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Evil v Good, day 4: Match skitters to a conclusion

We’re pitting an England XI comprising the players we invested in the most against an Antagonists XI using International Cricket Captain’s ‘All Time Greats’ mode. England made 202 runs and lost four wickets on day three. It was very boring and far and away their most successful day. Australia still lead by six runs. Paul Collingwood and Andy Flintoff are at the crease. Morning session Don’t get ahead of yourselves. Darren Gough is batting at eight. Flintoff batted quite zes...
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Evil v Good, day 3: England’s best day so far

We’re pitting an England XI comprising the players we invested in the most against an Antagonists XI using International Cricket Captain’s ‘All Time Greats’ mode. Taken in isolation, day two was less rubbish than day one. However, the nature of Test cricket is that it cannot be taken in isolation, so in fact day two compounded day one such that we arrive here at day three in an even worse position than yesterday morning. England are 19-0 and 208 runs behind. That’s pretty much where yo...
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Evil v Good, day 2: Australia capitalise

We’re pitting an England XI comprising the players we invested in the most against an Antagonists XI using International Cricket Captain’s ‘All Time Greats’ mode. Day one was a colossal and predictable catastrophe for England. Australia resume on 50-1. Morning session Jimmy Anderson opens the bowling and Matthew Hayden hits him for four. Steve Harmison bowls to Ricky Ponting at the other end. Harmy appeals for LBW against Hayden but it pitched about a foot outside leg. Tha...
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Evil v Good, day 1: England fail to impose themselves

We’re pitting an England XI comprising the players we invested in the most against an Antagonists XI using International Cricket Captain’s ‘All Time Greats’ mode. Before we start, it’s worth having a very quick Sim Series recap because a lot of these players have already played this format. We’ve played two 1990s-est Ashes Tests (and let’s be honest, this is a very similar thing again). Notable performances from those matches include Graeme Hick top scoring in both innings of the first m...
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Shane Warne says we were created by aliens – but which ones?

The frustrating thing about reality TV programmes is that when someone says something interesting, there’s no-one there to ask the obvious follow-up questions. When he appeared on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in 2016, Shane Warne expressed his belief that humans, “couldn’t do” the pyramids. “You couldn’t pull those ropes, huge bits of brick and make it perfectly symmetrical,” he said. “Couldn’t do it. So who did it?” Who indeed? Aliens, according to Warne. And he doesn’t stop there. He al...
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The 1990s-est Australia Test XI

Let’s pick a 1990s Australia XI. We’re not looking for the best team here; we’re just trying to pick an Australia Test team that couldn’t be more Nineties if it tried. We’re not as comfortable gauging Australian 1990s-ness as we are gauging English 1990s-ness, so a couple of weeks back we asked our Twitter followers who they thought were the Nineties-est Australia Test cricketers. What resulted was a bit of an informational tsunami, but fortunately people were largely in agreement. Once...
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Which Test nation’s top five wicket takers would form the most balanced attack?

Murali (via YouTube) Thanks to all our Patreon patrons for funding this site. There’s no way this kind of feature would appear in a proper publication. Your crowdfunding makes this pointless cobblers possible. If you enjoy the site and feel it’s worth a quid (or the cost of a pint) each month, you can become a patron here. For no reason at all, let’s go through each of the Test-playing nations and work out whether their all-time top five wicket takers would form a balanced at...
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Total Bits and Pieces Cricket: Is England’s current approach the future or simply the best way for them to do things at the minute?

England in Sri Lanka (via Sky Sports) When Dan Vettori made his first Test hundred, against Pakistan in 2003, he was batting at nine. The side featured only three out-and-out batsmen and only two bowlers who could legitimately be classed as tail-enders. Robbie Hart kept wicket. The other five players – Vettori, Scott Styris, Craig McMillan, Chris Cairns and Jacob Oram – all bowled to some extent or other and all finished their Test careers with batting averages in the thirties. The only pr...
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Shane Warne says Jos Buttler is a Houdini-esque escapologist

