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Corona-Hilfe: Ariana Grande & Taylor Swift unterstützen arbeitslose Fans

Während Stars wie Rihanna und Kylie Jenner mit massiven Spenden Organisationen im Kampf gegen das Coronavirus unterstützen, setzen zwei Celebs anscheinend auf eine persönlichere Form der finanziellen Hilfe. Ariana Grande und Taylor Swift schicken Berichten zufolge Geld direkt an Fans, die aufgrund der Verbreitung des Coronavirus finanzielle Unterstützung benötigen. Laut dem Magazin TMZ sendet Grande Fans auf Twitter Geld über die Bargeldtransaktions-App Venmo. Wie es scheint chattet die...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, New York City, John Lennon, America, Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, Aber, Geld, Solidarity Response Fund, Holly Turner, Corona Hilfe, Hilfe Ariana Grande und Taylor Swift, Bargeldtransaktions App Venmo Wie

Zip it, Kim Kardashian – Taylor Swift is the Marmite we're all coming to love

It’s true the singer isn’t everyone’s favourite, but the online pasting she’s been subjected to leaves a very nasty taste in the mouthIn a way I’m glad that Kim Kardashian has reignited a four-year-old feud with Taylor Swift based on an 11-year-old feud with Taylor Swift that was all started by Kanye West, a man who has hardly been involved in it since about 2017. In a way, that’s good.It’s hard not to [gestures at current reality] be constantly thinking about, you know, rather more pressing mat...
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Todrick Hall calls Kim Kardashian a ‘stubborn little queef’ in sprawling rant

Todrick Hall did not hold back as he took Kim Kardashian to task over the freshly rehashed Taylor Swift/Kanye drama. To recap… On Monday, the hashtag #KimKardashianIsOverParty started trending when a new video of a 2016 phone call between Swift and Kanye was leaked online. In the four-year-old video, Kanye asks Swift’s permission to use her name provocatively in a new song. When the song was released, Swift said she felt violated, and Kim Kardashian posted an edited clip of the phone call video...
Tags: Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Instagram, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Kanye West, Kardashian, Kim, Taylor, Swift, Hall, Kanye, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Kris, Todrick Hall

My Tumultuous Journey To Pregnancy At Age 40

 Welcome to Refinery29’s Fertility Diaries, where people chronicle their joyous, painful, and sometimes complicated paths to parenthood. History:  Until recently, I never thought I’d have trouble getting pregnant. Somewhat ironically, I spent the last 20 years of my single life trying to avoid it. But my husband and I are newlyweds who found each other later in life — he’s 48, and I’m 40 — and conceiving has been trickier than I anticipated.  Age: 40Location: San Francisco, CAOccupation: M...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Taylor Swift, San Francisco, OB GYN

Taylor Swift's Step-by-Step Transformation For "The Man" Video Is Truly Wild to Watch

Despite fully expecting Taylor Swift to pop up in "The Man" music video with a more masculine look, I still wasn't 100-percent positive the video's star was actually her the first time watched it - well, until the big reveal at the end, that is. The song addresses issues of male privilege, and with the help of some heavy prosthetics and makeup, the singer transformed herself into "the man" for the music video in order to parody the double standards faced by women in our culture. I spent most of...
Tags: Taylor Swift, Beauty, Taylor, Beauty News, Celebrity Beauty, Celebrity Makeup

Harry Styles's Manicurist Reveals the Nail Art He Tried (and Failed) to DIY at Home

It's hard to pinpoint what exactly makes Harry Styles so incontestably endearing. Maybe it's the energy that bounces along with him and Lizzo as they sing "Juice", or the deliberately uncouth manner in which he wears his hair. It could also be that he steps out in the makeup, earrings, or nail polish that make him feel good, damnit, because who in the hell says those things are gender exclusive? Not us, nor Styles, nor the pro behind each of his most recent nail looks, longtime celebrity manicur...
Tags: Taylor Swift, Beauty, Harry Styles, Nails, Gucci, Lizzo, Celebrity Beauty, Nail Trends, Beauty Trends, Longworth, Popsugar, Jenny Longworth

Taylor Swift just threw major shade at an antigay senator and we’re totally here for it

