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We asked baristas what annoys them the most - here are their 8 rules of coffee-shop etiquette

Coffee shop owners and baristas Kat Möller and Luka Sanchez. Courtesy photos/Insider Insider spoke with over 15 baristas to ask about proper coffee shop etiquette. Be friendly to your barista but don't expect them to engage extensively in idle chit-chat. If you're a remote worker, be neat and courteous and purchase more items if you stay for a few hours. See more stories on Insider's business page. Being a barista can be a challenging job. They're on their feet all day, man...
Tags: Coffee, Etiquette, Careers, Jerusalem, Trends, Remote Work, Retail, Starbucks, Coffee Shop, Barista, Pittsburgh, Nordic, Don, Dino, Yellow Springs Ohio, Remote workers

8 things baristas want you to know about coffee shop etiquette

Coffee shop owners and baristas Kat Möller and Luka Sanchez. Courtesy photos/Insider Insider spoke with over 15 baristas to ask about proper coffee shop etiquette. Be friendly to your barista but don't expect them to engage extensively in idle chit-chat. If you're a remote worker, be neat and courteous and purchase more items if you stay for a few hours. See more stories on Insider's business page. Being a barista can be a challenging job. They're on their feet all day, man...
Tags: Coffee, Etiquette, Careers, Jerusalem, Trends, Remote Work, Retail, Starbucks, Coffee Shop, Barista, Pittsburgh, Nordic, Don, Dino, Yellow Springs Ohio, Remote workers

How 'trauma cleaners' can make over $300,000 a year clearing up after hoarders and crime scenes

This specialty is referred to as "trauma cleaning". REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino After Tugrul Cirakoglu finished his studies, he started a business cleaning up after house parties. The 29-year-old noticed that the worse the mess, the higher the price he could charge for a job. Cirakoglu specialized in "trauma cleaning," cleaning up crime scenes and "unattended deaths." See more stories on Insider's business page. "Specialize and pick your own niche," is a piece of advice most entrepreneurs...
Tags: UK, Finance, International, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Trauma, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Dirt, Nordic, Eindhoven, Dirty Jobs, BI International, Filthy, Weird Jobs

TED Talk coaches use one simple trick to keep nervous speakers calm during public talks

The curators at TED often reassure their speakers with one simple sentence: "Everyone here is on your side." Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design/flickr Talking to large groups of people can be a nerve-racking experience, even for seasoned speakers. Certain physical stances can help you manage a fear of speaking in front of large audiences. TED curators often reassure speakers with one simple statement: "Everyone here is on your side." See more stories on Insider's busi...
Tags: UK, Education, International, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Ted, Yale, Oxford, Public Speaking, TED Talks, Chris Anderson, Nordic, Ted Talk, BI International, Ruud van den Berg

I had to stop my psychoactive meds while pregnant and the withdrawal was so bad, I considered an abortion

It's incredibly difficult to wean yourself off psychoactive medication once you've begun. Kanawa_Studio/Getty Images Benzodiazepines are a psychoactive drug. They can calm symptoms associated with anxiety. The withdrawal symptoms from giving them up are considered worse than those from cocaine. Sara suffered so much with insomnia and anxiety during pregnancy, she considered having an abortion. See more stories on Insider's business page. Sara is a pseudonym but below is a true ...
Tags: UK, Science, Drugs, Life, International, Trends, Mental Health, Psychiatry, Italy, Healthcare, National Health Service, Medication, Thomson Reuters, Nordic, Sara, Psychiatrist

A 'sleep coach' says bad sleep impacts performance more than diet or exercise, and reveals how to combat it

Bad sleep doesn't just cause fatigue, irritability, memory problems and poor focus; it works against you in your work as well as in relationships. Jamie Grill/Getty Images Entrepreneurs, athletes, and high performers badly need adequate sleep. Good sleep may be more important than diet or exercise, according to sleep coach Floris Wouterson. Here are five tips the coach gave Insider to become a "super-sleeper." See more stories on Insider's business page. "He's a wonderfully c...
Tags: Europe, Japan, Elon Musk, UK, Sleep, Life, International, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Margaret Thatcher, Healthcare, Richard Branson, Sleep Disorders, Sleep Cycles, Sleep Disorder