The very great thing about Shane Warne having a book out (ghosted by Mark Nicholas, of all people) is that he appears here, there and everywhere and talks his nonsense and we all get to marvel at how swiftly the man can form opinions and stick to them. Warne thinks England should make Jos Buttler Test captain. This is a very Warne-ish thing to think. Put the eye-catching player in charge. Like most of Warne’s ideas, there’s something underpinning it but maybe not all that much. Firstly, he kno...
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EXCLUSIVE: Shane Warne capable of self-awareness

Shane Warne (via Cricket Australia YouTube) Shane Warne’s got another book out – No Spin. In it, he’s taken the time to dig over old grievances with Steve Waugh. The story is this. Steve Waugh wanted to drop Shane Warne once because he was coming back from major shoulder surgery and he wasn’t bowling very well. Warne agreed that he wasn’t bowling very well, but said he was about to start bowling very well any minute now, so Waugh shouldn’t drop him. Waugh dropped him. Let’s say that the two m...
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This Instagram It Girl Got Married in 3 Totally Different Dresses

Selecting your dream wedding dress is no easy feat, but we imagine that choosing a trio of dresses would be even harder. Vogue just profiled Nicole Warne's stunning wedding, and we can't take our eyes off the three gowns she wore for the occasion.Warne, aka Gary Pepper Girl, wore a Valentino Haute Couture gown for the ceremony. She told Vogue that it "was made out of 38 meters of silk organza, silk tulle, and crepe cad, with 17 meters of silk tulle used to create the embroidery alone. It took 20...
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Let’s see if we can sum up Kevin Pietersen’s entire career by looking at one innings – but no, not by using that one

Photo by Sarah Ansell Terry’s been with the firm for 30 years, but he’s not retiring; he’s going part-time. A couple of years down the line Terry reduces his hours further and then a bit later still he says that he’s going to be available for jobs he’s already done a bit of work on but that he doesn’t want to start anything new. One day you suddenly realise that you haven’t seen Terry in a very long time. So it is with cricketers these days. They just fade away. Other than grainy Twitter clips ...
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Paul Howlett - Orsett & Thurrock CC

Paul Howlett and how to get him out 2017 I've faced this bloke before and Dutton our captain has too and  he knew that he was half decent. If you check him out on Playcricket the data for last year is as follows... In 12 innings he scored 326, his high score was 104 and he had two innings of 50+. But it may be there's a collective sense amongst their team that Wrist-spin is their nemesis? This info came about from having a conversation with one of their players. The analysis here ...
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The experts say Steve O’Keefe doesn’t spin it enough

Terry Jenner said that Steve O’Keefe bowled blancmanges. If you for some reason think that was intended as a compliment, O’Keefe himself recalls: “He’d just look at me in disgust about how putrid these things were that were coming out of my hand.” Jenner’s greatest protégé Shane Warne feels similarly. According to him, O’Keefe is not a “red ball player,” he is “a white ball specialist.” O’Keefe’s first-class bowling average is 23.81. His domestic one-day bowling average is 55.89. People actually...
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A Day at the Cricket (12th September 2013)

As I mention in the original intro below, this, a distillation of personal memories from the last day of the 2005 Ashes, was written on the eighth anniversary of the day. I can't pretend that some of the style doesn't owe a nod or several to Christian Ryan, but I feel it adds up to a pretty accurate representation of the way I experienced the day, and what I felt. They're memories which will last a lifetime.The final day of the Oval Test match between England and Australia in 2005 has, in the ...
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Runs and Trust (8th January 2012)

A piece about Michael Clarke, from early 2012. There was a time when everyone had an opinion about Clarke, many of which didn't seem to make much sense to me. My opinion was that he was a bloody classic batsman. Michael Clarke could always bat. He could bat when he came to England with the Australian Under-19 side in 1999. He could bat when he made his Test debut in India in 2004. He could bat when he took over the captaincy of his country a year ago and he can bat now. If you wanted, you ...
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Recent stuff

Not blogged that much recently as I've been looking into converting to a proper website, so have been looking into that as an option. The only issue for me at the moment with regards going for it or not is the fact that it costs money. Word is, because of the dominance of this site on the web and the niche nature of the content/subject, the potential for a website is good and it might grow exponentially in comparison with this blog and it'll end up paying for itself relatively quickly. Anyway i...
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