Taylor Swift fans get to see the political side of the pop star in the new Netflix documentary Miss Americana. The 85-minute film shows the Grammy-winning singer realizing her potential influence in the 2018 midterms, regretting not speaking out against Trump before the 2016 election, and calling now-U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn “Trump in a wig.” Oooh, gurl! AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { AdBridg.display("div-gpt-ad-inarticle1"); }); Related: Fox News goes after Taylor Swift over endorsement...
Tags: Politics, Taylor Swift, Congress, Lifestyle, Netflix, Tennessee, Fox News, Donald Trump, Swift, Blackburn, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Trump, Marsha Blackburn, Phil Bredesen, U.S. Senate

Diese Frauen feierten im letzten Jahrzehnt große Erfolge in Hollywood

2020 ist ein besonderes Jahr, denn es hat gleichzeitig ein neues Jahrzehnt eingeleitet. Viele von uns setzen große Hoffnungen auf die 20er und arbeiten hart daran, die eigenen Vorsätze endlich durchzuziehen. Dabei brachte auch das letzte Jahrzehnt viele gute Dinge mit sich – vor allem für die Frauen in der Unterhaltungsindustrie. Nach der jahrelangen unfairen Bevorzugung von Männern bei Preisverleihungen und Award-Nominierungen, sind in den letzten 10 Jahren endlich auch mal ein paar Frauen ins ...
Tags: Post, Fashion, Music, Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence, Viola Davis, Taylor Swift, Jack Nicholson, France, Disney, Mtv, Meryl Streep, Time Magazine, Quvenzhane Wallis, Richard Linklater, Emmy

Taylor Swift's Bangs-Free Hairstyle at the Golden Globes Was Certainly Unexpected

When there is a red carpet Taylor Swift is expected to be on, fans can be sure of one thing: she'll bring her beauty A game. Normally, that includes a red lipstick and her signature eyebrow-grazing bangs. But tonight at the Golden Globes, Swift didn't bring either. Swift slipped onto the Golden Globes red carpet almost undetected shortly before the show began. That was about the time we noticed that 1) she and boyfriend Joe Alwyn seemingly walked the red carpet individually and 2) she left her s...
Tags: Taylor Swift, Beauty, Hair, Swift, Golden Globe Awards, Red Carpet, Celebrity Beauty, Celebrity Hair, Award Season, Joe Alwyn, Updos

Dollops of innuendo! Julian Clary and Paul O'Grady's great big camp Christmas quiz

How camp are you? Dripping with fabulousness on the French Riviera or dripping with rainwater in a windswept Welsh field?Renée Zellweger is tipped for Oscars glory after playing camp icon Judy Garland in Judy. Which of the following camp quotes did Judy Garland not say?“I loathe hydrangeas!” “How strange when an illusion dies. It’s as though you’ve lost a child.”“I was born at the age of 12 on an MGM lot.” “I’ve never looked through a keyhole without finding someone was looking back.”Nigella’s a...
Tags: UK, New York, London, Taylor Swift, US, Life and style, Netflix, Ariana Grande, Broadway, Madonna, Judi Dench, Paul O Grady, Cher, Rachel Weisz, Mariah Carey, Coleen Rooney

12 Celebritys, die Harry Styles in diesem Jahrzehnt gedatet hat

Harry Styles stand schon lange vor seiner Karriere als Solokünstler im Rampenlicht. Mit seiner süßen Singstimme, dem britischen Charme, den cuten Locken und den babyblauen Augen konnte dem ehemaligen Mitglied von One Direction kaum jemand widerstehen.Aber nicht nur die Fans der Boyband schwärmten für den verträumten Sonnyboy, auch einige Celebritys konnten und können ihm nicht wiederstehen. Es ist also kaum überraschend, dass Styles schon so einige berühmte Frauen gedatet und über viele von ihne...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Japan, Taylor Swift, Lewis Hamilton, Sara Sampaio, Victoria, Taylor, Nadine, Laufen, Stewart, Camille, Morgen, Kimberly, Essen, Rolle