How a former Merrill Lynch banker quit her $120,000 job to become a successful DJ in Berlin

Investment banker turned DJ: DJane Annie O, formerly Anne-Kathrin Oelmann, gave an interview about her career change. mymuesli / Youtube At 22, Oelmann was earning $120,000 as an investment banker in London. Lacking motivation, she followed her gut and quit after just six months at Merrill Lynch. Olemann began performing as Djane Annie O and has been able to live comfortably on her own since 2015. See more stories on Insider's business page. Anne-Kathrin Oelmann had a career many will ...
Tags: Topshop, UK, London, Life, Finance, Germany, Berlin, International, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Dj, New Zealand, Merrill Lynch, Brussels, Nevada

How a 25-year-old quit his engineering job to be a financial blogger and built a $169,000 portfolio

Dominik Wenzelburger runs the financial blog Dominik Wenzelburger Dominik Wenzelburger quit his job as an engineer to become a self-employed financial blogger. Wenzelburger uses his blog to evaluate financial products. He earns around $70,900 per year. He started his blog after his bank asked to talk to him about investing and he chose to go it alone. See more stories on Insider's business page. Dominik Wenzelburger is still grateful to his savings bank today but not f...
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7 lessons from 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' that will help you save up quickly

One way to get on the right track with your money is by reading. Getty Images / Thomas Trutschel / Contributor Reading is a fundamental step when attempting to improve your personal finances. One of the most acclaimed books is Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which includes tips to help you save money. See more stories on Insider's business page. There are some must-read books in personal finances that will help you develop good saving habits.Undergoing training and taking the time to read can help...
Tags: Personal Finance, UK, Savings, Finance, International, Careers, Trends, Financial Planning, Nordic, Don, Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad, BI International, Intelligent Investing, Kiyosaki, BI General Contributors

Pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek on how he became an entrepreneur and his best career advice

Rob Dyrdek. Courtesy photo Dan Schawbel is a bestselling author, speaker, and host of "5 Questions with Dan Schawbel." In a recent episode, he spoke with former pro skateboarder and TV host Rob Dyrdek. Dyrdek discussed his evolution as an entrepreneur and shared his best career advice. See more stories on Insider's business page. Rob Dyrdek is a former pro skateboarder also known for hosting hit TV shows including Rob & Big, Ridiculousness, and Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. He foun...
Tags: Podcast, Hbo, Interview, California, Careers, Entrepreneurs, Trends, Strategy, Mtv, Skateboarding, Rob, Career Advice, Nordic, Dan Schawbel, Rob Dyrdek, Contributor 2019

The 8 essential points to remember when drafting a resume for a new career or industry

You'll have to step out of your comfort zone and pick up new skills and knowledge. SDI Productions/Getty Images A new career can give you a better work-life balance or a job that better fits your interests. Before changing careers, the first step is to update your resume. Here are a few expert tips on how to ensure a smooth career shift. See more stories on Insider's business page. It's not uncommon for many to reach a point in life where they start wanting a change in their ca...
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Tokyo will be my 7th Olympic Games arranging TV interviews for star athletes. Here's how I got into it and why it's a dream job.

Left: Sara Hunninghake with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. Right: Hunninghake at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018. Sarah Hunninghake Sara Hunninghake will turn 40 in Tokyo, where she will be managing Olympians' media interviews. She's done it at every Olympics since 2008 and takes time off her PR role to fit it in. "It is high energy and high stress keeping track of who is talking to who," she said. See more stories on Insider's business page. I'll be spending my 40...
Tags: Sports, Careers, Trends, Pr, Beijing, Tokyo, Michael Phelps, Portland Oregon, Nordic, Pyeongchang, Obs, USA Swimming, Olympians, Quarantine, Mixed Zone, Olympic Arena

I work at a 5-star resort as an 'Instagram concierge' who helps guests get the best Instagram shots. Here's what it's like living out my dream job.

