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How we met: ‘She gave me strong signs that she wasn’t looking for romance’

Vinca, 37, and Lee, 40, were housemates in Manchester before they fell in love. They live in north Wales with their sonIn early 2008, Vinca was a self-confessed party girl, living the high life in Manchester. She worked for a recruitment firm during the day and went clubbing at night. “I lived with my best friend at the time, Flo. He and I were always having people over, but we needed a third flatmate,” she says.After seeing their advert online, Lee applied. “I was studying in Staffordshire and ...
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Not all narcissists are grandiose – the ‘vulnerable’ type can be just as dangerous

The introverted narcissist is harder to spot and may be more sinisterWe pretty much know what narcissism is by now. The description “narcissist” is a buzzword, a darling of amateur analysts. Those needy, charismatic attention-grabbers stride across the world’s stage, using and confusing those who fall for their charms. They have the perfect platform in a culture obsessed with both celebrity and social media. They rule countries, they mesmerise, they manipulate and wreak havoc.But beyond the more...
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I secretly hate sex and now fear I will lose my girlfriend

You don’t have to be sexual to feel love, but you do have to be openThe question I’m a guy in my mid-20s who also happens to be asexual. And no, I am not gay. I just can’t feel much, physically. I don’t see it as a problem, but people jump to conclusions online. No one other than me knows. I am in a relationship with this lovely girl and we have only been physically intimate occasionally (once or twice a month – been with her for four months), but it’s OK because she doesn’t have an insatiable n...
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Blind date: ‘He kept name-dropping celebrities he’s worked with’

Will, 27, A&E doctor, meets Owen, 26, stage managerWhat were you hoping for?To meet the love of my life, or at least go viral. Continue reading...
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‘I never saw my guitar again’: readers on belongings they lost in a breakup

Long after two people have gone their separate ways, some partings still rankle. Readers reflect on the beloved items they left behindEven though my breakup was amicable, I felt a lot of guilt – so when I moved out I said: “Keep it all.” But, in the years since, there have been a few items of kitchenware that I wish I’d held on to: a Le Creuset casserole dish, my favourite mug, a digital cooking thermometer, the plastic bowl attachment for my stick blender (the blender itself I retained at her i...
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Bennifer is back, but don’t rush to contact your ex, say experts

J Lo and Ben Affleck did it, but experts urge restraint after lockdown prompts ‘rekindled romance’ dating trendRelationship experts have warned against romanticising the idea of getting back with your ex-partner, after it was confirmed that one of the most famous celebrity couples of the early noughties – Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck – were indeed back together.Last week, the actor and singer thrilled fans when they recreated a famous intimate image from J-Lo’s 2002 music video for Jenny from ...
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"'People get very wrapped up in the idea of spontaneously desiring sex,' Dr. Nagoski said, but, especially in women, it’s fairly rare."

"Based on a wide body of research on gender and sexual desire, Dr. Nagoski estimates that roughly 15 percent of women experience spontaneous desire, whereas most experience responsive desire — wanting sex when something erotic is happening. 'When we study people who have great sex over the long-term in a relationship, they do not describe spontaneous desire as a characteristic,' she said. From (NYT). A highly rated comment: "Same old suggestions. Here's the real deal: if you are in a sexles...
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How Managers Can Manage A Hybrid Work Environment

Managers need to find new ways to engage team members Image Credit: Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture The world of workplaces has undergone a great deal of change. It used to be that everyone would go into work, sit at a desk, and then go home again at the end of the day. The pandemic sent everyone home for a year and the workplace that we all knew and loved appears to be gone for good. What is taking its place is being called a “hybrid work environment”. In this ...
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Podcast #726: What’s Causing the Male Friendship Recession?

According to a recent survey, the percentage of men with at least six close friends has fallen by half since 1990, and men today are 5X more likely to say they don’t even have a single close friend than they were thirty years ago. What are the reasons for this seeming friendship recession among men? Today I talk to the man who conducted that survey to try to find out. His name is Daniel Cox and he’s the director of the Survey Center on American Life. Today on the show Daniel takes us on a tou...
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My work has always defined me, but now I am burning out

Allow yourself some fallow time so new ways of thinking have time to formThe question I have recently taken six weeks off work due to burn-out, diagnosed by my GP. In the past 10 years I have only ever taken half of all my annual leave and have never been off sick even though there are days I probably should have stayed at home. I am extremely committed to my job in the NHS.My dilemma is how to avoid getting burnt out again. I love my job and get an enormous amount of satisfaction, kudos, legiti...
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"Mike will literally lick my face if I am not giving him affection when he desires it."

