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Dwayne Fields: 'Our new normal means spending more time outdoors'

By getting bogged down with external conditions, you can miss some beautiful moments• Time to reset: more brilliant ideas to remake the worldIn 2010, I walked 400 miles to the North Pole with my two teammates, Linda and Ali. It was -40C. All our conversations were about navigation, our health, the situation we were in. One day, I found a baby musk ox stuck on a ledge, and helped it to safety. For three days, this thing was glued to me. I remember we were sitting drinking soup, and it was looking...
Tags: UK, Winter, Environment, Life and style, UK News, UK Weather, Ali, Linda

Lush UK Sues Lush North America/Canada Over Financial Mismanagement

Lush UK is suining Lush US/Canada. Weird right? Lush claimed in a lawsuit filed on July 7th that Mark Wolverton, CEO of Lush and his companies are breaching terms in a 2003 joint-venture agreement, which brought Lush to the U.S. According to reports, allegedly the lawsuit states that Mark Wolverton and his companies are guilty financial mismanagement due to accusations of funneling money from Lush’s U.S. operations into Canadian operations, which are controlled by Mr Wolverton. The lawsuit al...
Tags: UK, US, Canada, Beauty, Wolverton, Beauty News, Shu Uemura US, LUSH Canada, Lush US Canada Weird, Mark Wolverton CEO of Lush, Mark Wolverton, Lush 's U S, Lush USA Source You, Lusk UK

5 Ways Offices Will Be Changed After The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic caught everyone off guard when the outbreak occurred earlier this year. The virus has disrupted activities for hundreds of thousands of businesses across the globe and has forced many companies to shut down their operations completely. As the pandemic continues, many businesses have been looking at ways to adapt to these new conditions. Businesses can’t stay closed forever, so here are some ways offices will change after the Coronavirus pandemic. Adopting more hospit...
Tags: UK, Careers, Emergency planning, COVID, Bio Bryony Shaw, Spectrum Interior

Floral Street Arizona Bloom

  Arizona Bloom is the newest fragrance of the UK brand Floral Street, announced as a scent freedom, flavored and bottled. Sunny, nomadic, free-spirited and euphoric, the new fragrance features an unusual blend of notes inspired by Arizona nature.     "Arid wilderness, neon skies and eternal sunshine make for the ultimate natural high. Taking its inspiration from the flora and fauna of desert... Read full article: Floral Street Arizona Bloom from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
Tags: Fashion, UK, Arizona, Fragrantica Perfumes, Floral Street, Arizona Bloom

The Irani Aviator And His Flying Machine

The Irani doctor of Dahanu and his flying machine Dr. Behramshah Mazda, MBBS, was on the phone. Talking to me from Dahanu. Hometown of the Zoroastrian Iranis. About 120-km from Mumbai by road. I was speaking to him after years. But I could picture him easily. A burly, blustery Irani. Trusted in Dahanu for decades as the go-to doctor. Everybody knows him. And for reasons other than his bedside manner and healing touch. Posted by Mark Manuel on Facebook I was writing about the Dahanu Thermal Power...
Tags: Facebook, UK, Supreme Court, Life, India, Mumbai, Boeing, Bombay, Mazda, KARACHI, Coast Guard, Irani, Udvada, Daman, Parsi Irani, Dahanu

Money Piece Highlights: Jetzt starten die 90er-Strähnen wirklich durch

Im Herbst letzten Jahres starten sie schon mal einen kleinen Versuch, aber jetzt sind sie so richtig da: die Gesicht umrahmenden Strähnen!Ähnlich wie bei Skinny Jeans, Ugly Sneakern und anderen “krassen“ Trends haben wir hier in Deutschland etwas länger gebraucht, uns an die sogenannten Money Piece Highlights zu gewöhnen. Doch mittlerweile sieht man sie immer öfter! Ob das auch etwas mit Corona zu tun haben könnte? Ich meine schließlich setzen sich jetzt viele mit ihrer eigenen Sterblichkeit aus...
Tags: Fashion, Music, UK, US, Spice Girls, Hare, Stuck, Barrymore, Corona, Raum, Kopf, Jahren, Idee, Kosten, Dann, Wahl

