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Where’s the Fire?

Now and then I like to ask myself: Where’s the FIRE? Other variations on this question include: Where’s the fun?Where’s the energy?Where’s the fear?Where’s the spark?Where’s the trepidation?Where’s the explosiveness?Where’s the Do Not Enter sign?Where are the dragons?Where’s the passion?Where’s the excitement?Where’s the liveliness?Where’s the lust?What would wake me up?What looks scary right now?What would shake things up?What kind of energy am I craving right now?What would create some a...
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When Reality Declines Your Offer

I made some offers to reality this year that it declined. My declined offers included planned trips to Portland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Costa Rica. If the original plans held up, Rachelle and I would be embarking on about 30 days of travel starting later this month, including two wonderful multi-day events with different groups of friends, lots of touristy activities, probably an Irish excursion, and our first time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Additionally I int...
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Some Benefits of Writing

One thing I love about writing is that it’s a way to process ideas, so they don’t get stuck in my mind. Writing moves and transforms thought patterns by taking ideas on a journey from one place to another. After writing about an idea, that idea will no longer be mentally stored in the same place. It will have moved from one part of the mind to another, often a place where the idea feels less restless and more peaceful. Writing reorganizes mental shelves. Sometimes it’s clear where an idea sho...
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Studying Yourself

You can make a lot of interesting personal growth gains by studying yourself and your own responses instead of trying to follow someone else’s behavioral prescriptions. Studying yourself is especially useful in the areas of health and productivity habits. What actually creates good results for you? Quite often you’ll find that what works best for you in real life won’t be found in any book or seminar. You can learn ideas from others to inspire your own experimentation, but you may get the bes...
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Reassessing Career and Business Opportunities

In light of the virus situation, is it time to consider a career or business change? For many people this is a good time to rationally re-evaluate your opportunities – instead of merely hoping that things will magically turn around. Hope is not a good career or business strategy. Many restaurant and retail workers, for instance, now have to field questions like these as part of their jobs: Why should I wear a mask?Why are you even open right now? Do you only care about the money?Can you ta...
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How Long to Install a New Habit?

Some sources used to say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, which most people are likely to find overly optimistic. Even 30 days is on the optimistic side. The truth is that the time to install a new habit depends on the person, the habit, the environment, and the motivation. How much experience do you already have with habit formation? How much have you trained those discipline muscles? What temptations are present that could draw you away from the habit? How tempting are they?...
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Since I live in a very hilly neighborhood, my morning runs are basically hill training. There are many routes I can run, but the main question for choosing a route is when to do the uphill and downhill portions. If I do the uphill first, it’s harder starting out, but then the second half is a breeze, coasting downhill all the way home – often towards a beautiful sunrise. If I do the downhill first, the first half hour is so nice and flowing, a lovely way to run on autopilot, but then I tur...
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Where’s the Treasure?

One skill I had to learn as an entrepreneur was to invest in real opportunities, not dead ends. This can include opportunities for financial gain, but it can also include personal and professional growth opportunities, educational opportunities, creative opportunities, social opportunities, adventure opportunities, travel opportunities, and more. Where there’s a genuine opportunity, there’s a decent chance of a significant payoff if you invest some time and energy. One trap I see many peo...
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Goal Traps

The end of a calendar quarter and the start of a new one is a great time to set fresh goals for the next 90-days. In Conscious Growth Club we go through a 5-step quarterly planning process each quarter, whereby our members review their recent progress and then set and share their goals for the coming quarter. As part of this process, I host a live Zoom call to review the goals that members have set and to highlight best practices and potential pitfalls. The intention is to help members set go...
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Evil v Good, day 2: Australia capitalise

We’re pitting an England XI comprising the players we invested in the most against an Antagonists XI using International Cricket Captain’s ‘All Time Greats’ mode. Day one was a colossal and predictable catastrophe for England. Australia resume on 50-1. Morning session Jimmy Anderson opens the bowling and Matthew Hayden hits him for four. Steve Harmison bowls to Ricky Ponting at the other end. Harmy appeals for LBW against Hayden but it pitched about a foot outside leg. Tha...
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Healing Circles

