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Parsi Kitchen: A Memoir of Food and Family by Anahita Dhondy

HarperCollins presents ‘The Parsi Kitchen: A Memoir of Food and Family’ by Anahita Dhondy HarperCollins is proud to present a warm and whimsical memoir about embracing the cuisine that one grew up with – The Parsi Kitchen A Memoir of Food and Family by Anahita Dhondy.Praise for the Book Anahita is part of a new generation of Indian chefs who build on the legacies of the past. Praise for the Book ”Anahita is part of a new generation of Indian chefs who build on the legacies of the past. She is ...
Tags: Asia, Books, Life, Gujarat, Forbes, Singh, Parsi, Ravo, Food And Beverage, Anahita, Anahita Dhondy, SodaBottleOpenerWala, Forbes Asia, Anahita Dhondy HarperCollins, Parsi Kitchen A Memoir of Food, Freddy Birdy

Gulnar Cowasjee Serves Parsi Cuisine at your doorstep in Karachi

If you’re a food enthusiast and crave to try new delicacies, Ghar Se has something unique to offer. Ghar Se is a Karachi-based food service that serves Parsi cuisines at your doorstep. It was launched towards the end of 2020 by Gulnar Cowasjee, a former banker. “My journey began soon after resigning from a local bank,” Gulnar said speaking to Hasan Moosvi at SAMAA Digital. Gulnar wanted to be a beautician but she found her sifting through Parsi recipes after the pandemic turned everything upside...
Tags: London, Life, Pakistan, KARACHI, Parsi, Vidal Sassoon, Myra, Food And Beverage, Patra, Gulnar, Ghar Se, Gulnar Cowasjee, Hasan Moosvi, SAMAA Digital Gulnar, Masala Jinga, Khanni Batta

Supreme Court of India issues notices on alleged ostracisation of Parsi women

Petitioners allege that women marrying non-Parsis, and their offspring, are not allowed to participate in the community’s religious, social and other activities R. Balaji   |   Telegraph India The Supreme Court on Friday issued notices to the Centre and others on a petition challenging the alleged discrimination and ostracisation of Parsi women who marry outside the community. The petitioners — a minor named Rian R. Kishnani and his mother Sanayaa Dalal — have alleged that women marrying non-...
Tags: News, Life, India, Parsi, Supreme Court of India, Bopanna, Abdul Nazeer, Telegraph India The Supreme Court, Rian R Kishnani, Sanayaa Dalal, Parsee Central Association Co, Housing Society Ltd, Jasmine Damkewala

Indian Curry is Largely “Unmappable”—But This Writer Found Her Way Home Through One Recipe

Her mother’s Parsi-style, seafood-studded stew. By Meher Mirza | Updated Sep 3, 2021 4:18 PM When I came back to sun-brightened Mumbai after getting a degree in London, I had never felt so far from myself. The road ahead felt bouldered, the path itself lost to me. Then, as always, it was to food that I turned for reorientation. My mother, in a fluster of anxiety, poured out a flurry of dishes—all the Mumbai chaat that I had missed terribly, the chile cheese toast, the potato bhajias. But most...
Tags: London, Life, India, Iran, West, Delhi, Mumbai, Vasco Da Gama, Karnataka, Parsi, Food And Beverage, Rustom, Pandi, Meher Mirza, Jimmy Boy, Bhicoo Manekshaw

Parsi chef Anahita Dhondy on her newest passion

The young food expert launches a book and a passion project that focuses on her Parsi roots at the same time By Karishma Kuenzang | Hindustan Times PUBLISHED ON SEP 04, 2021 09:43 PM IST Last year was tough for the food & beverage industry and, like most restaurants across the country, Sodabottleopenerwala was completely shut from March to September. But chefs cannot sit idle at home, which is why chef Anahita Dhondy, 30, the former head chef and chef partner at the Cyberhub, Gurgaon outlet of ...
Tags: Books, Youtube, Life, Hindustan Times, Parsi, Food And Beverage, Anahita, Anahita Dhondy, SodaBottleOpenerWala, Karishma Kuenzang, Cyberhub Gurgaon

