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Sweden’s first cat psychologist helped create this perfect cat home!

Anyone who has a pet knows that we only work hard to give them the life they deserve, and just like us the folks at 24 Storage understand that you must pamper your children especially the furry ones! So they came up with this ingenious Cat Flat that looks like a modern piece of furniture on the outside and keeps your cats happy on the inside. It is essentially a penthouse for your cat that matches your living room.The Cat Flat has been carefully designed based on the advice of Sweden’s first c...
Tags: Home, Design, Living, Sweden, Pets, Lifestyle, Furniture, Interiors, Interior Design, Product Design, Pet Bed, Cat House, Wooden Furniture, Pet Furniture, Pet Accessories, 24 Storage

A Bentley 6 in 1 limited-edition stroller that grows with your child!

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this Bentley stroller trike is “Woah! This baby is going to have some serious swag!” and unlike other strollers that have a short life span, this one transforms into a pedal-powered bike so the baby can continue having some serious swag. The Bentley stroller trike is an innovative 6-1 model that was created in collaboration with Posh Baby and Kids.This limited-edition bike is from the Bentley centennial collection and there are only 570 units. Just...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Lifestyle, Automotive, Toddlers, Limited Edition, Baby, Bentley, Continental, Product Design, Baby Stroller, Babies/Childcare/Toys, Bentley 100 Year Anniversary, Bentley Bike, Bentley Stroller, Bentley Trike

This packaging design knows the heart of every cheese (lover!)

Okay, I am going to cut straight to the chase…or shall I say let’s cut to the cheese? I apologize in advance for puns, I hope they stink less than blue cheese! This old Amsterdam cheese cover brie-longs with your cheese because it understands the matters of the heart. No, it literally does – this cover is built in a way that it showcases the heart of your cheese and also protects it. The conceptual cheese cover is appropriately named ‘El Corazon’ which translates into ‘the heart’.The center of t...
Tags: Dining, Kitchen, Lifestyle, Packaging, Product Design, 3D Printed, Cad, Cheese, Cheese Case, Cheese Container, Cheese Cover, Concept Design, Concept Product, Erik Veenstra, Mike Broekman, Old Amsterdam Cheese

A Japanese charm redesigned to keep you healthy by syncing with the earth!

Omamori (お守り) are traditional good luck charms in Japanese culture that protect the wearer of the charm. The Japanese word “mamori” (守り) means protection, while prefix “o” gives the word an external movent connotation, transforming it to “your protection” and there are Omamoris for every area of life: love, health, luck, trips, success, protection. The concept of Kenkō is a futuristic take on the traditional Omamori, it does not cure illnesses or ward off evil spirits but it helps you stay heal...
Tags: Wellness, Gadgets, Design, Technology, Medical, Lifestyle, Health and Wellness, Healthy Living, Everyday Carry, Japanese, Healthy, Concept Design, Japanese culture, Product Design, Minimal, Edc

This damage-proof hoodie is made with the same ceramic technology used on the space station

To put things in perspective… the only material tougher than the ceramic used in Vollebak’s latest jacket is literally diamond.Making the world’s most indestructible clothing does require constant reiteration, and Vollebak’s constantly believed in pushing the boundaries of material science. Having made hoodies out of everything from Kevlar to carbon nanotubes, Vollebak now returns with a material so resistant to wear and tear, it’s used on the international space station. The ceramic hoodie come...
Tags: Fashion, Design, Product Design, Vollebak, Ceramic Hoodie

This pill-shaped wardrobe comes with an mirror to give you instant escapism!

