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NaNoWriMo – Days 20-23

My novel is at 41,347 words now. I’m averaging about 1800 words per day, on pace to hit 50K words on November 28. I recently decided to tackle the most challenging part, which was to figure out the Q factor and how I’m going to end the story in Act 3. I opted to just start writing to see what came through even though I didn’t have a good idea when I started. What is the Q factor? The Q factor is a reference to the Q character in James Bond. It’s when Bond is given some gadget early in the ...
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Cancel Thanksgiving

The USA just reached 10 million reported COVID infections earlier this month. Now it’s beyond 12.5 million and is on track to hit 14 million by the end of the month. It’s been estimated that at least 3 million people are probably infectious right now, and many don’t know it because they’re asymptomatic. The real number could be a lot higher. A few days ago we high another new high: 204K new cases in one day. This is after just recently breaking 100K for the first time. Deaths are still tic...
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Receiving Big Love

In yesterday’s post I wrote about expressing and exploring Big Love. Now let’s consider the receiving side. Be receptive to other people’s expression of love, even when it’s not individually directed to you. Allow yourself to feel gratitude and appreciation for the gifts that other people share with the world, as if those gifts were meant for you personally. Can you allow yourself to receive the love expressed in these expressions? An actor’s performanceA song that moves youProducts you...
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Big Love

Loving another person is one form of love, but you can also love a grand purpose or vision that doesn’t directly involve loving a specific person. By expressing love at the individual level, you may make another person happier. But by channeling love into an expression of purpose, you may delight or inspire a great many people, even well beyond your lifetime. Consider the creation of Star Wars, a grand labor of love for George Lucas. Or consider the love energy that Walt Disney poured into Disne...
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NaNoWriMo – Days 18-19

My novel is up to 33,835 words now. The daily writing has become pretty habitual, so it feels like smooth sailing till the end. Mapping the Field As I write scene after scene, I feel like I’m mapping out a field of possibilities, not just for my story but also for what I can do with fiction writing. This includes learning how to write different kinds of scenes and aspects of scenes, such as: Dialogue between two charactersDialogue with more than two charactersFast action scenesSlow...
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While you may have plenty of experience of making lists, such as for your to-dos and goals, have you ever thought of making a meta-list? A meta-list is a list of lists. Which lists do you think it would be worthwhile to create? Here’s an example of a meta-list: Places to visitGoals to achieveSkills to developExperiences to share with a relationship partnerProgramming languages to learnTechnologies to studyPotential purchases to researchExercises or types of workouts to tryExercise equip...
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Pleasure Is Not Addictive

Here’s an interesting frame for thinking about the connection between pleasure and addiction. It’s not the only frame you can use, but I think it’s a useful perspective to avoid some confusion. The Experience of Pleasure Pleasure is a frequency of experience. By itself it is not harmful or addictive, just as water isn’t addictive per se. Pleasure can be a worthy pursuit when approached with some degree of respect, sacredness, or reverence. You can enjoy the deliciousness of pleasure with...
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NaNoWriMo Days 16-17

The morning I hit a nice milestone for my novel-in-progress, getting it just beyond 30K words, so I’m still ahead of schedule for reaching 50K words by November 30th. The daily target of 1667 words continues to work well. Yesterday I added 2050 words, which I think is the first time I’ve gone over 2K words in a day. I got into the flow of an emotionally juicy scene and didn’t want to stop till I got to the end of it. I got caught up in the characters’ feelings as I channeled their dialogue, a...
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NaNoWriMo – Days 13-15

We’re halfway through NaNoWriMo 2020, and my novel is now at 26,344 words. Since this is the halfway point – with 50K words in 30 days being the goal – I should be at 25K words now, so I’m 1344 words ahead. I think it was a wise decision to get ahead of the 1667 words per day pacing and then to pad that lead by a small amount each day, so I always feel like I’m ahead of schedule. Many people get behind on their desired pacing and end up having to write 10-20K words in the last few days ...
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Desperation Loyalty

Desperation loyalty is remaining loyal to a group or identity based on neediness or clinginess, often in violation more important values. It is a place of stuckness that elevates loyalty to others above the commitment to grow. It’s relatively easy to spot this in other people. It’s harder to spot this in ourselves. If you pursue a strong and centered path of personal growth for many years, you will outgrow many friends and social groups along the way. That’s a normal part of a life of grow...
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10 Songs That Make People Happy

