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Under what conditions are we most creative?

Creative individuals produce better work when there's a deadline involved, says media mogul Tina Brown.To extract great work, you shouldn't have the option to escape it. Deadlines add a level of pressure that makes for better results. In Brown's opinion, some of the best journalistic work was done in the period after 9/11. The combination of subject matter, content, and passion rallied creatives to put forth incredible coverage. T...
Tags: Work, Productivity, Motivation, Photography, Life, Time, Success, Personality, Creativity, Work-life balance, Innovation, Brown, Decision-making, Tina Brown

I Was an Accidental Playboy Pinup

In 1995 I modeled as part of a feature on “Women of the Internet.” As the magazine ceases print publication, I’m feeling weirdly nostalgic.
Tags: Photography, News, Sex, Magazines, Pornography, Playboy Magazine, Women and Girls

Through the lens: the pioneering work of Peter Lindbergh – in pictures

Over four decades the late German fashion photographer collaborated with many of the biggest names in the industry, from Kate Moss to Naomi Campbell Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Fashion, Life and style, Culture, Art and design, Kate Moss, Women's Shoes, Women's Coats And Jackets, Women's Trousers, Women's Dresses, Tina Turner, Women's Tops, Peter Lindbergh, Women's shirts, Women's suits, Naomi Campbell Continue

The Photos That Ended Child Labor in the US: See the “Social Photography” of Lewis Hine (1911)

The average person believes implicitly that the photograph cannot falsify. Of course, you and I know that this unbounded faith in the integrity of the photograph is often rudely shaken, for, while photographs may not lie, liars may photograph.  —Lewis Wickes Hine, “Social Photography: How the Camera May Help in the Social Uplift” (1909) Long before Brandon Stanton’s wildly popular Humans of New York project tapped into the public’s capacity for compassion by combining photos of his subje...
Tags: Google, Photography, New York, College, Kentucky, Life, Massachusetts, US, History, Pennsylvania, United States, Maine, Louisiana, Baltimore, Dorothea Lange, Tony

Celebface: Why everyone looks the same on Instagram

In Guns, Germs, and Steel, author Jared Diamond describes two systems of invention transmission: 1) idea diffusion: imitation of an idea, and 2) blueprint copying: literal copying of an idea. Diamond uses the development of writing systems as the medium to discuss the concepts, noting that written writing systems probably only rose independently in Sumeria (3000 B.C.E.) and in […] The post Celebface: Why everyone looks the same on Instagram appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Photography, Instagram, Inspiration, Social Media, Beauty, Facetune, Allen Murabayashi, Jared Diamond, Sumeria, Beauty Standards

Amazing Vintage Photographs Documented Inca Culture And Life In Peruvian Andes, Captured By Martin Chambi In The Early 20th Century

Martin Chambi was among the first photographers of the Peruvian Andes and became the leading portrait painter in Cuzco, opened a photo Studio in 1920. But, being a native Quechua, he considered it his duty to document the lives of Indians and the legacy of the Inca culture, traveled through the Andes, shooting landscapes, the ruins of Machu Picchu and traditions of the local inhabitants. Source
Tags: Daily, Photography, Design, Life, Peru, Retro, 1930s, Machu Picchu, Andes, Cuzco, Peruvian Andes, Martin Chambi

70’s Style And Soul: Amazing Candid Photographs Taken In Soul Clubs In Memphis And New York, 1973

David Reed/Getty Images These candid photographs, taken in Soul clubs in Memphis and New York, are the work of photographer David Reed. Still working today, Reed was first commissioned by the UK’s Sunday Times Magazine in 1969, and worked for them continuously until 1990. h/t:, retronaut David Reed/Getty Images Reed was also a regular contributor both to Nova Magazine... Source
Tags: Photography, Fashion, Music, UK, New York, Design, Retro, Memphis, 1970s, Reed, David Reed, Sunday Times Magazine, David Reed Getty Images Reed

Tokyo fashion and the merely functional

High-end fashion, and old age functionality.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Fashion, Tokyo

Your Personal Wedding Planning Terminology Dictionary!

Vendors in the wedding industry have created many unique terms for the wedding world. Many of these terms are spoken without regard to the fact couples may have no idea what they mean! To help you in meetings, research, and general wedding planning, I’ve put together your own personal wedding planning terminology dictionary with a focus on terms that are not necessarily common knowledge.Continue reading on Style Me Pretty
Tags: Photography, Fashion, Entertainment, Wedding, Flowers, The Blog, Decor, Ceremony, Weddings 101, Planning & Advice, Food / Drink, Gifts /Favors

5 Tips for the Perfect Family Portrait Session

Are you ready to have your first family portrait session? Either you’ve been planning this for your entire life, or your partner suggested the idea and you agreed to make them happy. Whatever the reason, you are now saddled with the task of planning this portrait session. How are you going to make it adorable and not cheesy? Here are some things to keep in mind before the session. With these tips, you’re setting yourself up for a memorable shoot that you’ll love to share with family and...
Tags: Photography, Fashion, Samsung, Photo shoot, Family Activities, Portrait Photography, Don, Home Life, Family Photos, Professional Photography, Family Photo, Family Portrait, Family Portrait Session