When you tell a child to draw a wardrobe, he will always make it in the shape of a rectangle. Even as an adult when I go out shopping for room furniture, I can say about 99% of the closets I see are rectangular. Orior made a simple switch to the shape and it’s got everyone thinking “Wow! I never imagined a pill-shaped wardrobe” which just goes to show how conditioned we are to live within the walls (or doors) or what we know. But Orior decided to shatter the notions of regular expectations by ad...
Tags: Home, Design, Living, Lifestyle, Furniture, Interiors, Vintage, Wardrobe, Product Design, Furniture Design, Closet, Furniture Style, Orior, Narnia Orior

This no-screws Dougong Table assembles like Lego and looks like art

Alright, who is ready for a table that looks like art and does not come with a frustrating IKEA assembly guide? Because Boston-based designer Mian Wei has created this beautiful piece of furniture that marries minimal aesthetic with cultural heritage. The Dougong blocks from ancient Chinese architecture play a central role in the build and concept of the grid table – think of it as an advanced Lego challenge! Mian Wei won the Silver A’Design Award for this grid table in the homeware and furnitur...
Tags: Home, Design, Living, Boston, Lifestyle, Competitions, Lego, Furniture, Chinese, Ikea, Interiors, Table, Product Design, Homeware, Accent, Woodwork

Is resurrecting Google’s BookBot the need of the hour?

Everyone in Silicon Valley is trying to design something straight out of the future. We treat science and technology as the end all be all of our issues and rightfully so, but here is an unpopular opinion – do we REALLY need technology in every aspect of our lives to make it better? A decade ago, robots doing all our tasks were just a thing of movies and today we don’t go a day without interacting with a robot – think about it, even if you call a place there is a 99% chance an automated voice ...
Tags: Google, Gadgets, Design, Technology, California, Lifestyle, Silicon Valley, Appliances, Robot, Delivery, Editorial, Delivery Service, Drone Delivery, Product Design, Mountain View Library, Mountain Valley

A Fidget spinner enabled travel tool to keep your travel anxiety at bay!

How many of us have travel anxiety? It could be restless tapping of your feet while waiting at the boarding gate or in-flight fidgeting with the controls, we have all been there. This cool conceptual tool is not only a travel essential but also a fidget spinner that doesn’t look like it came with a happy meal. While most multipurpose tools are a combination of cutters, this titanium variant brings a lot more functionality than opening up like Wolverine’s claws!When you are traveling there are so...
Tags: Travel, Tools, Design, Lifestyle, SIM, Netflix, Outdoor, Everyday Carry, David Guetta, Titanium, Concept, Product Design, Wolverine, Travel Friendly, Multipurpose, Fidget Spinner

Make authentic Japanese matcha like the ancient masters with just one button!

Gone are the days when you just picked between tea and coffee; now it is about matcha, kombucha, spirulina, and activated charcoal drinks! Yes, everything in my previous sentence is real – it is enough to fluster anyone going to a cafe and trying to order healthy. My mother rightfully said “Why to pay for it outside when you can make it at home?” which brings me to another CES 2020 innovation award honoree – the matcha tea maker for home.This matcha maker is compact and sleek, making it perfec...
Tags: Kitchen, Home, Design, Lifestyle, Ces, Sustainable Packaging, Appliances, Sustainable Farming, Japanese, Sustainable, Japanese culture, Product Design, Matcha, Matcha tea, CES 2020, Green/Sustainable

This Apple Pencil-based dropper is a DJ that drops data instead of beats!

Remember the simpler childhood days of using the dropper to pick a color and spill it *carefully* on another sheet? We then advanced from papers to MS Paint and I doubt any of us were able to master that virtual dropper. Now we are in the Apple era but the nostalgia of the simple dropper is not lost and that was the inspiration for the iSpoid – a conceptual dropper that picks up data instead of colors and we are here for this!The motion of using a dropper to transfer colors was reinterpreted wit...
Tags: Apple, Productivity, Gadgets, Design, Technology, Lifestyle, Stationery, Concept Design, Data Sharing, Concept, Product Design, Apple Accessories, Data Transfer, Chi-eun Jang, Jaegeun Kim, Productivity Boosting

No more waiting for an empty room to step on this scale

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to step on the scale and perhaps didn’t feel confident? It can make many of us feel conscious to get on a weighing scale, it feels like everyone is watching you and judging you based on a number – that may or may not be true, but privacy is a right and Privacy weighing scale is here to make you feel more comfortable. You don’t have to weight (see what I did there?) to see if the room is empty enough before you step up!Some personal information, no ...
Tags: Home, Design, Privacy, Medical, Lifestyle, Appliances, Bathroom, Product Design, Inclusive Design, Universal design, Weighing Scale, Hoyoung Joo, Weighing Machine

