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Q A with Black American Perfumers and Fragrance Businesses

  The US has seen an explosion of activity in niche perfume, fragrance development, and entrepreneurship in the past ten years. In what had previously been a world set aside primarily for European creativity and expression, it has opened up dramatically, thanks in many ways to the proliferation of the internet and the evolution of a more level playing field in the market for many new and eme... Read full article: Q A with Black American Perfumers and Fragrance Businesses from Fragrantica Perfu...
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Everyday Parsi: Homi Gandhi

Our third author in the Everyday Parsi 2020 is Homi D. Gandhi Homi writes… When I was a child, Muktaad prayers at the Gandhi household on the Gandhi Street of Parsiwad, Fort, Bharuch had a special significance, as it was one of the few Parsi homes hosting the 18-day Fasli Muktaad at home. Although I had participated in the rituals, I was very young and unaware of their significance. Sometime in February 1946, my Bapaiji (paternal grandmother) confided in me that our community handyman,...
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What is an Onahole? Onahole Types and Everything Else You Need to Know

If you’re a man dreaming of a toy that can suck up your penis so good that your head will spin around, onaholes are for you. Sometimes, it becomes so boring when you’re left alone with yourself and your hand. That is why thousands of men across the world have opted for onaholes. An onahole is not a type of toy you can forget once you’ve seen it. Besides, these friends from Japan come in different forms, sizes, and types to satisfy any needs and meet everyone’s expectations. But, what exactly an ...
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The last of the Zoroastrians

My grandfather had never been a tall man, and now he looked absurdly small, no bigger than a child. Swaddled in off-white sheets like a newborn, with just his head and the soles of his feet visible, his eyes were open and mouth disconcertingly agape, as if in surprise. His corpse was slightly raised from the floor, lain atop a rickety wooden stretcher. Beside the body, three priests in white robes intoned in Avestan, the long-dead language of the Zoroastrian scriptures, as a small fire burned i...
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Podcast #633: The World and Vision of Lakota Medicine Man Black Elk

When he was nine years old in 1872, Black Elk, a member of the Lakota tribe, had a near-death vision in which he was called to save not only his people but all of humanity. For the rest of his life, Black Elk’s vision haunted and inspired him as he took part in many of the seminal confrontations between the Lakota and the U.S. government, including those at Little Bighorn and Wounded Knee.  My guest today is the author of a biography of this native holy man. His name is Joe Jackson and his bo...
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An England v Pakistan Test series “precap” (with preamble)

We were going to do a recap of the England v Ireland one-dayers, but they haven’t actually finished yet. So instead we thought we’d switch focus and do a ‘precap’ of the Pakistan series. We thought we were being wilfully annoying by using a made-up word like ‘precap’ when we could of course just say ‘preview’. But it turns out ‘precap’ is a word that people genuinely use. So now we’re the one who’s annoyed because ‘precap’ is a stupid word. The Ireland series recap/review would have bee...
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Spotlight: Cuyana by Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah

Cuyana is a women’s fashion brand that is all about incorporating fewer and better items into your wardrobe. It was started by co-founders Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah, who encourage customers to create a lean wardrobe of great quality pieces that they will love and treasure for years to come. That’s why the brand prides itself on the relatively timeless integrity of its designs, the use of carefully selected fabrics, precise silhouettes, attention to detail, and a commitment to producing thes...
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Strange Invisible Perfumes Magazine Street

Perfume PosseStrange Invisible Perfumes Magazine Street It’s August. I can’t believe it’s August. I’ve never been to New Orleans. Always wanted to go when I still lived in the US – and I even have a relative now living there. Just never happened. Sigh. Too many… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseStrange Invisible Perfumes Magazine Street
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House of Sillage Wonder Woman 1984™ Collection Limited Edition Parfum

  On July 31st, 2020, US niche brand House of Sillage presents the newest fragrance Wonder Woman 1984™ Collection Limited Edition Parfum in a very attractive flacon made from the finest French crystal.  Each piece is hand-painted and made with an enchanting ombré effect, while each of the stoppers is decorated with 100 Swarovski crystals.   Nicole Mather (House of Sillage) Wonder Woman 198... Read full article: House of Sillage Wonder Woman 1984™ Collection Limited Edition Parfum from Fragra...
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Neu auf Netflix: Auf diese Serien & Filme kannst du dich im August freuen

Die zweite Sommerhälfte hat begonnen und ganz langsam starten auch wieder die ersten Dreharbeiten. Nachdem wegen Corona monatelang gar nichts ging, darf jetzt endlich wieder gearbeitet werden. Allerdings nicht überall. Und auch nur unter extrem strengen Auflagen.Ein paar Serien und kleinere Filme werden also aktuell schon wieder produziert. Großproduktionen finden dagegen immer noch kaum statt – genauer gesagt ist „Babelsberg momentan der einzige Standort weltweit, an dem gedreht wird.“, so Chri...
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Money Piece Highlights: Jetzt starten die 90er-Strähnen wirklich durch

