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Florence by Mills Review

Brand background Florence by Mills was created by ‘Stranger Things’ star Millie Bobby Brown (a.k.a. Mills). The collection launched exclusively at Ulta in September of 2019. She named Florence after her great-grandma, and wanted to create a brand with clean formulations that are easy and fun to...
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Florence by Mills Glow Yeah Lip Oil Review & Swatches

Florence by Mills Glow Yeah Lip Oil ($14) is a new hydrating lip treatment that contains African Mango Butter. As you already know, Florence by Mills is a new line of makeup and skincare created by Millie Bobby Brown for Gen Zers. The line is vegan, cruelty-free, and created with “clean” ingredients. Much like Tarte’s recent Sugar Rush Collection the line is targeted at girls and boys in their early to late teens. I might not be their key demographic but it didn’t stop me from picking up a few ...
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Florence by Mills Cheek Me Later Cream Blush Review & Swatches

Florence by Mills Cheek Me Later Cream Blush ($14) is a new creamy blush is part of Millie Bobby Brown’s new vegan makeup collection that launched late this Summer. As you already know every celeb and their mom, sister’s mom, and mom’s mom has a makeup collection. From Lady Gaga to up and coming actresses like Millie Bobby Brown, everyone wants a piece of the beauty industry. I do think that celebrities can literally make or break their own makeup launches. If a celebrity evokes feelings of dis...
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We Tried Millie Bobby Brown's Beauty Line, and We Have Thoughts

Millie Bobby Brown's new skin and makeup collection, Florence by Mills, has been all over Instagram, and between its delightful purple packaging and megatalented founder (who starred in one of my favorite sci-fi thrillers), I was excited to see what the line had in store. The Stranger Things actress recently launched the collection in Ulta stores and I decided to test-drive each of its 14 products. I also consulted dermatologist Dhaval Bhanusali, M.D., as to what makes up each of the line's many...
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How Fashion Nova Became Instagram's Most Popular Brand

Cardi B isn’t the only one choosing to wear Fashion Nova over big name designers. On Wednesday, InfluencerDB — a marketing software company that highlights the best performing brands and influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram — released findings that showed that more users engage with Fashion Nova on the social media platform than Zara, H&M, Revolve, Puma, Calvin Klein,, and KKW Beauty (which, according to the company, are Instagram's best performing brands).InfluencerDB used...
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Why Are We All Drinking Almond Milk Again?

In 1999, Hannah Spinrad was a pre-teen figure skater whose favorite pastime was ripping Got Milk? advertisements from the magazines in her Dad’s doctor’s office. She collected them all, starting with iconic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi’s before moving on to other celebrities like Britney Spears and Joshua Jackson. “I thought of myself as an athlete, even though I wasn’t a great one,” Spinrad recalls now, with a laugh. To go with her Got Milk? obsession (by the way her Bat Mitzvah was Got Mil...
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Here Are The Answers To Kendall Jenner's Existential Cheerios Questions

The cover of Vogue 's April 2018 issue is currently being graced by Kylie Jenner and as part of the gig, the model participated in the filming of a short video. Since she's been on Vogue 's cover a few times before, the go-to "73 Questions" video format had already been done, so she went in a different direction. This time around, Jenner was shot in a video called "I, Kendall" in which she asks herself a series of "existential questions."In the video, romantic piano music plays in Jenner's hote...
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Despite What This Producer Thinks, It Is Time For Body Diversity On The Bachelor

We root for the contestants on The Bachelor because we enjoy seeing their personalities shine through in their interactions with the man they are falling for, and we genuinely want to see true love blossom on television — or at least get lost in the fantasy of it. But, as much as we enjoy The Bachelor's contestants, it's no secret that they all share one distinct feature: they are all thin and able-bodied, conforming to a very rigid standard of beauty.We're not the only ones who've noticed this...
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The Cast For Supernatural's Spin-Off, Wayward Sisters, Are Female All-Stars

Since 2005, Supernatural has shown us that hunting supernatural crimes is a man's job. For years, we've watched brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) follow in their family footsteps as hunters, and one of the most consistent criticisms has been the lack of female representation on the show. However, details of the highly anticipated Supernatural spinoff have been revealed — and representation is finally coming to the Supernatural universe.According to Deadline, the...
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Häagen-Dazs Scoops Up ‘Extraordinary’ Brand Refresh

Authenticity hasn’t been a long suit of the Häagen-Dazs brand. For example, its name—which sounds like something straight out of Scandinavian mythology—is actually a made-up moniker that was meant to inspire just such a brand impression for an ice cream that was born in the Bronx and first sold in Brooklyn, NY. But given the importance of true and relatable stories, and sublime values, to brands in the millennial era, the General Mills-owned premium ice cream line has launched the biggest br...
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The Kid In Us Really Wants To Try Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bites

Sometimes, becoming an adult means reluctantly giving up some of the things we loved as kids. Other times, we voluntarily let go of certain parts of our childhood because our tastes simply change with time. Take sugary cereals, for instance. It's probably not as likely that we grab those cereals we loved back in the day first thing in the morning — because sometimes they're just too sweet for our palates at this point. (Eating them for dessert by the handful is a whole other story.) We've come ...
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Why Supernatural's Possible Spin-Off Wayward Sisters Is So Important

Supernatural is a show about two monster-fighting brothers who are so macho, my friend once asked me if their impossibly deep baritone voices were a joke. The Winchester brothers — played by two strapping men from Texas — love classic rock, old school muscle cars, and their trunk full of weapons. It’s decidedly the CW’s most testosterone-fueled show. That’s why the news of a backdoor pilot for this fall’s season 13 made me gasp so loudly, my coworkers believed I had a seizure. The upcoming epis...
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IPL Fantasy League: Top 5 picks for the Royal Challengers vs. Knight Riders Contest

