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TV broadcaster Sinclair launches STIRR, a free streaming service with local news and sports

Local TV broadcasting company Sinclair Broadcast Group today announced the launch of a new streaming service called STIRR that aims to bring local TV news and other content to the growing number of cord cutters across the U.S. The company today owns over 190 TV stations, which it’s leveraging in order to create its own “skinny bundle.” However, unlike TV streaming services such as Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu with Live TV, or YouTube TV, for example – STIRR will be free and ad-supported in...
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Away from Vietnam’s tourist circuit, a Pacific Northwest travel writer finds comfort and charm in Seattle’s sister city

Haiphong is rarely more than a stopover for tourists en route to the airport for flights south, but many visitors say the area feels the way Hanoi did before the influx of tourists.
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Sponsored: From Seattle, he helps open Hyatt hotels all over the world

For Ahmed Elayan, an IT project manager, work is a mix of home-based preparation and far-flung, exotic travel.
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Edouardo Jordan gives up his recipe for the world’s greatest mac ’n’ cheese, and now we can all die happy

Seattle’s most acclaimed chef shares his truly incredible recipe so we all can die happy.
Tags: News, Life, Lifestyle, Food & Drink, Seattle, Pacific NW Magazine, Edouardo Jordan

Not bowled over yet: My search for Seattle’s perfect ramen

As part of a quest to find her Seattle ramen home, our writer tests two new ramen shops, Menya Musashi Niten Ichiryu on Capitol Hill and Engimono Ramen in Northgate. How did the tonkotsu and the tonkatsu stack up?
Tags: News, Life, Food & Drink, Capitol Hill, Seattle, Northgate, Menya Musashi Niten Ichiryu, Engimono Ramen

Your Style Moniker for 2019

A style moniker is a short and punchy phrase that captures your personal style. It’s not essential to have one, and half of my clients don’t give this a second thought. But like choosing a word and colour for the year, the process of reflection can be fun, helpful and therapeutic.  A style moniker is handy to keep front of mind whenever you’re making decisions about your style, like when you’re editing your closet, planning your wardrobe, purchasing a wardrobe item, or creating an outfit. It kee...
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Movies You Won’t Believe Are Based On True Stories

At first glance, the script for War Dogs probably read like an outlandish action comedy.How could a couple of stoner dudes from Miami secure a $300 million contract to supply arms to the U.S. government? How could the Pentagon supply tens of millions of shoddy weapons to Afghani troops fighting Al Qaeda and the Taliban? How could the U.S. government be tricked into purchasing decomposing, 40-year-old munitions that were culled from a Communist surplus stockpile or manufactured cheaply in China ...
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Sponsored: Job outlook 2019: Seattle has ‘a very innovative workforce, and no one wants to miss the party’

Employment across nearly all sectors will continue to experience consistent growth throughout Washington, labor economists suggest.
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Sponsored: Job outlook 2019: Seattle, state can expect ‘still-strong’ growth

“This is a very innovative workforce, and no one wants to miss the party,” says regional labor economist Anneliese Vance-Sherman.
Tags: News, Careers, Seattle, Explore

Real Change: How Seattle’s street newspaper plans to survive in the digital age

The paper, which turns 25 this year, has put millions of dollars into the pockets of some of our city’s poorest residents — and has no intention of folding.
Tags: News, Life, Lifestyle, Seattle, Pacific NW Magazine

Seattle’s pioneer mansions were a popular 1940s feature of The Seattle Times

A Seattle woman’s focus on ‘Early-Day Mansions’ featured one downtown that was owned by one of the city’s most powerful and popular couples.
Tags: News, Life, Seattle, Pacific NW Magazine, Seattle Times

Pioneer Square’s Bad Bishop is the kind of good bar Seattle needs now

This low-key place doesn't try too hard, isn't too pricey and might just be your new favorite hangout.
Tags: News, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle, Pioneer Square

Reflecting on My Style in 2018

Here’s a detailed reflection on my style in 2018. I will be using this as a base as I refresh and evolve my wardrobe in 2019.  New Specs and Hair A year ago, I had a very short, straight blonde pixie. By the end of 2018, I’d grown out my fringe, embraced the natural waves, saturated the blonde, and added Modern Retro red specs and vintage white sunnies to my eyewear capsule. I’m enjoying the long fringe and wearing my ‘do both wavy and straight to change things up. I’m sticking with the ‘do un...
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Blue C Sushi shuts down five Seattle-area restaurants

Blue C Sushi abruptly closed all seven of its restaurants Sunday night, surprising many of their employees, who were laid off.
Tags: News, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle

How to cope with January grays in the Pacific Northwest

Readers and co-workers share their favorite "recipes" for making it through Seattle's dark and rainy season.
Tags: Wellness, Outdoors, News, Fitness, Life, Lifestyle, Food & Drink, Seattle, Pacific Northwest

Nicole Tsong is moving on, but her ‘Fit For Life’ lessons are forever: Keep moving, Seattle!