Im Herbst letzten Jahres starten sie schon mal einen kleinen Versuch, aber jetzt sind sie so richtig da: die Gesicht umrahmenden Strähnen!Ähnlich wie bei Skinny Jeans, Ugly Sneakern und anderen “krassen“ Trends haben wir hier in Deutschland etwas länger gebraucht, uns an die sogenannten Money Piece Highlights zu gewöhnen. Doch mittlerweile sieht man sie immer öfter! Ob das auch etwas mit Corona zu tun haben könnte? Ich meine schließlich setzen sich jetzt viele mit ihrer eigenen Sterblichkeit aus...
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Italian fashion brands urged to tackle racism

Campaigners say controversial decisions could have been avoided if there were more black people in senior positionsBlack fashion designers in Italy have called upon Gucci, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana to commit to eradicating racism in the country’s fashion industry, accusing brands of prioritising performative gestures of support for the Black Lives Matter movement in the US at the expense of tackling discrimination closer to home.A letter written by the designers Stella Jean and Edward Buchanan, ...
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Italian fashion brands called upon to tackle racism

Campaigners say controversial decisions could have been avoided if there were more black people in senior positionsBlack fashion designers in Italy have called upon Gucci, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana to commit to eradicating racism in the country’s fashion industry, accusing brands of prioritising performative gestures of support for the Black Lives Matter movement in the US at the expense of tackling discrimination closer to home.A letter written by designers Stella Jean and Edward Buchanan, enti...
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Ditch the gloves, buy a litter-picker, but don’t carshare! How to be eco-friendly in a pandemic

Can you wash your disposable mask at 20C – and should we still be going for reusable coffee cups? Experts answer your environmental dilemmasCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageWith planes grounded, roads clear, emissions slashed and less noise and light pollution, at first it seemed the coronavirus pandemic might have an environmental benefit. But now the temporary respite is over and, as we venture back outside, it is clear that in other ways, things have got worse. Onli...
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US-based Zoroastrian priest killed in Iran, in apparent murder

Local prosecutor tells Iranian media that body of Arash Kasravi, who was visiting to deal with his father’s estate, found alongside those of two other men days after going missing A Zoroastrian priest who resided in the United States has been killed on a visit to Iran, the country’s judiciary said in local media reports on Sunday. The body of Arash Kasravi was found in the central province of Kerman alongside those of two other people who were not members of the religious minority, the prov...
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Switching Back to CeraVe Facial Products

CeraVe beauty products were recommended by our dermatologist about ten years ago, and I used them for years because they worked well for my skin. I had a facial with Caudalie products about four years ago which felt really good. So I switched from CeraVe to Caudalie beauty products and used them until last month, when I switched back to CeraVe. I have pale, normal to dry skin that is not acne prone, but is quite sensitive in other ways. I’ve already seen the dermatologist twice this year, which ...
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Soap dodger: meet the doctor who says we have been showering wrong

Hand-washing aside, James Hamblin has not used soap for five years. He warns that our obsession with being clean is harming the microbiome that keeps us healthyWhen James Hamblin tells people he has not used soap in the shower for five years, they tend not to hold back in expressing their disgust. “It’s one of the few remaining things for which we feel fine telling someone that they’re gross,” he says. “It’s amazing to me, honestly.”Yet despite people’s “clearly moralising judgments”, Hamblin is...
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What to Do If I’m Scared The Economy is on the Brink of Collapse?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the stock market has been roaring higher in the last few months. The move’s been so violent that some of my friends are actually talking about how much money they’ve made recently, forgetting that it’s only been a few months since the dark days when everything seemed to be falling off a cliff. On the other hand, some of us are extremely worried right now because it seems like the economy is about to collapse and the stock market prices with it. Sure, it’s...
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Spotlight: HOURS by Naaz Gulati and Harroop Gulati Kaur

HOURS is a new ethically-minded New York based clothing line that specializes in quality and fit across US sizes 14 to 28. In time, they hope to extend to US size 40. The co-founders are sisters-in-law, Naaz Gulati and Harroop Gulati Kaur. Both ladies come from fashion families and have fashion backgrounds of their own. Together they saw a badly serviced and under-represented market in the fashion world and decided to put their heads together to service and represent it. The fashion industry doe...
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‘A meteor will go by, and everyone gasps’: meet the world’s most dedicated stargazers

Every year, amateur telescope makers gather under starry skies in the US and South Africa – to trade tips and tales from across the universeYou have to be rigorous. You need perseverance. You must be meticulously clean. But even if you possess all these skills, none of them matters if you are in a hurry. Because there is one thing enthusiasts make clear from the start: building a telescope from scratch takes time. “It will often take a year to make your first mirror,” says Ken Slater, a board me...
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From sizzling shashlik to spicy seekh kebabs: barbecue recipes from around the world

