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Garment workers in America’s fashion capital may make just $6 an hour. A new law could change that

California measure would end practice of paying workers per piece made and put brands on the hook for wage theft claimsLos Angeles is considered the center manufacturing in America, employing over 40,000 people to make clothing for brands including Reformation, .But for decades those workers have functioned under a system that sees them paid per piece they construct, meaning they often earn less than $6 per hour, according – less than half of California’s minimum wage. Continue reading...
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‘Medium is the message’: AOC defends ‘tax the rich’ dress worn to Met Gala

‘The time is now for childcare, healthcare and climate action for all,’ the congresswoman wrote on InstagramWhen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore a white gown with the message “tax the rich” emblazoned in red to the Met Gala, one of New York’s swankiest events, she was sure to ruffle some feathers. Related: The Met Gala 2021: eight key moments from fashion’s big night Continue reading...
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The Met Gala 2021: eight key moments from fashion’s big night

From politics to vaccines, mechanical babies to masked kisses – celebrities turned on the glamour and the chaos in New YorkWith crowds of Black Lives Matter protesters outside, and a vaccine mandate inside, the much-delayed Met Gala finally went ahead in New York on Monday evening. The event, usually held on the first Monday in May, was cancelled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and rescheduled this year for the same reason.The 2021 event was themed “American independence”, and co-chaired b...
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Is it ethical to travel right now? Experts on flying in the age of Delta

Questions to consider before you inflict the ‘moral injury’ of a risky, nonessential trip A new season is here and, with it, seedlings of holiday escape plans to some sun-drenched beach or snowy mountain ski slope. In view of passenger data from the US and the UK, air travel is on its way toward recovering from the slump of a pre-vaccine Covid-19 pandemic – despite the rise of the Delta variant.But does that mean it’s a good idea to buy that plane ticket, even if you’re vaccinated? And if you’re...
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New York gossip queen Cindy Adams: ‘My loyalty is to anyone who’ll give me the best quote’

The 91-year-old tabloid columnist, the star of a new Showtime documentary, on Murdoch, Trump – and why New York is the capital of the worldCindy Adams, the long-serving gossip queen of the New York Post, was battling Hurricane Ida in her Manhattan apartment. Her terriers were disturbed, and she was not sleeping. “A glass-enclosed penthouse is not good,” she said. “The pounding of the rain. And not just rain, the thunder. I was up all night.” Related: The trial of Elizabeth Holmes: perfect for ...
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‘Every message was copied to the police’: the inside story of the most daring surveillance sting in history

Billed as the most secure phone on the planet, An0m became a viral sensation in the underworld. There was just one problem for anyone using it for criminal means: it was run by the policeThe rain pattered lightly on the harbour of the Belgian port city of Ghent when, on 21 June 2021, a team of professional divers slipped below the surface into the emerald murk. The Brazilian tanker, heavy with fruit juice bound for Australia, had already crossed the Atlantic Ocean, but its journey wasn’t halfway...
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‘We don’t fit the demographic’: a community in Dallas grapples with gentrification

What is lost when family-owned businesses and the elders playing dominoes on the corner get pushed out by high rents and chain storesAntonio Vargas was 21 when his entire block in Dallas was sold to a real estate developer. His childhood home was torn down to make space for a luxury apartment complex with units that cost between $1,450 and $1,900 a month – 300% more than the rents some former residents had been paying.Vargas was invited to the complex’s grand opening in February to bartend for t...
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‘Tomorrow they will kill me’: Afghan female police officers live in fear of Taliban reprisals

With at least four women, including a pregnant mother, targeted and killed by Taliban fighters, female ex-officers feel abandoned by the worldNegar Masumi, a female police officer with 15 years of experience, was determined not to flee when the Taliban took control of her home province of Ghor in central Afghanistan.On Saturday night, gunmen, who called themselves Taliban mujahideen, stormed Negar’s home. They took her husband and four of her sons into another room and tied them up. Then they be...
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Study links too much free time to lower sense of wellbeing

Research shows there is a ‘sweet spot’ and subjective wellbeing drops off after about five hoursThe lesson of Goldilocks, that one can have too much of a good thing, even when it comes to the size of a chair, has applied in fields from astrobiology to economics. Now, it seems it may even govern our free time.Researchers have found that while levels of subjective wellbeing initially rise as free time increases, the trend does not necessarily hold for very high levels of leisure. Continue reading....
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Bosses turn to ‘tattleware’ to keep tabs on employees working from home

The pandemic prompted a surge in the use of workplace surveillance programs – and they’re not going away any time soonDavid, 23, admits that he felt a twinge of relief when the first wave of Covid-19 shut down his Arlington, Virginia, office. A recent college graduate, he was new to the job and struggled to click with his teammates. Maybe, he thought, this would be a nice break from “the face-to-face stuff”: the office politics and small talk. (His name has been changed for this story.)“I couldn...
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It’s not just Texas – anti-abortion activists are targeting women’s rights in Europe | Mara Clarke