Boda Boda fashion show: equipping Nairobi motor taxi drivers with outfits to match their glorious bikes

Boda Bodas are the ubiquitous motorbike taxis of Nairobi; Boda Boda drivers are in an arms-race to produce the most elaborately decorated motorbikes in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. The Ugandan-Kenyan fashion designer Bobbin Case and the photographer Jan Hoek created new fashion looks for seven Boda Boda drivers that matched their bikes, a venture that was so successful that the drivers kept their outfits and now wear them to work: "The nice thing is that because o...
Tags: Post, Photography, Fashion, News, Kenya, Nairobi, Boda Boda, Boda Bodas, Jan Hoek, Bobbin Case

What young women think in 2020

Children’s charity Plan International UK and photographer Joyce Nicholls travelled across the UK talking to young women about the issues important to them in 2020: public safety, body image, social media and feminism. Their research found that girls are fed up and frustrated with the lack of real progress on gender equality. Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Gender, UK, Children, Women, Life and style, Society, UK News, Feminism, Art and design, Joyce Nicholls

Cool Pics That Defined The ’80s Punk Fashion

Punk fashion is the clothing, hairstyles, cosmetics, jewellery, and body modifications of the punk subculture. It varies widely, ranging from Vivienne Westwood designs to styles modeled on bands like The Exploited to the dressed-down look of North American hardcore. The distinct social dress of other subcultures and art movements, including glam rock, skinheads, rude boys, greasers... Source
Tags: Photography, Fashion, Design, Style, Punk, Vivienne Westwood, 1980s

Masculinity and queer life explored in major new photography exhibition

Notable names featured will include Richard Avedon, Peter Hujar, Isaac Julien, Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Robert Mapplethorpe, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Catherine Opie.
Tags: Photography, London, Arts, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Museums, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Gaycities Link, Art Haus, Gay Masculinity

Wonderful Vintage Photos Documented Everyday Life In London In The 1930s

Londoners in bathing suits taking advantage of a heat wave at Hyde Park lido, 3rd June 1933. (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images) Children playing cricket in a street in Millwall, east London, UK 15th August 1938. A liner on the Thames is in the background. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images) Early morning rush hour traffic crossing London Bridge , Central London, 12th January 1933. Source
Tags: Daily, Photography, Design, London, Life, Retro, Hyde Park, 1930s, Millwall, London UK, Topical Press Agency Getty Images Children, Fox Photos Getty, London Bridge Central London

Mixing Photography And Pictorial Elements, The Photographer Erika Zolli Has Created “A Body of Vision”, A Series Of Sensual And Ironic Portraits

The project consists of images created using various techniques of photographic manipulation and conceptual photography, obtaining images that look like real hyperrealistic and abstract watercolor paintings. More: Erika Zolli, Instagram, Facebook n the description of her series, the photographer explains: “The whole project revolves around the concept of the body intended as a privileged... Source
Tags: Jewelry, Photography, Fashion, Design, Style, Body, Instagram Facebook, Erika Zolli

The Kenyan Nutcracker – in pictures

Dance Centre Kenya’s Christmas production of The Nutcracker, performed at the National Theatre in Nairobi with the Nairobi Philharmonic Orchestra and guest musicians from overseas, is a highlight of the capital’s cultural and social calendar Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Africa, Christmas, Life and style, World news, Dance, Culture, Stage, Ballet, Kenya, Nairobi, Nairobi Philharmonic Orchestra

Simple & Difficult Russia: Photo Collection Of Anna Skladmann

Just found some interesting pictures from a personal photography collection of Anna Skladmann, a German photographer that lives and works between New York and Moscow. During travelling and living in Russia, Anna made a few series of photos which show us simple and the same time difficult life of Russian young and adult people. More: Anna Skladmann, Instagram 1991 This series of portraits depicts... Source
Tags: Daily, Photography, New York, Design, Life, Russia, People, Culture, Moscow, Anna, Anna Skladmann

Intimate Portraits Of New Mothers Capture The Beauty Of Postpartum Bodies

When Alberta based photographer Meagan Elemans became a mother, she had no idea the toll that postpartum would take on her both her body and her emotions. But rather than bury these feelings and stay silent, she chose to use her skills behind the camera to capture this beautiful and difficult time in a new mother’s journey. More: Instagram h/t: petapixel View this post on Instagram You don’t owe... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Beauty, Mom, Alberta, Bodies, Meagan Elemans

