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Insider regularly talks to young people who are making their mark in luxury - here's who we have spoken to so far

(L-R), Alex Assouline, Destinee Ross-Sutton, Marina Raphael, Avi Hiaeve. Emilia Brandao; Courtesy the artist and Destinee Ross-Sutton 2020; Marina Raphael; Avi & Co; Yuqing Liu/Business Insider Luxury spans many sectors: fashion, watches and jewelry, travel, real estate, and even publishing and night clubs. It could take years to build a strong luxury business, and even then, there is no guarantee that consumers will connect with the product. Insider regularly talks to young people who ar...
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Dich hat das düstere Ende von Netflix’ Things Heard & Seen verwirrt? Lass es uns erklären

Things Heard And Seen: (L-R) James Norton, as George Clare, Amanda Seyfried as Catherine Clare. Cr. Anna Kooris/NETFLIX © 2020. Netflix’ neue Eigenproduktion Things Heard & Seen ist vieles gleichzeitig: eine Geistergeschichte, ein Familiendrama, ein Krimi-Thriller, und ein Liebesbrief an Kunstgeschichte und Spiritualismus – komplexe Themen, die das Ende des Filmes miteinander verwebt. Und zugegeben: Wenn du dich nicht unbedingt mit George Inness, einem amerikanischen Landschaftsmaler aus ...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Georgia, Netflix, Connecticut, Manhattan, Catherine, George Inness, Schreiben, James Norton, Welt, George, Floyd, Gitter, Himmel, Justine

Bill Gates recently said one of his biggest regrets was not thanking Melinda more during their marriage

Bill and Melinda Gates. Getty Images/Getty Images for Global Citizen Bill and Melinda Gates are separating after 27 years of marriage. In his Netflix documentary, Bill said one of his biggest regrets was not thanking Melinda more. The pair's divorce settlement is likely to be one of the largest ever. See more stories on Insider's business page. Bill and Melinda Gates announced Monday that they are separating after 27 years of marriage. They announced their divorce with separate s...
Tags: Amazon, Marriage, Microsoft, Entertainment, Life, Trends, Divorce, Relationship, Netflix, Hawaii, Bill Gates, Cbs, Bill, Jeff Bezos, Melinda Gates, Scott

Halston Trailer: Ewan McGregor Wants to Change the Face of Fashion

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Netflix has released the official Halston trailer for Ryan Murphy’s newest limited series, starring Golden Globe winner Ewan McGregor as he portrays the late legendary fashion designer. The video features the designer’s rise in the competitive industry as he tries to change American Fashion with his unique vision and style. It also highlights Halston’s downfall that gets triggered by his obsession with being the best. The series will be available for streaming on May 14. Che...
Tags: Fashion, Video, TV, New York, Movies, Drama, Disney, Netflix, TV News, Streaming, Bill Pullman, Ryan Murphy, Ewan McGregor, Evan Peters, Golden Globe, Liza Minnelli

Are You Prepared for the Coming Existential Crisis?

Many people have, throughout their lives, experienced varying degrees of existential angst: the feeling of being some combination of unmoored, bored, anxious, restless, depressed, lost, isolated, and/or alienated, and simply wondering what it’s all about. For many too, these feelings of existential angst have been exacerbated over the past pandemic-burdened year. Yet, heightened though these feelings may have been, they may have also, in a strange way, been easier to deal with during this pe...
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Wir müssen über Kaz Brekker & Be_hinderung in Shadow and Bone sprechen

SHADOW AND BONE (L to R) KIT YOUNG as JESPER FAHEY, FREDDY CARTER as KAZ BREKKER and AMITA SUMAN as INEJ GHAFA in SHADOW AND BONE Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2021 Jerusalem-born, American writer Leigh Bardugo, pictured at the Edinburgh International Book Festival where she talked about her forthcoming series of books entitled ‘The Grisha Trilogy’. The three-week event is the world’s biggest literary festival and is held during the annual Edinburgh Festival. The 2014 event featured talks ...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Jerusalem, Netflix, Daily Express, Sherlock Holmes, Carter, Das, Rolle, Wunsch, Leider, Leser, Hände, Leben, Kaz, Wahl

