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Rylan Clark: ‘I’m finding a new me’

After bursting on to our screens a decade ago, Rylan Clark became a ‘national treasure’. But last year the TV personality disappeared. Here, for the first time, he talks about his rise to fame, his breakdown and recovery – and why he will always love Barbara WindsorAt the end of 2021, Rylan had his teeth knocked out. During two operations under general anaesthetic, then a third under local, his teeth, £25,000 veneers which had become both a trademark and a punchline, were hammered, then chiselle...
Tags: London, Television, Celebrity, Life and style, Culture, Television & radio, Essex, Rylan, Ross Clark, Rylan Clark, Barbara WindsorAt, Ry Union

Ann Dowd: ‘My closest brush with the law? Stealing lamb chops from a Chicago supermarket’

The Handmaid’s Tale actor on her crush on Clint Eastwood and selling frozen food over the phoneBorn in Massachusetts, Ann Dowd, 65, appeared in the films Lorenzo’s Oil and Philadelphia, and had various roles in the TV series Law & Order. She received award nominations for her performances in the 2012 film Compliance and the HBO series The Leftovers. Since 2017, she has played Aunt Lydia in the drama series The Handmaid’s Tale, winning an Emmy. Her more recent movies include Hereditary and Rebecc...
Tags: Hbo, Television, Film, Massachusetts, Life and style, Chicago, Rebecca, Culture, Television & radio, Clint Eastwood, Philadelphia, Ann Dowd, Lydia, Lorenzo, The Handmaid's Tale, Lawrence Arancio

The Doctor Who treasure trove in a Northumberland village cellar

Neil Cole’s Museum of Classic Sci-Fi, hosted in cellar of his Allendale townhouse, holds costumes and props from numerous TV classicsAt first glance the Northumberland village of Allendale, with its pub and post office and random parking, is like hundreds of sleepy, charming villages across the UK. It’s the Dalek that suggests something out of the ordinary.Behind the Dalek is a four-storey Georgian townhouse. In the cellar of the house is a remarkable and unlikely collection of more than 200 cos...
Tags: UK, Television, Doctor Who, Life and style, UK News, Culture, Television & radio, Museums, Collecting, Northumberland, North Of England, Blake, Allendale, Fantasy TV, Science fiction TV, Museum of Classic Sci Fi

From stand-in stars to tech titans: The Observer’s faces to watch in 2022

We look at who will be making headlines this year, in both a positive and negative lightToby Helm Continue reading...
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On my radar: Moses Sumney’s cultural highlights

The singer-songwriter on Balenciaga’s visions, the mountains of North Carolina, and the haunting power of Eve’s BayouSinger-songwriter Moses Sumney, 29, grew up between Ghana and California and studied creative writing and poetry at UCLA. His piercing falsetto and genre-defying music have brought him critical acclaim, starting with his self-recorded 2014 EP Mid-City Island, followed in 2017 by his debut album, Aromanticism, and the 2020 double album Græ. Sumney has collaborated with musicians in...
Tags: Books, Fashion, Music, Television, California, Life and style, Sufjan Stevens, Culture, Pop and rock, Television & radio, Solange, North Carolina, Ghana, Bon Iver, Ucla, Moses Sumney

The person who got me through 2021: Miss J and America’s Next Top Model transported me to carefree times

Three years after it ended, scandal surrounds the show, but its familiarity and formula provided a comfort blanket. I really hope they bring it backIt sounds troublingly shallow, but when I saw the tweet that said “Holy shit, ANTM [America’s Next Top Model] is on Amazon Prime” my heart soared. I am not one who can pretend the pandemic isn’t still raging but, in that fleeting moment, I felt a spiritual lightness I hadn’t experienced since 2019.I dropped everything to binge the episodes, then fell...
Tags: Television, America, Life and style, Television & radio, LGBT rights, Next Top Model, YouTuber Oliver Twixt

The person who got me through 2021: Dr Karl Kennedy in Neighbours was strangely reassuring