Eduardo Vallin. Courtesy of W Punta de Mita Eduardo Vallin, 30, is an 'Instagram Concierge' at the W Punta de Mita 5-star resort in Mexico. Vallin analyzes guests' profiles to recommend the best Insta-worthy photo locations to fit their aesthetic. This is what his job is like, as told to freelance writer Kaila Yu. See more stories on Insider's business page. I like to think I have the best job in the world, since every day I get to work in paradise at the W Punta de Mita, a...
Tags: Travel, Instagram, Mexico, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Luxury, Mexico City, Hotel, Vacation, Resort, Guadalajara, Nordic, Punta de Mita, W Punta de Mita, Kaila Yu

How Euros final referee Björn Kuipers makes more money than some soccer players

Björn Kuipers during the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship Final between Italy and England at Wembley in London, England. Shaun Botterill, UEFA/UEFA, Getty Images Björn Kuipers is the first Dutch referee for the European Championship soccer final. A referee's salary isn't enough to make them a big earner, but Kuipers has other sources of income. His father and grandfather were also soccer referees. See more stories on Insider's business page. Björn Kuipers was the referee for the Eur...
Tags: UK, England, Finance, Sports, International, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Italy, Wembley, Jack Grealish, Bjorn, Nordic, London England, Jan, Kuipers

Firms should always focus on bad news, according to a book Bill Gates says all leaders must read this summer

"I wanted to understand what really went wrong and what lessons this story holds." Paul Richards/AFP via Getty Images Bill Gates has recommended reading "Lights Out: Pride, Delusion, and the Fall of General Electric." Gates said it was hard to read criticism of fellow leaders but that he got a lot out of the book. One key takeaway of the book for Gates was not to focus exclusively on good news. See more stories on Insider's business page. In his annual summer reads recommendation this ...
Tags: UK, Ge, Microsoft, International, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Bill Gates, General Electric, Wall Street Journal, Gates, Nordic, Afp, Don, Paul Richards, BI International

Revolut has a 'digital nomad' program that lets staff work from anywhere in the world for 2 months a year

"Employees wanted to be able to choose when to work from home and when to go to the office." Getty Images British fintech company Revolut has launched a new remote work program. Its 2,000 employees now have the option to work from anywhere they like for up to two months a year. One employee said it allows her to see her family and friends more often. See more stories on Insider's business page. With many companies looking for new ways to combine work in and out of the office, pandemic ...
Tags: UK, International, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Spain, United States, Revolut, Regulatory Compliance, Marin, Nordic, BI International, Tech Insider, MacDougall, BI General Contributors, Strategy Contributors

The 25 best CEOs of small and midsize companies ranked, according to female employees

Ellen Kullman is one of the best CEOs for women, according to female employee ratings on Comparably. Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Career site Comparably looked at who are the top-rated CEOs according to female employees. This year, five of the top 25 CEOs of the small and midsize ranking are women. Below are the top 25 CEOs at companies with less than 500 employees. See more stories on Insider's business page. 25. Jessica DeVlieger, C Space Jessica DeVlieger. Courtesy of Compar...
Tags: Boston, Women, Careers, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Trends, Atlanta, Features, San Jose, Ellen, Houston, Ranking, Oakland, Alexandria, Nordic

A startup that can 'translate' baby cries is now exploring early detection of autism in newborns

Laguna was looking for a way to know what her baby was telling her so she decided to found Zoundream. Jade Brookbank/Getty Images Founded two years ago, Zoundream specializes in cataloging and translating baby cries. In its first round of funding last October, Zoundream raised just under $1 million. The company now wants to expand into early-stage detection of atypical developments in newborns. See more stories on Insider's business page. We all know children don't come into the w...
Tags: UK, Life, Trends, Strategy, Nordic, Laguna, Europe Asia, Iannone, BI International, Tech Insider, Zahraa Saleh Shutterstock, BI General Contributors, Strategy Contributors, Tech Contributors, Business Insider España, Qayyah Moynihan

A public-speaking coach gives 5 tips for nailing your first performance or meeting back in person

