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Why The Coronavirus Isn’t A Pandemic

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Darko Bandic/AP/Shutterstock (10566897b) A health worker wears protective suit at the infectious disease clinic in Zagreb, Croatia, where the first coronavirus case in Croatia is hospitalized, . Croatia confirmed its first case of coronavirus in a man who had been to Milan, the capital of Lombardy, Italy Virus Outbreak, Zagreb, Croatia – 25 Feb 2020 Since coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019, it has taken over headlines. And with a...
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Anthony Hopkins lists Malibu home

The home narrowly escaped damage in a 2018 wildfire that took down a property next door.
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Jeff Bezos’ $165M mansion deal shatters Los Angeles sales record

Bezos bought the Beverly Hills estate from Hollywood mogul David Geffen in an off-market deal without the involvement of any agents.
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Ryan Holiday — Turning the Tables (#410)

Welcome to The Tim Ferriss Show! It is — usually — my job to sit down with world-class performers of all different types to tease out the habits, routines, favorite books, and so on that you can apply and test in your own life. This time we have a “turning the tables” episode. What does that mean? Well, I will not be the one doing the interviewing. Instead, I will be the one being interviewed by my friend, Ryan Holiday. So who is this Ryan fella? Ryan Holiday (TW/IG: @RyanHoliday) is one of ...
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California home sales set back by high cost of fire insurance

Home sales in certain at-risk parts of California are beginning to fall as wildfires become an annual reality in the state.
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Itzhak Perlman Appears on Sesame Street and Poignantly Shows Kids How to Play the Violin and Push Through Life’s Limits (1981)

I always champion anything that will improve the lives of people with disabilities and put it on the front burner. - Itzhak Perlman At its best, the Internet expands our horizons, introducing us to new interests and perspectives, forging connections and creating empathy. The educational children's series Sesame Street was doing all that decades earlier. Witness this brief clip from 1981, starring violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman and a six-year-old student from the Manhattan School of Music...
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Adam Grant — The Man Who Does Everything (#399)

Photo by Pasi Salminen “When you feel like you’re not productive, it’s not necessarily because you’re lazy or because you have bad habits, it’s because you’re not working on the right projects and you haven’t found the ones that are intrinsically motivating and meaningful to you.” — Adam Grant Adam Grant (@AdamMGrant) is an organizational psychologist at Wharton, where he has been the top-rated professor for seven straight years. He is an expert in how we can find motivation and meaning, and...
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Marie Kondo sparks consternation with online homeware store

Decluttering guru looks to clean up but says ‘if the bowl you’re using currently sparks joy for you, I don’t encourage replacing it’The Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo appears to have adopted a new approach to decluttering: rid your home of things that don’t “spark joy”, then replace them with items from her new online store.Kondo – who rose to international fame for encouraging people to declutter their homes and minds using the KonMari method – launched the store on her website earlier this ...
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Change Your Thermostat

One day several years ago, I was sitting in my office in Los Angeles when two barefooted women walked in. Their feet were dirty, and I can assure you, it is not normal for women to walk around downtown Los Angeles without shoes. Both of the women had scabs on their face and were in their late 20s or early 30s. They were dressed like prostitutes and they both looked quite frightening, their eyes glassy and hair unkempt. They did not smell good. All it took was one look to see that the women had b...
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Next big luxury design trend? Think dinosaur fossils

Homeowners are showing interest in dinosaur fossils as one-of-a-kind fixtures sure to spark interest and envy, or as part of their mission to establish private museums.
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Safi Bahcall — On Hypnosis, Conquering Insomnia, Incentives, and More (#382)

Safi Bahcall (@SafiBahcall) is the author of Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas that Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries, which debuted #3 on Wall Street Journal’s bestseller list. Loonshots describes what an idea from physics tells us about the behavior of groups and how teams, companies, and nations can use that to innovate faster and better. Safi received his […]
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Take Responsibility

A few months ago, a famous businessman came to visit me in my office. This man is quite well-known and was a high-profile politician at one point in his career. He is the sort of executive you may read about on the cover of the Wall Street Journal, and someone who may receive a bonus at his company of $50+ million in a good year. This person had worked inside of a large company and had started out at the bottom, rising all the way to the very top. I do not know a lot of people like this, and ...
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The Importance of Finding and Creating Demand

