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Let’s talk sex: The science of your brain on dirty talk

One in five people in a new study admit that they have stopped sex cold because of the dirty talk.90% of the participants felt aroused by the right erotic talk with their partner.Dirty talk activates the erogenous zones of the brain: the hypothalamus and amygdala. By electrifying our most powerful sex organs, our brains, research has shown that provocative conversation has the ability to add serious sizzle to our sex lives. Yet, it's a highly subjective form of bedroom art that comes in many...
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Six things we learned from asking couples how they stay together

From respecting each other’s independence to seeking professional help if needed, long-lasting couples share their wisdom on loveEveryone knows that couple: the one that endures no matter what life throws at them. So how do they do it? Over the last few months, we’ve asked 15 couples that question – and, as Tolstoy suggested when he wrote “all happy families are alike”, there were some common themes. Related: Relationships: tell us how you stay together Continue reading...
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How often do couples have sex? 10 questions to ask your partner about your sex life

Americans are having sex an average of 62 times per year - with people in their 20s having sex around 80 times per year, people in their 40s having sex around 60 times per year and people 65+ having sex about 20 times per year.According to a 2019 study, 55% of women reported being in situations where they wanted to communicate with a partner about what they like (and didn't like) about their sex lives but ultimately decided not to say anything. There are ten questions you can use to create a s...
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Four things to do if you still hate your ex on Valentine's Day

For those of us suffering from a serious case of the ex, the holiday is like an obstacle course – but these activities could ease the painValentine’s Day is upon us. For those lucky enough to be betrothed this February, that means sitting in packed restaurants, in close enough proximity to other couples that you can smell their overpriced red wine jus. This experience, although unenviable, pales in comparison to the experience of those trying to get over a former lover on Valentine’s Day.For tho...
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Why people post ‘couple photos’ as their social media profile pictures

As you scroll through your Facebook news feed, you see it: Your friend has posted a new profile picture. But instead of a picture of just your friend, it's a couple photo – a picture of your friend and their romantic partner.“Why would someone choose that as their profile picture?" you wonder.We are social psychology researchers interested in understanding people's behavior in close relationships and on social media. Our research and that of other scholars provides insight into why people use th...
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I Don’t Know What Is Going on with Me

So recently (about two months ago) I had a freak out that my girlfriend was pregnant. I know (stupid teen mistake) but she had two periods and the test said negative, but I still couldn’t stop freaking out about it. I would think about it every second of the day and it finally is leaving my thoughts but we recently slept together again (using birth control and condoms) but now I’m freaking out again. I cannot describe what I am feeling but it’s a mix of extreme dread, anxiety, sadness, and anger...
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'I cringe when I hear Rihanna now': the songs Guardian writers can't listen to any more

From failed relationships to funeral soundtracks, here are the much-loved tracks that became aural nightmares Continue reading...
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Psychological Safety

This evening Rachelle and I attended an orientation meeting for a local kink-related meetup group. It’s a very active group that does frequent educational workshops as well as social meetups. I’ve known about them for years and was curious, but I never went to one of their meetup, mainly because there was a (relatively minor) prerequisite that seemed just annoying enough to dissuade me from going and keep the idea perpetually on the back burner. In order to attend any meetings from this group...
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How we met: ‘I asked him to move to Berlin with me after a week’

Rob Fox, 37 and Mareike Strahl, 33, met on a farm in California in 2014. They now live in a vegan community in the Algarve with their two rescue dogsIn 2014, Rob left the grey skies of the UK to travel around Canada and the US. “I started volunteering on an avocado and olive farm close to San Diego, where they offered food and accommodation in exchange for work,” he explains. After a short trip to Death Valley, he returned to find a new worker at the farm. “I was telling everyone about my travel...
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Is asexuality psychological or biological?