Best of Taylor Swift: Ihre coolsten Frisuren der letzten 12 Jahre

Ob du sie nun liebst, hasst oder du deine Meinung bei jedem neuen Album änderst, du musst zugeben, Taylor Swift hat sich in den letzten Jahren ganz schön entwickelt, oder? Und ich spreche nicht nur von ihrer Musik, sondern auch von ihrer Garderobe, ihrem Make-up und ihren Frisuren. Von den engelsgleichen Teardrops On My Guitar-Löckchen, über den Badass-Pony beim Debüt von Redbis hin zum modernen Prinzessinnen-Look bei der 2019 TIME 100 Gala: Taylor schafft es immer wieder, uns mit frischen neuen...
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Taylor Swift's Christmas Skittle Nails Are Festive AF, and We're Totally Copying Them

Taylor Swift earned two momentous titles at Billboard's Women in Music event Thursday night: woman of the decade and queen of Christmas manicures. The singer-songwriter attended the annual award show with a festive take on the popular "Skittles" manicure trend taking over Instagram. Her fingernails featured alternating metallic red and green polish that shone bright as she walked the pink carpet and delivered an empowering acceptance speech on stage. Oh, and her pedicure matched, too! This isn't...
Tags: Taylor Swift, Billboard, Beauty, Nails, Swift, Jingle Ball, Celebrity Beauty, Beauty Trends, Celebrity Nails, Award Season, NYC Ahead

Taylor Swift tweets gay fan who came out to her music

Reid Arthur on stage at George Fox University, and (inset), Taylor Swift (Images: Wikimedia Commons/YouTube) Taylor Swift has tweeted her reaction to one of her fans choosing her music to publicly come out at his university. Last week we reported on how Reid Arthur and a group of his friends took part in a Lip Sync battle on stage at the Quaker-founded, George Fox University in Oregon. The friends chose to do a mash-up of the Taylor Swift songs “You Need To Calm Down” and “…Ready For It”. Ad...
Tags: Taylor Swift, Oregon, Life, Lifestyle, Los Angeles, Michael Jackson, Swift, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Benjamin, Arthur, Quaker, Microsoft Theater, George Fox University, Lip Sync, Reid Arthur

Selfies, influencers and a Twitter president: the decade of the social media celebrity

From Gyneth Paltrow to Trump, today’s stars speak directly to their fans. But are they really controlling their message? I have a friend, Adam, who is an autograph seller – a niche profession, and one that is getting more niche by the day. When we met for breakfast last month he was looking despondent.“Everyone takes selfies these days,” he said sadly, picking at his scrambled eggs. “It’s never autographs any more. They just want photos of themselves with celebrities.” Continue reading...
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Scooter Braun pleads for resolution with Taylor Swift following death threats

Owner of label embroiled in dispute over master recordings says he has been trying to contact singer for six monthsScooter Braun, the former manager of Taylor Swift – whom she accused of forbidding her to perform her own music – has asked her to resolve their dispute.In a lengthy message posted to Instagram, Braun says his family have received “numerous death threats” in the wake of the dispute with Swift, including a phone call to his wife threatening the safety of their children. He posted a s...
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It's Easier Being Green Than You Think, With These Trendy Fall Nail Polish Colors

Green nail polish has been spotted on the nails of many celebrities this season, ranging from shades of pistachio and sage to bright neons drifting from Summer into Fall. The unconventional manicure color has become a new go-to tone with stars like Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Baldwin, who have been spotted wearing pistachio and sage hues, and Taylor Swift, who recently opted for a lime shade while out in New York City. While a classic forest or emerald will never be out of style for Fall, th...
Tags: Taylor Swift, New York City, Beauty, Nails, Kourtney Kardashian, Kermit, Nail Polish, Hailey Baldwin, Beauty Trends, Manicure, These Trendy Fall Nail Polish Colors

