they shifted into “How do we make this into a virtual wedding?” says Christine, who works for a tech nonprofit in the city. “We didn’t want people travelling; we couldn’t risk a super-spreader wedding. My parents are in S...
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What’s in a surname? The female artists lost to history because they got married

A new biography of the painter Isabel Rawsthorne highlights how talented women have often missed out on the recognition they deservedGenerations of female artists, composers and writers have been lost to history because their names changed after marriage. According to growing academic consensus, the conventional switch of surnames at the altar has erased a key cultural legacy. And the story of the painter and designer Isabel Rawsthorne, told in a new biography, is among the first to make this po...
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Destined for an arranged marriage, I chose to follow my heart

As a teenager, true love seemed like an impossible dream, but I was determined to marry for love and not obligationThis year, my husband Richard and I will have been married for 10 years. It may not sound all that long, but it feels quietly significant to me, this decade of us, not least because there was a time that I could not fathom a world in which we could ever be together at all.I grew up expecting to marry someone my parents chose for me: a suitable young man who would share my Pakistani ...
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We need to talk: the linguistic clues that reveal your relationship is over

A new study shows that months before a breakup, a partner’s language can change subtly. Here’s what to look out forName: The language of breakupsAge: Timeless. Ever since Eve ate that ill-fated pomegranate, romantic relationships have been problematic. And people have to find a way of saying goodbye. But this particular ... Continue reading...
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How to Write a Love Letter

Editor’s note:  This article was originally published in 2009. We’ve updated it. We’ve previously discussed the idea that every man should strive to be a romantic lover, and how the date is one of a man’s best tools for wooing a lady. A man’s other major tool in the romance department is the love letter. As long as love (and writing utensils) has existed, so has the love letter. It has been the go-to way for millions of men throughout history to confess or reiterate their feelings of love for a...
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Podcast #680: Influence and Persuade Through Human Hacking

When we think of  hacking , we think of a tech-savvy dude breaking into computer systems to steal data. But  hackers  can also take the form of “social engineers” who get what they want by building rapport and penetrating psychological defenses. My guest is an expert and pioneer in the area of human  hacking , and shows individuals and companies the weaknesses of their security systems by breaking into their offices and computers, not by bypassing pass codes and firewalls, but simply by walki...
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‘He collapsed at the roadside. I thought he was dead’: couples on surviving trauma

Five partners whose love has endured seismic changes, from refugees forced apart by war to a couple left with horrific injuriesCharlotte, 27, and Jak, 25, survived a serious car accident; both spent weeks in intensive care. They live in Lancashire and plan to marry this summer. Continue reading...
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"Another big issue is his lack of interest in me in other ways. He can monologue for hours about politics, culture, social issues, and..."

"... he rants like a combination of Grandpa Simpson and Archie Bunker about anyone under age 40, but when it comes to anything I’m up to, or how he or I are feeling? Crickets. I’m actually keeping a list of things he’d rather do than, well, me. The list is pretty depressing. I am less desirable than playing Windows Solitaire or watching BBC detective shows and The Seventh Seal (I’m less desirable to my husband than an overwrought, depressing Swedish movie, FML)."  From "My Husband Won’t Have S...
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My mum lied to me about having an affair. How can I trust her?

As long as you expect your mother to be someone different, you will get hurt, says Annalisa BarbieriI am 29. When I was nine, I found a letter addressed to a man’s name I didn’t recognise. My parents were married. When I was 11, my dad told me my mum was having an affair that had begun before their marriage. He told me how she wouldn’t be there when he came home, and would disappear at weekends. Throughout my adolescence, this man would call the house and hang up, and send cards to my mum. My da...
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Experience: I fell in love in an Uber

I jumped in the cab to find a tall handsome stranger sitting in the backIt was a beautiful spring day in Manhattan in May 2016. The air was crisp and the skies were blue, so I decided to walk across town to meet a friend for lunch. I had gone only a few blocks when what felt like a tornado hit: my light coat was no match for the heavy rain; my hair blew in 10 directions, and garbage hit me in the face. I tried to hail a cab, but there weren’t any. Uber prices were surging, so I decided to take a...
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How we stay together: 'I believe in some sort of brain waves that connect'

Cecil and Stella Renfield met serving in the navy during the second world war, and after 75 years their adventurous spirit keeps them young Names: Cecil and Stella RenfieldYears together: 75Occupations: retiredIf you ask Cecil Renfield for the secret to an enduring relationship, he has a simple answer: “Single beds.” Continue reading...
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Should You Background Check Your Partner Before Getting Married?

Few people today consider background checks to be a standard element of pre-marriage procedures like prenuptial agreements have become. We tend to think people trust each other enough to have shared everything that’s important about themselves before even broaching the subject of marriage. However, this isn’t always the case. You can refer to UnMask if you want to learn more.  Why Get a Background Check  The reality is that con artists do exist. There are many such true crime stori...
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"In her teens and twenties, she tried embracing conventional notions of womanhood just to avoid what she calls 'social harassment' before abandoning it in disgust."

"'I pretended to act the way I thought a cute woman should act, with an excess of femininity, but it was a horrible experience. I felt like I’d lost my will,' she says. In a relationship with a convenience store manager 15 years her senior, she found she was expected to cook morning and evening and do his washing. 'It felt like being physically and mentally exploited. I mean, I hate food and cooking – I keep a vase on top of my cooker,' she says, laughing.... Murata says she starts with her char...
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'It's not a grave we must fit in': the Kashmir women fighting for marital rights

Women are slowly gaining rights and finding the strength to shake off the social taboos around ending a bad relationshipParveena Jabeen was all set to get married, but in Kashmir weddings are extravagant affairs.Traditionally, brides in the valley of Kashmir would take a trousseau with them to the groom’s house, including clothes, jewellery, makeup, gifts for the in-laws and even furniture. Continue reading...
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Human sexual desire: Is monogamy natural?

Depending on who you ask, monogamy is either essential to a successful marriage or it is unrealistic and sets couples up for failure. In this video, biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, psychologist Chris Ryan, former Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman, and psychotherapist Esther Perel discuss the science and culture of monogamy, the role it plays in making or breaking relationships, and whether or not humans evolved to have one partner at a time. "The bottom line is, for millions of yea...
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Soon after we moved to France, my husband died. Now I feel so lost | Dear Mariella

You are dealing with the awful paralysis of grief, says Mariella Frostrup. You need to learn to co-exist with it, not let it devour youThe dilemma I’m not sure my situation amounts so much to a dilemma as just fear and desperation, but here goes: my husband and soulmate of 31 years died suddenly and unexpectedly this year. We’d recently moved to France for an adventure and to spend more time together without the demands of work. Our two daughters are in the UK and their grief and mine is overwhe...
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