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I Thought I’d Be A Ballerina. Now, I’m Pregnant, Publishing A Memoir During A Pandemic, And Grateful.

A year and a half ago, my husband and I went to Paris for a week to take a break from the fertility treatments we’d recently started. I felt sad and frustrated and lucky to have a literal vacation from failing to get pregnant. Meanwhile in New York, my agent was preparing to submit the memoir I’d recently finished to publishing houses. So I walked around Paris and waited: for an email from my agent to say the book was ready, for the drugs I was taking to make my body work the way I wanted. One c...
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The best local New York fashion brands to shop now

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the nation — and we all stay home to prevent the spread — independent fashion companies are struggling to stay afloat. The best way to help local brands survive the crisis (and treat yourself for being a good social-distancer) is by shopping online. Here are six of our favorite NYC-based...
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Alexander Wang offers 80% sale on archive bags, shoes, more

Fashion star Alexander Wang is taking a “walk down memory Wang” with a massive luxury sale in the name of charity. The New York-based designer with a penchant for partying (his Fashion Week after-parties are the stuff of legend, boasting everything from pole dancing to 7-Eleven-themed food trucks) is opening up his fashion vaults and...
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If You've Ever Felt Insecure About Your Looks, Author Rufi Thorpe Has Some Important Advice

Rufi Thorpe grew up in Southern California, raised by her mother and grandmother. She attended Phillips Exeter Academy for high school, but left without graduating to attend Eugene Lang College in New York where she studied philosophy and literature. After college, she spent some time as a waitress at a poorly run French café before being accepted as a Henry Hoyns Fellow at the University of Virginia's MFA program, where she learned to fish and wrote two novels that were not very good. Years o...
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Berceuse Parfum's Allegretto 7.2 and a Giveaway

  We first introduced you to the recent perfume release by Berceuse Parfum, Allegretto 7.2 last month. It's the first release from Berceuse, a new perfume house founded by WIll Carius of New York state. He worked closely with perfumer Antonio Gardoni to create their premier fragrance, and it's a fascinating study of the intersection between smell and sound.  Allegretto 7.2 is first and foremost... Read full article: Berceuse Parfum's Allegretto 7.2 and a Giveaway from Fragrantica Perfumes and ...
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New York trans woman murdered while sitting on a park bench

Harlem River Park. Via Wikimedia Commons New York police have launched a search for the murderer of a transgender woman in East Harlem park over the weekend. GayCityNews reports witnesses alerted police in the early morning hours of March 28, describing the victim, a 33-year-old transwoman identified only as “Lexi,” as sitting on a park bench. An unidentified man approached her, and a verbal altercation ensued. The man then stabbed Lexi in the neck before escaping on a motorized scooter. Poli...
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Corona: Solltest du dir die Haare waschen, wenn du draußen warst?

Mittlerweile bist du es gewöhnt, deine Hände täglich unzählige Male mit Seife und Wasser für mindestens 20 Sekunden zu waschen. Das Handflächen und Fingerspitzen schrubben, ist dir bereits so in Fleisch und Blut übergegangen wie Instagram nach neuen Corona-News zu checken. Du machst es praktisch automatisch. Aber wie sieht es eigentlich mit deinen Haaren aus? Wäschst du die jetzt auch häufiger als sonst? Und falls nicht: Solltest du? Dr. Hadley King, eine Dermatologin aus New York, würd...
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Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm Is A Vanilla Flavored And That’s All I Had to Hear

My hands are dry, my forehead in flaky, and my lips are super dry. This staying inside thing is just not working out for me. I can’t figure out exactly why my skin is so dry lately! I’m blaming steam heat. It’s been chilly in New York (last night it went down to 33 degrees) and I all the steam heat is just doing a number on my skin I guess. Summer Fridays has a new Lip Butter Balm and they had me when they said it was vanilla flavored. Doesn’t it feel like every single lip balm and treatmen...
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Fox News purportedly bracing for “legal bloodbath” after peddling coronavirus misinformation

Fox News is purportedly doing serious preemptive damage control after misleading its millions of viewers about the severity of the coronavirus pandemic. Fox Business recently announced it had “parted ways” with homophobic prime time host Trish Regan, who famously called the coronavirus a politically motivated “scam” by Democrats on her March 9 show. The network said it wished Regan all the best and that her firing was part of its effort to “continue our reduced live primetime schedule for the f...
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Rebecca Minkoff has some advice for e-commerce companies right now

When Rebecca Minkoff first moved to New York City, the then-18-year-old was making $4.75 an hour. “I just kept working for this designer and someone was telling me what to do every day. I just didn’t like that. And I thought if I’m going to work as hard, it’s going to be for myself and I want to call my own shots,” she said. “I didn’t want to be told what to do, frankly.” Self-employment for Minkoff turned out just fine; in 2001, she redesigned the iconic “I Love New York” shirt and it appear...
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Gay NYC nurse dies of coronavirus