Was dich in einer 2. Staffel von Netflix’ Shadow & Bone erwarten könnte

SHADOW AND BONE (L to R) KIT YOUNG as JESPER FAHEY, AMITA SUMAN as INEJ GHAFA and FREDDY CARTER as KAZ BREKKER of SHADOW AND BONE Cr. DAVID APPLEBY/NETFLIX © 2021 Achtung: Spoiler für Netflix’ Serie Shadow and Bone direkt voraus!Du hast also soeben die erste Staffel von Shadow and Bone zu Ende geguckt? Bestimmt vermisst du jetzt schon deine Lieblingsabenteurer:innen und die heißen bösen Zauberer:innen der Serie. Nach all dem Binge-Watching bleibt dir jetzt nichts anderes übrig, als wi...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Netflix, Appleby, Matthias, Sinn, Nina, Weise, Lupe, Rojo, Kaz, Kaz Brekker, Grisha, Staffel, Droge, Fjerda

Substack: the future of news – or a media pyramid scheme?

The company says it’s creating a viable alternative for readers and writers – but is it trying to have its cake and eat it?Since launching in 2017, Substack has been touting itself as a “better future for news.” Their offering was simple: email newsletters with an option for subscribers to pay monthly fees for content – like Netflix for newsletters. Related: ‘So. Much. Sex’: a beginner’s guide to the ‘hot vax summer’ Continue reading...
Tags: Media, Life and style, World news, Newspapers & magazines, Newspapers, US news, Netflix

‘Crip Camp’ Co-Director Jim LeBrecht Says Wearing a Custom Gucci Tux to the Oscars Is ‘Huge’ for the Disability Community (EXCLUSIVE)

Jim LeBrecht isn’t just wearing any ol’ tux to the Oscars. Instead, he’s in a custom-made navy blue Gucci ensemble with a black and ivory flower-print shirt. LeBrecht, the co-director of “Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution” — the Netflix film about a 1970s summer camp for people with disabilities that’s nominated for best documentary — […]
Tags: News, Navy, Lifestyle, Netflix, Oscars, Gucci, Custom Gucci, Jim LeBrecht, Crip Camp, Just For Variety, ` Crip Camp ' Co

Netflix’s Halston Photos Show Ewan McGregor as Iconic Fashion Designer

BEGIN SLIDESHOW In celebration of the 89th birthday of the late legendary fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick, Netflix has finally released the first poster and photos for Ryan Murphy’s newest limited series titled Halston, starring Golden Globe winner Ewan McGregor. The Halston photos provided us our first look at the glamourous life of the main characters, including McGregor’s titular role, Krysta Rodriguez’s Liza Minnelli and Rory Culkin’s Joel Schumacher. The miniseries will be availab...
Tags: Fashion, TV, New York, Movies, Drama, Disney, Netflix, TV News, Streaming, Bill Pullman, Ryan Murphy, Ewan McGregor, Evan Peters, McGregor, Liza Minnelli, Victor Hugo

Shadow and Bone star Jessie Mei Li: ‘Fans find out everything’

The actor is about to hit the TV big time as a girl with special powers in Netflix’s new young adult fantasy. And the internet is in a frenzyJessie Mei Li currently inhabits a weird stratum of celebrity. At 25 years old, her biggest screen credit to date has been a single episode of the Channel 5 docudrama Banged Up Abroad. She hasn’t worked for a year. And yet, at the same time, a growing portion of the internet has become borderline hysterical about her.Search for her name and you’ll get the i...
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Ginny & Georgia bekommt eine zweite Staffel – was wir bisher wissen