Taylor Swift's Neon Green Nail Polish Proves the Trend Is Fall-Appropriate

Taylor Swift just proved that the neon green nail polish trend isn't going anywhere this Fall. The singer stepped out in New York City with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, and performed on Saturday Night Live with a bright green manicure we couldn't stop staring at. While the color is super vibrant, this hue is slightly cooler than other neon greens we've seen on celebrities in the past. The electric shade looked great peeking out from underneath Swift's blazer and made a strong case for wearing neon...
Tags: Fall, Taylor Swift, New York City, Beauty, Nails, Nail Polish, Beauty News, Celebrity Beauty, Beauty Trends, Fall Beauty, Manicure, Celebrity Nails, Joe Alwyn

The reason there’s no #MeToo for domestic violence

The #MeToo movement has focused on workplace harassment, and I keep thinking: when will #MeToo include domestic violence? I try to imagine what it will look like so I can help make it come faster. Workplace law only recently caught up with women’s experience Twenty years ago laws were useless in the fight against sexual harassment and domestic violence. The courts added teeth to laws preventing workplace discrimination, and the #MeToo movement followed shortly after those changes. But the la...
Tags: Taylor Swift, Careers, Quitting, Taylor, Jeffrey Epstein, MeToo Taylor Swift, Harvey Weinstein Larry Nassar

Halsey Just Tried Out Summer's Edgiest Hair Trend and Looks Like a Total Cherry Bomb

Halsey is constantly switching up her hair look, but her latest style will have you do a double take to ensure it's not a photo from the '80s. The pop star visited Sirius XM Studios with a black shag that looks a whole lot like Joan Jett's iconic look. We've recently seen a resurgence of the edgy cut, with other celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Taylor Swift trying out the trend. NYC hairstylist Devin Toth previously told POPSUGAR that the cut is essentially a lob with bangs. "There are variat...
Tags: Taylor Swift, NYC, Beauty, Anne Hathaway, Halsey, Joan Jett, Sirius XM Studios, Celebrity Beauty, Celebrity Hair, Popsugar, Celebrity Beauty Instagram, Devin Toth

Halsey Looks Like an '80s Rockstar Thanks to Her New Haircut

Halsey is constantly switching up her hair look, but her latest style will have you do a double take to ensure it's not a photo from the '80s. The pop star visited Sirius XM Studios with a black shag that looks a whole lot like Joan Jett's iconic look. We've recently seen a resurgence of the edgy cut, with other celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Taylor Swift trying out the trend. NYC hairstylist Devin Toth previously told POPSUGAR that the cut is essentially a lob with bangs. "There are variat...
Tags: Taylor Swift, NYC, Beauty, Anne Hathaway, Halsey, Joan Jett, Sirius XM Studios, Celebrity Beauty, Celebrity Hair, Popsugar, Celebrity Beauty Instagram, Devin Toth

Carly Rae Jepsen Is Dedicated, If Not Obsessed, With Every Facet of Love

If you love being and love and haven’t listened to Carly Rae Jepsen since “Call Me Maybe ” in 2012, now is the time to retool your summer playlists and let 2019 be the year you come back home to Jepsen. Having a crush (and making out, and falling in love) never sounded as good as Jepsen makes them sound on Dedicated, her fourth LP.While nothing approaches the viral appeal of “Maybe,” a song so insanely catchy that it is likely to overshadow the rest of her career, Dedicated is loaded with track...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, Robyn, Jepsen

Over-The-Top Pool Floats To Get Summer 2019 Started

Memorial Day Weekend is glistening on the horizon, foreshadowing the imminent arrival of 24/7 summer brain — a seasonal diagnosis that, among other things, includes an ongoing obsession with Instagrammable warm-weather accessories like over-the-top pool floats. It seems like just yesterday that the now-infamous swan raft first caught fire on our feeds. But, that was four years ago in 2015 when Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift were a couple and Jason Derulo's, "Want To Want Me," was our summer ant...
Tags: Nordstrom, Fashion, Music, Taylor Swift, Walmart, Jason Derulo, Calvin Harris, Atlantic Ocean, Bloomingdale, Chuck Taylor, Derulo, Malibu Barbie, Big Mouth Inc, Taylvin, Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Mermaid Tail Pool Float, Amazon Tiger Float Nothing

Taylor Swift says she shaves her legs daily, Twitter is ‘offended’