Here’s a Love List and All The Info You Need About Gotham At the Moment

Wakey wakey! It’s almost Friday! The weekend looms ahead and I’m ready to live deliciously! I’m a bit tired this week as work has been a stress-fess of fun but as I said in a recent Instagram post I’ll never complain about being busy or stressed because right now so many people are out of work. I’ve always been very grateful and thankful to have a job in bad economy times, in good ones, doesn’t matter, I always feel blessed that I’m self employed and have steady work. I think hard work an...
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UK government invests in sex party startup

UK company Killing Kittens is an online, women-led hook-up platform that began as a network to organize "decadent and hedonistic parties... fully focused on the pursuit of female pleasure." Now, Killing Kittens has taken around $220,000 in investment from the UK government's "Future Fund" that, according to the British Business Bank, "issues convertible loans to innovative UK companies with good potential, that typically rely on equity investment and are currently affected by COVID-19." From C...
Tags: Post, Business, UK, News, Sex, Adult, British Business Bank, Killing Kittens

10 of the UK's best family cycling trails: readers’ travel tips

10 of the UK's best family cycling trails: readers’ travel tipsOur readers’ favourite routes to tackle with bikes and kids include plenty of flat terrain – towpaths and old railway lines – from the Firth of Forth to the Cornish coast
Tags: UK, News, Lifestyle

So, You Wanna Smell like a Sanrio Eraser?

When I was a kid I was obsessed with Hello Kitty and Sanrio. Ok, let me correct that a little bit. As a child and as an adult I’m a tiny bit obsessed with Sanrio. Aren’t we all? But when I think back on my childhood I have a lot of good memories I associate with Sanrio. I remember the mall had a stationary store and they had everything and anything Sanrio related. Stickers, gum, pens, pencils, pencil boxes, and most importantly erasers. I remember I had a pink Hello Kitty eraser that had...
Tags: Usa, UK, Beauty, Fragrance, Hello Kitty, Sanrio, Kitty, Muse Approved, Fragrance Reviews, Fortune Cookie Soap, You Need This, Sanrio Aren, Body Shop Red Musk Eau de Parfum

MAC Gonna Love Me & Save Ya Tears Hunny Lipglasses Reviews & Swatches

Gonna Love Me MAC Gonna Love Me Lipglass ($18.50 for 0.1 oz.) is a light-medium coral with moderate, warm undertones and a smattering of blue and pink pearl. It had good color payoff in a single layer, but it was harder to apply evenly as the milkier color was prone to streaking and pulling into my deeper lip lines. The formula felt smooth, spreadable, and moderately tacky with a thicker consistency, though it didn’t feel heavy to ...
Tags: UK, John Lewis, Mac, Beauty, Christine, Mac Cosmetics, Lipgloss, Lip Products, Pigmentation, Temptalia, Lipglasses, LE Limited Edition, LookFantasticMAC CA MAC UK Sephora, Lake Ci 15850 Red 21 Lake Ci, MAC Cosmetics Ulta Nordstrom Saks, MAC Pink Lemonade P

9 White Gold Eyeshadows That Bring the Bling

The best white gold eyeshadows are fantastic for brightening the eye area, whether used all over the lid as a wash of shimmer, on the inner tearduct to highlight, or on the center of the lid for a halo-effect. A few recommendations below are slightly deeper than truly white gold but would have a similar effect on medium/deeper skin but with a subtler white base (more of the sheen). Pro tip: If you want to kick it up a notch, try applying your favorite shimmery/more metallic white gold hue with ...
Tags: Eyes, UK, John Lewis, Zen, Beauty, Sydney, Christine, Best Beauty Products, LookFantasticMAC CA MAC UK Sephora, Sydney Grace Sydney, Riley RoseColoured Raine, Riley RoseColoured Raine Int, Candela Clionadh Clionadh P Permanent, Clionadh Candela Iridescent Multichrome Eyeshadow, Candela Iridescent Multichrome Eyeshadow, Glisten Coloured Raine Coloured Raine P Permanent

