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10 Tips for Tackling Your First Major DIY Automotive Repair

Editor’s Note: This a guest article from Tony Galloway. I started my automotive DIY journey about 12 years ago when I was supporting a family of three on a salary of $28K a year. It was the height of the economic recession, and I had to cut costs somewhere, so I decided to change my own oil. It wasn’t long before financial necessity dictated I graduate to brake pad replacement as well. Each year some new problem would pop up, leading me to question whether I might be better served by a trip to...
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First openly gay NASCAR driver talks racing, homophobic fans, and vodka cranberries

Stephen Rhodes is the first (and, so far, only) openly gay NASCAR driver. But holding such a title hasn't been a complete joy ride.
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More College Recruiting: Natty Light Knows Their Target Audience Better Than Your Company...

Yesterday, I posted my observations after leading a college recruiting roundtable - which led me to recommend you zig when others are zagging if you're starting to ponder an investment in campus recruiting. Another observation - if you're a consumer product company, you might have an easier "in" to gather attention from the kids on campus than non-product companies.  No one has done it better recently than Natural Light (that's right, the beer).  Natural Light, better known as "Natty Light," the...
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Customs were Red Hot—In More Ways than One–During an Eventful 1957

Kustoms. What a year this was for George Barris, starting with unprecedented media exposure and concluding with the disastrous shop fire that nearly put the planet’s best-known customizer out of business. George calculated damages to be a quarter-million dollars (equivalent to $2.2M now). Sure, the shop was insured for anything short of acts of God—one of which the courts determined to be exploding transformers, thereby relieving both the electric utility and insurance company of responsibility....
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These Women Are Speaking Up About Mental Health & Paving The Way For Others

The conversation surrounding mental health has reached a tipping point. While there's still a lot to be said, recent headlines prove mental illness is less of a closeted topic now than ever before. With one in every five Americans currently living with a mental illness, it's about time advocates, community groups, celebrities, and lawmakers alike joined forces to finally remove the stigma. In fact, studies suggest increased support, awareness, and accessibility to proper care combined are key t...
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HBR Says Women Experience More Incivility than Men at Work — Especially from Other Women (KD at #workhuman)

Capitalist Note:  I'm spending the first couple of days of this week at WorkHuman in Austin.  Put on by Globoforce, WorkHuman is the most progressive HR Conference available, with past shows focused on emerging trends like mindfulness, meditation and more - the leading edge of people practices and how HR can build them.  It's also hard to get a free Diet Coke at WorkHuman, because that stuff is bad for you - but healthy options are available and free.  One of the best shows I attend, highly reco...
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The Girl On The Team: How Julia Knapp Is Changing High School Football As We Know It

Julia Knapp’s rise to starting kicker on a top-ranked high school football team doesn’t start with a made-for-TV-movie tale of blood, sweat, sexism and tears. It begins, in a very Gen Z way, with an iPhone.It was the summer of 2017 and Julia, a rising senior at South Iredell High School in Troutman, North Carolina, was doing what most teens do when they’re bored: hanging around with friends. They decided to see how far Julia, a star player on the girls’ varsity soccer team, could kick the footb...
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It’s What All The Cool Kids Are Doing: The 7 Degree Switch

Years ago, buckle-up campaigns helped get motorists in the habit of wearing seat belts every time they’re in a vehicle (I can’t imagine not wearing one now, but apparently it was common place not to at one point, wow!) Most recently we’ve seen a huge push to get drivers to put down their (*#$!^) cell phone behind the wheel, something that I’ve spoken about many times and a huge pet peeve of mine. Hopefully, dropping your phone in your purse or console will be as common-place as clicking a seat b...
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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Destroys Trump with Scathing Tweet After He Praises NASCAR’s ‘Patriotism’

We were shocked to hear Dale Earnhardt Jr's response to Trump.
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This Is What Really Goes On Behind The Scenes Of A Gordon Ramsay Cooking Show