Draconian laws in European countries and the effects of Brexit and Covid-19 are making safe terminations harder to accessMara Clarke is the founder of Abortion Support NetworkThe state of Texas now has the most restrictive abortion law to be passed in the US since Roe v Wade legalised abortion in 1973. Texas residents must now add out-of-state travel to the many barriers that already exist to getting an abortion. There has been an outpouring of support for Texas women from people in the UK and E...
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Vaccine wars: how the decision not to get the shot is tearing loved ones apart

When friends and family disagree about getting vaccinated, close ties can fray. Some siblings have even stopped talking to each otherMegan, a 30-year-old from rural Nebraska, feels torn. She hasn’t been vaccinated against Covid-19, but if left to her own devices, things would be different. She worries about what would happen if she caught the virus and passed it on to her toddler daughter, whose history of health complications includes hospitalization for lung problems. Megan feels a responsibil...
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Life after terror: the children of 9/11

Twenty years after the World Trade Center attacks, four young people, then unborn, who lost their fathers, reveal how the events shaped their livesLike for most young Americans growing up, 9/11 was a fairly constant presence, with online videos and TV documentaries, memorials and references to it on the news. I never wanted to ask Mum too much, instead putting the pieces together as I got older. I think I always knew my dad had died that day, but I’ve never felt a hugely emotional reaction. I kn...
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Billionaire Rihanna named world’s richest female musician

Umbrella singer’s estimated $1.7bn fortune owed largely to success of Fenty BeautyRihanna, the singer of hits such as Umbrella and We Found Love, is officially a billionaire and the world’s richest female musician.However, most of her fortune, estimated on Wednesday by Forbes magazine to be $1.7bn (£1.2bn), does not come from chart-topping singles, but from the success of her cosmetics empire. Continue reading...
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Bennifer is back, but don’t rush to contact your ex, say experts

J Lo and Ben Affleck did it, but experts urge restraint after lockdown prompts ‘rekindled romance’ dating trendRelationship experts have warned against romanticising the idea of getting back with your ex-partner, after it was confirmed that one of the most famous celebrity couples of the early noughties – Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck – were indeed back together.Last week, the actor and singer thrilled fans when they recreated a famous intimate image from J-Lo’s 2002 music video for Jenny from ...
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‘They’re a little crazy’: the ultramarathon runners crossing Death Valley – in a drought

A hundred athletes are picked each year for the 135-mile race. This time the climate was especially brutalIn the Badwater Basin at the bottom of California’s Death Valley, the air feels like a giant hair dryer and the pavement can melt the soles of your shoes.Yet on Monday night, 100 of the world’s top endurance runners set off on what has become known as “the world’s toughest foot race”, carving 135 miles of terrain through one of the planet’s most extreme climates at the most intense time of y...
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Life lessons: what a doctor learned from death and dying in Covid wards

Emma Goldberg followed doctors when Covid first hit New York. Now, as the Delta variant surges across the US, she retells the story of an ICU physician during the horror of the first waveWe’re playing a song for you,” Dr Luis Seija said softly, gazing at his patient. His voice, muffled by two masks and a face shield, fought to be heard above the noise of the hospital room. There were monitors beeping, alarms ringing, the hum of the negative-pressure machines.“We’re playing this for you,” Dr Seij...
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Leyna Bloom is Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue’s first trans cover star

Model, who is black and Filipino, is also the first ever trans woman of color to be featured in the magazineSports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue has unveiled its first ever transgender cover star, Leyna Bloom.The model follows in the footsteps of model Valentina Sampaio, who was the first trans model to appear in the pages of the magazine last July. Bloom, who is black and Filipino, is also the first ever trans woman of color to be featured in the magazine. Continue reading...
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The era of Covid ambivalence: what do we do as normalcy returns but Delta surges?

We imagined a gleeful summer of pandemic relief. Instead, new anxieties have replaced old onesWe were promised a Hot Vax Summer.The term – a riff on Hot Girl Summer, the hit 2019 summer single – emerged this spring as predictive shorthand for the (perhaps literally) orgiastic welcome of a post-vaccine reality. But, as might be expected of a phenomenon named for the last great summer anthem of a world before Covid-19, Hot Vax Summer connoted more than a gleeful exchange of fluids. It came to sign...
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More sex. Fewer fights. Has the pandemic actually been good for relationships?