MAC Good Moaninnnn & Junie Bee Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Good Moaninnnn MAC Good Moaninnnn Lipstick ($20.00 for 0.1 oz.) is a soft, peachy coral with moderate, warm undertones and a satin finish. It had good color coverage in a single layer, which could be built to nearly full coverage with a second layer but needed a lip pencil underneath to get it to be opaque. The texture was lightweight, dense without being stiff to work with, and applied evenly across my lips without tugging. The f...
Tags: UK, John Lewis, Mac, Beauty, Lipstick, Christine, Mac Cosmetics, Milani, Lip Products, Pigmentation, MAC Launch Reviews, Temptalia, Lustres, Per Ounce MAC Lipstick, LookFantasticMAC CA MAC UK Sephora, Lake Ci 15850 Red 21 Lake Ci

Why You Should Invest in Antique Furniture

We all love the look and feel of fine antique furniture, of that there’s little doubt, and for many homeowners, the idea of blending the old and new is very appealing. Some mistakenly think that the only people who buy antique furniture are the very wealthy who can afford such luxuries, and, of course, the dealers of fine antique pieces. Indeed, making an investment in a few antique furniture items is a good idea for several reasons. Surround Yourself with Fine Craftsmanship This i...
Tags: Fashion, UK, Home Decor, Furniture, Vsco, Antiques, Windsor, Home Life, Antique furniture, Antique Gifts

MAC A Rose in Harlem & I Got a Man Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

A Rose in Harlem MAC A Rose in Harlem Lipstick ($20.00 for 0.1 oz.) is a vivid, medium-dark red with cooler, blue undertones and a satin sheen. It had good pigmentation that covered my lips evenly and sat well on them, though there was a hint of translucency. The lipstick had a slightly denser consistency, but it wasn’t stiff or difficult to work with, as the product had enough creaminess to it to glide over my lips comfortably. I...
Tags: UK, John Lewis, Mac, Beauty, Lipstick, Harlem, Christine, Pat McGrath, Mac Cosmetics, Lip Products, Pigmentation, MAC Launch Reviews, Temptalia, Gabriel Zamora, Lustres, LE Limited Edition

MAC House of Petunia Mineralize Skinfinish Review & Swatches

House of Petunia MAC House of Petunia Mineralize Skinfinish ($34.00 for 0.35 oz.) is a light-medium gold with strong, warm, almost peachy undertones with a smooth, metallic sheen and faint copper micro-sparkle that was more randomly strewn through. It had good color coverage in a single layer, which was buildable to full coverage with two to three layers. The texture was smooth to the touch, soft and yielding without being too powd...
Tags: UK, John Lewis, Beauty, Christine, Mac Cosmetics, Cheek Products, Highlighters, Polysorbate, Carmine CI, Pigmentation, Becca Opal, Temptalia, LookFantasticMAC CA MAC UK Sephora, MAC Cosmetics Ulta Nordstrom Saks, MAC House of Petunia Mineralize Skinfinish, Ingredients Mica Talc Nylon

Doctors to prescribe bike rides to tackle UK obesity crisis

Boris Johnson to announce new measures to make cycling safer and cheaper to improve health and cut virus riskGPs will be encouraged to prescribe cycling as a way for patients to lose weight, as part of a new government strategy to tackle the nation’s obesity crisis to be announced on Monday.In what Downing Street says is its biggest initiative to encourage more people to take exercise, the plans to be revealed by prime minister Boris Johnson could also mean GP surgeries participating in bicycle ...
Tags: Health, Politics, UK, Fitness, Obesity, Life and style, Society, UK News, Public services policy, Cycling, Health policy, Boris Johnson, Downing Street, Coronavirus outbreak