--> In 2000, I needed computer programmers in our company more than anything. At the time, however, it was exceedingly difficult to find a good computer programmer. I went through a lot of tough times trying to hire and keep computer programmers. Computer programmers seemed to have their pick of jobs and they would switch employers every few months, as they were offered better and better jobs, more stock options, and other employee perks. One day I hired a programmer and he immediately started w...
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Trying To Find Affordable Child Care Is Not The Job I Wanted

In the past month, I’ve spent close to 60 hours trying to secure child care for my two-year-old son. This is not the kind of job I ever wanted. It’s a high-stakes, unpaid position that often leaves me quite literally with a bellyache. But as the keeper of the family calendar and bank account and the mother who works from home, this task inevitably falls on me.I would generally describe my partner as supportive, but he has done very little to help with this process, balking the one time I asked ...
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You Need to Stop Competing and Seeing Differences Between You and Others

--> If you are looking for a job, trying to improve in your current job, or simply wish to experience a better life, there’s one thing you need to do: You need to be friends with everyone you meet in business, and stop competing and seeing differences. This is a statement that falls on deaf ears for most people. In fact, this is the exact opposite of the way most of us think. Instead, we view others as competitors and the slices of pie as limited. We view opportunities as few and limited, and fe...
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Sympathy, Morale, and the Importance of Being Organized

In every job I have ever had, I have been happy for the most part. When I was an attorney, for example, I liked many aspects of being an attorney. When I worked in the asphalt business, I loved many aspects of that business. Most people are able to find some level of enjoyment in every job that they do. What is interesting, though, is that in every job I ever had, there were always people around me who were more than happy to stop by my office and go out to lunch with me, just to give me the ...
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What Was Elizabeth Holmes Trying To Prove With Those Black Turtlenecks?

Elizabeth Holmes is the subject of not one but two documentaries, new podcast The Dropout, and Jennifer Lawrence’s next movie (Adam McKay’s big-screen adaptation of Bad Blood, the bestselling book about her rise and fall by The Wall Street Journal ’s John Carreyrou). The face behind the once-famed biotech company Theranos first came into the public eye after Carreyrou drew attention to the holes in her blood-testing start-up and essentially proved that Holmes had lied about its true capabilitie...
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The Importance of Productivity, Focus, and Measurement

--> When I was in school, I would study at least a couple of hours each day in the library. While there, I noticed that the best students were always very focused. They were not distracted like poorer students were. A poor student looks around and looks up frequently. The poor students try to start conversations, make jokes, and laugh at things going on in the library. When I was studying with the best students, I could feel their energy and focus. They blocked out external stimuli and their stu...
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This Is What Elizabeth Holmes Looked Like Before She Was Elizabeth Holmes

Before Forbes pronounced her the world's youngest self-made billionaire, before the bombshell story in the Wall Street Journal, before she faced up to 20 years in prison for massive fraud and conspiracy, and even before she purchased a Siberian husky for several thousand dollars and then told everyone he was a wolf (adopt, don't shop), Elizabeth Holmes was a 25-year-old Stanford dropout with a visionary idea, a bizarre fixation on Steve Jobs, and a mousy brown bob.A decade ago, as a series of v...
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So — Is Theranos Still Around?

Lately, Elizabeth Holmes and her biotech company, Theranos, have been on the minds of many.The bizarre story — which has been transformed into a book, a documentary, a podcast, and, soon, a feature film — continues to shock people around the globe. And many are wondering: What's going on with Theranos today?The blood-testing company, which at one time was valued at over $9 billion, officially closed in September 2018, after failing to find a buyer. The Wall Street Journal has reported that any ...
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Keep Your Head Down? Why Congress’s Youngest Members Aren’t Falling For This Sexist Trope

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been called everything from a “little girl ” and “liberal darling ” to someone who “comes across like she is 16 years old.” She’s been accused of making her voice sound younger, of seeming “to lack even a modest helping of guile,” and not looking “like a girl who struggles.” Male columnists have been eager to offer unsolicited advice, telling her to slow down and “get some authority before she tries to use it.” The Wall Street Journal recently reduced ...
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Keep Track Of The Theranos Scandal With This Detailed Timeline