Furniture designed to satisfy the art lover in you

Having functional pieces with high utility in our homes is very important. However, sometimes we need a couple of designs around us purely for vain reasons…because they’re super aesthetic and attractive! So, we’ve curated a collection of artistic designs, that separate themselves from the usual products, standing tall as artistic masterpieces that could add a certain magical touch to your living space.Neil Aronowitz utilized and manipulated the material Concrete Canvas which is basically “concre...
Tags: Home, Design, Living, Lifestyle, Furniture, Interiors, Product Design, Seating, Sebastian Errazuriz, YD Design Storm, Design Storm, Neil Aronowitz, Artistic Designs, Arben Vllasaliu, Tabo Design Studio, Ceal Floyer

Finally a beautifully designed dog house that you won’t have to hide!

You can tell the team at Rah:Design truly loves dogs because they designed a dog home so beautiful that we would ask if it came in human size. The inspiration for this model came from the fact that there was nothing in the market that was sleek or modern enough to go with the interiors of today’s houses and that is how the MDK9 Dog Haus came to be – no more hiding the kennel in your backyard!This dog house is your pet’s dream house, it’s crafted with Brazilian teak wood responsible for the class...
Tags: Design, Pets, Lifestyle, Product Design, Dog House, Pet Product Designs, Pet Product, MDK9 Dog Haus, Rah:Design, Jax Bones

Who knew an aroma-diffusing vortex could be so calming?

Part aroma diffuser, part snow-globe-inspired desktop delight, the Twystr brings a visual element to aromatic diffusion. Rather than just diffusing the mist into the air, it does so by creating a miniature vortex trapped within a glass bell-jar-style lid with an orifice at the top that allows the mist to escape into the air. This visual flair isn’t just an aesthetic feature, it helps the Twystr diffuse aroma efficiently and with speed.Twystr is a better, better-looking aroma diffuser that allo...
Tags: Design, Lifestyle, Appliances, Product Design, Vortex, Aroma Diffuser, Twystr

An automated composting bin that makes living sustainably easy

Want to join the reuse, reduce, recycle gang but overwhelmed about managing trash? Fear not, Sepura’s Home Food Waste device is here to make your 2020 more sustainable! This is currently the only sustainable food waste disposing device on the market that does it all to make food waste management an effortless experience – municipality authorized, septic friendly and self-cleaning!The waste can fit all kitchen sinks and spaces also providing a connection to built-in dishwasher drains that separat...
Tags: Kitchen, Home, Design, Technology, Lifestyle, Waste Management, Appliances, Composting, Product Design, Sustainable Design, Waste Removal, Sepura, Smart Appliance, Waste-bin, Smart Design, Compost Bin

Inclusively designed washing machine that takes a new ‘angle’ on doing laundry

Taking everyday home appliances and turning them into inclusive design products is an art and the world needs more of it! While most kitchen appliances have become smarter, tasks like vacuuming the house or doing laundry, require the user to be completely able which makes a lot of people dependent on others. Slip Wash is a concept design for a laundry machine that aims to solve this issue and make independent living possible for wheelchair users.The usual washing machine takes up more space with...
Tags: Home, Design, Technology, Lifestyle, Appliances, Washing Machine, Bathroom, Product Design, Inclusive Design, Clothes Washing, Inclusive/Special Needs, Inclusive Product

This luxurious bed spins 360°- from Netflix to breakfast to the french alps with one touch!