UK plans to boost cycling and walking under threat, say campaigners

YouGov survey for BikeIsBest finds 77% support changes despite protests by pro-motoring groups Government plans to boost levels of walking and cycling after the coronavirus crisis are under threat from a minority of objectors, whose views do not represent the opinions of many Britons, a pro-cycling campaign has claimed.Research carried out for the BikeIsBest organisation found 77% of Britons would support changes in their local area to encourage more cycling and walking. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, UK, Fitness, Life and style, Society, UK News, Cycling, Health & wellbeing, Walking, Yougov, Coronavirus outbreak, BikeIsBest

Iconic London is Sold At Sephora But With a Limited Catalog of Items

Iconic London is now being sold at! You might recognize the brand from Ulta where it originally become available first and also, where the brand stocks the most of their general catalog of products! Sephora has now picked up the brand as well but they only have some of the more recent releases like the new Sheer Blush. Unlike Ulta though, Sephora will carry the brand in stores starting this Fall on September 25th. I’m not sure if they plan to extend the lines offerings further b...
Tags: UK, London, Kim Kardashian, Beauty, Sephora, Ulta, Beauty Abroad, Sephora Ulta, British Brands, Iconic London, Jade Elliot, Harvey Nicolas

Testament London Cosmology

The new niche perfumery house from the UK, Testament London (with their first fragrance originating from 2018), prides itself on its clash of modern and traditional craftsmanship and eastern and western perfumery ideas, as well as inspirations taken from both dreams and reality.  The new fragrance in The Icons Collection named Cosmology comes out at the start of August 2020 and is developed ... Read full article: Testament London Cosmology from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
Tags: Fashion, UK, London, Fragrantica Perfumes, Testament London Cosmology

Do vegetarians really have better sex than meat-eaters?

A new study explains the differences in libido and sexual satisfaction between vegetarians and meat-eaters, with vegetarians coming out on top.According to this survey, 57 percent of vegetarians claim to have sex 3-4 times per week compared to 49 percent of meat-eaters. Also, 58 percent of vegetarians (compared to 35 percent of meat-eaters) claim to be "givers" rather than "takers" in the bedroom.There are many reasons why vegetarians may be having better sex, from a healthier, easier-to-digest ...
Tags: Health, UK, Sex, Relationships, Memory, Mental Health, Brain, Czech Republic, Innovation, Debate, Charles University, Human body, Delfina Ure

Sommerurlaub in Coronazeiten: Das sind die Richtlinien im Vereinigten Königreich

Nachdem wir wegen Corona lange Zeit aufs Reisen verzichten mussten, gibt es mittlerweile glücklicherweise in vielen Ländern schon Lockerungen für Tourist*innen. Doch da die Pandemie auch im Sommerurlaub nicht Geschichte ist, müssen wir uns natürlich mit den Infektionsschutzmaßnahmen unserer Zielorte beschäftigen. Wann darf ich einreisen? Wie viele Personen dürfen insgesamt gemeinsam Urlaub machen? Gelten Mindestabstandsregelungen? Kein Wunder also, dass die Suchanfragen über Coronaregelungen für...
Tags: Google, Fashion, Music, UK, England, Wales, Das Leben, Auch, Wie, Juli, Denn, Urlaub, Platz, Sicherheit, Kein Wunder, Campingplatz

The transformer: Zerbanoo Gifford on turning 70

It was a toss-up between a Women’s Forum and a Global Zoroastrian Youth Leaders Forum. Something special was being planned for Zerbanoo Gifford’s 70th birthday on May 11 since the last one year. Article By Farida Master The social entrepreneur and founder of ASHA Centre in the Forest of Dean, England wanted it to be meaningful and of significance that would leave it’s footprint for generations to come. Not just a cake-cutting, having-a-good-time kind of gathering at the onset of the 70th year of...
Tags: UK, Life, Brighton, Mark Twain, Asha, Individuals, Zoro, Zerbanoo Gifford, ASHA Centre, Zerbanoo, Harrow School, Adrian Locher, Ursula Graham Bower, Forest of Dean England, Church Farm Zerbanoo, Church Farm

How the first English novels by Parsis were written in the backdrop of the plague and politics