A moment of silence for the passing of Kious Kelly, a 48-year-old gay man who worked as a nurse at New York’s Mount Sinai West Hospital in Manhattan. He died of COVID-19. Kelly grew up in Lancing, Michigan and moved to New York to pursue a career in dance. He acquiesced instead to medicine, but led a happy life according to relatives. He tested positive for coronavirus March 18 and died a week later. He had no prior health problems. “His death could have been prevented,” wrote Kelly’s sister, M...
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Inspiring photo shows medical workers flying to New York to fight coronavirus

The health care professionals from Georgia are now on the coronavirus frontlines.
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“Twinks 4 Trump” founder hosts “Corona Potluck” in his NYC apartment because of course he did

New York is having one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the country, but that didn’t stop Lucian Wintrich, founder of Twinks 4 Trump, from holding a “Corona Potluck” at his apartment in the East Village. According to the New York Post, roughly 20 partygoers “jammed his artfully-decorated apartment, drinking and socializing under Wintrich’s massive erotic oil painting depicting the murder of Abel, encased in a gilded baroque frame.” The invitation for the gathering, which was held on March ...
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EXCLUSIVE: Co-director Rebecca Chailkin spills on the chaos of ‘Tiger King’

Co-Director Rebecca Chailkin Rebecca Chailkin just took the world by storm. Along with her co-director, Eric Goode, Chailkin loosed the Netflix series Tiger King upon the world this month. The docuseries chronicles the rivalries and shady dealings of big cat enthusiasts in the US, with attention paid to three in particular: Doc Antle, a combination zookeeper and spiritual guru with a harem of women; Carole Baskin, a conservationist who may or may not have murdered her vanished husband; and Jo...
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What’s the origin of the ‘well-dressed, articulate, educated gay man’ stereotype?

From Stanford in Sex and the City to George in My Best Friend’s Wedding and even David in Schitt’s Creek, we’re overwhelmed with stereotypical depictions of gay men as witty, well-groomed, and well-spoken (and, unfortunately, disproportionately white). But as one Redditor recently asked, where does that trope even come from? from askgaybros Other Reddit users readily replied with theories. “Gay men from the upper class or bourgeoisie were more likely to be ‘out’ for c...
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As New York becomes COVID-19 epicenter, LGBTQ youth shelters buckle under strain

Sylvia Rivera with fellow activist Marsha P. Johnson With new cases of coronavirus popping up in scores around New York City, the metropolis’ LGBTQ youth shelters and services centers struggle to keep up. New York features a number of shelters and youth centers aimed at offering assistance to homeless queer youth. One of those shelters, Sylvia’s Place (named for activist Sylvia Rivera), has already reported filling to capacity. “There is a total breakdown of leadership in the city and state i...
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The Weekend Binge: Living the -very- high life in New York

Welcome to Queerty’s latest entry in our Queerantined: Daily Dose series. Every day as long as the COVID-19 pandemic has us under quarantine, we’ll release a suggested bit of gloriously queer entertainment designed to keep you from getting stir crazy in the house. Each weekend, we will also suggest a bingable title to keep you extra busy. The Blaze: High Maintenance High Maintenance represents one of the great success stories of the digital age. The series centers on a weed deliveryman known on...
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Are Hair Salons Still Closed Due to the Coronavirus?

Update: As it stands right now, there are 23 states, 84 counties, 17 cities, and one territory in total that have issued mandates to stay at home, instructing people to avoid all nonessential businesses until further notice - and that includes hair salons. On March 21, Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered that all barbershops, hair and nail salons, piercing shops, and tattoo parlors in New York specifically - which has seen the largest spike in cases in the US this week - close up shop indefinitely. ...
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Other sports no. 3: Don King and the 45 minute answer

It was the week before the Mike Tyson versus Evander Holyfield rematch at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.I'd been at the first fight when Holyfield had pulled off a major upset by stopping Tyson in the eleventh round, even though beforehand there was a concern that Evander might actually die in the ring. He had been diagnosed with a heart condition that he now claimed had been cured by a faith healer.As a piece of sporting theatre it was the most exciting thing I'd seen. Afterwards both fighters cam...
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Interview mit Boobie Billie: Ein stylischer Chihuahua-Mischling erobert Instagram

Letzte Woche saß ich vor dem Sauvage, einem angesagten Restaurant in New York, und wartete auf eine Influencerin, mit der ich verabredet war. Ich weiß: Allein der Satz klingt schon unglaublich klischeehaft. Und in der Realität sind es solche Treffen auch fast immer. Seitdem sind nur ein paar Tage vergangen, aber die Welt in der wir leben ist eine andere. Wegen des Coronavirus musste das Sauvage, wie viele andere Restaurants auch, schließen. In Zeiten der Unsicherheit tendieren wir dazu, uns ...
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Is a Prediction an Intention?