GINNY & GEORGIA (L to R) ANTONIA GENTRY as GINNY in episode 104 of GINNY & GEORGIA Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2020 Taylor Swift war vielleicht kein Fan von Ginny & Georgia – aber das Gen-Z-Familiendrama hat zumindest genug andere Netflix-Abonnent:innen von sich überzeugen können, um eine zweite Staffel zu rechtfertigen. Diese hat die Streaming-Plattform gerade angekündigt, und das heißt: noch mehr Mutter-Tochter-Konflikte, noch mehr Mordpläne, noch mehr peinliche Gespräche.  Als die ers...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Georgia, Netflix, Rory, Lorelai, Rolle, Ginny, Beispiel, Klare, Menge Zeit, Staffel, Antonia Gentry, Ginny Georgia, Sarah Lampert, Episoden Ginny Georgia

Das Finale von Die Schlange ist eine (zu?) brutale Warnung vor toxischen Männern

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 16/01/2020 – Programme Name: The Serpent – TX: n/a – Episode: n/a (No. n/a) – Picture Shows: Monique/Marie-Andrée Leclerc (JENNA COLEMAN), Charles Sobraj (TAHAR RAHIM) – (C) Mammoth Screen Ltd – Photographer: Roland Neveu Achtung: Spoiler für Netflix’ Miniserie Die Schlange direkt voraus! „Ich dachte, ich könnte mich auf dich verlassen… darauf, dass du an mich glaubst“, beschwert sich einer von den Guten, Herman Knippenberg (Billy H...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Netflix, Paris, Charles, Delhi, Kathmandu, Quebec, Interpol, Ruhe, Herman, Angela, Mann, Marie, Wahrheit, Frau

The ultimate guide to Amazon's advertising business, which is $21 billion and growing

Alex Wong/Getty Images; Samantha Lee/Business Insider Amazon's e-commerce dominance is quickly expanding to advertising.The pandemic has drastically cut ad budgets as marketers reign back their spending, but e-commerce advertising is booming as people shop more from home - with Amazon leading the pack.EMarketer said Amazon claimed 10.3% of the US digital ad market in 2020, up from 7.8% in 2019 - competing with Google and Facebook for ad budgets. That growth has attracted Walmart, Ins...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Media, Advertising, US, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Walgreens, Netflix, Retail, Roku, Hulu, Amazon Web Services, Alexa

What Can’t You Live Without?

The pandemic forced many to make hard choices. We’ve been cutting back, and some found that lifestyle deflation isn’t such a bad thing. Much like the financial crisis, frugality made a comeback in many cases and became the new money-stylish thing to do. Instead of showing off gadgets, many of us are telling everyone how savvy and adaptable we’ve been during the lockdown. But, even as we cut back, selling items to bring in cash or refraining from buying some creature comforts, there are some thi...
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6 Secret Ways to Show Your Partner Affection in Public

Sometimes, you want to profess your love from the rooftops. Other times, your neighbors tell you to shut up. Most times, you need a way to discreetly tell your partner you love them in public without exhibiting too much PDA. There’s nothing wrong with public displays of affection, but there’s also something sexy about secrets. Read on to find some ideas for intimacy that only you can see. 1. Underwear, Under Where? Unless you live in a nudist colony or a dorm, it’s not likely that others are ...
Tags: Fashion, General, Netflix, Gary Chapman, Couple Affection, Couple Relationship, Dating Couples

Neu auf Netflix: Auf diese Serien & Filme kannst du dich im April freuen

Der Frühling ist endlich da! Jetzt können wir uns alle über jede Menge Sonnenschein, wärmere Temperaturen, Spaziergänge und Picknicks freuen. Da die Pandemie aber immer noch ihr Unwesen treibt, verbringst du wahrscheinlich auch jetzt noch die meiste Zeit in deinen eigenen vier Wänden. Wie gut, dass du so auf dich selbst und die Menschen um dich herum aufpasst! Egal, ob du nun derzeit den ganzen Tag drinnen verbringst oder viel Zeit im Freien und nur hie und da bei dir zu Hause bist, auf Home-En...
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Pluralsight’s #FreeApril is back! Check this out!