The term "asexuality" refers to someone who does not feel sexual attraction to others and/or has a lack of interest in sex. According to a UK survey on sexuality, 1% of the population identifies as asexual, although some researchers suspect it's even more. While research on asexuality is limited right now, there has recently been a surge of interest in asexuality with Brock University Professor Anthony Bogaert and Stanford scholar Karli Cerankowski making strides in research on this topic. Stud...
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More and more gay people are making their partners take lie detector tests because of Grindr

With cheating on the rise, more and more gay people are asking their partners to take lie detector tests. At least, according to Andrew Goldstein, a.k.a. “the Polygraph Examiner.” Goldstein has specialized in confirming and/or debunking cases of infidelity for over a decade. He has administered thousands of polygraph tests since 2008. According to Goldstein’s website: AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { AdBridg.display("div-gpt-ad-inarticle1"); }); Polygraph tests are the most accurate way to esta...
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Brené Brown — Striving versus Self-Acceptance, Saving Marriages, and More (#409)

“We chase extraordinary moments instead of being grateful for ordinary moments until hard shit happens. And then in the face of really hard stuff — illness, death, loss — the only thing we’re begging for is a normal moment.”—Brené Brown Dr. Brené Brown (@BreneBrown) is a research professor at the University of Houston where she holds the Huffington Foundation – Brené Brown Endowed Chair at The Graduate College of Social Work. Brené is also a visiting professor in management at The University...
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Moving in Together Too Soon and Another 9 Things You Should Never Rush in a Relationship

Studies show that moving in too soon with a romantic partner can have detrimental effects on the relationship. The Insitute for Family Studies mentions that some common problems include increased... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Relight the fire: how to fall back in love with your partner

What happens if you love your other half, but are no longer ‘in love’? Here are eight ways to put the spark backIt is not uncommon, says Ammanda Major, head of clinical practice at Relate, for couples who come to therapy to say they love each other but that they’re not “in love” with each other. “Often in a longer-term relationship, the humdrumness of life has taken over their relationship,” she says. “And so, before you know it, people are feeling very disconnected from their partner.”Maybe you...
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How Do I Heal My Marriage from My Infidelity?

From a man in Peru: I proposed an open relationship to my wife for years (from the very start of our relationship) and she usually said no, was sometimes ambivalent or was sometimes inclined to say yes. We never got around to agreeing on the matter. We got married just last year after a long relationship of 13 years and I branched out of our relationship before the wedding, having five one-night stands. After our honeymoon, I confessed to one of the infidelities and she reacted negatively, but n...
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No sex, please, we’re colleagues – the new rules of office romance

Last year the CEO of McDonald’s lost his job over a consensual affair. Has the workplace crush had its day?Jenny had been living in Hong Kong for a couple of weeks when she fell “head over heels” in love with Christine, the creative director of a small fashion company. But there was a problem: Christine already had a girlfriend. And another problem: Christine was interviewing Jenny for a job at the company at the time. “The first thing she did when she came in was to sit in her chair and say to ...
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My Husband Constantly Criticizes Our Sex Life

From a woman in the U.S.:  My husband and I have been together for seven years, married for less than a year, with a toddler. His past relationships have been non-traditional, in that he was in an open marriage, engaged in group sex/threesomes, was constantly at strip clubs, etc. Upon us getting together, I immediately made it clear that I did not share the same kinks and would not be in a relationship with someone who engaged in these activities (without me- I am happy to visit a strip club wit...
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India’s “Most Desirable Man” Ali Fazal goes on his first date with another man in new Netflix series

View this post on Instagram Congratulations to all the winners and the non winners and the ones who werent considered for awards- you are your first award- cherish that , win that. Rest of it adds to the shelf.. so, make sure you own a shelf. Thats about that. Cheers. A post shared by ali fazal (@alifazal9) on Sep 19, 2019 at 12:45am PDT Ali Fazal is an Indian actor and model. In addition to star...
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How to Keep the Spark Alive in a Long-Distance Relationship

Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews How to Keep the Spark Alive in a Long-Distance Relationship If you’ve ever been in a long-distance relationship, then you know they can be difficult to maintain. That doesn’t mean that they’re completely unsustainable, they just need to be sustained by a lot of... Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews How to Keep the Spark Alive in a Long-Distance Relationship
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Using the logic of neuroscience to heal from a breakup

According to a study from anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, when humans fall in love, regions of the brain that are rich in dopamine (a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in feeling pleasure) light up and parts of the brain that are used in fear and social judgment are operating at lower rates. The surge and decline of hormones in our brains when we experience a breakup are also similar to those felt when withdrawing from an addiction to drugs - and the pain felt during a breakup has appeared...
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The power of celibacy: ‘Giving up sex was a massive relief’

The plethora of dating apps has bolstered society’s obsession with sex, but many people find that a period of abstinence makes them happier and healthierIn a world where you can get a sexual partner faster than a pizza delivery, it has never been easier to play the field. Yet, despite all that swiping right, a surprising number of people are not having sex at all – not for religious reasons, or because they can’t get a date, but because they find that celibacy makes them happier. Some have never...
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Becoming Aware of Your Reflections

