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Is resurrecting Google’s BookBot the need of the hour?

Everyone in Silicon Valley is trying to design something straight out of the future. We treat science and technology as the end all be all of our issues and rightfully so, but here is an unpopular opinion – do we REALLY need technology in every aspect of our lives to make it better? A decade ago, robots doing all our tasks were just a thing of movies and today we don’t go a day without interacting with a robot – think about it, even if you call a place there is a 99% chance an automated voice ...
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The professional cyclist co-leading a team in the heart of Silicon Valley

This week, Kat Carroll of the reSolve Group in Palo Alto balances the needs of her tech-savvy clientele with the obligations of running her 1-year-old real estate business.
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Tony Fadell — On Building the iPod, iPhone, Nest, and a Life of Curiosity (#403)

“Get bored. Just put away all of your things. Maybe go clean up the garage or whatever it is. Right? Through that, you’re going to start to think differently. You’re going to act slightly differently and your mind might open up to other sources of inspiration, other problems…” — Tony Fadell Tony Fadell (@tfadell), sometimes called “the father of the iPod,” is an active investor and entrepreneur with a 30+ year history of founding companies and designing products that profoundly improve peo...
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How to Help Employees Stay Focused and Productive in Open Offices

Employees are people too, and disregarding this simple fact when planning your office can have repercussions down the line. You know what we are talking about. Open offices. source: Open offices have been around for a long, long time , but it is only recently that they have gained some serious traction and become the layout for choice for many companies. This is partly the fault of the trends set by the hipster companies of the Silicon Valley, and partly due to the cost savings a...
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Dopamine fasting: why Silicon Valley is trying to avoid all forms of stimulation

It’s the latest trend in the world’s tech capital. But is it really possible to cut yourself off from everything in life that excites you – and can it be any good for you?They have done biohacking, clean sleeping and the keto diet, but now Silicon Valley types have coined a new health trend – dopamine fasting. It is thought that depriving yourself of the neurotransmitter, a chemical messenger that motivates us to do things, can help to reboot or rebalance the brain. Fasting might entail abstinen...
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Ben Horowitz — What You Do Is Who You Are >> Lessons from Silicon Valley, Andy Grove, Genghis Khan, Slave Revolutions, and More (#392)

“One of the key insights from Bushido is that a culture is not a set of beliefs, it’s a set of actions.” — Ben Horowitz Ben Horowitz (@bhorowitz) is a cofounder and general partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Hard Thing About Hard […]
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Treating Your Career Like a Small Business

--> No one seems to take the time to consider that their careers are businesses. Your career is no different than any small business. You have a product (you) that you’re selling to your audience (your employer). You need to run your career exactly like a business person runs a business. There is no greater skill to have with your career than to run it like a business. As a business, your goal is survival and to sell your product for as much money as possible. So, too, it is with your career. Be...
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New status symbols of middle age

The last time I wrote a post with this title, I wrote that women need a stay-at-home husband. And clearly, I was wrong, because later research showed that women who are breadwinners with stay-at-home husbands are headed for divorce. And so was I. So I think what I’m best at is showing what we think we want, regardless of whether it’s actually good to want these things. 1. A traditional marriage You probably know that men report being a few inches taller than they are, and tall women report b...
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Preparing For Stressful Silicon Valley Job Interviews

For most recent college graduates the technology sector is attractive. Silicon Valley seems like a really exciting place. Innovation is happening on a regular basis. Some of the companies those graduates might use every day came from there. The compensation seems really high. And the growth opportunities bountiful. And while all of these things are true, what no one informs you about is the hiring process in Silicon Valley. Because there is more competition entering the area, hiring becomes mor...
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Counterfeit Beauty Is Booming — But Is A Knockoff Device Ever Worth The Risk?

