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Alexa, why does the brave new world of AI have all the sexism of the old one?

Virtual assistants such as Google Home and Siri only encourage the attitude that women exist merely to aid men in getting on with more important things.When women are over-represented in the workforce, it tends be in industries of assistance – cleaning, nursing, secretarial work and, now, the world of virtual assistants. Research by Unesco has shown that using default female voices in AI – as Microsoft has done with Cortana, Amazon with Alexa, Google with Google Assistant and Apple with Siri – i...
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ERA Real Estate partners with HomeAdvisor for concierge services

HomeAdvisor provides access to a range of painting, landscaping and home repair professionals.
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How to Think Like a Futurist

Being a futurist means paying attention to new patterns or trends that are slowly percolating up through the market and/or society that have the potential to catch on in a major way. It's about coming up with possible scenarios for the future given these developments.For me, the ideal timeframe for futurist thinking is 5-10 years, because although no one can successfully predict the future, in this window you are more likely to be able to clearly see where things are going according to curre...
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Missing girl found safe after Ring camera captures kidnapping

A missing girl in Texas whose kidnapping was captured on a Ring camera has been found safe and returned to her parents.
Tags: Lifestyle, Mobile, News Brief, Technology, Fort Worth, Michael Webb, Ring, Salem Sabatka

Meet the man behind the viral Amazon tiny home

The DIY homes have been reimagined as art galleries, chapels and Airbnb rentals since going viral last week. No one is more surprised than Allwood Outlet CEO Tapani Pekkala.
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6 tips for creating video that today’s consumers will actually watch

Eighty-five percent of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. Given such numbers, how do you create video — sans sound — that captivates viewers? Here are six tips for making your silent video shine.
Tags: Facebook, Video, Technology, Marketing, Lifestyle, Radio, Exclusive, B2b, Kyle Draper, Select, Back To Basics, Silent Video, Ray Shak

Citroën C5 Aircross: ‘An SUV that’s determined to smooth out your drive’ | Martin Love

A uniquely effective suspension means this easy-going family car will cope with all of life’s little bumpsCitroën C5 AircrossPrice £23,8300-62mph 10.5 secondsTop speed 117mphMPG 44.2CO2 118g/kmIn these bruisingly divisive times, there is one thing, at least, that we can agree on: potholes. “Craters”, as the tabloids call them, are a source of neverending dismay for drivers and cyclists. According to the Asphalt Industry Alliance, almost 1.7m potholes were filled in England and Wales last year – ...
Tags: England, Technology, Wales, Life and style, Motoring, Martin Love, Asphalt Industry Alliance

A pregnant woman is killed, her baby cut from her body. Her family blames a Facebook post.

The last time anyone saw Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, she was nine months pregnant. The petite 19-year-old left her alternative high school on the lower west side of Chicago at around 3 p.m. on April 23, driving away in her black Honda Civic. Later that day, her family got a call saying that she hadn’t shown up […]
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Airbnb cannibalizes budget hotels but amps up demand for rooms

A new study found that Airbnb takes the most business away from inexpensive hotels while driving up demand for the industry in general.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Analysis, Radio, Airbnb, Tepper School of Business, News Brief, Hui Li, Kannan Srinivasan

WeWork parent company sets up $2.9B property investment fund

The We Company, which is the parent company of WeWork, is setting up a new real estate investment fund for commercial projects around the world.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, WeWork, Industry News, News Brief, Steven Langman, The We Company, Rich Gomel, Wendy Silverstein

How did a man’s genitals make a surprise cameo in a condo listing?