Last year, during quarantine, Pluralsight opened their entire library of courses to the entire world. I was anxiously waiting to hear whether they would do it again this year and was delighted to see that this morning, April 1 (this is not an April Fools joke!) they did it again! Over 8,000 Pluralsight Courses I want to share some ideas on how you can best take advantage of this. First, go sign up. No credit card required (THANK YOU PLURALSIGHT!). That means you don’t have to worry about getti...
Tags: Careers, Netflix, Pluralsight, Don, Joe Job Seeker, Jason Alba

The anti-Marie Kondo: Netflix celebrates the clothes we keep

Worn Stories looks to unravel the tales behind the most treasured items in our wardrobes – but is such meaning and emotion easily conveyed via television? I am not a minimalist: I don’t want to live with extreme amounts of nothing. I like “things”, and I like my things, which means I have several boxes of clothes, bags and shoes in my possession that have accompanied me through the best part of two decades. One of the boxes is my best and largest suitcase. When I was still travelling fairly regu...
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My Inherent Racial Prejudices

An illuminating study of the acting of Rege Jean Page On two occasions recently, I’ve written glowing accounts of the mixed-race actor, Rege Jean Page. I concluded one post, “The best business course I’ve ever had (March 9, 2021),” by noting that direct change in human behavior is best facilitated by subversive activities. I provided a description of RJP as a superb example of subversive behavior in the role of Bridgerton’s Duke of Hastings. By subversive activity I refer to behavior which under...
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I flew on a $2 million 'personal' private jet that needs only one pilot and saw why it was among 2020's most popular private jets

Flying on a Cirrus Vision Jet. Thomas Pallini/Business Insider The Cirrus Vision Jet is among the newest personal private jets flying, and requires only one pilot to fly it. The $2 million plane allows pilots to fly farther and faster with minimal additional training. Proponents say it's the perfect alternative to the airlines because of jet's low operating costs, ease of use, and versatility. See more stories on Insider's business page. Most perceptions of private aviation inc...
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Das blutige Finale von Netflix’ Sky Rojo ist optimistischer, als du denkst

Achtung: Spoiler für die erste Staffel von Netflix’ Sky Rojo direkt voraus! Netflix’ neue Serie Sky Rojo fängt schon blutig an. Direkt in der ersten Episode geht es mit zwei (angeblichen) Toden los: dem von Romeo (Asier Etxeandia), Besitzer des Las Novias Club, und dem von Puffmutter Charlotte (Carmen Santamaría). Von da an sind die drei Protagonistinnen der Serie – Coral (Verónica Sánchez), Gina (Yany Prado) und Wendy (Lali Espósito) – gezwungen, vor immer heftigerer Gewalt zu fliehen....
Tags: Fashion, Music, Netflix, Wendys, Wendy, Bilder, Gina, Wie, Riverdale, Aber, Hilfe, Dann, Moises, Rojo, Wahl, Naja

Mysterious and spooky: how Wednesday Addams became the style icon for our times

The Addams Family’s problem child is suddenly everywhere - from the catwalks to a new Tim Burton series for Netflix. Who better to express our existential malaise?Brooding, maudlin, full of woe: Wednesday Addams is an icon for pandemic times. Who better to express our existential malaise with a world gone horribly wrong than the seven-year-old antiheroine of Charles Addams’s much-loved TV and film franchise? If Wednesday was around today she would probably infect her brother Pugsley with Covid, ...
Tags: Fashion, Tim Burton, Life and style, Netflix, Prada, Elle, Pugsley, Lisa, Black Forest, Charles Addams, Simone Rocha, Addams, COVID

The ultimate guide to Amazon's advertising business, which is $13 billion and growing