Book Review: The British Raj Was Once a Narco-State

Thomas Manuel’s book ‘Opium Inc: How a Global Drug Trade Funded the British Empire’ shows how the Raj transformed entire farming economies in Bengal and Bihar into opium-producing machines. Britain may claim it gifted civilisation to India but we know for sure that the Raj transformed entire farming economies in Bengal and Bihar into opium-producing machines over the 18th and 19th centuries. British agents smuggled tons of opium into China in exchange for tea, legally and illegally, taking sil...
Tags: Hong Kong, Books, Congress, Life, China, India, US, Britain, Shanghai, Victoria, Bombay, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Bengal, Bihar, Calcutta

Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman, Supreme Court’s ‘Renaissance Man’, retires on August 12

Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman, Supreme Court’s ‘Renaissance Man’, retires on August 12 Article by Krishnadas Rajagopal ‘His is an absolute integrity matched by phenomenal memory and a capacity for hard work’ Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman, Supreme Court’s “Renaissance Man”, retires on August 12. He was sui generis on the Bench. Sharp, brusque, fearless and armed with repartees. He did not suffer incompetence and frivolous cases in court, dismissing both without mercy. His professional tr...
Tags: News, Supreme Court, Life, India, Cbi, Cctv, Anil Ambani, Parliament, New Delhi, Harvard Law School, NIA, Assam, Singh, Reliance Communications Ltd, Sabarimala, Parsi

Rohinton Nariman, Parsi priest & only 4th lawyer to become SC judge, retires this week

Justice Nariman, who has authored several notable judgments, some of which were written while he was a junior judge, ends his tenure on 12 August.  Justice Rohinton Nariman is in select company — he was only the fourth senior counsel to be elevated from bar to the bench. That was on 7 July, 2014, when he was appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court. Article by Bhadra Sinha | The Print Justice Nariman’s seven-year-old tenure, however, comes to an end on 12 August.  A man ...
Tags: New York, Supreme Court, Congress, Life, India, Narendra Modi, US, Delhi, Mumbai, Oscar Wilde, NRC, Manipur, Harvard Law School, Assam, Kohli, Haryana

When Shapoorji Pallonji funded Mughal-e-Azam and Khojeste Mistree became a religious pop star

A new book, ‘The Tatas, Freddie Mercury & Other Bawas’ by Coomi Kapoor, offers a ringside view into the lives and contributions of some of India’s most well-known Parsis Shapoorji Pallonji Jr was Pallonji Sr’s sixth child. He was only 13 years old when he was moved enough by his father’s business struggles to decide he would help out… In 1900, Shapoorji dropped out of school after completing the fifth grade to help his father… The family’s early contracts were mostly military and PWD projects. ...
Tags: Books, England, Life, India, West, Oxford University, Mumbai, Bollywood, Bombay, Fort, Urdu, Asif, Parsi, Pune, Azam, K Asif

Meet Arzan Nagwaswalla, the first Parsi to represent the Indian cricket team in over 50 years

It’s widely believed that Nagwaswalla was picked on account of being from Gujarat since Jay Shah has pushed for players from his backyard Players coming out of Gujarat have had it good over the last few years, and the ‘talented’ Arzan Nagwaswalla is the latest to benefit. And that he happens to be the first Parsi in close to 50 years to represent India is only fodder for the PR team. Article by Roshan Thyagarajan | Deccan Herald The 23-year-old from a beach-town called Nargol in Valsad was name...
Tags: England, Life, India, Sports, New Zealand, Ipl, Bcci, Gujarat, Shah, Parsi, Natarajan, Syed Mushtaq Ali, Jay Shah, Valsad, Nargol, Nagwaswalla

India’s first woman architect – a tribute to Perin J. Mistri

For many Indian women, the 1930s was a fundamental time, particularly in the political domain with their increasing participation in Independence movements.  The advent of the Art Deco style (then simply known as ‘modern’ or ‘style moderne’) in Bombay[1]  at the same time, ushered in a short-lived but significant era in Mumbai’s architectural and modern history. In 1936, the field of Indian architecture witnessed another landmark event – the professional qualification of the first Indian (and ev...
Tags: Google, Asia, England, London, Life, Boston, India, Africa, Britain, Hsbc, Kaiser, Buckingham Palace, Carmichael, Mumbai, Salvation Army, Köln

Coomi Kapoor: The Tatas, Freddie Mercury & Other Bawas: An Intimate History of the Parsis