Forget burgers, ribs and hot dogs – outdoor grilling isn’t only popular in the US. Here are six other cultures to look to for a thrilling grillBarbecue talk is usually delivered in an American accent. The land of pit ribs and tattooed barbecue bros has come to dominate how we perceive grilling outdoors. Yet people cook over charcoal and flames all around the world. Looking for fresh barbecue inspiration this summer? It is time to broaden your horizons. Continue reading...
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Forget chocolate chip! 20 delicious cookie recipes – from custard yo-yos to a tiramisu sandwich

From cookies masquerading as seashells to multicoloured pinwheels and salty savouries, there is something here for everyoneBiscuits – like so much of life post-lockdown – may never be the same again. We are no longer content with a stale Hobnob for our tea break. Now, we want homemade gooey, chewy perfection.The obvious crowd-pleaser is the chocolate chip biscuit. But, home-bakers, it is not your only option. (By biscuits, we mean everything from chocolate digestives to custard creams – includin...
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Spotlight: EcoVibe by Leonard and Andrea Allen

EcoVibe is an apparel, homeware, and gift set lifestyle brand based in Portland, Oregon. It’s the combined vision of soulmates and co-owners, Leonard and Andrea Allen. Len is a Portland native who brings 30 years of rag trade experience to the mix, ranging from buyer, runway model, and personal stylist. Andrea has a background in health, wellness, sales and marketing. Together they are committed to the idea that a sustainable lifestyle is best, and should be accessible to all. Len and Andrea are...
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Lethal Cosmetics Pressed Powder Shadows (Part 1 of 3)

Today, I’m sharing swatches of Lethal Cosmetics Pressed Powder Shadows across three posts (75 shades in total). This post features swatches of their new more recent palette releases (though all shades can be purchased individually) and have more traditional palette packaging with names on the back of the carton. They’re magnetic, so each shade can be removed easily. The Lethal Cosmetics After Dark Palette ($47.00 for 0.68 oz.) contains 12 shades and is the brand’s n...
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Best of Clionadh Iridescent Multichrome Eyeshadows (Series 1)

Here’s a roundup of all of the Clionadh Iridescent Multichrome Eyeshadow (Series 1) ($10.50 CAD for 0.05 oz.) shades I purchased earlier this year! For reference, $10.50 CAD currently converts to ~$7.72 US. These have a transparent base, so they work well for layering in particular as they don’t have any underlying base that would alter what they get layered over. The three shades with larger particles (called Iridescent Glitter Multichromes) are more loosely-pressed and have a bit more chance ...
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Clionadh Cosmetics 66.5° N Eyeshadows Reviews & Swatches (Part 4)

Tree Line Clionadh Tree Line Metallic Eyeshadow ($5.00 for 0.06 oz.) is a medium green with subtle, warm undertones and warmer, golden shimmer that gave it a metallic finish. The texture was smooth to the touch, creamy and dense without being too firmly pressed into the pan, so it was easy to pick up with a dry brush and had good adhesion to bare skin. It had rich pigmentation that stayed on nicely for eight and a half hours befor...
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National Fortune Cookie Day 2020 (US): Easy Recipe Guide to Bake Fortune Cookies at Home And Celebrate the Day (Watch Video)

Fortune Cookie Day is observed in the United States on July 20. People love these biscuits for its ability of predictions. While you could have celebrated fortune cookie day in a grand way, this year due to COVID-19 pandemic, the festivities will be limited. So, we bring to you recipe to make fortune cookies at home on Fortune Cookie Day 2020.
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Trader Joe’s Strawberry Lemon Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream Makes Me Think of French Pharmacy

Trader Joe’s Strawberry Lemon Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream is a luxurious and highly moisturizing hand cream scented like a Summery treat of Strawberry Lemonade! Delicious! I purchased two tubes of this for $4.99 but now I think I might have to go back and hoard more because I’m not sure if it’s a limited edition Summer 2020 release or if they plan on keeping it around forever. I do know one thing Trader Joe’s Strawberry Lemon Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream makes me think of a romantic stroll d...
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Clionadh Cosmetics 66.5° N Eyeshadows Reviews & Swatches (Part 2)

Midnight Sun Clionadh Midnight Sun Metallic Eyeshadow ($5.00 for 0.06 oz.) is a muted, medium-dark red with subtle, warm undertones and a sparkling, metallic finish. The texture was very creamy–felt more like a cream-powder hybrid than a true powder eyeshadow!–and had slip to the touch. It yielded opaque color payoff in a single layer, which adhered well to bare skin and blended out nicely along the edge (without becoming uneven ...
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Spotlight: Ray Darten by Yetunde Olukoya

Ray Darten is a Nigerian fashion brand that is ethically made in a production facility in Nigeria. It’s the creation of former doctor turned designer Yetunde Olukoya, who took her hobby of designing and dress making and built it into a commercial brand. The name of the company is a combination of the Yoruba names of Olukoya’s children. The sensibility of the collections are deeply rooted in traditional and modern African design. Olukuyo says, “our mission is to build a creative brand that also h...
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