Sh-sh-shave it off! On the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday, Taylor Swift weighed in on a delightfully mundane Twitter controversy about whether or not people should wash their legs in the shower. What she revealed left fans shocked. “Did you say you wash them or not?” DeGeneres asks Swift, who was on the show promoting her...
Tags: Fashion, Taylor Swift, Swift, Ellen Degeneres, DeGeneres

Supergirl's Melissa Benoist Just Got the Most Wearable Summer Haircut

The only thing mightier than Supergirl might be Melissa Benoist's new hair look. The actress's hairstylist Riawna Capri, who is also responsible for Taylor Swift's new pink look, posted a photo of Benoist's stylish cut and color to Instagram. Benoist got several inches off her hair, which now ends just past her shoulders, as well as some long, wispy, eye-grazing bangs. Capri also added some "sun-kissed" highlights to Benoist's hair for Summer. The style is so cute, you might consider showing y...
Tags: Taylor Swift, Beauty, Hair, Bangs, Melissa Benoist, Beauty News, Celebrity Beauty, Celebrity Hair, Beauty Trends, Benoist, Riawna Capri, Instagram Benoist

Taylor Swift Says Her Rainbow Manicure Was Her Very First Clue

Taylor Swift has some of the most loyal fans in the game. Her Swifties, as they're called, are so faithful that when the ME! singer started dropping clues that she was working on a super secret seventh album, they began feverishly dissecting the pop star's every move, post, and temporary hair color for theories.Knowing her fans and their collective thrill for the chase, Swift has been dropping clues aplenty for almost a year, including one tiny hint you might've missed from her "Delicate" video...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Taylor Swift, Swift, Entertainment Weekly Swift, EW Those Easter

These Met Gala Beauty Looks Will Go Down In History

The Met Gala — also known as the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute benefit — is what Andre Leon Talley once called "the Super Bowl of social fashion events." You're not going to get the regular ol' cocktail dress and Christian Louboutins here. Celebrities go all out for the first Monday in May, either adhering to designated theme or doing their own thing. On this night, anything goes.From tartan dresses to sheer ensembles, the gala's red carpet (which isn't even always red) has seen ...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lopez, Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez, Solange, John, Jaden Smith, Coachella, US Weekly, Ciara, Lupita Nyong

Priyanka Chopra's Shimmery Mani-Pedi Is A Spring Nail Trend In The Making

Every awards show comes with razzle-dazzle and spectacle. Even though the screen, the red carpet seemingly drips with sparkle, from the gowns with thigh-high slits to the priceless diamond chokers. At this year's Billboard Music Awards, even the toenails were sprinkled with diamond dust. Newlywed Priyanka Chopra and chart-topping Taylor Swift stepped out in silver sequins and ruffled pastels, respectively, but even though their full looks varied, both stars opted for the same trendy mani-pedi: ...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Hollywood, Taylor Swift, Nails Inc, Ripa, Priyanka Chopra, Essie, Tiffany Co, Kelly Ripa, Ulta, OPI, Deborah Lippmann, Amazon Take, Lola Wants, Deborah Lippmann Deborah Lippmann

Taylor Swift Changed Her Hair Color Twice at the BBMAs, and We Can't Even Make a Salon Appointment

Bright blond hair pinned back in an romantic updo, sharp winged liner, a pinky-beige lip - Taylor Swift has her red carpet beauty look down to a science. Her music videos, however, are a different story. The singer tends to use these opportunities to play around with her look. Take, for instance, her most recent video for her new song "Me!," in which she wears not one, not two, but seven totally different and totally whimsical beauty looks. The star of all these looks was her hair. She tries ou...
Tags: Taylor Swift, Beauty, Hair, Swift, Billboard Music Awards, Celebrity Hairstyles, Brendon Urie, Celebrity Hair

22 Beauty Products That Won Our Editors' Hearts In April

As the saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers," which makes April sound like a real bummer. But we think the month deserves a little more credit, because this year it brought us more than rainy weather: Game of Thrones returned, giving us a reason to look forward to Sunday night. There was Beyoncé’s Homecoming album and Netflix documentary. We got new music from Taylor Swift. And to top it all off, a ton of springtime beauty launches dropped (hello, floral fragrances and pretty pastels)....
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