He became a stand-in for the family I couldn’t see – a paternal character who comforted me amid the loneliness and uncertaintyFor the past 20 years there have been a handful of constants in my life: my family, my best friend and Neighbours. Not neighbours like the people you borrow a cup of sugar from, but rather that sunshine-filled Australian soap you probably stopped watching once you left university.When I graduated, I carried on. First, out of habit (I needed to know the fate of Toadie’s mu...
Tags: Life and style, Television & radio, Soap opera, Neighbours, Karl Kennedy

The person who got me through 2021: Sofie Gråbøl as Sarah Lund felt like a brilliant old friend

In The Killing, Lund’s incredible brain inspired me when mine felt like mushroom soup. She was a solace and an inspirationThroughout 2021, I have accepted some important truths: I sometimes feel loneliness like an anvil on my chest; exercising really does, annoyingly, make me feel better; I am lost without a murder drama series on the go. This has been the year of the re-watch – Happy Valley, The Bridge, Unforgotten and The Killing. These shows are richly different and should not be reduced to b...
Tags: Television, Drama, Women, Life and style, Mental Health, Culture, Health & wellbeing, Television & radio, The Killing, Sofie Gråbøl, Sarah Lancashire, Lund, Sarah Lund, TV crime drama, Coronavirus, Catherine Cawood Nicola Walker

The TV quiz of the year: from It’s a Sin to Squid Game

How’s your 2021 TV knowledge? Test how much love you’ve been giving your favourite shows with our brain-tickling end-of-year quiz. Continue reading...
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The person who got me through 2021: Huey Morgan comforted me amid a deluge of human waste

I had plumbing problems and his radio show transported me from the faecal hellscape in my garden. It became the ideal soundtrack for my pandemic realityIt was spring, and human excrement was pumping into our garden. I watched through the window as a perplexed young plumber with a long metal pole excavated the dark, gurgling drain. As if lockdown hadn’t been bad enough, our kitchen was now heavy with the stench of a thousand flushes. No one knew how to stop it. There was only one thing to do: bre...
Tags: Family, Music, Media, Life and style, Bbc, Radio, Culture, Pop and rock, Television & radio, Radio industry, 6 Music, Huey, Huey Morgan

The person who got me through 2021: Larry David helped me embrace life as a bald man

I have finally admitted that my hair has gone for ever, and taken great comfort from the reigning king of baldnessThis year will go down in history as the year I went bald. Well, actually, 2018 went down as the year I went bald. But still, 2021 will go down as the year that I stopped fastidiously brushing three long wisps of cobweb over my scalp in the berserk belief that it somehow made me look less bald. I am bald now. Hello.Obviously, being bald is rubbish. A bad roll of the genetic dice mean...
Tags: Fashion, Life and style, Culture, Television & radio, Beauty, Larry David, Men's Hair

The person who got me through 2021: Fleabag helped me survive my mother’s death

I rewatched Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s monstrous and lovable creation after my mother died in lockdown. The show gave me space to live and grieveFleabag isn’t really the person who got me through 2021. To confess the truth (and now the Hot Priest is saying “Kneel!” in your head, isn’t he?), she also got me through 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and half of 2016, when the show first aired. It’s been an intense few years. Which is precisely why only a show about a self-sabotaging, black-humoured, grief-strick...
Tags: Life and style, Society, Culture, Television & radio, Death and dying, Phoebe Waller Bridge, Fleabag

‘There’s always been an affinity between Christmas and ghosts’: Mark Gatiss on the joy of festive frights

The writer and actor puts the ghoul into yule with screen and stage roles reprising haunting classics from Charles Dickens and MR JamesClose the curtains. Light the fire. Then prepare to be terrified; it’s Christmas. For although the word “cosy” may be closely tied to festivities at this time of year, so it seems is the word “ghost”.In northern Europe people understandably cope with the shorter days and darker evenings by drawing in around a roaring hearth, metaphorical or otherwise. Light and w...
Tags: Europe, Theatre, Christmas, Life and style, UK News, Culture, Television & radio, Stage, Charles Dickens, Christmas shows, Mark Gatiss, MR JamesClose

