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Dior sticks by Johnny Depp in defiance of 'wife beater' ruling

Fans pledge to buy cologne still advertised by actor after court finds he abused ex-wifeEvidence suggests defiant Johnny Depp fans have been buying Dior’s Sauvage fragrance in support of the actor, who continues to be the face of the cologne despite a high court judge finding that he violently abused his ex-wife during their relationship.Depp has been the face of the aftershave since it launched in 2015 with an advertising campaign that was criticised for its racist portrayal of Native Americans...
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Christmas: scientists suggest outdoor festivities to keep safe from Covid

Independent Sage proposes community celebrations with food and drink in the streetCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageChristmas could be turned into a communal outdoor celebration – with hot drinks and mince pies consumed in the street – scientists have suggested, in alternative plans drawn up for safer festivities.In a set of proposals compiled by Independent Sage – a group formed in response to concerns about a lack of transparency in scientific advice given to governme...
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Scientists suggest an outdoor Christmas to keep safe from Covid

Independent Sage proposes community celebrations with food and drink in the streetCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageChristmas could be turned into a communal outdoor celebration – with hot drinks and mince pies consumed in the street – scientists have suggested, in alternative plans drawn up for safer festivities.In a set of proposals compiled by Independent Sage – a group formed in response to concerns about a lack of transparency in scientific advice given to governme...
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Prep talk: 'yindies' revive 80s Wall Street look for generation Z

Ironic take on corporate attire reboots yuppie look in age of The Crown and new Gossip GirlIn the ultimate moment of fashion revival, the 80s yuppie look is back – but with a difference. The “yindies” (young ironic nostalgic dresser), is bringing back the suited, Wall Street look but with a touch of knowing self-reference and elements of preppy style too.The first cast photograph of the new Gossip Girl reboot, the current season of The Crown, which features Diana Spencer’s 1980s Sloane Ranger ch...
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Boris Johnson under pressure as scientists back tight rules for Christmas

PM set to announce end to lockdown before trying to broker national agreement on family gatheringsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageBoris Johnson will meet his cabinet remotely on Sunday to decide how people will be able to gather with loved ones at Christmas, before the announcement of a new Covid winter plan.The prime minister, who is self-isolating, will then confirm by video to parliament on Monday that national restrictions will end on 2 December and be replaced by...
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Women in mid-30s may never know equal pay in their working lives

More than 40% of working women worried about impact of Covid on job prospectsWomen in their mid-30s will never know equal pay in their working lives if progress towards tackling the gender gap is not accelerated, according to new analysis.To mark Equal Pay Day, the day that women in effect stop being paid because of the gender pay gap in the UK, Labour has said 8.5 million women will go their entire careers without receiving equal pay. Continue reading...
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Who's a clever dog? Canine 'genius challenge' to be livestreamed

Six border collies from around world to take part in series of live experimentsThe search for the world’s smartest dog kicks into gear on Wednesday, as contenders compete in a livestreamed event to be crowned top of the canine class.Researchers in Hungary have spent more than two years searching for dogs who could recognise the names of their different toys, advertising for owners to come forward on social media. Continue reading...
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Joan Armatrading: 'I want to make a heavy metal album – with lots of guitar shredding'

At the age of seven, she flew to Birmingham from Saint Kitts on her own – and became the first globally successful female songwriter. As she wins the award she once gave to Margaret Thatcher, Joan Armatrading looks back‘It’s very nice to be honoured,” says Joan Armatrading, down the phone from her home in Surrey. The 69-year-old is talking about receiving this year’s Women of the Year lifetime achievement award, which sees her honoured alongside the likes of child burns survivor Sylvia Mac and A...
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Why I hate the Mary Wollstonecraft statue | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

Was a tiny, silver, ripped nude really the correct way to honour ‘the mother of feminism’? Admirers like me never expected to be left contemplating whether she had a full bushIt took 200 years, not to mention a decade of fundraising, for a memorial to the great feminist thinker and writer Mary Wollstonecraft to be commissioned and unveiled today at Newington Green in north London, where she lived and worked. For too long, campaigners felt, Wollstonecraft had remained relatively obscure and, from...
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Inseparable for 44 years – the couple banned from touching because of Covid

Trish Walker’s husband Chris is in a care home, and she has been allowed to speak to him for only an hour a dayCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThey met on a blind date and married nine months later. For the next 44 years, Chris and Trish Walker were inseparable. Until the pandemic.For the past eight months, Trish has not been allowed to touch her husband and has only been able to speak to him for just over an hour, even though he has already had – and recovered from –...
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Couples 'heartbroken and exhausted' as English weddings cancelled – again