Public speaking doesn't have to be scary - again. Nick David/Getty Images Eileen Smith is a public-speaking coach and frequent keynote speaker. She suggests planning how you'll project a professional image when returning to offices and venues. Connect with the audience before you speak, make eye contact, and move with purpose, she says. See more stories on Insider's business page. I can feel the electricity in the room when I'm in front of a live audience. I know if there&#...
Tags: Leadership, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Communication, Fbi, Confidence, Body Language, Meetings, Talking, Public Speaking, Nordic, Don, Eileen Smith, Public Speaking Tips, Joe Navarro

Leverage your power as a job seeker and ask these 7 questions in your next interview

In the post-pandemic labor market job seekers should do their due diligence on prospective employers. Getty Images In the post-pandemic job market candidates have the upper hand when deciding where they work. This leaves employers no choice but to put their best foot forward during job interviews. Experts say these key questions can reveal if you've found the right fit. See more stories on Insider's business page. In the past, a job interview was an opportunity for candidates to ...
Tags: US, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Job Interviews, Career Advice, Teaser, Nordic, Job Applications, Interview Tips, Employers, Interview Questions, Career Advancement, Job Advice, Rebecca Knight, Bureau of Labor Statistics Prospective

A software CEO reveals how she used the lessons of the pandemic to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace

Insider's Rebecca Knight (l) interviews Jessie Woolley-Wilson, CEO of educational-software firm, DreamBox Insider Events DreamBox CEO Jessie Woolley-Wilson says diversity should be leveraged for success. Employers must understand what workers want and need, as they now have the upper hand. This was part of Insider's event "What's next: CEOs on How Talent Drives Transformation," presented by ProEdge, a PwC Product, on June 29. Click here to watch a recording of the full event. T...
Tags: Leadership, Justice, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Diversity, Workplace Diversity, Equity, Nordic, Inclusion, Diverse, Dreambox, Dei, Jessie Woolley Wilson, COVID, George Floyd

13 colorful and juicy cocktail recipes to liven up your Fourth of July celebrations

Pomegranate White Tea Sangria. Natalie's Juice Fourth of July is the perfect time to impress your friends with colorful and uniquely crafted cocktails. For serving multiple people, try pre-batching a chilled berry and white tea sangria. For individual dricks, experiment with coconut-infused tequila or a tea-topped Scotch highball. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Fourth of July always feels like the true start of the summer season, and what better way to enjoy the ...
Tags: Life, New York City, Trends, Features, Cocktails, Happy Hour, Wine, Vodka, Collins, Sangria, Mezcal, Tequila, Nordic, 4th Of July, Garnish, Tommy

Investing in mentorship and upskilling employees is the key to building a high-performing team

This panel, titled "Mentorship and Upskilling" was moderated by Insider senior editor Chris Weller (l), and featured Annette Richardson, managing partner of Richardson Partners LLC and Suneet Dua, chief product officer at PwC. Insider Events CEOs are keen to upskill employees, yet one in five haven't started the journey yet, PwC found. Today's employees need to become "lifelong learners" and digital citizens, experts told Insider. This was part of Insider's virtual event "CEOs ...
Tags: Leadership, Jobs, Learning, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Automation, Pwc, Performance, Mentorship, Nordic, Skills Training, Richardson, Job Performance, Dua, Chris Weller

3 ways managers can support employees living with chronic pain and fatigue

Managers should focus on ways to make workers with chronic pain more comfortable in the office - or let them work from home. kokouu/Getty Images Around one in five adults in the US lives with chronic pain. To better support employees living with chronic pain, meet them with compassion. Accommodations like a standing desk or WFH schedule can improve their experience. See more stories on Insider's business page. Around one in five adults in the United States lives with chronic pain, acco...
Tags: Work From Home, Leadership, Fatigue, US, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Management, Compassion, Disability, United States, Illinois, Pain, Chronic Pain, Nordic, Accomodation

Transgender workers face unequal access to benefits at work. Here's how employers can change that.