If you predict what you expect to happen next in the world or in your life, does that mean that you’re also putting out an intention to make it so? Here’s how I like to frame this: A prediction is an acknowledgement and mental exploration of an existing offer. This could be an offer from reality, from other people, or from ourselves.An intention is an offer itself, which could be an existing offer; a counter-offer to an existing offer; or a fresh, new offer. When I make predictions abou...
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Disney+: Das sind die Highlights des neuen Streaming-Dienstes

Es ist soweit: Disney+ ist jetzt endlich auch in Deutschland verfügbar. Der Streaming-Gigant kommt gerade zur richtigen Zeit, denn sind wir mal ehrlich: Langsam aber sicher haben wir schon fast alles auf Netflix durchgesuchtet. Außerdem brauchen wir alle mittlerweile etwas mehr Optimismus im Leben, oder? Und was ist optimistischer, als die Happy Ends von Disney?Ab jetzt können wir neue und aufregende Originals bingen oder uns in alten Disney-Klassikern verlieren. Und falls du das Gefühl hast, du...
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Strike a pose! My night at a vogue ball with Malcolm McLaren

In 1988 vogueing was still underground – but the Sex Pistols impresario was ahead of the curve. Our writer remembers a New York evening that would transform pop cultureIt was late September 1988: George Bush was up against Michael Dukakis in the first of their two TV debates. The presidential campaign was hotting up and Dukakis was faltering. I switched off the TV and headed for Bond Street off Broadway, New York City, where Malcolm McLaren was living with Lauren Hutton. We were off to see a vog...
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Planned Parenthood To Stay Open During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Over the weekend, Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, officially directed all non-essential businesses in the state to shut down to help control the spread of COVID-19. Other states have already issued similar orders, and more are sure to follow. Of course, many healthcare providers will be keeping their doors open — and Planned Parenthood is included in their ranks, reports BuzzFeed News. “Our doors will stay open because sexual and reproductive health care is extremely important, and we ha...
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Antigay pastor buses in 1,825 people for church service, says Jesus will save us from coronavirus

A Louisiana pastor is facing intense criticism after he disregarded emergency state restrictions on public gatherings of over 50 people by holding a Sunday morning service for nearly 2,000 people. Pastor Tony Spell is the leader of the Life Tabernacle Church where he regularly preaches about the evils of homosexuality and speaks in tongues. Over the weekend, Spell bused in over 1,800 people from around the Baton Rouge area to attend his Sunday morning service. AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { AdB...
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Grindr quarantine story is restoring some people’s faith in humanity

A story about the support a man found via Grindr, while self-isolating himself, has prompted a huge amount of comment on social media. The Facebook page and website, Humans of New York, is sharing #quarantinestories. One posted on Friday came from a Grindr user in Minnesota who is awaiting his test results for COVID-19. “It started with a heavy chest,” he began. “Then I began to have a fever and dry cough. They’re doing car tests in Minnesota, but I didn’t have a car. So I ended up walking to t...
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Andy Cohen tests positive for coronavirus

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on Mar 20, 2020 at 3:03pm PDT TV host Andy Cohen revealed Friday that he has tested positive for coronavirus. In an Instagram posting, he said, “After a few days of self-quarantine, and not feeling great, I have tested positive for Coronavirus. As much as I felt like I could push through whatever I was feeling to do #WWHL from home,...
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Parr’s makeup ad for Gucci has a brush with controversy

The shoot, featuring musician Dani Miller in mascara, has reignited debate about realistic standards of beautyOne is famed for warts-and-all realism, the other for high-end gloss, so there was always going to be something spectacular in the offing when British photographer Martin Parr was asked to shoot a make-up advertising campaign for the Italian fashion house Gucci.The imagery – for the brand’s new L’Obscur mascara – features New York punk musician Dani Miller and her now-famous gap-toothed ...
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Comedienne Gretchen Wylder on exploring gender, anatomy and queer dating in ‘These Thems’

Gretchen Wylder with director Jett Garrison Gretchen Wylder has waited in the wings too long. The ruby-headed queer writer/actress has honed her craft with the Upright Citizens Brigade and Second City, while also performing in numerous off-Broadway musical productions. Now her moment has arrived. Three years in the making, Wylder’s digital comedy series These Thems earned a following on the festival circuit last year. It landed on YouTube February 27, where it has won an even broader audience...
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Coronavirus social distancing rules change how Humans of New York tells stories

Brandon Stanton, creator of Humans of New York, reveals the changes he's making to his popular series due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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