Inc. Magazine shared a recent article about 10 songs that make people happy, based on some findings by a neuroscientist several years ago. I don’t normally find Inc’s articles worthwhile because they publish so many fluffy clickbait pieces (often padding out one minor quote from Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or Jeff Bezos into a whole article). But I can say that Rachelle and I listened to several of the songs on this list last night while making dinner, and we did feel happier. Here...
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NaNoWriMo – Days 6-12

I just finished my 12th day of novel writing for NaNoWriMo. Since I started on November 1st, my novel has grown from 0 to 21,087 words. I’ve written 17 scenes so far, so I’m averaging 1240 words per scene. While I had some aspects figured out before I began, I’m mostly pantsing it as I go. I’m not writing the scenes in order, preferring to jump around a lot. So far I’ve written 4 scenes for Act 1, 10 scenes for Act 2, and 3 scenes for Act 3. Words Are Cheap I can usually write a dr...
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Will AI Make You an Addict?

The novel I’m writing is set in the future, tentatively in the year 2047, so it’s roughly one human generation ahead of us. For technology, however, that’s many generations ahead. Consider that the first iPhone shipped in 2007 (13 years ago). If you got an iPhone 4S when it first came out, that was 9 years ago, and the 5S was 7 years ago. The iPad is 10.5 years old. The Apple Watch is 5.5 years old. Look back 27 years to 1993. Back then I was using a 486DX 50mhz computer with a 250MB ha...
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Is the Republican Brand Dying?

There’s a lot of talk about how supporting Trump may take down the Republican party. Perhaps that remains to be seen, but I wanted to do a little test within my own mind to see what I associate to each of these terms today, at least from a branding perspective. I was curious how the past four years may have influenced what I associate with the word Republican. Before Trump came onto the political scene, I tended to regard Republicans as mostly harmless but also patriotic, religious, and moral...
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Sensitivity to Lying

Some people have a high tolerance for lying and falsehood. They can hang out around others who frequently share false information, deliberately or from ignorance, and it doesn’t seem to bother them. Either they don’t notice the falsehoods, or they aren’t much affected when they do notice. I’m not one of those people. I used to be though. When I was younger I could hang around people who spewed nonsense left and right and be okay with it. That’s basically how I grew up, being taught lots of fa...
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Does the USA Need to Heal Now?

In my extended social circle, some people are calling for unity and healing now that Joe Biden will be the next President. Others aren’t so sure that healing is really what’s needed. The offer basically sounds like this: It’s time to repair the wounded relationships between the people who supported a lying, racist sociopath path for President and those who wanted to replace him. That’s a crappy offer. It doesn’t land well. The most airy-fairy people I know seem to be swallowing it and t...
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NaNoWriMo – Days 4-5

Here are my latest progress updates for my novel: Day 4 I had a very pleasant writing session on this day, now at 6872 words total. I’m starting to enjoy this more as the scenes are coming together, and I’m getting more familiar with the key characters. I spent some time organizing the manuscript scene structure before I wrote any scenes this time. I created placeholders for the remaining signpost scenes, found a cleaner way to arrange my existing notes, and did a little more journali...
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Obedience Test Results

Four days ago I posted a simple obedience test. I’m still getting more responses each day, but it looks like the patterns have become clear enough to share what I’ve learned thus far. The basic idea was that I commanded people who read that post to read 5 more articles from my website on that same day and then to send me feedback about their experience. They could choose to obey the command or not. Why the Obedience Test? It was a simple idea that popped into my mind at the time, and ...
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90s XI v Now XI, day 3: Vintage pace attack has its say

We’re playing a Sim Series between a 1990s World Test XI and a Current World Test XI using Cricket Captain’s ‘All-Time Greats’ mode. Day two went like this. Here’s the match situation. No comment from us on any of this because we’re completely impartial. It’s going to be a pivotal day. Morning session Kane Williamson and Virat Kohli walk out. The 90s XI open with Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis. Because they can. “First hour crucial here,” says Nick Knight on commentary...
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NaNoWriMo – Day 2

On Day 2 of NaNoWriMo, I wrote 1743 more words, so I’m at 3439 words for my novel so far. Today I’ll pass 5K words. While the challenge is technically to write 50K words in 30 days, I’m framing it as a daily commitment to write at least 1667 words per day. So I’ll surely end up with more than 50K words by the end. My approach is less flexible since I won’t be taking any days off, nor will I reduce the daily quota based on my ongoing word count. It’s easier for me this way since I’ll never let...
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NaNoWriMo – Day 1