Her weekly magazine column is ending, but Tsong plans to keep working out and wants you to, too.
Tags: News, Fitness, Life, Lifestyle, Seattle, Pacific NW Magazine, Nicole Tsong, Tsong

This Seattle neighborhood, a mix of Chinatown and Skid Road, was wiped out by 1889’s Great Fire

From the top of the Occidental Hotel, pioneer photographer Theodore Peiser captured buildings — some not quite aligned — later lost to Seattle’s 1889 Great Fire.
Tags: News, Life, Seattle, Chinatown, Pacific NW Magazine, Occidental Hotel, Skid Road, Theodore Peiser

‘I always despised the class clown’: Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco is coming to Seattle

An interview with the entertainer, who brings his trademark impatience with humanity to the Moore Theatre on Jan. 12.
Tags: News, Entertainment, Life, Seattle, Nightlife, Sebastian Maniscalco

Nirvana sue designer Marc Jacobs over alleged copyright breach

Representatives of the band are suing the brand over a logo in its Redux Grunge collectionNirvana are suing designer Marc Jacobs for copyright infringement. The brand’s recent Redux Grunge collection features several items that resemble the Seattle grunge band’s black-and-yellow iconography, Forbes reports.Representatives for the group, which split in 1994 following the death of frontman Kurt Cobain, claim that Marc Jacobs’ unauthorised use of “Nirvana’s copyrighted image on and to promote its p...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Culture, Seattle, Nirvana, Marc Jacobs, Kurt Cobain, Forbes

19 new Seattle-area restaurants and bars at the end of another boom year

A new spot from a Seattle superstar chef. A hotly anticipated diner with Eastern European and Jewish favorites. An upscale Filipino/Pacific Northwest prix-fixe place. A beer-nerd's dream. And much, much more. The last batch of restaurant openings of 2018 looks especially, tantalizingly good.
Tags: Business, News, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle, Pacific Northwest, Local Business

The dream of the dive-bar breakfast is alive at Greenwood’s Baranof

The nautically themed Baranof is 100 percent Old Seattle. It gets the basic eggs-hashbrowns-toast trio just right.
Tags: News, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle, Greenwood, Baranof

The Best and Worst of 2018

As my last post for 2018, here are some thoughts to wrap up the year of style, fashion, retail and beyond. These are very subjective musings, so feel free to agree, disagree, and add to my list. It’s all in good fun and there are no right or wrong answers. Or course, there’s an emphasis on the positive, because that’s how we roll on YLF.  Highlights of the Year: My favourite moments are with my favourite person – husband Greg. Our trip to Positano on the Amalfi Coast was as perfect as can be, in...
Tags: Nordstrom, Fashion, US, South Africa, Italy, Netherlands, Michelle Obama, Salt Lake City, Jamie Oliver, Seattle, Alison, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Best Customer Service, Greg, Jim Kerr

Rant & Rave: A smooth outing from Auburn to Seattle, all on public transit

Readers rave for retired Seahawks and teens visiting seniors, time for others, public transportation; rant about dangerous drivers, ad featuring deceased TV star, accident fatality description
Tags: News, Life, Lifestyle, Seattle

10 most-read food and drink stories of 2018, from burger battles to a sommelier’s Costco picks

Shake Shack finally opening in Seattle and Food & Wine's pick for Washington state's best barbecue spot were among the most popular Food & Drink stories the past year.
Tags: News, Washington, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle, Costco

The top 18 new Seattle-area cheap eats of 2018 — the food and the stories

Seattle Times writers Bethany Jean Clement and Tan Vinh share their favorite places from 2018 — a year in great eating.
Tags: Business, News, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle, Local Business, Seattle Times, Tan Vinh, Bethany Jean Clement

Inside the very cool world of Seattle’s elite ice carvers

Ice sculptures are both labor-intensive and luxuriously temporary, made-to-order monoliths whose shimmering surfaces reflect hopes, dreams and achievements.
Tags: Travel, Outdoors, News, Life, Lifestyle, Seattle

Seattle restaurant classics: Why you need to go to Tai Tung

New to town? Tai Tung is a place you should not miss. And if you've already been, don’t forget to show your love. Welcome back to Bethany Jean Clement's series celebrating Seattle’s classic restaurants.
Tags: Business, News, Life, Food & Drink, Seattle, Local Business, Tai Tung, Bethany Jean Clement

Compliments of the Season

It’s the last week of the year. A time to unwind, soak up the festivities, eat your favourite foods, cook up a storm, dress up and down, bop to fun music, relax, sleep in, hang out in pjs and loungewear a little longer, catch up on reading and tele, take therapeutic walks, spend time with friends, appreciate loved ones, and enjoy the gift of giving.  At least that’s what’s the residents of the Cox Castle will be doing! We’re at home in Seattle and looking forward to giving airports a break until...
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The nonprofit winery Water from Wine switches the narrative by funding worldwide water projects with wine sales

Proceeds fund 19 water groups, including Water1st International in Seattle; so far, Water from Wine has provided grants totaling $100,000.
Tags: News, Life, Lifestyle, Food & Drink, Seattle, Pacific NW Magazine

Whitney Mongé follows her European tour with a new record — and a lot of emotion

POSTSCRIPTS: The future seems brighter than ever for talented Seattle musician Whitney Mongé.
Tags: News, Life, Lifestyle, Seattle, Pacific NW Magazine, Whitney Mongé

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