A condo in Washington, D.C. stands out from the other listings — if you look close enough, you can spot an apron featuring a giant penis.
Tags: Technology, Washington, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, News Brief, BrightMLS, Dan Silverman

Amazon’s $7K, do-it-yourself tiny home goes viral, sells out instantly

If you can't find the perfect house, have one sent to you. A build-it-yourself tiny home recently posted on Amazon has gone viral and sold out instantly.
Tags: Amazon, Technology, Listings, Lifestyle, Radio, Redfin, Tiny Homes, News Brief, Kalena Masching, Allwood Solvalla Studio Cabin Kit

So you’re an only child? How birth order affects where you live

If you thought your status as a middle child has nothing to do with where you want to live, think again.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Analysis, Radio, News Brief,, Apartment Therapy

The New and Improved Performance Review

What good is performance feedback if it occurs in isolation? It's just like the saying: "If a tree falls in the woods..." “This is where it’s important to have a system that enables a company to join up performance feedback simply and in one place, where they can get a quick view of everything,” says Cheryl Johnson, chief human resources offer at payroll company Paylocity. Paylocity uses a proprietary tool that stores multiple data points related to the performance review cycle. Employees an...
Tags: Technology, Careers, Goal Setting, Johnson, Personal Development, Best Practices, Johnson Johnson, Cheryl Johnson, HR Issues, Reviews & Promotions, Skill acquisition, Paylocity, Paylocity Paylocity

Keller Williams agents get ready to pay it forward on RED Day

On Thursday, May 9, Keller Williams agents will be celebrating its annual RED Day event, which stands for Renew, Energize and Donate.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Keller Williams, Brokerage, News Brief, Murray House, Becky Favre, Keller Williams Premier Properties, Kelsey King, Red Day, Summit + Westfield

A real estate developer invites a homeless couple to live in his $4M mansion. Neighbors aren’t happy

Greg Dunston and Marie Mckinzie lived on Oakland streets for 10 years before a real estate developer offered to help.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, San Francisco, Radio, Agent, Oakland, News Brief, Chris Monahan, Greg Dunston, Marie Mckinzie, McGrath Properties, Otis R. Taylor Jr, Terrence McGrath

Olivia Laing: ‘I was hooked and my drug was Twitter’

In a period of loneliness, Olivia Laing turned to Twitter. But then it trapped her…I was a late adopter of technology. In the 1990s, I lived off-grid. If anyone wanted me, they had to call my pager. When it buzzed, I’d walk two miles across fields to ring them back from a dusty phone box on a country lane. Even after I rejoined the modern world I remained a Luddite. I was late to email and so late to laptops that I wrote all my degree coursework by hand. I was years late to Facebook and only bou...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, New York, Technology, Media, Internet, Life and style, Blogging, Health & wellbeing, Skype

Broker accused of bribery scheme involving sex worker

A lawsuit filed against a broker from Winick Realty Group claims he deceived a sex worker by offering to prevent her eviction in exchange for her services.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, News Brief, Ross Burack, Winick Realty, Winick Realty Group

Real estate executive pleads guilty to home-flipping fraud, faces 200 years in prison

The owner of a Los Angeles real estate firm pleaded guilty to running a home-flipping scheme that scammed 25 victims out of $2 million.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Los Angeles, Radio, Agent, News Brief, Daniel Vazquez, Greg Staples

The Seychelles is auctioning off this lavish NY mansion

If you have the funds, you can buy a house owned by an entire country's government. A lavish New York state mansion owned by the East African island nation of the Seychelles just hit the auction block on Paramount Realty USA's website with bidding opening at $2.5 million.
Tags: New York, Technology, Listings, Lifestyle, Collection, Radio, Seychelles, Industry News, Brokerage, News Brief,, Paramount Realty USA, Justin Etzin

Announcing Workforce 2030: A New Podcast About Our Most Critical Workplace Disruptions

Today marks a very special occasion. Alongside my partner of 10 years, SilkRoad Technology, a global leader in strategic onboarding for workforce transformation, I am releasing a new podcast: Workforce 2030. The show features discussions with leading talent management experts, business leaders and industry disrupters on topics about the future of work and how the workforce will transform to meet the needs of 2030 and beyond. In my tenure as a workforce futurist, I’ve spent a great deal of time o...
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Will Facebook's Secret Crush end the unbearable pain of unrequited love?

