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This 103-year-old philosopher's to-do list will get you through self-isolation

Like everybody else, Romanian philosopher Mihai Sora is stuck inside. He is keeping busy for a 103-year-old man, and keeping the world up to date on his indoor adventures with Facebook. His to-do list is impressive, but not so impressive it can't be used by most people. The social isolation necessitated by COVID-19 is difficult for a lot of people. Between being mostly stuck inside, having reduced contact with other people, and the creeping boredom that comes after you've done everything on your...
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Managers Need To Know What Makes A Workplace Toxic

A toxic workplace is bad for everyone who works there Image Credit: eek the cat So what kind of workplace do you work in? No, I’m not asking about the kind of furniture you have, what the view out the window looks like, or how comfortable the chairs are. Instead, what I’d like to know is just exactly how toxic is it? Surveys have been taken that reveal that 64% of people reported that they were currently working with someone that they considered to be toxic. A whopping 94% said that they ...
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Zika Mutates Extremely Quickly, Which Is Why It’s So Scary

Scientists are also questioning how it spreads
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San Diego woman contracts Zika through sex, first such case in region

A woman in San Diego, CA is reported to have contracted the Zika virus through sexual transmission. (more…)
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Reinstalling a computer every 3 years good idea

I bought a MacBook Pro in 2012 and it has seen a series of upgrades. It came with 10.9 and since then has been upgraded to 10.11.2. A few days ago I started to see screen corruption where parts of the background or “desktop” would increasingly get more distorted the more I used it. Since there is not an easy way to change the display “driver” like you would do in Windows I had to think how to fix this problem. I could of course have thrown away preference files, spent time googling it, and reall...
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Five surprising things about the future according to Science Fiction

Watching Science Fiction is often a thinly disguised parody of what is occurring in the world today. However since it has to have some kind of logic to be meaningful, I thought I would share the things that seem hard to believe about the future that Science Fiction shows like Star Trek/Star Wars display. Energy limitations. Often the plot revolves around some kind of limitation of energy that causes problems. This is very odd. We have fission/fusion/dark matter/zero energy we are beginning to u...
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SG-1 episodes thoughtful

I am watching an SG-1 episode and I really like how thoughtful it is in pointing out different points of view. In this episode Daniel is infected by an alien virus that causes him to appear insane. Then the proof finally comes when it goes away from him. It brings things into sharp focus when you see in a story the assumptions of how reality is. I like how Daniel wasn’t crazy, but didn’t have a good experience with people who are only trained to see crazy. I see very often in daily life that peo...
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