Counterfeiting is nothing new. Remember bootleg DVDs? What about that pair of "Chanel" earrings you bought on Canal Street in New York, or the £10 "Rolex" you treated yourself to on the beach. A friend of mine once arrived at a restaurant and asked the awaiting gang of us: "What do you think of my new Louis Vuitton bag?" "I think it's not Louis Vuitton," I said, and we all laughed — because it cost £30, not £3,000.According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, handbags...
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Finally. A Highly Astute and Long Overdue Critique of Facebook

Chris Hughes, one of the original founders of Facebook, has an unusually astute analysis and critique of Facebook in today's NYT opinion page. He argues that Mark Zuckerberg is a good guy, but that his company is a threat to our economy and democracy. Facebook, he argues, needs to be broken up. It's an article every techie, techie wannabe and politician needs to imbibe thoroughly. In an unusual response to the extensive analysis, the editors of the Times also provide 5 takeaways from Hu...
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12 Women In Tech Talk Parenting With Technology & Their Favorite Mom Gadgets

As far as moms go, mine is pretty tech-savvy. When she isn't DM-ing me an adorable dog and/or baby pic on Instagram, she is schooling me on how to organize my Gmail. She's also very partial to the prayer hands and kissy face emojis. Since we live thousands of miles from one another, technology is crucial to our relationship and enables us to interact every day (or sometimes, like, three times a day).Ahead of Mother's Day, I talked to 12 leading women in tech about the relationship between mothe...
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Detroit Autonomous Vehicle Group: Small Cars & Big Dreams

The Detroit Autonomous Vehicle Group is a growing organization in both Michigan and Canada. Those who enjoy science and engineering will feel right at home, but the group is open to everyone.   Founder Alex Polonsky says the group’s mission is to use new technology to make our world better. It’s Saturday in Ferndale, Michigan, a quiet community just north of the mighty Motor City. It’s here where a group of self-described “techies” are meeting to share their love for science and innovation. He...
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How The Wealthy Stay Rich — & How You Can Make Their Money Tricks Work For You

I need to confess something. One of the reasons I wanted to write a book about investing was to get into rooms with experienced, wealthy investors, and the people who advise the uber wealthy, in order to ask them one question: What do wealthy people do differently that your average investor should know? Of course, I was hoping to unearth some secret code to easily and quickly build wealth (outside of developing an app and selling it to a tech giant for billions of dollars), but alas, there is ...
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Podcast #503: The Case for the 24/6 Lifestyle

We live in a world where it’s possible to work ourselves 24/7. Even when you’re away from the office, work still follows you on your smartphone. Being constantly connected can make us feel like we’re getting a lot done, but my guest today makes the case that we’d all be better off if we practiced the ancient tradition of the Sabbath. His name Aaron Edelheit and he’s the author of the book The Hard Break: The Case for a 24/6 Lifestyle.  We begin our show discussing the burnout Aaron experience...
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Steve Jobs Shares a Secret for Success: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

In 1994—the year Apple co-founder Steve Jobs filmed an interview with The Silicon Valley Historical Association in which he encouraged people to go for what they want by enlisting others’ assistance—there was no social media, no Kickstarter, no GoFundMe, no Patreon…  email was just becoming a thing. Back then, asking for help meant engaging in a face-to-face or voice-to-voice real time interaction, something many people find intimidating. Not so young Jobs, an electronics nut who re...
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Spotted: Elizabeth Holmes Didn’t Wear A Black Turtleneck In Court

When Elizabeth Holmes got dressed for her court appearance on Monday, she stared at her closet full of black turtlenecks and thought to herself, I'll show them (probably).Holmes' detractors have picked apart the fallen Silicon Valley CEO, criticizing everything from her natural hair color to her voice to what happened to her wolf, er, dog. And, over here at R29 Style, we were curious what message she was sending with her carefully calculated corporate fashion, specifically, her steady supply of...
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12 Money Diarists Reflect On Their Most Expensive Purchases

As we know from Money Diaries, we all have our unique styles when it comes to saving and spending money. Some people are partial to money-saving apps that do (some of) the work, others use piggy banks, and some are ready to hit purchase on the cart that's been filled for days as soon as that direct deposit hits.These habits doesn't necessarily have to do with salary: Sometimes, a diarist with an entry level salary one-third of what our highest-paid diarists earn is the most willing to shell out...
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Want To Work In Cannabis? These 7 Women Can Tell You How

It’s everywhere these days — in your favorite gummies, craft cocktails, and even fast-food hamburgers. Across the United States, the cannabis industry is booming. And if you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to work in this field — or wondered how you can leverage your existing professional knowledge into a cannabis-related career — then look no further.Working in cannabis is lucrative, especially given how many people in this country use marijuana recreationally. Today, there are 55 mi...
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A Week In New Zealand On A $108,000 Salary