Says Amber Lee, a matchmaker, about her husband Mike Lee, a life coach and matchmaker. She adds: "This playfulness helps me to loosen up and helps him to get the attention he desires from me as we laugh and enjoy each other."Quoted in (NYT). I guess the key word there is "nonsexual." This article is about cuddling. He's not licking her face because she's withholding sex. The article would have a completely different vibe if that were the situation. He's licking her face to get nonsexual physic...
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I have no idea what my husband told his wives when he married me

In this extract from Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah’s book The Sex Lives of African Women, a Kenyan woman reflects on life and sex in her polygamous householdInterview: ‘With some women, I thought, “Oh my God, you’ve cracked the code! You’re living your best sex life”’Nura [not her real name] is a 42-year-old Kenyan woman. She lives in Senegal with her husband and his other wives.Ishmael and I met in 2018 on Muzmatch, a dating app for Muslims. I had been a convert for about four years and I needed to exp...
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Blind date: ‘He hadn’t read the social-distancing memo’

Eddie, 79, human rights activist, meets Gisela, 65, teacherWhat were you hoping for?A soulmate able to see through the smoke and mirrors, and together see what can be done for our children’s children. Continue reading...
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‘Be interested, be curious, hear what’s not said’: how I learned to really listen to people | Annalisa Barbieri

Being a good listener isn’t just about shutting up and not interrupting – it’s about really taking in what someone is telling youWhen I was a young girl, a fabulous woman called Pam who lived opposite us would come to do my mum’s hair once a week. Pam was a retired hairdresser and beautician who had been taught partly by Vivien Leigh’s mother.I knew this because I listened as she and my mother talked. My mum would sit under the stand hairdryer with wads of cotton wool curling out from under her ...
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‘I had a crush on my sexy manager’: seven readers on their summers of love

A virtual lockdown date that blossomed, an encounter on a backpackers’ bus and a school trip to Spain – readers share their most memorable summer romancesAfter just one week of living in New York, the city locked down, and a summer of love seemed unlikely. I did go on a series of virtual dates, with around 20 guys over four months; some were funny, kind and smart, and some were a little weird. One or two of them became my friends. Then, I finally got a call from Mr Right on the long weekend of 4...
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Sexy Beasts review – would you want to date a white mouse with a mullet?

In Netflix’s dating show, contestants dress as animals, insects, demons and dinosaurs – so they’re not chosen for their looks. The results are so screamingly awful, you’ll end up weeping into your sofaSometimes I think it makes sense as a covert government anti-Covid strategy (now that they’ve given up on overt, data-driven, scientifically sanctioned ones): give the public a new dating show in which people are done up as figures from a plushy fetishist’s (look it up, I don’t have time to explain...
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Looking for love? Dress as a shark! Is Sexy Beasts a new low for dating shows?

A disturbing new Netflix series makes dates dress up as animals – from rhinos to insects – so that choices are made on personality not looks. So why is everyone involved so hot?“Ass first, personality second,” says a deadpan beaver at a bar. Meanwhile, a panda with pleading eyes says she wants a baby by the age of 26. A rhino in a dress shirt chips in with “Vulnerability is our biggest muscle” – and gets a high five from a delighted dolphin.What fresh hell is this? Are we not, for just one momen...
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My boyfriend said he wanted to marry me, but then walked out

To move on you need to recognise that your type is not your type, says Philippa PerryThe question I am a gay man with a relationship problem. I was very much in love with my ex-boyfriend for the first three years of our relationship. Problems started when he asked me to marry him. I felt us disconnecting and asked to go and see a relationship counsellor. It didn’t help. He said some things in session that still smart today. For example, he said our partnership was like a whining child he wants t...
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Blind date: ‘He is very, very different from my friends’

Jillian, 57, consultant, meets Alan, 70, medical delivery driverWhat were you hoping for?A diversion after a long period of solitary lockdown. Continue reading...
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Two-thirds of couples start out as friends, research finds

Average length of friendship before relationship turns romantic is 22 months, study saysWhen Harry first met Sally, he asserted men and women could not be friends because the “sex part always gets in the way”.But new research suggests roughly two-thirds of couples start out as friends and maintain a platonic relationship for long periods before sparking a romance. Continue reading...
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How we met: ‘My flight was delayed, I went to the bar – and found my future wife’

Darragh, 46, and Susan, 44, met in an airport hotel thousands of miles from their homes in the US. They now live in Oregon with their daughter and two dogsIn the summer of 2008, Darragh was travelling home to New York via Heathrow after a holiday in the Balkans. “Everything was delayed,” he remembers. “I was offered a room in a hotel for the night as I couldn’t get back home that day.”He went down to the bar to drown his sorrows. “It was packed with people watching a European Championship quarte...
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More sex. Fewer fights. Has the pandemic actually been good for relationships?