Skye Gould/Insider Debbie Ferguson, the head of foundation engineering at Gusto. Courtesy of Gusto Transgender employees often face discrimination at work. Trans individuals are less protected at work, with less access to workplace benefits. Here are the steps employers can take to build more equitable workplaces for LGBTQ+ employees. This article is part of a series called "The Cost of Inequity," examining the hurdles that marginalized and disenfranchised groups face acro...
Tags: Careers, Trends, Strategy, Ferguson, Lgbtq, Trans, Health Benefits, Cnbc, Nordic, Debs, Lob, Diversity and Inclusion, Skye Gould, Dei, Special Projects, International Foundation of Employee Benefit

Salaries are on the rise in police departments across the US, despite protests and calls to defund the police

NYPD officers stand guard on April 4, 2021 in New York City. Jeenah Moon/Getty Images The 2020 median salary for a police officer in the US was $67,290 - the median for all jobs was $48,769. Despite ongoing calls to defund police departments, officer salaries are only getting higher. Police forces are growing, too, with incentives to join such tuition reimbursement and signing bonuses. See more stories on Insider's business page. Police work can be one of the best-paid professions in t...
Tags: Mississippi, Minneapolis, California, Opinion, Police, Boston, Massachusetts, New York City, US, Careers, America, Los Angeles, Trends, Law Enforcement, Austin, Bureau of Labor Statistics

How baristas really feel when you camp out all day at their coffee shop

Kat Möller is the owner of Kat's Coffee in Thalpe, Southern Province, Sri Lanka. Kat Möller As coffee shops reopen, more remote workers are returning for the strong brew and free WiFi. Writer Melissa Petro spoke to coffee shop owners and baristas about the etiquette of spending hours at their eateries. Kat Möller of Kat's Coffee says purchasing one item per hour is appreciated from remote workers. See more stories on Insider's business page. Coffeehouses have always offered r...
Tags: Etiquette, Careers, Trends, Remote Work, Barista, Digital Nomads, Nordic, Amy, Coffee Shops, Don, Sánchez, KAT, Dino, Yellow Springs Ohio, Moller, Melissa Petro

This advertising expert grew an audience of 500,000 followers on his own media platform - here's what he says is key to staying consistent and going viral

Jack Butcher says prioritizing and maximizing his time and creativity helped his business to grow. Jack Butcher Jack Butcher is the founder of Visualize Value, a $1M per year product business and media platform. During a live Q&A with readers of The Profile, he discussed new fatherhood and growing his business. As a creative, he says it's important to find people to collaborate with and be inspired on daily basis. See more stories on Insider's business page. Jack Butcher spent 10 y...
Tags: Media, Interview, Advertising, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Jack, Fatherhood, Q&a, Founder, Nordic, Dieter Rams, NFT, CEOs, Celia, Contributor

I own 2 Hamptons hot spots that have been booked solid for a month. People will do just about anything to snag a table, from flashing cash to pretending they know me.

Since reopening in June, restaurant owner Zach Erdem says demand in the Hamptons has skyrocketed. Provided by Zach Erdem Zach Erdem is the owner of 75 Main and Blu Mar, two hotspot restaurant and bar destinations in Southampton, New York. His restaurants reopened at full capacity on June 1, and have been booked solid ever since. Here's what it's like running his restaurants post-pandemic, as told to freelance writer Jenny Powers. See more stories on Insider's business page. Reo...
Tags: New York, Restaurants, Careers, Trends, Wealth, Luxury, Manhattan, Miami, Hospitality, Hamptons, The Hamptons, Nordic, Erdem, Jenny Powers, Southampton New York, Reopening

I repossess private yachts worth up to $20 million when owners default on their loans. Here's what happens when I track them down.

Ken Cage has been a high-asset repo man for over a decade. Provided by Ken Cage Ken Cage repossesses high-end luxury assets like yachts and jets whose owners have failed to pay their loans. Since 2005, Cage's team has repossessed 2,000 boats, some of which are worth as much as $20 million. Here's what his job is like, as told to freelance writer Jenny Powers. See more stories on Insider's business page. I first met my buddy Bob Weeks when we were 10 years old, growing up in the...
Tags: Business, Florida, Maryland, Careers, Trends, Luxury, Philadelphia, Bob, Private Jets, Nordic, Yachts, US Coast Guard, Danny, Benetti, Bob Weeks, Repo

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