Bombay’s first rioters and go-getters Spurred by the events of the now infamous Ratan Tata versus Cyrus Mistry controversy, Coomi Kapoor explores the history of the Parsi community through its most prominent names, and how they transformed cities with their entrepreneurial genius Jane Borges | Mid Day Bombay was once synonymous with the Parsis. And, the Parsis with Bombay. Reading Delhi-based author-journalist Coomi Kapoor’s new biography of the community, The Tatas, Freddie Mercury and Ot...
Tags: Europe, Books, London, Life, Germany, India, Commerce, Islam, Freddie Mercury, Delhi, Mumbai, Catherine, Ratan Tata, Bombay, Gujarat, Tata

Parsi body’s plea in Gujarat HC: Order reserved

The Gujarat high court on Friday heard the petition filed by a Parsi religious body and reserved its order on the demand to permit them to dispose of the bodies of those who died of Covid-19 according to their religious tradition and not to force them to cremate the bodies. The Surat Parsi Panchayat Board had filed the petition saying the central guidelines to dispose of bodies in case of Covid-19 death is silent on the Zoroastrian tradition of disposal of body and recognizes only two modes o...
Tags: News, Life, India, Gujarat, Parsi, Pandya, Surat Parsi Panchayat Board, Asim Pandya, Dokhmenashini The Centre, Percy Kavina

Sir Homi Mody … Dadabhai Naoroji: Five Parsis behind Mumbai’s street names

These five roads in Mumbai are named after politicians, bankers, lawyers and activists who had two things in common: one, they were Parsi, and two, they all contributed to the development of Mumbai, and India as a whole. There is no community in Mumbai as wealthy as the Parsis. Bombay owes a lot of its historical glory to them. The British clearly thought favourably of them, given the linkages they formed with the community. In 1877, Sir J.R. Carnac, governor of Bombay, is said to have told th...
Tags: Asia, Life, India, Britain, Parliament, Mumbai, Bmc, Bombay, Fort, Tata Group, Parsi, Mehta, Tatas, Indian National Congress, Worli, Nariman

First of Many: Delnaaz Irani revisits Commander

This week’s First of Many features Delnaz Irani. In the 86th edition of our series, the actor talks about her first acting project, Sri Adhikari Brothers’ TV show Commander (1992). Delnaz Irani never had an ambition to become an actor, and started acting only to earn some extra pocket money. Ironically though, the actor found her calling in the profession and is still here after three decades with a slate of work in both Bollywood and TV. She has appeared in films such as Pyaar Mein Twist, Bho...
Tags: Film, Life, India, Shah Rukh Khan, SAB, Kitty, Parsi, Marathi, Ramesh, Juhu, Madh Island, Delnaaz Irani, Sri Adhikari Brothers TV, Delnaz Irani, Bhootnath Humko Deewana Kar Gaye, Kyaa Super Kool Hain

India’s oldest running newspaper, Mumbai Samachar, turns 200

India’s oldest running newspaper, Mumbai Samachar, turns 200 The Gujarati newspaper, with its office located in an iconic red building at Horniman Circle in Mumbai’s Fort area, was first published in 1822. The office building of Mumbai Samachar in Mumbai. On July 1, India’s oldest running newspaper, Mumbai Samachar, will enter its 200th year. Article by Benita Fernando | Indian Express The Gujarati newspaper, with its office located in an iconic red building at Horniman Circle in Mumbai’s...
Tags: News, Life, India, Mumbai, Fort, Parsi, Gujarati, Cama, Mumbai Samachar, Horniman Circle, Muncherji Cama, Benita Fernando, Bombay Samachar, Fardoonji Murazban, Cama Norton and Co, Hormusji Cama

Khurshedben Naoroji: The singer who preached nonviolence to bandits

In most countries, the life of an elite, sophisticated woman renouncing her career as a classical soprano to preach nonviolence to bandits and kidnappers would merit significant study and attention. Yet in India, the woman in question, Khurshedben Naoroji, is largely unknown. Historian Dinyar Patel recounts her forgotten story. The writer Ramachandra Guha once described the world of Indian biography as “a bare cupboard”. Curiously, most scholars of India eschew writing life stories. A new book, ...
Tags: Europe, New York, Greece, Congress, Life, Germany, India, History, Bbc, Pakistan, Paris, Athens, Mumbai, Peshawar, Bombay, Gujarat