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Calling all entrepreneurs: We want to hear from you! If you’re a freelancer or self-employed, we’d love to feature your Money Diary. Submit here.Travel Diaries: We're looking to get the inside scoop on when, where, and how our peers are using their vacation ...
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Eric Schmidt — Lessons from a Trillion-Dollar Coach (#367)

“You can systematize innovation even if you can’t completely predict it.” — Eric Schmidt Eric Schmidt (@ericschmidt) is Technical Advisor and Board Member to Alphabet Inc., where he advises its leaders on technology, business and policy issues. Eric joined Google in 2001 and helped grow the company from a Silicon Valley startup to a global […]
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These Women Are Reinventing The Workplace For Mothers

The first quarter of 2019 has been impressive for women-founded companies. Glossier (founded by Emily Weiss) and Rent The Runway (founded by Jennifer Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman) both announced their unicorn status (VC-speak for companies with over a $1-billion-dollar valuation). And there has been a flurry of good news about impressive funding rounds for Ellevest ($33 million), Landit ($13 million), Billie ($25 million), ThirdLove ($55 million), and Fairygodboss ($10 million) — just to name a f...
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'The Leggings problem': can we just never hear about them again? | Arwa Mahdawi

The spandex-based controversy has been broiling in the west for years; and it’s not just men policing women’s bodies, women are doing it to themselvesSign up for the Week in Patriarchy, a newsletter​ on feminism and sexism sent every Saturday. Continue reading...
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'The Leggings problem': can we just never hear about them again?

The spandex-based controversy has been broiling in the west for years; and it’s not just men policing women’s bodies, women are doing it to themselvesSign up for the Week in Patriarchy, a newsletter​ on feminism and sexism sent every Saturday. Continue reading...
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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Today's Apple Event

After much anticipation from both Silicon Valley and Hollywood alike, Apple has finally announced its very own streaming service: Apple TV+. Today, on stage at Steve Jobs Theater on Apple Campus in Cupertino, CA, Tim Cook spent almost two hours highlighting updates to the brand's fleet of services, including a new Apple TV app and the Apple Card. Apple News+ First up, Tim Cook announced that Apple will be bringing magazines to Apple News, which is already the App Store’s most popular News app, ...
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The Fitness Inspiration

Everyone I know around me is on the fitness bandwagon.And why not. As societies and humans evolve and you rise up the Maslow's pyramid, you look at things that you could do to make life better and simpler and more fulfilling. And to be able to able to do that, you ought to be in the prime of your health. Health is an enabler if nothing else.I have been unwell past few days and the impact and the effect that it has had on how I work and on my productivity has been visible. Not just to me. But to ...
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Smart Is Not Enough: What Marc Benioff Taught Me When I Was 15 Years Old

Many years ago, I cold-emailed Salesforce founder/CEO Marc Benioff. I was 15 years old and starting a CRM software company like his. Would he meet to give me some advice? I wasn’t the only one inspired by Marc’s vision of the “end of software” at the time. But I may have been one of a smaller group who was especially inspired by the fact that Marc had started companies as a teenager back in his day. To my surprise, he replied, we met for breakfast, and it kicked off a series of meals that we sh...
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A Week In Portland, OR, On A $86,000 Income

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Today: an independent consultant who makes $86,000 per year and spends some of her money this week on satsuma mandarins.Occupation: Independent Consultant Industry: Food & BeverageAge: 29Location: Portland, ORIncome: $86,000Paycheck Amount (Monthly): Roughly...
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Bad Blood/Free Solo/Sunday Soother

Sign up here to get Recomendo a week early in your inbox. Bad Blood My wife and I tore through John Carreyrou’s Bad Blood. It’s the story of Theranos, the fraudulent Silicon Valley startup that promised to revolutionize health but instead perpetrated a potentially murderous scam. The founder surrounded herself with ultrarich powerful people who were blind to obvious warning signs because they were so enamored with the idea that they were going to make billions of dollars. This real-life tale bea...
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What Will Happen To The Students At The Center Of The College Admissions Scam?

Two days after news broke of the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice, colleges and universities impacted are beginning to make decisions about the future of the students at the center of the scandal. How much did these students know? How culpable does that make them? And, of course, will they get to stay enrolled at their universities?The universities in question are numerous and widespread — USC, UCLA, University of San Diego, University of Texas, Wake ...
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