The social media giant’s latest plan is to use its huge user base to help us find love – and it just might workMark Zuckerberg seems to have landed on a solution to turn around his untrustworthy and “not quite human” public image: playing Cupid.Harking back to its humble beginnings as a tool for ranking strangers’ attractiveness, Facebook has announced a new feature called Secret Crush, wherein users select the friends for whom they carry a torch. If your crush adds you to their list – and with ...
Tags: Facebook, Apps, Technology, Media, Social Networking, Tinder, Relationships, Life and style, Dating, Zuckerberg set to debut ‘Essential First-Time Home Buyer’s Book’ is set to debut its first hard-cover book aimed specifically at the first-time homebuyer, according to an announcement Wednesday.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, News Brief,, Judy Dutton

Man gets 38-year sentence for robbing, abducting agent

James Anthony Weil Jr., 47, pleaded guilty in January of this year to robbing a real estate agent who was showing him a home in 2016. As first reported by local press, Circuit Court Judge Steven C. Frucci sentenced Weil to 38 years in prison for robbery, abduction, and two counts of use of a firearm on Monday.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, Circuit Court, Weil, News Brief, Beverly Carter Foundation, James Anthony Weil Jr, Philip Faranda, Steven C Frucci, WKTR

Buy a luxury condo, get free avocado toast for a year

In the latest ploy to woo millennial homebuyers, The Kira, a luxury condo building, is offering the trendy treat to those who buy in early May.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, News Brief, Kayleigh Johnson, Woodbridge Homes

Of course the Victorians walked faster. They didn’t have Instagram and map apps | Ed Jefferson

Ordnance Survey is recalculating how long it takes modern walkers to complete routes. Here are the things that hold us upIt turns out that for the past 127 years anyone following standard walking directions has unintentionally been playing a game of “Are you fitter than a Victorian mountaineer?” As a result, Ordnance Survey has finally decided that it is going to shake things up and provide 21st-century directions for 21st-century walkers, with an update to the way it works out how long a given ...
Tags: Travel, Maps, Technology, Instagram, Life and style, Society, UK News, Walking, Ordnance Survey, Ed Jefferson, William Naismith, Scottish Mountaineering Club

Michael Wolf, photographer of iconic building images, dies

Michael Wolf, a photographer known around the world for capturing photos of skyscrapers and high-density building layout in major cities, has passed away.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Cnn, Collection, Radio, The New York Times, Michael Wolf, Tugo Cheng, Sarah Green, Blue Lotus Gallery

Wife-tracking apps are one sign of Saudi Arabia’s vile regime. Others include crucifixion | Catherine Bennett

Treating women as chattels and executing 37 of its citizens are of a piece for a sick stateCredit where it’s due. The Saudi Absher app, just described as “inhuman” by two clearly terrified Saudi refugees, also has some fabulous user reviews on its supplier websites, Apple and Google Play.To read the surge of five-star tributes placed after the app’s invaluable contribution to human enslavement was widely exposed earlier in the year is to understand that, aside from adding value to Apple and Goog...
Tags: Apple, Google, Apps, Technology, Saudi Arabia, Women, Life and style, UK News, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Computing, Global development, Alphabet, Women's rights and gender equality

Dutton Surf amphibious vehicle preview: ‘A cross between a car and a rubber duck’ | Martin Love

It may be a niche interest, but there are few things more pleasurably weird than driving a car into the seaDutton SurfPrice £22,000MPG 30Top speed 85mph On sea 6mph ( it a boat? Is it a car? Actually, it’s the best of both – an amphibious vehicle. It’s the ideal solution for anyone who fancies driving to the coast and then… well, motoring out to sea. For the past 50 years, Tim Dutton has been at the helm of his eponymous firm. He started out in 1969 and is justly proud of the fac...
Tags: Technology, Life and style, Motoring

Going offline: the benefits of a break from the internet

Life gets simple, quickly, when you unplug the web. The best way to do it is to go off-grid, as our writer has discovered from Wales to the US• Off-grid family holidays: Tim Dowling’s rulesOn the first day we kept checking our phones, even after they had died. Maddy, who was quite young at the time, seemed to find the absence of screens inexplicable, as if she was being unfairly punished. What kind of a holiday fails to deliver the basics of human existence, like an iPad? She slept a lot. It was...
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