John Torode: ‘The kitchen is a great place to find yourself’

The celebrity chef, 56, shares his secrets for a happy relationship and the best sausage rollsLiving with my grandmother is probably my earliest memory, realising my mother had died and not really understanding it. Then, discovering food with my grandmother and learning to cook by her side. The most vivid memories are of standing in the kitchen and the smell of food. That stayed with me, the comfort of it.I’ve still got the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car my mother gave me for my fourth birthday. It...
Tags: Food, Television, Life and style, Culture, Television & radio, Food TV, Chefs, Masterchef, John Torode

Louis Theroux: ‘I’ve always found anxiety in the most unlikely places’

The broadcaster, 51, talks about his first memories, last meal, lockdown resets and his brainier older brotherI always felt like the second fiddle to my older brother Marcel, who I thought was impossibly brilliant and mature and seemed to be reading more or less from the womb, although I’m two years younger, so I wouldn’t have known that first-hand. I was the sideshow: the funny one, the ridiculous one my grandparents said was “good with my hands”, which at five or six I embraced. It was only as...
Tags: Television, Life and style, Culture, Television & radio, Marcel, Louis Theroux, Ssouth London

‘The women are cannon fodder’: how Succession shows the horrors of misogyny

Season three of the daddy issues drama speaks volumes about the monstrous Man Club that rules society – and even billionaire’s daughter Shiv Roy can’t escape its sadistic clutchesEveryone eats their share of dung beetle surprise on Succession – HBO’s unrepentant daddy issues drama – but the women’s portions come heavily seasoned with the patriarchy’s favourite ingredients: sexism and misogyny. Even billionaire’s daughter Shiv Roy (played by Sarah Snook) can’t escape it. “It’s only your teats tha...
Tags: Hbo, Television, Women, Life and style, World news, Culture, Television & radio, Sarah Snook, Succession, MeToo Movement, Kendall Jeremy Strong, Shiv Roy, Man Club

‘I owe an enormous debt to therapy!’ Rita Moreno on West Side Story, dating Brando and joy at 90

She overcame racism and abuse to break Hollywood, romanced Brando, dated Elvis to make him jealous, fought hard for civil rights and won an Egot. Now in her 10th decade, she is busier and happier than everRita Moreno pops up on my computer screen in a bright red hat, huge pendant necklace and tortoiseshell glasses. “Well, here I am in my full glory,” she says from her home in Berkeley, California. And glorious she sure is. Moreno is a couple of weeks short of her 90th birthday, but look at her a...
Tags: Hollywood, Film, Life and style, Culture, Television & radio, Marlon Brando, Elvis, Rita Moreno, Tony, Berkeley California, Moreno, West Side Story, Liza Minnelli, Brando

The stars with Down’s syndrome lighting up our screens: ‘People are talking about us instead of hiding us away’

From Line of Duty to Mare of Easttown, a new generation of performers are breaking through. Meet the actors, models and presenters leading a revolution in representationIn the middle of last winter’s lockdown, while still adjusting to the news of their newborn son’s Down’s syndrome diagnosis, Matt and Charlotte Court spotted a casting ad from BBC Drama. It called for a baby to star in a Call the Midwife episode depicting the surprising yet joyful arrival of a child with Down’s syndrome in 60s Lo...
Tags: Health, Fashion, London, Television, Film, Theatre, Life and style, Society, Bbc, Culture, Television & radio, Models, Stage, Broadway, Down's Syndrome, West End

Let’s talk about sex: how Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP sent the world into overdrive

A cultural ‘cancer’, soft porn … or the height of empowerment? A revealing documentary examines the debates around one of the raunchiest – and most talked about – rap records aroundAs winter forces many of us to ditch nights out with friends in favour of nights in on the sofa, Belcalis Alamanzar’s iconic words ring out across the digital ether: “A ho never gets cold!”. In a clip that went viral in 2014, the rapper better known as Cardi B parades up and down a hotel corridor, clad in a plunging, ...
Tags: Music, Television, Documentary, Sex, Race, Women, Rap, Culture, Television & radio, Fox News, Factual TV, Cardi B, Meg, Megan, Cardi, Candace Owens