Bohemian rhapsody: inside New York’s Chelsea Hotel

The Chelsea Hotel has been home to cultural icons from Janis Joplin and Andy Warhol for decades. As controversial renovations continue, Colin Miller photographs the hotel’s last remaining apartments and their residentsIn 2015, an architecture firm approached me to take some photographs of the renovations they’d made to the historic Chelsea Hotel after the building was sold. The photographs I took were forgettable, but when I looked down the iron staircase I saw something of the hotel’s former gl...
Tags: Books, Photography, New York, Hotels, Life and style, Culture, Art and design, Chelsea, Homes, Madonna, Andy Warhol, Dylan Thomas, Patti Smith, Interiors, Janis Joplin, Leonard Cohen

5 Reasons To Pursue A Career In Photography

There aren’t many jobs out there that allow you to be creative, that get you out and about and get you meeting new and different people every single day. But if your current vocation is leaving you feeling a little lackluster in the creativity department and you want more freedom in your daily grind then why not consider a career in photography?  Photography is a challenging yet hugely rewarding career that more and more beginners are turning to. Whether the idea of unleashing your crea...
Tags: Photography, Fashion, Photographers, Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photography, Home Life, Professional Photography

4 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming A Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is one of the most longed-for industry nowadays. A lot of people want to be part of this profession because of numerous perks. It does not require a person to spend at least eight hours in the office doing repetitive jobs. If you are a wedding photographer , your position is filled with lots of heartwarming moments and find yourself surrounded by smiling, happy people. But before you consider shifting careers to become a professional wedding photographer, here are seve...
Tags: Photography, Fashion, Wedding, Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photography, Weddings & Parties, Wedding Photoshoot, Wedding Photo Booth

A Matter Of Trust: The Mystery Soul Of ‘Inner’ Russia In Wonderful And Sentimental Photographs Of Vugar Mamedzade

Modern Russia as seen by photographer from Orenburg, Russia, Vugar Mamedzade. His works have special atmosphere. The author says that he makes photos when he feels the moment, when he “has a nerve”. According to him, it’s important to be self-confident, honest and impudent in a good way. His photos are about life, they can be happy, emotional and very sad. More: Source
Tags: Daily, Photography, Design, Life, Russia, Street, Orenburg Russia

How to be hopeful: nine photographers on their most inspiring pictures

Joy in an orphanage, refugees reaching safety, warriors encountering a young rhino and the greening of a tropical hotel. Images that give hope for 2020 – selected by Sarah GilbertHannah Franzén Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Animals, Iraq, Singapore, Environment, Life and style, Culture, Architecture, Ireland, Wildlife, Art and design, Migration, Cameroon, Refugees, Bangladesh, Kenya

Beautiful Retro & Romance Fashion Photography By Jerry Schatzberg

On a tricycle, photographer William ‘Bill’ Helburn peddles Italian actress and model Elsa Martinelli, who rides in an attached cart, across Park Ave South, New York, 1954. Jerry Schatzberg is notably known for his iconic and intimate portraits of famous figures, for example, the defining cover of Blonde and Blonde featuring a scowling Bob Dylan. However, before that sudden switch... Source
Tags: Photography, Fashion, Design, Romance, Bob Dylan, Retro, 1950s, 1960s, Jerry Schatzberg, Elsa Martinelli, William Bill Helburn, Park Ave South New York

Reader’s Lens | A steady light among streaking stars

West Point Lighthouse stands still and serene against a backdrop of streaking stars, painting a stunning scene.
Tags: Travel, Outdoors, Photography, News, Life, Photo & Video, West Point Lighthouse

Scenes From A Tiny World Where Everything Could Happen: Photograher Turns Everyday Objects Into Fun Miniature Worlds

According to Péter Csákvári: “I’ve spent 3 years creating this project called “Tiny Wasteland”. The series feature miniature figures placed next to everyday objects in order to create the illusion of microscopic worlds. I’m actually a food photographer so the whole idea came from there. I made about 100 pictures already from this tiny world, the rest you can find on... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Life, Scenes, Miniature, Everyday, Péter Csákvári

Party in the graveyard! Mexico's day of the dead celebrations – in pictures

The festival span Halloween, All Saints’ and All Souls’ days. Jim Grover went to Oaxaca, the spiritual heart of the celebrations, to document the noisy and joyful three-day event Continue reading...
Tags: Halloween, Photography, Mexico, Religion, Americas, Life and style, Culture, Art and design, Festivals, Oaxaca, All Souls, Jim Grover, Halloween All Saints

Reader’s Lens | Larch madness is here

Larch needles turning yellow and getting ready to fall make for one of the best scenes in the Pacific Northwest.
Tags: Travel, Outdoors, Photography, News, Life, Photo & Video

Canadian Photographer Shows Life In The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Today

This photo project illustrates real life in the Chernobyl exclusion zone three decades after the catastrophe of 1986 that made over 300 000 people evacuate. But some refused to leave and stayed. A Canadian photographer Robyn Von Swank paid a visit to them to take pictures of their daily life. When she was roaming about one of the abandoned villages, she notices traces behind her and a pack of... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Life, Nuclear, Chernobyl, Zone, Robyn Von Swank

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