I did my first day of NaNoWriMo yesterday, writing the first 1696 words of a new novel – basically one full scene from start to finish. It took an hour with a 10-min break in the middle, so it was 50 minutes of writing time. And oh it’s bad – so hideously bad – but it’s a start. It introduces a couple of characters, including the protagonist, sets up the theme, and has a bunch of dialog, but as far as fiction writing goes, it needs a lot of work. I made some editing notes too, just to jot ...
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A Simple Obedience Test

I want to try a little experiment today regarding something I’m curious about. This test is valid on whatever day you read this post, not just on the day I originally publish it. This is a simple obedience test. I’m going to command you to do something – just a simple command with no extra reward or punishment – and I just want to see if you do it. The only reason to do it is because you choose to obey the command I’m going to give you. This is a test with just two core options. Either you...
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Win Before You Begin

If you tend to procrastinate on certain projects, one reason could be that you haven’t created a victory in your mind first. When you think about a project that isn’t advancing very well, consider these questions: Do you have a clear vision of what success for this project looks like?Can you see your desired end result clearly in your mind’s eye, like you’re recalling a vivid memory?Is the path forward relatively clear, from start to finish?Can you visualize the key action steps to bring t...
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How to Overcome Your Feelings of Neediness

Why do you feel needy sometimes? You feel needy because your own brain doesn’t believe you. Your brain sees what you want. It also sees what you don’t want. And it genuinely expects that you’re going to keep getting what you don’t want. It doesn’t believe that you’re going to get what you want. Your brain believes that your efforts to get what you want will ultimately provide inadequate. It believes that you’re going to fail. So you feel needy when this happens. That’s actually a goo...
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Why do some people lie? One reason is that they don’t trust the receiver. They may be worried about a negative reaction to the truth. That’s an obvious answer but not really the deepest one. Perhaps a better answer is that a person lies to control the receiver. By withholding the truth and sharing something else instead, you can semi-control people’s responses – or so you might assume. So in that sense, lying is a form of manipulation. The deeper trust issue could be framed as a lack of...
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For the Experience

One framing that I find empowering is to do something for the experience. If you choose not to do something, you don’t get the experience, which means you miss out on a lot of potential benefits. When you lean into new experiences, you’re likely to gain some or all the following: New lessonsMore character growthPerspective shifts and reframesInsightsNew friendsMaybe a whole new social circleNew income-generating ideasNew invitationsNew opportunitiesNew memoriesMore knowledgeNew skillsMo...
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Wieso geht’s in Gilmore Girls eigentlich nur um die Gilmore Boys?

20 Jahre sind mittlerweile seit der ersten Folge Gilmore Girls vergangen, doch bis heute beschäftigt uns im Zusammenhang mit der Serie vor allem eine Debatte. Und die hat ironischerweise nur wenig mit Rory (Alexis Bledel) oder Lorelai (Lauren Graham) Gilmore zu tun – dem Mutter-Tochter-Duo im Herzen der Show, die ihren Namen trägt. Welcher von Rorys Freunden war der beste? Dean, Jess oder Logan – inzwischen ist diese Frage beinahe zu einer Art Persönlichkeitstest geworden. Rorys drei Jugen...
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I Voted for the First Time Ever

I mailed in my ballot on Friday. This is the first political election I’ve ever participated in. Here’s the first question filled out (not a difficult one): Voting for Biden / Harris for President was the only sane option given how hideous the other candidates are. You may not even recognize two of the candidates on the list since they’re running with much smaller parties, and they’re far from popular – for good reason I’d say. Don Blankenship is a former coal company CEO who s...
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The Point of No Return

In Act 1 of a story with a 3-act structure, the protagonist often reaches the point of no return. Their old world crumbles, and they stumble forward into a new world, often reactively at first. There is no going back to the old world. In a novel or movie, there may be multiple progressive points of no return, each creating a deeper level of commitment and increasing the protagonist’s risk as well. Once Neo takes the red pill in The Matrix, he can’t go back to his old life. The old reality ...
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Capturing Story Ideas

On my novel writing journey, I’m starting out by capturing ideas, which are plentiful. I find that committing to a project summons a flood of ideas, and this one is no different in that sense. When I say a firm yes, reality says: Great… let’s unlock that idea space for you. The ideas have been flooding my mind frequently – when I wake up in the morning, while eating, while running, and even while blogging. At any time I might be struck by an idea for a character, scene, location, plot twist, ...
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