Sheila Atim: ‘Six wings, chips and a drink. That’s my guilty pleasure’

The actor, 30, talks about learning tenacity, gaining an MBE, meeting Tom Hanks and her pole-dancing addictionIt’s fun to write MBE after your name occasionally. I got the honour in 2019 for services to drama. I have complex feelings about it and it hasn’t made any tangible difference to my career, but it solidified my sense of responsibility. I’m a big advocate for youth arts access and young people often ask me about the MBE, so it’s cool to show them what’s possible. It’s almost an ambassador...
Tags: Television, Drama, Film, Life and style, Tom Hanks, Culture, Television & radio, Ferrero Rocher, Sheila Atim, Drama films, Essex Immigrants

Alan Cumming and Forbes Masson: ‘People say double acts are like marriage without the sex’

The actors recreate their Victor & Barry comedy duo – and recall their unique creative sparkAlan Cumming and Forbes Masson met at Glasgow’s Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 1982. Together, they created Victor & Barry, a double act who became legends of the Scottish comedy scene. They went on to present several TV shows, and starred in the BBC sitcom The High Life, as two narcissistic air stewards. Appearing in series such as Catastrophe and EastEnders, Masson has since become a celeb...
Tags: Comedy, Television, Film, Theatre, Life and style, Bbc, Culture, Television & radio, Stage, Broadway, Glasgow, Alan Cumming, Macbeth, Goldeneye, Tony, CUMMING

Gaga, Gucci and prison ferrets: how true crime conquered the world

Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci stars Lady Gaga in a tale of fashion and murder. But is true crime – once the soul of cinema, from thrillers and horrors to westerns – now outgrowing the big screen?What took you so long, House of Gucci? This story was destined to become a movie from the moment the bullet left fashion heir Maurizio Gucci dead outside his Milan office in March 1995 – shot, a witness said, by a hitman with a “beautiful, clean hand”. The film by Ridley Scott now finally arrives drippin...
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Rob Delaney on love, loss and married life: ‘No, my wife is not having an affair with her karate teacher’

The star of Catastrophe and Home Sweet Home Alone answers your questions on everything from family tragedy to the value of comedyRob Delaney – comedian, actor, writer, tweeter, activist – co-wrote and co-starred in the Channel 4 sitcom Catastrophe with Sharon Horgan. Now he has a starring role in the film Home Sweet Home Alone. He has also written and spoken movingly about the death of his two-year-old son, Henry. Here, he answers questions from readers about all of this, as well as being an Ame...
Tags: London, Television, Life and style, Culture, Television & radio, Stage, Sharon Horgan, Rob Delaney, Delaney, Henry Here, Bernard Hautecler

Olivia Colman: ‘Portraying a murderer? It was less pressure than playing the Queen’

From supporting parts on TV to Hollywood stardom to her darkest role yet: the Oscar winner reveals why even the toughest jobs can’t compare to her role in The Crown Olivia Colman’s husband has written his first TV drama, a true crime series starring his wife, and I have so many questions about this that she says she can bring him downstairs to join in if I like. Ah, the possibilities when interviewing someone over Zoom. “Eddy!” she shouts up the stairs, while I peer into their comfy sitting room...
Tags: Hollywood, Television, Celebrity, Drama, Film, Life and style, Culture, Television & radio, Olivia Colman, Colman, Alfred Lord Waggyson

‘Cobwebs are more exciting’ – a dog reviews DOGTV

The world’s first streaming service for pooches promises to stimulate and educate, but Lyra soon got bored and started licking her bits – and it almost sent her owner to sleepAfter an hour of trying to cajole my dog Lyra into watching DOGTV – which launched in the UK and Europe this morning – I had some pressing questions: “What am I doing with my life?” and “why is this starting to feel like that scene in A Clockwork Orange?”DOGTV has a number of short videos explaining why it exists and how yo...
Tags: Europe, UK, Television, Dogs, Animals, Pets, Life and style, World news, Culture, Television & radio, Lyra