When you think of the most extravagant beds, what comes to your mind? Bed with an in-built screen that pops up? A bed floating mid-air? A water bed that rocks like a cruise boat? Imagination runs wild and then it comes to this – the Three Sixty bed by Savoir that truly puts the extra in extravagant. As the name suggests, it rotates 360 degrees and is currently the most expensive bed on the market with a price tag of…I suggest you take a seat right now…$300,000.This bed was born out of a First ...
Tags: Home, New York, Design, France, Lifestyle, Bed, Netflix, Furniture, Luxury, Appliances, Product Design, 360°, Savoir, Dedar, Three Sixty bed, Bumat

A bamboo iron to smoothen out the wrinkles in sustainable living

Sometimes we think we are leading sustainably by just using metal straws or paper bags, but if you carefully look at your daily life, you’ll notice there are so many products that use plastic. The best we can do is find alternatives for them and support designers, brands, businesses who are working on making the future a better place to be. One such product is the iron and Indian designer, Saksham Mahajan, who has come up with a sustainable version of it made from bamboo!The designer started the...
Tags: Home, Asia, Tools, Design, Technology, Lifestyle, Iron, Bamboo, Sustainable, Product Design, Eco-friendly, Sustainable Design, Saksham, Clothes Iron, Green/Sustainable, Saksham Mahajan

The humble vacuum cleaner gets an inclusive makeover

Over 10 million adults in the UK alone are affected by arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions making it extremely difficult to even do basic household activities as they get older. Regular home appliances are not always designed keeping in mind the independence of our aging generations and cleaning is a tedious task for those who are in pain with the slightest movement. Vacuuming causes wrist ache, back pain and is heavy to push around – Vivo aims to solve this problem with a concept vacuum cl...
Tags: Home, Gadgets, UK, Design, Lifestyle, Elderly, Appliances, Disabled, Vivo, Product Design, Inclusive Design, Vacuum Cleaner, Inclusive/Special Needs, Alex Worthington

Tiny homes made of shipping containers for the millennial home owners

Tiny homes are a fast-growing trench in the architectural world and why wouldn’t they be? The upcoming consumer is the millennial generation and tiny homes are perfect given the skyrocketing prices for real estate and avocados. Handcrafted Movement is a company that is here to bridge that gap between homes and budgets, in their words they have been created to create – what better motto when you build beautiful spaces right?One of their projects that I absolutely loved was the Pacific Harbor mode...
Tags: Kitchen, Home, Design, Living, Lifestyle, Architecture, Interiors, Small Spaces, Interior Design, Product Design, Minimal, Sustainable Design, Tiny Homes, Batt, Trailer House, Handcrafted Movement

Haoshi Design Studio’s sparrow timepiece is a clock with a flock!

With a couple of sparrows casually perched in front of it, the Sparrow Round Clock seamlessly integrates timepiece and sculptural decor. The white birds give the clock a beautiful neoclassical sculptural appeal, as the clock sits right behind it, both partially obscured yet visible to the eye.What Taiwan-based Haoshi Design does is create a product-fusion where form and function coexist, but as separate entities within the same product. The clock isn’t sculptural, and the sparrows aren’t functio...
Tags: Home, Design, Lifestyle, Taiwan, Clock, Product Design, Sparrow, Haoshi Design

Way to milk a disaster… Tesla is now selling Cybertruck-inspired T-shirts with broken-glass prints

Well, you’ve got to admit Elon’s definitely got a pair. We’re talking about the man who founded PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, Hyperloop, and Neuralink. A man who tweeted about taking one of his companies private after shares crossed $420 (to impress his girlfriend), got grilled by the SEC for it, locked horns with the SEC, and finally paid a fine for misleading the investors and claimed it was ‘worth it’. He then went on to call a heroic diver (who saved the lives of a team of young...
Tags: Fashion, Elon Musk, UK, Design, Tesla, SEC, Shattered Glass, Product Design, Elon, Tee Shirt, Cybertruck, PayPal Tesla SpaceX The Boring Company Hyperloop

Modular headphones that mix your sound to match your space

Imagine having a sound system so versatile that you can actually play Lego with it! DE-MO, which stands for Detachable and Modular, is exactly that – an ecosystem of replaceable speakers, cables and headband accessories that you can use to create an audio experience based on your needs. It has a minimal aesthetic and a sleek build so you’ll never look like Tarzan with the cords – DE-MO is built for the minimal millennial.DE-MO adapts to your needs so instead of having to keep a track of differen...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Audio, Lifestyle, Headphones, Lego, Modular, Product Design, Minimal, Portable Audio, Tarzan, EveryDayCarry, Hans van Sinderen, DE-MO