I am at a restaurant that is serving only one dish. Cheryl Hines has already stolen my seat once in the evening, and Gordon Ramsay just checked in to tell me to be sure to eat every bite on my plate. Oh, and, did I mention this is all on live TV?No, I’m not describing a weird dream. All of this actually happened to me on the set of Gordon Ramsay’s latest TV show: The F Word. As a longtime fan of Gordon Ramsay in all his forms — mocking people, being sweet to people, complaining about pineapple ...
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Why Danica Patrick Chooses To Open Up About Body Image

If you need a new body image hero, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is here for you. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Patrick opened up about a set of side-by-side photos she posted to Instagram in June."I kinda love when people do real vs produced shots," she said at the time. It's a trend among body positivity advocates on Instagram, who often use the images to point out how differently a body can look under the right lighting and angle. "Don't let someone else's body put yours down," Patrick w...
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August Click List: Everything The R29 Entertainment Team Is Obsessed With

Dog days of August? More like broad days. That's right — kickass women are ruling our lives this month, from Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow's new gut-wrencher Detroit to Halle Berry taking us on the road towards revenge in Kidnap.But women aren't just killing it on the big screen in August. Kesha finally gifts us with her long-awaited album Rainbow, and the already released singles "Praying" and "Learn To Let Go" have already left us craving much more.Other highlights include Aubrey Pla...
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Tips for Attending a NASCAR Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway

I decided to go to a NASCAR race for the first time after taking the “Feel the Thrill” tour at Charlotte Motor Speedway when visiting Cabarrus County, NC a couple of years ago. We were moving at about 60 mph in a van for the 24-degree banking and the force was intense! It was at that moment that I […] The post Tips for Attending a NASCAR Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway appeared first on Eat Move Make. Copyright ® 2009-2017. All rights reserved.
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Former Bachelor Winner Is Pregnant With Twins

This twin situation is officially out of control. Fresh off the news that George and Amal Clooney had two happy, healthy twins (Alexander and Ella) on June 6, a former Bachelor winner is announcing that she is expecting twins in the near future, too, Us Weekly writes.Vienna Girardi, who is known for her villainess run on season 14 of The Bachelor, announced on Instagram that she is pregnant. Girardi shared a picture of her sonogram with the labels "Twin A" and "Twin B". She added at the bottom:...
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Your Guide To The Must-See Movies Of Summer 2017

It's June, and we're gearing up for Your best bets for surviving the ever-climbing temperatures? Swaddle yourself in air-conditioning. l. And my favorite? Escape the humidity — and the news — in a movie theater.You already know that summer is the season of the blockbuster and the sequel. But nestled amidst Spider-Man reboots and gigantic car explosions are a number of fantastic indie gems and standalone films. Whether you're searching for a ghost story or a fantasy romp about a giant pig (...
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She Slayed Her Gamergate Trolls — Now She Wants To Bring Her Fight To Congress

Some people say the only way to stop online harassment is to stop going online. Well, we aren't going anywhere. Reclaim Your Domain is Refinery29's campaign to make the internet (and the world of outside it) a safer space for everyone — especially women.Brianna Wu is best known for battling vicious attacks from internet trolls during the Gamergate controversy. Now, the game developer wants to bring her fight to end harassment and sexism online and IRL to Washington.Wu, 39, is challenging longti...
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Daniel Craig & Katherine Heigl to Star in NASCAR Movie

Daniel Craig and Katherine Heigl are in final negotiations to star in the upcoming movie Logan Lucky, which follows a heist at a NASCAR race. The film is set to be directed by Steven Soderbergh and pre-production will begin this weekend at the NASCAR Spring Cup Series Coca-Cola 600 race, according to Deadline. The movie will start filming with the cast in the fall. Daniel‘s involvement in the film brings up questions about whether he will star in an upcoming James Bond movie. He has bee...
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Meet the woman racing to save the planet

Nascar driver Leilani Münter is on a mission to convert America’s 75 million racing fans into vegan eco-warriorsLeilani Münter has a motto: never underestimate a vegan hippy chick with a racing car. She is a fierce environmental activist – who earns a living in one of the most gas-guzzling industries on the planet.But the 42-year-old, a Nascar racing driver, insists she isn’t the walking contradiction you might imagine. She’s a pragmatist. “I am making the biggest difference when I am at a race ...
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