Once when I was going through customs at the airport in Winnipeg, Canada to visit Rachelle, I got pulled aside for extra questioning. The suspicious young agent somehow convinced himself that I was on an errand of ill intent and interrogated me about my reasons for visiting. He went through the files on my laptop, searching for evidence of illegal activity. He read through the recent text messages on my cell phone. Much to his chagrin, I wasn’t actually crossing the border to destroy Canadian so...
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Perez Hilton can’t find a date, claims “the overwhelming majority of gay men don’t like me”

Perez Hilton is once again opening up about his dating life–or lack thereof–in a new podcast interview. Hilton, whose real name is Mario Lavanderria, made a reputation for himself as a celebrity blogger, often relishing in star scandals, defacing pictures of famous actors, or implying that they’re gay. Now, as a contestant on the Australian version of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, he says his profession has harmed his dating life. In an interview with Tanya Hennessy as part of a tie-in p...
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Should you grow a beard? Here's how women perceive bearded men

A new study found that women perceive men with facial hair to be more attractive as well as physically and socially dominant.Women tend to associate more masculine faces with physical strength, social assertiveness, and formidability. Women who display higher levels of "moral disgust," or feelings of repugnance toward taboo behaviors, are more likely to prefer hairy faces. None The beard is an ever contentious subject in the domain of male grooming practices. Love them or hate them, new resea...
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The path to less stress? Strategic pessimism.

The centuries old philosophy of Stoicism may hold the key to a kind of happiness that is more grounded in reality.The two main ideas of stoic happiness are that problems are caused by your reactions to events not the events themselves, and the only things you can control are your thoughts and your actions.Choosing strategic pessimism over optimism and positive thinking is one way to avoid "unnecessary disturbance and anxiety." Happy: Why M...
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'Marriage Story was stunningly on-point': what divorce lawyers want you to know

If you have gone from hoping that your marriage will last for ever to hoping that it will all be over cheaply and painlessly, the experts have some bad newsThere is a moment early on in the film Marriage Story, Noah Baumbach’s Oscar-nominated exploration of divorce, that sparked rueful recognition from Tom Kretchmar, a divorce lawyer. “Right at the outset, the actors Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson are like: ‘What’s there to fight about? This is going to be easy – we’ll take half each and go ...
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Age gives you an edge in the workplace. Here’s how.

Melanie Katzman has 30 years of experience in her field, yet was advised to tell people she had just 20 years of experience so she wouldn't seem too out of touch.Katzman strongly disagrees with that assessment of age in the workplace. Rather than see it as a liability, older professionals should embrace their age and experience. They can see patterns more broadly, plus they have deep network connections, information, and the desire to be generous."Research shows us that generativity flows downhi...
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His boyfriend’s ex is ‘hot AF’ and now he’s feeling insecure — help!

A guy was racked by insecurity after realizing that his boyfriend’s ex is “hot AF,” but his fellow Redditors are doing their best to save his relationship and peace of mind. Related: “Yesterday, while talking to my BF, he showed me his Instagram feed and some funny memes, but after I see him scrolling for a while, I see a man I thought was a model, and then he said, ‘I shouldn’t have this,’ and he unfollowed the guy,” the advice-seeker wrote in a recent thread. AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { ...
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Managers Need To Become A Leader That Their Team Can Trust

Trust is the key to getting team commitment Image Credit: Neal Sanche If there is one workplace problem that managers want to find a way to solve, it would most definitely be the challenge of disengaged employees. What managers would like to learn how to do would be to understand how to use our manager skills to better motivate employees and how to get more manager training on how to build better relationships with those employees. So the big question is what is the manager factor that is m...
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Forget cat ladies: the real tribes of modern dating, from fantasists to routiners

Finding a mate now involves navigating the perils of sword enthusiasts, 9/11 ‘truthers’ and the risk that it’s your beagle they really want, rather than youTen years ago, in my second year at university, I threw a Lord of the Rings-themed party. I would be embarrassed about committing this to print had it not been in New Zealand, where all parties are Lord of the Rings-themed.I was a Ringwraith, having spent an unfeasible amount of money on eBay for a hobby horse. Some guests on the way to my ho...
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