Prime Bandra plot de-reserved, Petit trust strikes deal for housing project

In 1909, Hamabai Framji Petit sold all her jewellery for Rs 12 lakh to buy a plot in Bandra to establish an orphanage for Parsi girls. In 2021, the Petit family, which controls the trust that runs the Bai Avabai Petit Girls’ School, plans to exploit a prime 2.2-acre vacant plot behind the school near Bandra’s Carter Road, for a residential project. TOI has learnt the trust has entered into an agreement with a builder, KBK Realtors (Kotharis), to develop the land. According to property market s...
Tags: Life, Mumbai, Petit, Parsi, Carter Road, Bandra, Nauzer Bharucha, Kbk, Bai Avabai Framji Petit Girls ' High School, Hamabai Framji Petit, Bai Avabai Petit Girls ' School, KBK Realtors Kotharis, Bai Avabai Framji Petit Trust, Rajendra Kothari, KBK Realtors

Doyens of medical service: Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Medical College in Pune celebrates 75th foundation day

The hospital had played a crucial role during the 2009 Swine flu outbreak and even now, before PMC could upgrade its hospitals with ventilators and tertiary care, Sassoon was the only government hospital providing tertiary care to Covid-19 patients A panoramic view of Sassoon hospital on the 75th anniversary of BJ Medical College, which is attached to the hospital. (Shankar Narayan/HT PHOTO) The Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Medical College (BJMC), which is attached to Sassoon General Hospital, is cel...
Tags: Medicine, Life, India, US, CSR, History, Heritage, Who, Nih, Unicef, RFA, Bombay, Infosys, Maharashtra, BJ, Mahatma Gandhi

Woven In Time: The Story Of The Parsi Gara Sari

They hide within their folds the story of voyages at sea, the old trading routes and the rise and blossoming of an entire community Article By Shaeroy Chinoy  | Elle Traditional Indian textiles and art forms speak volumes about history, the regions they come from, the culture and art, but often there is a deeper story. The Parsi Gara is one such great example. They hide within their folds the story of voyages at sea, the old trading routes and the rise and blossoming of an entire community. ...
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More than just Marketing- Meet the 8WZYC Marketing Team

The 8WZYC Marketing Subcommittee’s main role will be to host fundraisers, social events and spread the word of our congress through social media and other channels to encourage a large number of participants from around the globe. Our social media pages will soon be launching to spread information for the upcoming Congress so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled! However, our role will extend far beyond simply posting. We plan on organising plenty of social events and fundraisers: these will ...
Tags: UK, London, Congress, Life, India, Cambridge, Poland, King, Suffolk, University Of Sheffield, Jess, Parsi, Ariana, Nagpur India, Arman, National University of Ireland Galway

DELLA Leaders Club: Global Soft Launch

The Global Soft Launch of DLC: Della Leaders Club is scheduled for Saturday June 12, 2021 at 7:30 PM India, 10:00 AM New York, 3:00 PM London This very first of its kind Business Platform is the brainchild of our very dear friend and eminent Parsi entrepreneur Jimmy Mistry. Join via ZOOM Meeting ID: 966 448 7000 Passcode: DLC Link:
Tags: New York, London, News, Life, India, Parsi, DELLA Leaders Club, Jimmy Mistry Join

Dadar Parsi Colony: Cherishing the Bombay that was

Inflatable pools, barbecues, open backyards…this is how architect Rooshad Shroff recalls the better part of his childhood spent with his parents in the Dadar Parsi colony. With the endless lockdowns, he realises how deeply he misses this oasis of bliss in the heart of Mumbai. “I certainly took the greenery for granted. You simply can’t beat it. There are almost fifteen beautiful gardens organically woven into the layout of the colony,” says Shroff. Article by Arman Khan |
Tags: Life, India, History, Unesco, Heritage, Mumbai, Alice, Bombay, Parsi, Bandra, Alberta Park, Dadar Parsi Colony, Shroff, Rustom Tirandaz, Five Gardens, Mancherji Edulji Joshi

Parsis, a tiny Indian minority, challenge ban on traditional sky burial rite amid Covid-19 pandemic

They have, for centuries, left their dead to be devoured by scavenging birds and decay naturally atop circular raised structures known as dakhma or Tower of Silence. But the pandemic has put a stop to this funeral rite for many Parsis, who now have to cremate Covid-19 victims. Article by Debarshi Dasgupta | The Straits Times The Parsis, a tiny Indian minority of less than 60,000, follow Zoroastrianism, one of the world’s oldest monotheistic religions, which prescribes veneration for natural el...
Tags: News, Life, India, Iran, World Health Organisation, Delhi, Mumbai, Ratan Tata, Gujarat, Persia, Straits Times, Patel, Parsi, Surat, BPP, Serum Institute of India

