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Is it just me, or is Washington’s east-west divide more divisive than it used to be?

If westersiders really knew the eastsiders, would they still want to breach their dams?
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Breaching Snake River dams could save salmon and orcas, but destroy livelihoods

Folks whose jobs depend on four federal dams in southeastern Washington say that pleas to breach the dams are forcing them to speak out in defense of their economy and their way of life.
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Seattle transit moves through the driven snow, through the years

Trolleys and buses make their way down snowy University Way, in 1937 and 2019.
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Rick Steves gets lost in the music and grandeur of Vienna

A visit to Vienna’s Bösendorfer piano factory on his first trip to Europe inspired a special appreciation of Europe — especially Vienna — in travel expert Rick Steves.
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Sponsored: Should you drink alcohol at a job interview?

What to do when you’re offered beer or wine (or even the hard stuff) at a job interview.
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Sponsored: Dads-to-be must tell bosses, too. But when?

The old "dads provide, moms nurture" double standard cuts both ways, to every working parent's detriment.
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One of Capitol Hill’s best happy hours just got better. Also, here are five others to hit

Poppy, one of Seattle's best vegetarian happy hours, now runs bar discounts all night. The list of happy-hour places to try also includes Queen Anne Beerhall, Feed Co. Burgers and Moon Tree Sushi and Tapas.
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Beware the Beard Papa’s cream puffs at Uwajimaya’s food court — you can’t eat just one!

That sigh you hear comes from satisfied patrons who've just taken in a mouthful of sweet, creamy vanilla-custard goodness.
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Rant & Rave: Take teacher’s good advice

Readers rant about not taking teacher's advice, rave about free coffee
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Going to a Mariners game at T-Mobile Park this season? Enjoy gourmet burgers by chefs from Canlis and other big names

The Mariners unveiled the new food options they'll have at T-Mobile Park this season. Here's a look at what's new, what's back and what's been left off the menu.
Tags: News, Life, Sports, Food & Drink, Mariners, Canlis, Mobile Park

Model Nathan Westling Comes Out as Transgender

"I'm not trying to be something I'm not anymore"
Tags: Fashion, News, Uncategorized, Onetime, Nathan Westling

A Dating App for Three, Plus

Nonmonogamous coupling — and “thruppling” — has been lubricated by the internet.
Tags: News, Sex, Online Dating, Start-ups, Dating and Relationships

The abundant alders and maples at Discovery Park speak to an ecological succession worth discovering

You can really see the forest through the trees at Seattle’s largest park, a prime site for natural history and plant-watching.
Tags: Garden, News, Life, Lifestyle, Seattle, Pacific NW Magazine, Discovery Park

Here’s what to do next time you experience ‘intense spiritual hunger’

Julia Cameron, author of "The Artist's Way," practices spirituality through paper and pen, with a daily exercise called Morning Pages.
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Zinc solved a stinky feet problem

Q: When I was a child, I had sweaty feet. Taking off my shoes would clear the room. All through high school, I wore closed-toe sandals most of the year. In the 1970s, I worked in downtown Chicago and commuted by train from a western suburb. Most of the winter, snow or slush on the […]
Tags: Wellness, News, Life, Chicago

Giving up on dieting could be good for your health

Though we often associate going on a diet with improved wellness, the reality is more complicated, and initiatives like Health at Every Size are introducing a new paradigm — one that separates health from weight.
Tags: Wellness, News, Fitness, Life, Lifestyle, Food & Drink

Weekend getaways: Bainbridge Island makes a ferry good escape plan for families

Want a kid-friendly day trip or weekend getaway that mixes history and adventure, beaches and books? Bainbridge Island, almost forgettably close, is your ticket.
Tags: Travel, Outdoors, News, Life, Bainbridge Island

Astounding Video of Extreme Shoelace Tying Techniques Is Blowing a Lot of Minds Right Now

Only try this at home if you're good with knots
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For sunshine, spiky-cool trees, and some of the best hiking and camping you’ll find, head to Joshua Tree

The subject of celebrity legend and climbers' enthusiasm, Joshua Tree is a worthy destination for outdoor activities at any speed you'd like, campsites adjacent to dramatic rock formations and nature at its surreal best.
Tags: Travel, Outdoors, News, Life, Joshua Tree

Why food sticks to your pans, and what you can do about it

Why do burned eggs stick to your pans? Why do well-seasoned cast-iron pans have a nonstick quality? This book attempts to explain the science behind food and cooking.
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Rant & Rave: Keep cookies apolitical

Readers rant about political cookies, rave about Kent Police
Tags: News, Life, Lifestyle

The 4 latest Seattle restaurant closures — plus 3 switcheroos

Ballard Pizza Company in South Lake Union, Aoki, Kanak and Elysian Tangletown are no more — but plenty of new places are opening, while other spots undergo reinvention.
Tags: Business, News, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle, Local Business

Sponsored: For women, ‘business casual’ is complicated

Those who feel pressure to prove they deserve to be in the room might be wary of ditching their blazers and pumps.
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A famous Korean fried chicken chain hits Seattle — with long lines. Can’t wait? Here are 43 other new openings to check out

The hot new restaurant opening this month is a Korean fried chicken chain on First Hill. Expect long lines. Plus, an all-you-can-eat-sushi spot opens in the northend.
Tags: News, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle, First Hill Expect

Get ready, Kirkland: Shake Shack is officially coming to the Eastside

Shake Shack made its Seattle debut last year to much fanfare. By fall, Shake Shack will bring its signature burgers and crinkle-cut fries to the Eastside.
Tags: News, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle, Shake Shack

Chicken and pears make an unlikely – but delicious – duo in this ginger-miso sheet pan dinner

One sheet pan and 30 minutes of cooking time and voila, you have dinner. Chicken and pears aren't necessarily the most intuitive pairing, but try them together and you'll be happy you did.
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Cool off with some traditional Taiwanese desserts at Meet Fresh in Bellevue

This location of Taiwanese dessert chain Meet Fresh, located in Lake Hills Village in Bellevue, was opened late last year by Elaine Song, owner of dumpling restaurant Jiaozi! in the Chinatown-International District, which closed last year when its lease expired.
Tags: News, Life, Food & Drink, Bellevue, Jiaozi, Chinatown International District, Elaine Song, Lake Hills Village

Sponsored: A mini rant: Your vague emails, texts and DMs waste everyone’s time

The four most egregious types of ambiguous requests — and how to fix them.
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Sponsored: Started a new job for the first time in 20 years, and it’s not going well

After only a few weeks, I am already thinking about quitting.
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Rant & Rave: Careful changing lanes

Readers rant about careless lane changing drivers, rave about paper and biodegradable grocery bags
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