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Spotlight: Universal Standard

I sang the praises of Universal Standard back in 2017, but they deserve another spotlight because they are now the world’s most size-inclusive fashion brand. Since my first spotlight they’ve added more sizes to their clothing assortment, and opened a showroom in Seattle which is a five minute walk from our loft. I’ve taken clients there and we always come back smiling after a delightful experience. Universal Standard believes that style should be the only filter when you shop. As a result, they ...
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Finding a Stylish Balance

Balance is often the factor that makes the difference between personal style being a source of stress, or a source of joy. How one strikes the right balance is very personal, but here are some of the things that I’ve had to learn to balance through soul searching and a lot of trial and error over the years.  1. Caring and Not Caring Expressing an interest in how you present yourself to the world, doing some soul searching about it, and creating a signature style that makes you happy is not fri...
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13 things you probably didn't know about Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, who turns 57 on January 12, was born in New Mexico to a teenage mother and father.  Even at a young age, he showed a knack for engineering and inventing. You might not know that Bezos almost named his wildly successful company "Cadabra." In August 2020, he became the first person to accumulate a fortune of over $200 billion. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Jeff Bezos is known as ...
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Bridgerton author Julia Quinn: 'I've been dinged by the accuracy police – but it's fantasy!'

Her ‘hot and crazy’ novels about feisty women bedding rakish aristocrats have become a Netflix sensation. The writer talks about literary snobs, colour-conscious casting and the curse of Jane Austen“People look down on romance novels,” says Julia Quinn. “We’re the ugly stepchild of the publishing industry – even though romance novels make so much money for publishers that they’re able to take chances on poetry, literary fiction and other things that don’t really make money.”This is why Quinn nev...
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Athleisure With a Fab Fashion Coat

Athleisure is an extremely popular way of dressing casually in the US. It’s become even more popular during the pandemic as more people work and stay at home, because the items are very comfortable and cosy, and technical fabrics are simple to launder.  Athleisure outfits on the streets of Seattle are usually topped with super casual puffers, which keeps things sporty and practical. But you also have the option of a fab fashion coat or jacket to create an interesting juxtaposition. The fashion c...
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Ten Reasons to Love Dark Neutrals

Dark neutrals — like black, dark blue, charcoal grey, and chocolate brown — hold an important place in most wardrobes, and for good reason. Some people choose one or two dark neutrals to incorporate into their style, while others wear an assortment. Black is the most popular dark neutral with my clients, and I see a lot of it on the streets of Seattle. Here are ten reasons that dark neutrals rock. 1. Flattering Against the Complexion Dark neutrals are extremely flattering with certain complexi...
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A history of the 30-year feud between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, whose love-hate relationship spurred the success of Microsoft and Apple

Steve Jobs, left, and Bill Gates. Beck Diefenbach/Reuters; Mike Cohen/Getty Images for The New York Times Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates and Apple cofounder Steve Jobs began building their companies right around the same time, and it was a natural catalyst for their rivalry.  While the two founders had periods of civility, at other times, they were at each other's throats.  Jobs insulted Gates' taste and imagination, while Gates once described Jobs as "weirdly flawed as a human being." But...
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Highlights of 2020

What a year. It’s been tough and stressful, and in most ways we’ll be glad to put it behind us. Focussing on the upbeat and positive, here are some short thoughts to wrap up 2020’s style, fashion, retail, entertainment and beyond. These are merely subjective musings, so feel free to agree, disagree, and add to my list.  Best People on the Planet: Our incomparable healthcare heroes, and especially those on the frontlines in COVID-19 ICU units. They have courageously given, and continue to give, s...
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Happy Holidays from the Cox Castle

It’s the last week of 2020, and what a year it has been. The sadness, hardship, anxiety and loss that the world has felt and continues to feel is devastating. If ever there was a time to show our appreciation and gratitude, share affection, be extra thoughtful and kind, support others, enjoy the gift of giving, and fondly remember those who are no longer with us — it’s now. So whether you celebrate Christmas or not, let this be a time to feel comforted and think about the good in your lives. Coo...
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Words of the year 2020: Fritinancy edition

 COVID, COVID, COVID, impeachment, COVID. Just kidding. Sort of. Yes, 2020 was the year in which Donald J. Trump was impeached by the US Senate. It was also the year in which he was soundly defeated at the polls by Joe Biden, although as of this writing his legal shenanigans and email grifting continue unabated, as I expect they will until Biden is sworn in on January 20, 2021. But the impeachment took place in January and February, and in March everything changed thanks to the SARS-CoV-...
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The life and career of billionaire Oracle cofounder and international playboy Larry Ellison, who just announced he's leaving Silicon Valley for Hawaii