Couples alter weddings up to four times amid constantly changing Covid rules Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThey have had to reschedule the best day of their lives not once, twice or thrice – but four times. Now couples forced to alter their wedding plans repeatedly due to changing coronavirus measures have told of being left “heartbroken and exhausted”, amid a lack of government support for the wedding industry.Under the regulations for England’s second national loc...
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‘She was gangsta with her clothes’: How Princess Diana became 2020’s biggest style icon

Her image is everywhere – in the return of The Crown, a Hollywood film, musical and emulated on the cover of Vogue. For the younger generation, there is no greater fashion inspiration right nowUntil this spring, the defining experience of shared grief and loss in living British memory could be summed up in one word: Diana. The sea of flowers outside Kensington palace. The outpouring of emotion that recalibrated a country’s self-image. The cultural and political shock waves that threatened the mo...
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The fall of Johnny Depp: how the world's most beautiful movie star turned very ugly

In the 1990s, he was a different kind of film star – eloquent, artistic and cool. But this week, with the loss of his court case against the Sun, the dream has decisively souredJohnny Depp is “a wife-beater”. This is the verdict of the UK courts. Just writing that sentence feels genuinely shocking, and yet, by now perhaps, it should not. For a start, the allegation that he was physically abusive to his ex-wife Amber Heard emerged more than four years ago, after she applied for a temporary restra...
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Flower power: Covid restrictions fuel boom in plant and bulb sales

Sales of medicinal plants such as echinacea have risen by almost 3,000% at some outletsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAs winter approaches, the pandemic continues and spending time outdoors seems less appealing, how can you still get your fix of nature? By bringing the outdoors inside, or at least that’s what soaring plant sales seem to suggest.Latest figures show there has been a huge increase in the number of people buying plants and bulbs during lockdown, and medi...
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'We can’t put a barrier on the border': Welsh town fears influx from English Covid hotspots

In Montgomery, the steady flow of tourists from across the border is seen as mixed blessingSharon and Tommy Gee, who run the Spar store in Montgomery, a picturesque town in mid-Wales a mile from the English border, admit they are worried.They operate a friendly shop and are keen both to serve their local community and give a warm welcome to the many visitors drawn by the castle, the cafes, the pubs and the good hiking and cycling routes. Continue reading...
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Nimco Ali calls for frank discussion on violence against women in UK

Campaigner gives first major interview after being appointed as government adviser on issueThe UK needs a frank conversation about the fear of male violence that women live with every day, according to the government’s new adviser on violence against women and girls.In her first major interview since her role was announced on Friday, the feminist campaigner Nimco Ali – who has been a key figure in the global fight to end female genital mutilation (FGM) – said she wanted to work across political,...
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The e-scooter: road menace or saviour of the commute?

They may be a common sight, but privately owned motorised scooters are still illegal on Britain’s roads and pavements. But with rental scheme trials taking place across the country, could they be answer to getting to work in the pandemic? Standing upright, you glide, ghostlike, along the street. You have no emissions. You are alone, outside, unlikely to catch anything or pass anything on. You are no burden to the public transport system, nor do you contribute much to congestion. You take up litt...
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Chanel and Louis Vuitton veer between future and past

Evocative shows by two of fashion’s biggest names light up a bizarre Paris seasonThe strangest ever season of catwalk shows ended in Paris with Chanel and Louis Vuitton, displaying an industry divided between nostalgia for the razzmatazz of the old normal and a futuristic vision of what fashion could be.The 14-metre white capital letters of the Hollywood sign that crown the Santa Monica Mountains do not just designate a place name. Since they were erected in the roaring 20s, they have stood for ...
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Fred Perry withdraws polo shirt adopted by far-right Proud Boys

Company distances itself from US fascist group as it halts sales of garment in North AmericaThe fashion brand Fred Perry has pulled one of its famous polo shirt designs after it became associated with a far-right organisation.The company has halted sales of the black and yellow top in the US and Canada, after it was adopted by the neo-fascist organisation the Proud Boys. Continue reading...
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We Are Made in Italy: digital fashion show highlights Italian diversity

Five little known black designers took spotlight on final day of Milan fashion weekThe fashion designer Claudia Gisèle Ntsama’s cocktail dresses are a feat of engineering, their spools of unravelled thread seemingly suspended around the body as if held in a spider’s web. Ntsama, one of five little known black Italian designers in the spotlight on the final day of Milan fashion week, supported herself by working as a cleaner while she created the collection, for which she cites the high-concept J...
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Fast fashion giant Boohoo ignored red flags over working conditions among suppliers and often has 'no idea where its clothes are being made,' an independent review found