A poll finds American adults are happy with their partnerships, perhaps because lockdown has pushed couples to growFrom the earliest days of the pandemic, experts anticipated that the stress of Covid-19 would wreak havoc on romantic relationships (and in some cases, they were right). But one recent survey suggests what few people could have predicted: for many of the couples that persevered, the pandemic may have actually improved the relationship.According to a national poll released in Februar...
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Will my menopausal wife ever want to have sex with me again?

Instead of trying to control her, be curious about her experience, says Philippa PerryThe question My wife and I are both 51 and have been together 30 years. She is experiencing terrible perimenopausal symptoms and I am trying to support her as much as possible. I have always been sensitive to her needs – period pain, labour, postnatal depression and three years of anorexia –and I have researched all I can about the perimenopause. I adore my wife and find her sexy, but I know that intimacy is no...
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Blind date: ‘She might be the only person who has never seen a Star Wars or Harry Potter film’

Jay, 27, writer, meets Dinelka, 20, studentWhat were you hoping for?An improvement on my only previous blind date from years ago. If nothing else, I knew this one couldn’t possibly go that badly. Continue reading...
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‘I know it’s weird’ – Jumbo: the film about a woman who falls in love with a funfair ride

Inspired by Erika Eiffel, who married the Eiffel Tower, this surreal debut tells the story of a woman who falls in love with a big, swirling fairground ride. Its director explains allJust imagine the pitch. “I want to make my debut film about a girl who falls in love with a funfair ride. Um, that’s it.” But, however improbable it may seem, Zoé Wittock didn’t just get Jumbo bankrolled, the film was also screened at Sundance. And it’s every bit as strange, and quite a bit richer than you might exp...
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My summer of love: ‘Every time he kissed another girl, my heart broke’

One hot teenage summer, I made a lifelong friend. Years later, it turned out there was much more between usIt was the summer of 2000 when I fell in love. I would love to say it was hot, but it was probably raining; weather doesn’t bother you when you’re 14 and smitten. My baggy jeans were drenched in south London gutter scum, with knee-high puddle water stains and my try-hard skater shoes that had never once touched a skateboard, ugly as hell and a size too big.It was the school holidays and a g...
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My summer of love: ‘I realised intimacy and tingling excitement could exist alongside sadness’

After our GCSEs, my first girlfriend and I took our tent to Reading festival and found levity in a very difficult yearThere is a peculiar romance to British summer music festivals. Some kind of consequence-free hedonism emerges when you combine bouts of torrential rain with the rancid stench of overflowing chemical toilets, the stomach-fizz of morning beers, and the itch of last night’s glitter pressed into your unwashed skin. It makes for the perfect conditions to distract the head and, for onc...
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‘As a summer fling I proved hard to shake off’: my transatlantic romance

I quit my job for a transatlantic romance and spent June and July getting drunk with my English girlfriend as her friends got hitchedMost transatlantic romances are, out of necessity, brief: a chance meeting, an expensive visit apiece, followed by an eventual admission of defeat. But this one, begun in the winter of 1990 while I was living in New York, wasn’t quite over with. After that second expensive visit, I booked another flight to London for early June. It seemed unlikely that the magazine...
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I am living with my ex. Should we have some physical distance between us? | Leading questions

You can’t move frictionlessly from being in a relationship to being close friends, writes advice columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith. Something needs to changeI’m living with my ex-partner after mutually deciding to break up a few weeks ago. We rent a two-bed house and have a cat. The issue is my ex wants to stay in this living situation for the next few months and has no urgency to find alternative accommodation. I feel the urgency but don’t know what to do and whether to move back with my parents ...
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I am living with my ex. Should we have some physical distance between us?

You can’t move frictionlessly from being in a relationship to being close friends, writes advice columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith. Something needs to changeI’m living with my ex-partner after mutually deciding to break up a few weeks ago. We rent a two-bed house and have a cat. The issue is my ex wants to stay in this living situation for the next few months and has no urgency to find alternative accommodation. I feel the urgency but don’t know what to do and whether to move back with my parents ...
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