Vollebak’s new inclement-weatherproof, 100-year jacket will last far longer than the person wearing it

Vollebak’s new ultimate 100-year jacket is a lot like a bullet-proof vest. It’s something that’s good to wear, but you never hope to be caught in the situation it was designed for. The jacket is strong, resilient, and waterproof enough to survive a thunderstorm, a blizzard in the tundras, or even the kind of weather you’d expect on top of Mt. Everest during the winter-solstice. It’s literally designed to last longer than the person wearing it, and promises to serve not one, but multiple lifetime...
Tags: Fashion, Design, Outdoor, Switzerland, Product Design, Mt Everest, Vollebak, 100 Year Jacket

This rustic bottle opener was designed to be an antique of the future!

An ideal way to spend a Friday night, after a long hectic day at work would be an opportunity to sip on some cold brews and spend some quality time with friends, both old and new. Inspired by this very notion, James Connors designed the Wayne Bottle Opener for idor, a small design store that aims to create antiques of the future.Crafted from stainless steel and bronze, the bottle opener features two circles wherein the inner one splits and expands to form the outer one. The merging of both cir...
Tags: Home, Design, Lifestyle, Bottle Opener, Jewellery, Product Design, Edc, Accessories & Fashion, EveryDayCarry, James Connors, IDOR, Wayne Bottle Opener, Bronze Silver and Bronze

Water this dandelion-inspired humidifier as you would water your plants!

Imagine dandelions dancing in the breeze in a lush meadow, their spores fluttering and flying about. This was the inspiration for Beom sic Jeon and Kim Hyunsoec’s Blow humidifier. You operate the humidifier as you would water and nurture your plants.Blow comprises of a water bowl, forming the lower portion of the humidifier. It is transparent, allowing you to view the internal components of Blow. Whereas the upper portion is reminiscent of a long dandelion with its seed head at the top, full of ...
Tags: Home, Design, Office, Lifestyle, Appliances, Product Design, Jeon, Humidifier, Blow, Kim Hyunsoec, Beom sic Jeon

PANGAIA presents FLWRDWN, a down alternative made from biodegradable wildflowers

With a concern for the treatment of ducks and geese during the gathering of feathers for down bedding and clothing, one company has developed a proprietary, cruelty-free alternative to traditional down. Called FLWRDWN, this down alternative, made from wildflowers, has taken scientists 10 years to develop. The result is a fully biodegradable material that can be used in coats, comforters and other products. The dried wildflowers — mixed with a biopolymer and infused with Aerogel for performance...
Tags: Fashion, Design, Sustainable Fashion, Italy, Biodegradable, Product Design, Eco Textiles, PANGAIA, Down Alternative

This fun-loving pop-up screen creates private spaces without the awkward silences!

Being introverted shouldn’t be synonymous with being boring. The Friendly Borders is a fun and engaging way to manipulate spaces, creating private zones. The Japanese-fan-inspired apparatus lets you instantly open out and create an almost-opaque screen made from Trevira fabric (a type of branded woven yarn) that’s anywhere from 1.5 to 2 feet in height, based on what size you pick.The Friendly Borders instant screen comes in a neat Birchwood case, allowing you to open it up in a matter of seconds...
Tags: Home, Design, Privacy, Office, Lifestyle, Screen, Product Design, Pop-up, Njustudio, Trevira, Friendly Borders

This bike stand doubles up as a storage unit for all your travel essentials!

In a day and age where everything is becoming more compact, fastpaced and dynamic, it’s important that the objects and products we use everyday support such a lifestyle as well. We need these everyday items to be easily accessible, available at the tip of our fingers. In fact, even transportation is heading towards becoming more personalized and eco-friendly, with bicycles and electric scooters taking over. For such a world, product designer Giuliano Perretto and Ventura Lab Studio joined forces...
Tags: Home, Design, Lifestyle, Product Design, B-spot, Bike Hanger, Giuliano Perretto, Ventura Lab, Ventura Lab Studio

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