Boohoo founder Mahmud Kamani and business partner Carol Kane. Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Boohooo An independent review into fast fashion giant Boohoo's supply chain found "multiple failings" over pay and working conditions.  Boohoo, which faced allegations of "modern slavery" in its supply chain in June, ignored red flags, the review found. Multiple textile factory workers claimed to be paid less than the minimum wage, and around half of the suppliers and subcontractors investigated ha...
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Female voices 'drowned out' in reporting on Covid-19, report finds

Analysis of stories across six countries including UK found fewer than a fifth of experts quoted on the pandemic were womenCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageWomen’s voices have been “worryingly marginalised” in reporting of the coronavirus, partly due to the war-like framing of the pandemic, according to a report analysing stories across six countries.Each woman’s voice in news coverage of the crisis is “drowned out” by at least three men, it said. Continue reading...
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Bundle up: Britons urged to embrace an alfresco Covid winter

Rugs, patio heaters and fire pits fly off the shelves as the nation gears up to socialise through the colder monthsWinter is coming. Game of Thrones fans know that this is a warning to prepare for dark times, and it has never been more apt than during the Covid pandemic.Six months ago, Boris Johnson gave the nation a “simple instruction” – to stay at home to stop the spread of the disease. The weather that day in most of the country was pretty good for early spring – widespread sunshine after a ...
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‘Vigilantes’ on a mission to reunite owners with their stolen bikes

Britain’s cyclists take matters into their own hands as criminals cash in on post-lockdown popularity of cyclingIt’s the buzz he gets from reuniting the cyclists of Cambridge with their stolen bikes that has turned Omar Terywall into a self-proclaimed “vigilante”. He said: “You get really hooked on it when you start seeing major progress – and, well, it’s just nice helping people really, isn’t it?”Like others across the country, from Portsmouth to Glasgow, Terywall runs a local Facebook group wh...
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Booze battles: how the pub became the focus for pandemic Britain’s culture wars

Pubs are the most inclusive of all possible spaces. So how did they suddenly become more contentious than a vegan sausage roll?It was inevitable that the lifting of lockdown would throw up contradictions that make no sense. From next Monday, children in England will spend their days in classrooms of 30, but adults won’t be able to meet in groups of more than six. Earlier in the season, childcare was reinstated before people were allowed to visit their families, throwing up the absurdity that you...
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From cool beans to has-beens? The Covid threat to Britain's coffee shops

Why the chains and independents at the heart of Britain’s high streets are in deep troubleCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageIt’s the multibillion-pound industry that kept on growing, based on a bean that Britons couldn’t seem to get enough of: coffee.Until, that is, the pandemic struck. As is the case with many businesses hit hard by coronavirus, the ubiquitous coffee chains that have powered city centres and high streets across the UK are in deep trouble. Continue read...
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Alan Partridge on his new podcast: 'This is the real, raw, be-cardiganed me'

He’s back – sporting a post-lockdown haircut and hosting a new podcast. Britain’s No 1 raconteur talks about his new hat, driving a Vauxhall, and why Boris Johnson looks like the evil rabbit in Watership DownTurn right out of Norwich railway station, take the number 12 bus, change at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, ride eight stops on the number 4 towards Swanton Morley, walk 1.1 miles, and you can’t help but spot the twin louvred conical towers of the oasthouse that Alan Partridge call...
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E-scooters: time to take the brakes off | Letter

The government must stop dragging its feet when it comes to encouraging the use of e-scooters, argues Hilary SaundersYour article about e-scooters (UK rides the wave of micromobility by embracing e-scooters, 25 August) failed to raise some vital questions.As electric scooters can cost as little as £120, they could provide the ideal transport for low-income commuters, while helping to reduce carbon emissions, especially in cities. It would not cost much to mark out a lane on arterial roads for th...
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Revealed: auditors raised minimum-wage red flags at Boohoo factories

Exclusive: Third-party reports set out allegations at 18 Leicester suppliers How Leicester’s factories went to war with BoohooThe fast-fashion retailer Boohoo has been selling clothes made by at least 18 factories in Leicester that audits say have failed to prove they pay the minimum wage to workers, a Guardian investigation has found.Third-party audit reports produced over the past four years make claims of “critical” issues over record-keeping and working hours at the time they were written, s...
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The fashion industry echoes colonialism – DfID's scheme will subsidise it | Meg Lewis

Covid-19 has exposed the fragility of supply chains, which rely on the labour of black and brown workers. The deep inequalities won’t be fixed by injecting funds at the topIs the UK governed by parliamentary democracy or big businesses? It is a question that should concern us all, yet it is becoming increasingly hard to differentiate between the two, as the government hands out multimillion-pound contracts to private firms with dubious track records, and ministers revolve between roles at big ba...
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