Though the biggest scandal on people’s radar these days is Fyre Festival, there’s another one that's been brewing in the public's consciousness: Theranos.The story of the once famed biotech startup, founded by Stanford dropout Elizabeth Holmes, eerily echoes the quicksand-like trajectory of Billy McFarland’s doomed festival. And it’s the subject of a recently premiered HBO documentary by Alex Gibney, called The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley.Worth over $9 billion at its zenith, blood...
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Pop Culture's Next Scammer Obsession Is Elizabeth Holmes: Here's How Her Story Ended

After the breakout success of Netflix and Hulu’s Fyre Festival documentaries and with multiple adaptations of the story of New York City party scammer Anna Delvey coming our way, 2019 is shaping up to be the year of the scam. And the next charismatic, yet flawed subject of fascination is Elizabeth Holmes, former Theranos CEO and subject of two documentaries, new podcast The Dropout, and Jennifer Lawrence’s next movie (Adam McKay’s big-screen adaptation of Bad Blood, the book about her rise and ...
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Reportedly Some Brands Are Paying Vogue Runway For Placement

Sponsored content just took on a new meaning. Vogue, which often integrates #sponcon through its editorial content on the website and magazine, also charges some brands a fee for photos of their latest collections to live on Vogue Runway's fashion week hub.On Wednesday, Business of Fashion reported a designer or brand can have their lookbook or collection images uploaded to Vogue’s Runway website and app twice annually for $20,000. This has reportedly been an option for at least three seasons, ...
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The Experts' Guide To The Best New York City Hair Salons

Finding a salon and a hairstylist is like dating. You have to play the field a bit, get together a couple of times, weigh your options, and ultimately decide whether they're worth settling down for. It's exhausting, but once you meet the one, there's no turning back.For those Big Apple go-getters still single in the salon department (or for those casual daters finally looking to make things official), we're here to play matchmaker. We asked our beauty editors (who have some of the best hair in ...
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What I Wish I'd Known Before I Went Freelance

Up until last year, I was a full-time freelancer for four years. It was a career path I kind of fell into; I love to travel, value my freedom of movement, and revel in the ability to be creative and explore a spectrum of crafts, tasks, and projects.When I first started working as a freelancer, I was scared. While, on one hand, I saw a limitless path stretching out in front of me, I also had a lot of questions: How does billing work? How do you do your taxes? What makes a good contract? What abo...
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From Mayo To Nightlife: Everything Millennials Were Accused Of Killing In 2018

When you type the word "millennials " followed by the letter "k" into the Google search bar, you're immediately given over a dozen auto-populated inquiries about all the things people who were born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s have supposedly killed. Input "millennials k" into the search engine, and you'll learn that the generation is responsible for the deaths of everything from sex, napkins, and diamonds to Hooters, marriage, and divorce.Given that Google is prompted to suggest all t...
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Givers, Takers, and Equalizers

Nothing is more important to your ultimate success in life and your career as whether or not you are giver, taker, or equalizer. In fact, your happiness and success in life will largely be governed by one of the three types of personalities. Several years ago, when I was practicing law, there was an attorney who was up for partnership in the firm. This attorney was extraordinary; he was first in his class while attending a major law school and had formerly practiced for over eight years at the f...
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Battle of the Interview Formats: Recorded, Phone or Face-to-Face

Job seekers are at a premium right now – in fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment is at its lowest in 50 years. In a tight labor market, reaching qualified candidates faster than the competition is incredibly important for companies with roles to fill. Speeding Up the Process Often, conflicting candidate and employer schedules lead to delayed hiring processes. To help try and combat that, employers are increasingly turning to technology. For some companies, thi...
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Link Love: Clothing in Politics

Jess Cartner-Morley analyzes how Michelle Obama’s style has changed during this new chapter of her life. An interesting article about Meredith Koop, who spent many years in the White House working with the former first lady on her wardrobe, and now continues to do so for the book tour. Two interesting articles by Vanessa Friedman, chief fashion critic for The New York Times: The First Female President Will Not Carry a Handbag The Congressional Uniform Is About to Change Fab Links from Our Mem...
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