Alex Wong/Getty Images; Samantha Lee/Business Insider Amazon's e-commerce dominance is quickly expanding to advertising.The pandemic has drastically cut ad budgets as marketers reign back their spending, but e-commerce advertising is booming as people shop more from home - with Amazon leading the pack.EMarketer forecast that e-commerce advertising would rise 39% to $17.4 billion in the US in 2020, to represent 12% of digital ad spend. That growth has attracted Walmart, CVS, and Walgr...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Media, Advertising, US, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Walgreens, Netflix, Retail, Roku, Hulu, Amazon Web Services, Alexa

3 ways to accelerate your career using common startup principles

Lean into your unique strengths to offer people what no one else can. Getty Images To leverage the unique intersection of your training and passions to stand out, think like a startup. Be willing to test out new opportunities and learn on the go, even if you feel unprepared. Self-disrupting career plans to pivot and learn new skills makes you a more well-rounded professional. See more stories on Insider's business page. Growth hacking. MVPs. Beta-testing. Pivoting. These strategies are...
Tags: Startups, Careers, Entrepreneur, Trends, Strategy, Tesla, Netflix, Career Advice, Nordic, Career Growth, Steve Johnson, Contributor, Contributor 2019, Ali Ash

Auf die zweite Hälfte von Staffel 5 von Riverdale müssen wir jetzt lange warten

Wenn du nicht gerade im Team Bughead bist – mein Beileid, falls doch –, war es bisher ein grandioses Jahr für Riverdale-Fans. Die langerwarteten Prom- und Abschlusszeremonie-Folgen wurden nach der Corona-Zwangsdrehpause endlich ausgestrahlt, und kurz nach unserem Wiedersehen mit Betty (Lili Reinhart), Veronica (Camila Mendes) und Co. nach dem großen Zeitsprung verkündete der Produktionssender CW, Staffel 6 von Riverdale sei schon sicher. Diese News kommt aber mit einem großen Haken: Bis St...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Fbi, Netflix, Tod, Archie, Riverdale, Betty, Jahren, Wohl, Wunder, Monat, Ray Tanner, Haken, Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, Ted Sullivan

GoFundMe to pay off Harry and Meghan’s home scrubbed from internet

California resident Anastasia Hanson started the campaign to "help" the couple pay off their $14.65 million Montecito home after watching their interview with Oprah Winfrey.
Tags: Lifestyle, Luxury, Luxury Lens, Technology, Anastasia Hanson, GoFundMe, Meghan Markle, Montecito, Netflix, Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry

One homeowner’s quarantine project is a basement video rental store (adult section included)

A TikTok video is proving just how far some homeowners will go with a quarantine project. In this case, a man turned his basement into a video rental store.
Tags: Technology, Listings, Lifestyle, Netflix, Radio, Dvd, Blockbuster, VHS, News Brief, Tiktok

Netflix series attempts to answer age-old question: Marriage or mortgage?

In advance of the Netflix show's release on March 10, we sat down to chat with agent Nichole Holmes about mortgages, romance and choosing between the two.
Tags: Lifestyle, Netflix, Radio, Luxury, Weddings, Agent, Select, Down Payment, Luxury Lens, Mortgage & Alternative Financing Month, Theme-month-202103, Mortgage Month, Mortgage Or Marriage, Nichole Holmes

Why I Ignored a Bipolar Diagnosis in my 20’s… and What I Learned in my 30’s

A year ago, I wrote about the day I became suicidal, and the subsequent months after I texted the lifeline and got help. I’ve been living with a bipolar diagnosis and medicated for fifteen months now. Six months ago, I began taking medication to treat anxiety. I’ve seen my weight balloon 50 lbs. My sex drive has turned into more of a sex razor scooter ride. You could accredit a lot of that to the pandemic. Like most people, I’ve been trapped in my apartment for the past year, severely limitin...
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