The IPL Fantasy League is a part of the genre of Fantasy Sports whereby you are tasked with creating a virtual team of real-life cricket players. In the online game you will score points depending on how well the players you have chosen manage to perform in matches that take place in the real world. The Kolkata Knight Riders, currently ranked as 2nd in the Indian Premier League, are set to take on the Bangalore Royal Challengers on Sunday, the 23rd of April and for fantasy bettors, this po...
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The Honey Nut Cheerios Box Is Changing For A Disturbing Reason

The next time that you pick up a box of Honey Nut Cheerios, you'll notice a very important thing missing. No, not the toys, they've never been in this particular cereal. Look closer. BuzzBee, the lovable bee mascot, is gone. General Mills announced that Honey Nut Cheerios boxes will be without the recognizable mascot — and it's to draw attention to a very important issue: pollinator populations.According to Greenpeace's Save The Bees campaign, "two thirds of the crops used to feed people, accou...
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WATCH: John Waters movie star Divine was a murderer!

Divine’s role as a cray cray mass murderer who meets a violent end is at the heart of John Waters’ early camp classic Multiple Maniacs, which a whole new generation can enjoy in restored glory thanks to Criterion Collection. That is just one highlight of this edition of What To Watch, our biweekly guide of theatrical and home entertainment releases. Now for the trailers and details!   THEATRICAL RELEASES   A Woman, A Part (Opens March 22 at NYC’s IFC Center) Feeling typecast and t...
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This Girl Clapped Back At Her Brother's Dad Over A Princess Cake

20-year-old Aniston Garrett, is part of a big, blended family. And when they all got together to celebrate her younger half-brother's birthday, they obliged his request for a Princess Peach cake. However, the boy's father wasn't too thrilled.When Garrett's mom, Shawna Mills, shared a photo of the cake on Facebook and wrote about how excited she was to make a princess cake for her son, Barrett's father chimed in to say, "That's just wrong!"Thankfully, Garrett was there to stand up for her brothe...
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These Three Friends Got Vasectomies Together In Solidarity

If you're going to go through a life-changing process, you might as well as do it with a friend — or two. Though many of us might shy away from talking about health issues with our friends, three guys decided to step up and have their vasectomies on the same day, from the same doctor.At their wives' encouragement, Paul Diaz, John Lambrechts and Basilio Santangelo decided to get their vasectomies after they had all already started their families.“We all have two kids around the same age; we all ...
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Why did Tymal Mills go for so much at the IPL auction? Because he’s fit for purpose

Tymal Mills has been signed by Royal Challengers Bangalore for £1.4m. In response, many have felt inclined to ask what Ian Botham, Viv Richards or Ian Austin might have gone for. This seems to us to be somewhat missing the point. In the UK, the phrase ‘Twenty20 specialist’ still has a faintly pejorative hue. Some do indeed come to focus on the shortest format as a result of shortcomings in the longer ones while Mills himself had the decision made for him by his own spine. But no matter how you...
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Greta Gerwig & Elle Fanning Star In A Film To Benefit Planned Parenthood

With Donald Trump taking office and potentially defunding Planned Parenthood, the movie 20th Century Women could not have come out on a better day.The film centers on a boy based on writer/director Mike Mills, his mother (Annette Bening), and two women (Greta Gerwig and Elle Fanning) who help her raise him in the 1970s.The women deal with various reproductive health issues throughout the movie, and make several trips to Planned Parenthood. So, appropriately, the movie's studio A24, will donate ...
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These Haunting Photos Show The Strength Of Orlando Before & After Pulse Massacre

Today is Orlando Pride. To mark the special occasion, Queerty asked Orlando lesbian transgender photographer  Melody Maia Monet to share a sampling of her amazing photos of the local LGBTQ community along with captions, taken before and after the Pulse Nightclub massacre of June 12, 2016, in which 49 souls were lost. Aftermath: Pulse Nightclub Memorial July 2016 After: Pulse Vigil Candlelight vigil Lake Eola July 26 honoring 49 souls lost Before: MarcoMarco Party at Pulse Fashion s...
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Dunkaroos Are Making A Comeback — Kind Of Illegally

It's hard to deny that the 1990s had the best junk food. Sadly, gone are the days of Doritos 3D, Squeezits, and French Toast Crunch. Every time we venture down the snack aisle at the grocery store and see the glaring lack of fun foods in all sorts of unnatural colors, those of us who were alive during this peek treats period are left heartbroken and a bit lost. Luckily, there's something brewing that could fill that junk food shaped hole in your heart and stomach.Surely you remember Dunkaroos, ...
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Kanye's Creative Director Launches A Very Yeezy-Esque Clothing Line

For those not completely engulfed in the Kardashian-Jenner-West world, you may not know of Tracey Mills. But you should. For one, he's been a longtime design collaborator of Kanye's, having worked on everything from the OG launch of DW by Kanye West in Paris to the more recent Yeezy collections with Adidas. In other words, he's the man behind the clothing that's taken the internet by storm. Secondly, he actually has some legitimate fashion chops under his belt: He's held positions at Ed Hardy a...
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It’s All In The Mind: Mixing Sport Psychology with Skiing

Jessie Diggins (U.S. Ski Team) racing to fourth in the women’s freestyle sprint qualifier at Stage 3 of the Ski Tour Canada in Quebec City. She went on to place 13th after a crash in her quarterfinal. In an interview earlier this month, Diggins said her reliance on sport psychology has helped her make gains, especially in her consistency last season. (Photo: At the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics, Billy Mills was America’s best hope in the 10,000 meters: a 25-lap race of hi...
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