The histories of the novels ‘My Friend, The Barrister’ and ‘Pootli, A Story of Life in Bombay’ The library of the University of Mumbai, housed in an 1870s edifice flanked by the Rajabai Tower, is perhaps the grandest repository of literary treasures in the city. Shelved under its lofty vaulted wooden ceiling are the last surviving copies of many obscure Bombay publications in English, Marathi, Gujarati, Persian and Urdu. Article by Murali Ranganathan | In the early 1900s, the collect...
Tags: Europe, Books, UK, England, London, Congress, Life, India, Bombay, Great Britain, Calcutta, Gandhi, Hindustan, Madras, Lizzie, Times of India

Choose Your Weapons with Ben Stokes and Jason Holder

Let’s talk about picking bowling attacks. Let’s use the first Test between England and the West Indies as a case study and, for an extra frisson of excitement, let’s do this halfway through the game – that way any specifics we use can turn out to be very wrong. Because being wrong is what picking a bowling attack is all about. Let’s start with the West Indies, because they bowled first. Four seamers The Windies have settled on a bowling strategy in recent years. Kemar Roach...
Tags: UK, England, Sex, South Africa, Archer, West Midlands, Stuart Broad, Wood, David Warner, West Indies, Ben Stokes, Mark Wood, James Anderson, Broad, Gabriel, Jimmy

The world's poorest women and girls risk being biggest losers in DfID merger

The department is a world leader in programmes based on gender equality. The government must show this will continueNews that the Department for International Development and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are to merge raised many questions about the UK’s commitment to supporting the world’s poorest people. A key question for us is how the new department will support women and girls.For more than 20 years, UK aid has saved and transformed the lives of women and girls in some of the world’s ...
Tags: Politics, UK, Women, Life and style, UK News, World news, Aid, Global development, Department for International Development, Commonwealth Office, Department for International Development (DfID, Women's rights and gender equality

Gyms, pools and salons to reopen shortly in England

Beauticians and outdoor pools to return within days with indoor pools and gyms opening on 25 July Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageGyms, swimming pools and leisure centres will reopen in England within days as part of the government’s lockdown easing, with the UK culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, suggesting “normal life is slowly returning”. Related: Parklife! When gyms reopen, will anyone go back? Continue reading...
Tags: Health, UK, England, Fitness, Sport, Life and style, UK News, Health & wellbeing, Coronavirus outbreak, Oliver Dowden

How to stop your glasses steaming up – and 19 other essential facts about face masks

How often should you wash a cloth mask? And how effective are the disposable ones? The expert guide to choosing, wearing and caring for your face coveringThe British have been slow to embrace face masks, despite calls from public health experts. Uptake has been just 25% in the UK, compared with 83.4% in Italy and 65.8% in the US. The president of the Royal Society, Venki Ramakrishnan, said this week that wearing one “is the right thing to do” and that a refusal to do so should be seen as sociall...
Tags: Health, UK, Science, Biology, US, Life and style, Society, World news, Medical Research, Infectious Diseases, Health & wellbeing, Italy, Microbiology, Royal Society, World Health Organization WHO, Venki Ramakrishnan

Which Period Doors Are The Most Stylish?

The front door on your home is not commonly regarded as a key design element. They can often be overlooked but this can have a detrimental effect on the style of your home so putting some focus on your doors is important.  With interior design being increasingly more popular than ever before and access to inspiration and advice incredibly easy thanks to the advent of social media, choosing the right style for you can be tricky. There is so much choice and what you like one week won’t ne...
Tags: Fashion, UK, Home Decor, Doors, Art Deco, Front Door, Security Doors, Art Deco Doors, Contemporary Doors, Patio Doors, Victorian Doors

4 Companies Shaking Up Traditional Menswear

Traditional menswear has been in a bit of slump in the previous decades with brands sticking to the status quo. A lot of brands even got to the point where they were repeating what had been done in the past, but that has started to change in recent times. There are four companies that have taken the market by storm and become popular among the masses. It’s time to shine a light on these companies to take a look at what they are doing better than the rest and what they have seen in this market. ...
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