Larry Ellison. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Larry Ellison, the founder and CTO of Oracle, has a net worth of $75.2 billion, according to Bloomberg's Billionaires Index. But Ellison hasn't had the tech world's typical path to success. He dropped out of college twice and didn't become a billionaire until age 49. Over the years, he's built Oracle into a $180 billion behemoth whose former employees have gone on to start companies like Salesforce.  He's also become a lavish spender, owning several h...
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The 25 large companies with the best CEOs in 2020, according to employees

Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom Video Communications, is the best CEO of large companies according to Comparably. Carlo Allegri/AP Career site Comparably just released its annual list of the best CEOs at large companies. The list is based on anonymous employee ratings over a 12-month period. Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom Video Communications, ranked at the top of the list. View the full lists from Comparably here. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. One career site found the most highl...
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Anatomy of My LinkedIn Profile Header

I’m diving into my Pluralsight Personal Branding course to redo it for early next year and thought it would be a good time to look at my LinkedIn profile. I like my header, and figured it is a good time to share what I like about it. As I go through this, think about what your header looks like. One of my main messages is to do your branding intentionally. So here we go, with some elements of my intentional branding on my LinkedIn profile header. #1: The “Background photo” Many profiles I see...
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Tapered Scrunch with Long Hems: Yay or Nay

This trend is about wearing pants and jeans with straight legs or tapered legs and extra long hems, so that they create fabric scrunch across the vamp of the foot or shoe. Sometimes the vibe can be achieved with skinnies.  For the scrunch to stay put and look more visually neat, the hem openings need to fit quite snugly over the foot and shoe. Hence the need for leg silhouettes to be straight, or to taper back to the ankle if the leg shape is roomy. When extra long scrunched hems are too wide, y...
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The 25 best MBA programs in the world for a career in tech

MIT (Sloan) has the best MBA program for a career in tech, according to Quacquarelli Symonds. MIT Sloan QS Quacquarelli Symonds, a global higher education analyst, released its list of the best MBA programs for people interested in a career in technology. This ranking is one of seven specializations lists that were recently published; The best MBAs for a career in finance was another one of these rankings that looks at a specific career path.  MIT Sloan School of Management's MBA program w...
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Urban Decades Mini Eyeshadow Palette $25 at Ulta

Urban Decay Decades Mini Eyeshadow Palette are a new mini eyeshadow palette featuring six shades each inspired by iconic looks from the 70s and 80s. Each palette is $25 and available in four different shade selections. Urban Decades 70’s Boogie Mini Eyeshadow Palette Disco Diva (ivory shimmer with silver pearls) Outlandish (mahogany brown shimmer) I Like It (soft terracotta matte) Glitter Scene (iridescent pressed glitter) Club Hop (light peach shimmer with silver pearls) Turn the Beat (black w...
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Searches for homes in urban areas up 200% from last year: Redfin

With the largest annual increase for searches in urban areas so far this year, new data from Redfin released Tuesday suggests Americans haven't given up on cities just yet.
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An Impractical Purchase

I’ve been looking for pale pink cold-weather boots and hi-top sneakers for years. Along with white, blush footwear is a wardrobe essential for my style. I haven’t found the right hi-top sneakers yet, but I have found the boots. They are Frye’s Billy Inside Zip Bootie that I got on Amazon for half the price.  After a little doctoring with some additional insoles, they are very comfortable, the perfect-for-me heel height, and fit well. They are adequately crisp and refined for my sartorial prefere...
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Google is planning to add new 'hub' offices to provide flexibility for employees, and experts say these networks of satellite offices are the future in Silicon Valley

Amazon's office in Boulder, Colorado. Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via Getty Images The future of the tech office isn't clustered in Silicon Valley, experts told Business Insider. Instead, tech companies will likely adopt a "hub-and-spoke" model, with satellite offices peppered across the US. In a post-coronavirus era, employees may have a "remote-first" work schedule, and commute to a satellite office when they need to from wherever they live.  Amazon, Apple, and Uber have alre...
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Spotlight: Rothy’s

Rothy’s is a sustainable casual footwear and handbag brand that you probably know. I see their famous flats on the streets of Seattle fairly frequently, and some of my clients and our forum members wear them too. Their handbag assortment is a newer addition, and looks as casually fab and chic. Many of our forum members who have tried and tested Rothy’s merchandise are very satisfied with the results. The Rothy’s approach: “We’re committed to constantly optimizing our sustainable efforts. From ou...
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Assorted Fab Finds