A poll finds American adults are happy with their partnerships, perhaps because lockdown has pushed couples to growFrom the earliest days of the pandemic, experts anticipated that the stress of Covid-19 would wreak havoc on romantic relationships (and in some cases, they were right). But one recent survey suggests what few people could have predicted: for many of the couples that persevered, the pandemic may have actually improved the relationship.According to a national poll released in Februar...
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‘A world problem’: immigrant families hit by Covid jab gap

Families spread across rich and poor countries are acutely aware of relatives’ lack of access to vaccineFor months she had been dreaming of it and finally Susheela Moonsamy was able to do it: get together with her relatives and give them a big hug. Throughout the pandemic she had only seen her siblings, nieces and nephews fully “masked up” at socially distanced gatherings. But a few weeks ago, as their home state of California pressed on with its efficient vaccination rollout, they could have a...
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The fight to save one of America’s last lesbian bars: ‘We’re like an endangered species’

There are only 21 lesbian bars remaining in the US – a vertiginous drop from 200 in the 1980s. The much-loved Cubbyhole is one of themEveryone at the Cubbyhole has an origin story.Mona Williams was 21, queer, and had been kicked out by their family when they first arrived at the quaint little lesbian bar on a street corner in New York’s West Village. They had Googled “lesbian bars in New York” and found themselves outside the bar a few hours later, alone and not knowing what to expect. Continue ...
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Allison Mack: Hollywood actor with key role in abusive Nxivm sex cult

The Smallville star was sentenced to three years in prison on Wednesday. How did she fall into the service of such a group?Allison Mack, the actor best known for her starring role in the series Smallville, presented a very different look to the woman who’d arrived at the same Brooklyn courthouse in early 2018 to be arraigned on charges she manipulated women into becoming sexual slaves within the Nxivm self-empowerment group.Back then, she was confident and smartly dressed – the picture of a succ...
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Cameo founder on why celebrities offer video shoutouts: ‘Not all talent are motivated by cash’

Earlier this year, shoutout service Cameo earned itself a $1bn valuation by connecting fans with their favourite celebrities. Its founder, Steven Galanis, discusses modern fandomWhat do Ghostface Killa, James Van Der Beek and Carole Baskin of Tiger King fame have in common? They’re all available through Cameo, an online “shoutout” service where subscribers can book a personalised video message from a growing army of actors, athletes, entertainers and more.The brainchild of founder Steven Galanis...
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Honduran state responsible for trans woman’s murder – court

Landmark ruling orders state to pay reparations, protect trans people and legalise gender change In a landmark ruling for transgender rights, the Honduras government has been found responsible for the 2009 murder of the trans woman and activist Vicky Hernández. The ruling, at the inter-American court of human rights, was published on the 12th anniversary of Hernández’s death, and marks the first time the highest regional human rights court has held a state accountable for failing to prevent, inv...
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I spy: are smart doorbells creating a global surveillance network?

They were sold as gadgets that meant you would never miss a delivery. But now doorbell cameras – from Amazon’s Ring to Google’s Nest – are recording our every moveI have got a new doorbell. It’s brilliant. It should be; it cost £89. It’s a Ring video doorbell; you’ll have seen them around. There are others available, made by other companies, with other four-letter names such as Nest and Arlo. When someone rings my doorbell, I’m alerted on my smartphone. I can see who is there, and speak to them....
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Lego aims to woo adult superfans with instore ‘storytelling tables’

Feature makes debut in flagship New York shop along with interactive attraction called ‘the Brick Lab’Lego is to create “storytelling tables” at its stores for adult superfans where they can have virtual meetings with set creators and pore over early product designs and prototypes.Adult brick fans, called AFOLs (adult fan of Lego) in Legospeak, are an increasingly important demographic for the Danish toymaker, as – freed from the constraints of pocket money – they spend hundreds of pounds on kit...
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‘We deserve this peace and joy’: black gardeners bloom on TikTok and Instagram

‘Plantrepeneuers’ are springing up on social media to dig out space for black people in the natural worldMore than 1.4 million people watch Alexis Nikole Nelson, the ‘Black Forager’, eat weeds on TikTok. Related: Champ, Joe Biden’s German shepherd and ‘sweet, good boy’, dies aged 13 Continue reading...
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The internet’s not all bad: how a tweet led my dad to his dream job at Costco

After being laid off during Covid, my dad set his heart on a job at Costco. I told Twitter about it – cue a social media explosionNearly a year after he’d been laid off because of Covid, my dad – a jubilant, always-smiling, 58-year-old Michigander best known for befriending everyone he meets – told me he wanted to go back to work.Specifically, he wanted to work at Costco. Continue reading...
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Toxic ‘forever chemicals’ widespread in top makeup brands, study finds

Researchers find signs of PFAS in over half of 231 samples of products including lipstick, mascara and foundationToxic PFAS “forever chemicals” are widely used in cosmetics produced by major brands in the US and Canada, a new study that tested for the chemicals in hundreds of products found.The peer-reviewed study, published in Environmental Science & Technology, detected what the study’s authors characterized as “high” levels of organic fluorine, an indicator of PFAS, in over half of 231 makeup...
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