As the coronavirus has moved into the homes of more people I know, I see a lot of fear energy being stirred up. People are frightened. Some are angry too, especially as they see others not taking the situation seriously or engaging in sociopathic anti-mask behavior. I contrast this with what I see elsewhere from different groups of friends. They still get scared at first, but the process the fear energy and then frame the event more positively, often as a spiritual or personal challenge. O...
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Food Logging

If you’d like to raise your awareness about what you’re actually eating and how it affects you, food logging is a simple and effective way to do this. Six weeks ago I decided to start keeping a log of everything I ate in a small notebook. I also keep track of calories. I wanted to raise my awareness of what I was eating and how calorically dense each meal was. Computing the calories is easy. I use a small kitchen scale to weigh quantities of foods, and then I just ask a nearby smart device...
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Power Challenges

Since Trump is doing such a hideous job on his re-election campaign, some analysts are concluding that he’s deliberately trying to sabotage himself. They suggest that he’s putting out strong indications that he really doesn’t want the job for another four years (or that he doesn’t expect to get re-elected). One example is that he openly talks about Biden as being the next President – and without qualifying words like could or might. Another example is that he’s been deliberately taking actions t...
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Direct Exploration

While we can learn a lot from other people, such as from books, courses, classes, and online resources, I often find it valuable to learn from direct experience, even when doing so is slower and more error-prone. There’s something special about exploring in the dark, gradually figuring out your own ways to accomplish something instead of having ready-made solutions spoon fed to you. You can always look up a recipe for any dish you can imagine, but it can be more rewarding to set the cookbo...
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The Critical Skill of Boundary Management

Boundary management is such an important – and often overlooked – part of life. A significant amount of the email feedback I receive from readers who are struggling has to do with boundary management problems. When people don’t practice effective boundary management skills, they often succumb to problems like these: Toxic family members repeatedly pushing their buttonsCo-workers and bosses that don’t carry their weightRoommates or neighbors that violate their quiet enjoyment of their homeR...
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Irrational Neutrality

Do you have any people in your life who, in the face of today’s many social storms, will say things like this? I just prefer to remain neutral.I like to see both sides.I’m not into hating people on either side.The media makes everything look bad. How does this land with you? Do you think it’s a valid perspective? I agree that there are some issues where intelligent, rational, and compassionate people will come to different thoughtful conclusions. People have different values, so this is...
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Life’s Big Ask

Perhaps you have a big ask to make of life. This may include your goals, desires, and intentions. Now what does life indicate that it wants from you? What is life’s big ask of you? One of life’s big asks of me was: I’m gonna inspire you with a bunch of cool ideas about personal growth. Publish them the same day I give them to you. Don’t delay or hesitate, or I’ll send these to someone else. Some ideas will feel edgy. Some will invite criticism. Publish them anyway. You get to publish...
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Overcoming Phony Politeness

You may think of maintaining your boundaries as something you need to do to protect yourself, but practicing good boundary management for yourself can actually serve the people around you very well too. Your boundaries define what you’re willing to allow into your life. You decide the types of people you’ll associate with and to what extent. You decide what types of behaviors you’ll allow and what’s off limits for you. One guy I know has a clear boundary around whining. He doesn’t tolerate...
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Please Begone From My Reality, Foul Trump Supporters

I just want to be very clear about something. I don’t tolerate the presence of Trump supporters spouting their nonsense in my personal space, which includes my email inbox, social media, and personal friendship circles. On social media I unapologetically unfriend, block, and banish Trump supporters on sight (or smell). If I happen to have missed anyone, please let me know, and I shall remedy that promptly. I also enjoy it each time, much like people derive pleasure from popping bubble wrap...
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Appreciating Your Intelligence and Rationality

I just want to take a moment to express appreciation to you (and all of my readers) for your intelligence and rationality – and your open-heartedness as well – during these incredible shifts that we’re all living through. This has surely been a year of change – and can you believe we’re not even halfway through it yet? The feedback I’ve been getting in recent weeks really drives home how lucky I am to connect with you. I’ve seen so much polarization and cynicism elsewhere online these days...
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A common way that people get stuck, especially in business, is that they feel entitled to success before they’ve invested in really earning it. Maybe you did well in school. Maybe you’ve been told that you’re smart or creative. Maybe you began with some advantages that made you feel like you’re already ahead of the game. And then you dive into the real world with your grand goals and dreams, and it knocks you on your ass. This has happened to me and many other entrepreneurial friends. I...
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Making Permanent Changes