Juliet Stevenson: ‘The perception of women of my age is so reductive’

The actor, 65, on growing up in a loving family, recognising her partner, and getting more interesting while the parts she is offered get less interestingMy earliest memory is jumping off a little stone wall in the garden in Australia. I called it my jumping wall. It felt at least 30ft high and enormously brave. It was probably lower than knee height. It’s my first memory of an adrenaline rush. My dad was in the army and we were posted all around the world. I went to Australia on a boat with my ...
Tags: England, Television, Film, Australia, Theatre, Life and style, Culture, Television & radio, Stage, Juliet Stevenson

Sex, Love and Goop review – coming to a bedroom near you: Gwyneth Paltrow

Last year, she didn’t know a clitoris from a vulva. Now, Gwynnie’s all clued up on the female anatomy – and diving deep into the nitty-gritty of intimacy and orgasms. Result!Released on Netflix last year, The Goop Lab was Gwyneth Paltrow’s first foray into “factual” television. Amid endless talk of energy fields and snowga (yoga, in the snow), there was one must-watch moment: when Gwynnie, the undisputed leader of women’s wellness culture and pelvic steaming advocate, realised she didn’t actuall...
Tags: New York, Television, California, Sex, Relationships, Life and style, Netflix, Culture, Television & radio, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dodson, Paltrow, Gwynnie, Betty Dodson

Desperately seeking Diana: can any actor get to the heart of the people’s princess?

The princess is now a constant presence on our screens, from a camp musical to The Crown. Such a blank canvas is a dream for directors and a nightmare for actors, writes Hadley FreemanThe first imitation I ever saw of Diana, Princess of Wales was in my bedroom when I was five. It was a Diana Bride doll, ordered by my mother from a catalogue, although with her rictus smile and huge helmet of hair she looked more like Nancy Reagan. The details didn’t matter: she had the vague outlines of princess ...
Tags: Television, Musicals, Film, Women, Life and style, Netflix, Culture, Television & radio, Daily Express, Monarchy, Diana, Princess of Wales, Kristen Stewart, Naomi Watts, Spencer, Nancy Reagan

Scenes from a Marriage review – Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac’s uncoupling is all killer, no filler

Ingmar Bergman’s powerful 70s series has been reimagined for our pandemic times, with its two leads navigating the pain and frustration of a brutal breakup, and agonising separationIngmar Bergman’s original Scenes from a Marriage miniseries, released in 1973, was blamed for a spike in divorce rates. Whether this was factually true or just felt true enough, it was a recognition of the acuity of Bergman’s depiction of a disintegrating union. Indeed, his series – brought to life by an anguished Liv...
Tags: Jessica Chastain, Television, Drama, Relationships, Life and style, Divorce, Culture, Television & radio, Oscar Isaac, Bergman, Ingmar Bergman, Liv Ullmann, Amy Herzog, Hagai Levi, Erland josephson, Marriage Sky Atlantic

‘There was always an excuse to take a drink’: Succession’s Alan Ruck on Ferris Bueller, booze and bouncing back

After a decades-long slump, the actor’s career came roaring back with the role of Connor Roy. He talks about his 80s success, his ‘attitude problems’ and his excitement about Succession’s new seriesAlan Ruck is talking to me by video about the present, but he appears to be sitting in the past. The present we are discussing is the forthcoming third season of Succession, the wildly adored HBO series about plutocracies and dysfunctional families, created by Jesse Armstrong, a co-creator of Peep Sho...
Tags: Hbo, Television, Film, Life and style, Culture, Television & radio, Connor, Alan, Ferris Bueller, Charlie Sheen, Cox, John Hughes, Succession, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Cameron Frye, Jesse Armstrong

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