Fall and Winter merchandise is finally hitting stores in the US with an even larger assortment online. Brick-and-mortar stores continue to struggle, which is awfully sad, but a sign of the times. Fashion chains that filed for bankruptcy earlier this year are showcasing new stock so they’re not closing shop just yet. It’s anyone’s guess how retail will look a year from now. These items have been winners on a few of my clients and forum members recently. Some of the items earned a place in my ward...
Tags: Fashion, US, Seattle, Fab Find, Sam Edelman Faux Fur Trim Short Parka Heavy, Dolce Vita Zonya Sneaker, Ilse Jacobsen Twist Front, Boden Westmoreland Sweater

Birkies and Tevas with Socks: Yay or Nay

By Birkies and Tevas I mean flat and very casual Summer slides and sandals like the examples shown in the collection below. I see many people on the streets of Seattle wearing socks with Birkenstocks and Tevas. Birkenstocks are more apparent than Tevas. Back when we travelled regularly, it was a popular footwear combination at airports. The once fashion faux pas is now a hip look. I remember my Dad sporting the vibe with Birkie-type slides, socks, and shorts back in the ‘70s. In fact, he still ...
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Socially distanced attractions and activities for a road trip across the Pacific Northwest that are actually worth the stop

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in British Columbia, Canada. Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images The coronavirus pandemic has made it unsafe to travel internationally and travel experts previously told Business Insider that road trips would be the vacation of the summer. CDC Director Robert Redfield predicts the pandemic will last through the fall and winter. We surfed Trip Advisor for the highest-rated attractions in the Pacific Northwest within recommended social dis...
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Stabbing of property manager tied to tenant’s eviction at luxury tower

A double stabbing in Seattle that left one dead and another seriously injured may be connected to a property manager's attempt to evict a tenant Wednesday.
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High-Top Sneakers Are My Casual Boots

High tops, or “hi-tops”, are sneakers with high shafts that cover the ankles. Some shafts are higher than others but ankle coverage is key. Hi-tops can have an athletic or fashion vibe but are sporty and casual nonetheless. Some look crisp, refined, and polished. Some look tough, chunky and rough around the edges. Some are a hybrid between a sneaker and bootie. You’ll see all sorts of patterns, colours, embroideries and solids with matched or mismatched soles. Closures are typically zippers, lac...
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Bill Gates has warned of an impending pandemic for years. Here's how he's dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, from pledging $100 million to fight the outbreak to becoming Warren Buffett's 'scientific adviser.'

Bill Gates. Gus Ruelas/Reuters For years, Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates has warned the world of a severe, impending pandemic. In a 2015 TED Talk, Gates said that "we're not ready for the next epidemic." In 2017, Gates wrote in an op-ed article for Business Insider that the next epidemic could be "a super contagious and deadly strain of the flu." Gates has called the coronavirus a "once-in-a-century pathogen," and his charitable organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has comm...
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North Dakota councilwoman comes out in epic smackdown of a homophobe

Attendees of a city council meeting in the town of Minot, North Dakota got a show they didn’t anticipate last week, as councilwoman Carrie Evans came out of the closet during the meeting to push back against an angry homophobe. Minot had opted to raise a Pride Flag this month in celebration of the city’s queer residents. The flag was originally scheduled to run up the flagpole in June, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, raising the Pride Flag also triggered the town’s homo...
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A University of Washington graduate who landed a tech job at Starbucks shares his journey fighting for a computer science degree while battling cancer

Trey Tamaki graduated from the University of Washington this year. During his school years, he had to go through chemotherapy treatments. Trey Tamaki While he was studying at the University of Washington, Trey Tamaki was diagnosed with cancer and had to take time off school for chemotherapy treatments and surgeries. Tamaki meanwhile fell in love with computer science, but when he tried to declare it as a major, his advisor told him he most likely wouldn't get into the program because of hi...
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Individual Style After the Pandemic

I can’t accurately predict what our post-pandemic relationships with fashion and style will be like. One thing I am confident about is that there will be change. For some it will be slight, and simply an acceleration of change that was already underway. For others, the change might be more significant or unexpected. As I ponder the future fashion and style needs of myself, my clientele, and friends and family, some themes emerge. 1. Sweatpants are Not Forever I find it hard to believe that lou...
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The life of billionaire Oracle cofounder and international playboy Larry Ellison, who dropped out of college twice and has a $75 billion fortune

Larry Ellison. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Larry Ellison, the founder and CTO of Oracle, has a net worth of $75.7 billion, according to Forbes. But Ellison hasn't had the tech world's typical path to success. He dropped out of college twice and didn't become a billionaire until age 49. Over the years, he's built Oracle into a $170 billion behemoth whose former employees have gone on to start companies like Salesforce.  He's also become a lavish spender, owning several homes and even the entire...
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