You may often get stuck in cycles of temporarily upgrading some part of your life, only to watch that area decline when you stop giving it as much attention. People especially do this with their finances and their health. When the pressure to take action is strong enough, they’ll make some improvements, but once the immediacy subsides, they return to old habits –and the old results. Partly this is a framing issue. If you really want to upgrade a certain area of your life and have the upgrade ...
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Don’t Let Labels Limit You

How many different assessments have you taken that classified you as having a certain personality type, strengths, and so on? Maybe you did a Myers-Briggs assessment, the Strengths Finder test, the Kolbe test, or other assessments, and they told you something about yourself. Perhaps this started with learning your astrological sign and discovering that you were supposed to be a certain way because of when and where you were born. When I was in high school, I took a test call the Kuder Occu...
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Fun Is a Personal Standard

Whatever you’re currently doing to earn money, is it fun for you? Would you still enjoy your income-generating activities even if they paid half as much? Still fun with less pay? Or does the fun depend on the money? Earning money can be fun. Spending money can be fun too. But what if earning money isn’t fun? Then to earn more, you have to push yourself to do even more work that isn’t fun. Your reward is very mixed then – more money perhaps but also less fun. That creates a drag that ...
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Committing Before You See the Solution

A simple yet common common difference I’ve repeatedly seen between various friends could be described like this: Some friends commit themselves to a problem before they’ve figured out the solution.Some friends try to figure out the solution before they commit themselves to the problem. By and large the first group makes significantly faster progress while the second group so often gets bogged down and stuck. Consider on which side you normally fall here. Are you able to commit yourse...
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Processing Your Baggage

In the later years of Walt Disney’s life, he actively worked on his vision for EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow). His intention was to build a complete city of the future – a place for people to live and work in harmony. His designs included a central downtown hub with skyscrapers, Monorails and People Movers for transportation, houses for people to live in, entertainment centers, parks, waste management, and more. It was a big picture vision that he’d been working on for many...
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Your Relationship with Failure

Here are some quotes from J.K. Rowling about the fear of failure: Part of the reason there were seven years between having the idea for Philosopher’s Stone and getting it published, was that I kept putting the manuscript away for months at a time, convinced it was rubbish.Fear of failure is the saddest reason on earth not to do what you were meant to do. I finally found the courage to start submitting my first book to agents and publishers at a time when I felt a conspicuous failure. Only the...
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A Cop’s Confessions

A friend shared this with me. I think it’s a pretty powerful essay from an insider’s perspective: Confessions of a Former Bastard Cop You may also find the comments on that piece interesting as well – many of them reinforce and back up the ideas. This aligns well with my limited experiences with law enforcement from 30 years ago as well as being consistent with other stories I’ve heard from insiders. I share this because it provides some extra insights on the “defund the police” move...
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Are You Seeking the Approval of Your Limiting Beliefs?

You don’t have to overcome limiting beliefs in order to take action. Thinking that you need to get all your beliefs in order is really just a delay tactic, isn’t it? Fixing your beliefs is an unnecessary prerequisite for action. Thinking that you need to fix your beliefs first is akin to convincing a doubtful parent that you’re gonna go out and succeed. Nothing you say will convince them. Even if you go out and succeed, they probably still won’t be convinced. If you tell people you’re goin...
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Vegas and the Virus

On Sunday Rachelle and I went for an early morning walk along the Vegas Strip, mostly outside. I wanted to go mainly for curiosity’s sake. Normally the Strip is very uncrowded in the morning and then gets busier as lunchtime approaches, so I wasn’t expecting much activity till 10am or so. I figured the risk would be relatively low relative to what I might learn and share. Some casinos are still open while others are still shuttered. What we saw, however, were varying degrees of safety measure...
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