Grand Tour: A century ago, these Parsis circumpedalled the world

In the 1920s, long before the dawn of fake news, one Chinese man was told that Rabindranath Tagore had composed the Gujarati national anthem of the Parsi community that went: “We are old Zoroastrians”. The culprit was Adi Hakim, one of the “Super Six” khaki-clad Parsi cyclists who had endured brass band music as they set off from Lamington Road’s Gilder Tank ground on October 15, 1923 to fulfil a lofty dream: putting India on the global sports map by pedalling through the war-torn streets, snow-...
Tags: Amazon, Europe, England, New York, London, News, Life, China, India, America, Iran, Vienna, Atlantic, Britain, Alps, Vietnam

Gujarat High Court Issues Notice On Plea Seeking Permission To Perform Dokhmenashini, The Practice Of Disposing Dead Bodies In Parsi Community

The Gujarat High Court has issued notice on a petition filed by Surat Parsi Panchayat Board seeking permission to perform Dokhmenashini, a customary practice among the Parsi community of putting the dead body in a tower of silence, even for those who succumb to Covid-19. Article by Akshita Saxena | Live Law The Petitioner, represented by Advocate Manan Bhatt, has stated that they have a fundamental right to perform the last rites of its community members in accordance with their religious prac...
Tags: Life, India, Gujarat, Parsi, Gujarat High Court, Parsi Community, Surat Parsi Panchayat Board, Dokhmenashini, Akshita Saxena, Manan Bhatt, Parsi Ground

The Battle of the Parsis

Will the house that Jamsetji built with a capital of Rs 21,000 in 1868 continue to retain its values? LET’S START THIS story with the one question everyone asks. How many Parsis are there in India? The answer is likely to be anything between 50,000 and 60,000. No one knows for sure. Ask the Parsis. They will claim 60,000. Ask the demographers. They are more likely to say anything between 45,000 and 50,000. Article by Pritish Nandy | The OPEN Magazine In either case, you would imagine such a ti...
Tags: Asia, England, Supreme Court, Wales, Life, China, India, US, Industry, Mumbai, Ratan Tata, Air India, Bombay, James, Gujarat, Tata Consultancy Services

Farohar Cafe in Udvada: How a mother-son duo is popularising Parsi cuisine through authentic recipes

A sleepy coastal town in Gujarat, about 180km from Mumbai, is home to one of the world’s oldest religions – Zoroastrianism. Udvada, also spelled Udwada, in Pardi taluka of Gujarat’s Valsad district, has been the custodian of the oldest continuously burning temple fire in India at Atash Behram – the most revered Parsi pilgrimage centre in the country. And it is in this very town that mother-son duo Hilla and Shezad Marolia is working towards preserving and popularising the 1,300-year-old Parsi cu...
Tags: London, Life, India, Iran, Mumbai, Itc, Shehzad, Bombay, Gujarat, Persia, Parsi, Hilla, Pardi, Udvada, Atash Behram, Daman

COVID-19 has forced Surat Parsis to cremate the bodies

Around 40 members of community who succumbed to the infection in Surat denied the traditional funeral of consigning the dead to dakhmas and cremated as per Covid guidelines Monaz Bhesania, a 30-year-old Parsi woman succumbed to the coronavirus infection on Monday and was cremated in Surat as per Covid-19 guidelines. She lived with her mother at Sargam apartment in Adajan, Surat. Article by Gaurav Khara | Ahmedabad Mirror As many as 40 Parsis have been cremated in Surat in the past one month ...
Tags: News, Life, Parsi, Surat, Dungarwadi, COVID, Jamshed Dotiwala, Surat Parsi Panchayat, Sargam, Adajan Surat, Gaurav Khara, Ahmedabad Mirror, Bombay Market

Goodbye, Mehli Irani !

Former Mumbai batsman passes away in Dubai at 90; will be known for his long club cricket journey that spanned generations Mehli Irani at the Bombay Gymkhana. Pic/mid-day archives It seems only yesterday that I visited Mehli Irani’s home in Byculla to interview him for a piece I was doing on him playing the Dr HD Kanga Cricket League for 42 years. Article by Clayton Murzello | Mid Day We headlined the story NEVER SAY BYE, but Irani, 90, did say goodbye on Friday in a Dubai hospital. He figur...
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