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Permanent daylight saving time in Washington gets closer with Senate approval

A bill that would put Washington state on year-round daylight time passed the state Senate by an overwhelming 46-2 vote. It now heads back to the House for a final vote before going to the governor's desk. If passed, it would still require federal approval, but sponsors are optimistic.
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Ivanka Trump Has A Big Tax Day Announcement

In case you forgot, Tax Day is coming up on April 15. First daughter and special advisor to the president Ivanka Trump took the opportunity to remind us about the double child tax credit she was instrumental in pushing through in Congress."In 2019, as you fill out your taxes and you check the box for the child tax credit, you will have a doubled child tax credit and enhanced refundability," Ivanka said in a video posted on Twitter Monday. "Super-important, the most important investment we can m...
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Your Ultimate 4/20 Gift Guide

We all have that one friend. Sometimes they laugh for 10 minutes straight about absolutely nothing. Sometimes they eat a whole dozen of cookies in one sitting. Sometimes that friend is us. And as 4/20 approaches, we’re taking some time to brainstorm the gifts our smoking buddies will enjoy (and the ones you can enjoy with them on your next High Sunday). ’Tis the season to puff puff pass more than just the jay.Everyone gets high differently. For your faux revelations and pseudo deep thoughts sto...
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The Best YA Books Written By Black Women That You Haven't Read Yet

Angie Thomas. Nicola Yoon. Tomi Adeyemi. Even if you’re not that into young adult literature (YA), you probably already know those three names. Their respective young-adult debuts either became blockbuster movies (Thomas’s The Hate U Give), book-club juggernauts (Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone), instantly beloved teen classics (Yoon’s Everything, Everything) or all of the above. These authors — all Black women — have dominated YA bestseller lists and changed the face of a genre that seeme...
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Washington is third-best state for millennials, survey finds

A new survey says millennials who live in Washington state are better off than their counterparts elsewhere in the country, even with the Seattle area's ridiculous housing prices. Only two places rank higher.
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Pete Buttigieg may have just made 2020 frontrunner status with this inspiring speech about being gay

Buttigieg headlined a brunch for the LGBTQ Victory Fund in Washington D.C. on Sunday and... Wow! Just, wow!
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Saturday Night Live Nailed The Problem With Joe Biden & His Touchy-Feely Behavior

With the 2020 presidential race starting to warm up (are you already exhausted by it too?), it’s no surprise that Saturday Night Live turned its eye on Joe Biden’s inappropriate behavior.Biden, played by surprise guest Jason Sudeikis, meets with his team and tries to explain his touchy-feely ways. "I'm a hugger, I'm a kisser, and a little bit of a sniffer," Sudeikis' Biden said. "But the last thing I want to do is offend anyone."Two women are brought in to interact with Biden, both of whom, he ...
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Joe Biden Just Made Things Worse By Joking About His Inappropriate Behavior

In his first public appearance since seven women complained about his past behavior, former Vice President Joe Biden could have issued an apology during his remarks. He could have even given a speech without mentioning the issue. Instead, he chose to make not one, but two jokes about the lines women said he crossed and the topic of consent.As he took the stage to deliver his remarks at an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers conference in Washington, D.C., Biden hugged Lonnie Stephen...
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Inside The Trader Joe's Black Market — Where Everything Bagel Seasoning Costs $22

You may associate Trader Joe’s with Hawaiian shirts but, paradoxically, the beloved grocery chain doesn’t have any locations in Hawaii. The closest store is a few thousand miles away in California. Thus, Marli Arneson, a 25-year-old from Oahu craving Trader Joe’s ginger turmeric tea, did what many of us might: She went on Amazon and bought a box for $9.74, assuming the two retailers had a partnership. But no. It was only later that Arneson learned her sought-after tea hadn’t come directly from ...
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All The Home Sales Worth Shopping This Week

If we could avoid ever paying full-price for another purchase, you bet your ass we would — which is exactly why we created a roundup solely devoted to the best decor and furniture sales happening as we type. Welcome to The Score, it's our new home for the best marked-down goods from all of our most-browsed shopping destinations.With a plethora of freshly-discounted finds from our favorite home stores popping up on a weekly (if not daily) basis, there's no reason to go out of budget on your next...
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Inside The World Of Gillistans, Kirsten Gillibrand’s Biggest Fans

Brooklyn attorneys Ella Frederick, 43, and Jolevette Mitchell, 31, were among the earliest to arrive at Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s strategically positioned rally in front of Trump International Hotel in New York City last week. Because of that, they got to stand right in front of the stage as Gillibrand formally announced her candidacy for president, decrying the glassy “shrine to greed, division, and vanity” behind her and calling President Donald Trump a coward. After the rally, they took self...
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Exclusive: Elizabeth Warren Leads By Example On Staffers' Equal Pay

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is walking the walk when it comes to pay equity in her Senate offices. The current average women-to-men earnings ratio in her office is 1.08, which means staffers are being paid equally regardless of their gender, Refinery29 can exclusively reportBy contrast, as we've often reported, women in the United States currently earn on average about 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. (The wage gap is even worse for most women of color.)Warren, who has made econom...
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Clean Cleaning: How Eco-Friendly Companies Are Rebranding Your Least Favorite Chore

It’s become apparent that sooner or later, every market will be made over in the millennial image. What started with brands like Glossier and Warby Parker has now grown to include direct-to-consumer toilet paper and consciously-crafted olive oil with packaging so hip it could have been designed by Rachel Comey. Now, the cleaning supply industry is being similarly disrupted, with so many new brands touting alternatives to traditional cleaners that aren’t just eco-friendly, but are also elevated,...
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Perfume PosseBombshells When I first discovered Kate Spade, I’d moved from a very casual place (Santa Fe NM) to Washington, D.C.  I had two little girls, and a new life, and no idea what to wear.  I wasn’t the athleisure type.  I… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseBombshells
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Trying To Find Affordable Child Care Is Not The Job I Wanted

In the past month, I’ve spent close to 60 hours trying to secure child care for my two-year-old son. This is not the kind of job I ever wanted. It’s a high-stakes, unpaid position that often leaves me quite literally with a bellyache. But as the keeper of the family calendar and bank account and the mother who works from home, this task inevitably falls on me.I would generally describe my partner as supportive, but he has done very little to help with this process, balking the one time I asked ...
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Two Women Have Now Accused Joe Biden Of Inappropriate Touching

Joe Biden’s presumptive presidential campaign is already facing its first crisis. Former congressional aide Amy Lappos told the Hartford Courant on Monday that Biden touched her inappropriately, including rubbing noses with her, at a political fundraiser in 2009. The allegations follow an essay for The Cut by former Nevada Democratic legislator Lucy Flores in which she said the former vice president behaved inappropriately toward her at a campaign event in 2014."It wasn’t sexual, but he did gra...
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2 Women Have Now Accused Joe Biden Of Inappropriate Touching

Joe Biden’s presumptive presidential campaign is already facing its first crisis. Former congressional aide Amy Lappos told the Hartford Courant on Monday that Biden touched her inappropriately, including rubbing noses with her, at a political fundraiser in 2009. The allegations follow an essay for The Cut by former Nevada Democratic legislator Lucy Flores in which she said the former vice president behaved inappropriately toward her at a campaign event in 2014."It wasn’t sexual, but he did gra...
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Transgender Woman Shot & Killed Near Washington, D.C.

A Black transgender woman was murdered outside of Washington, D.C., in the early hours of Saturday, ABC7 reports. Although authorities have not released the name of the victim yet, family members have identified her as Ashanti Carmon. The murder, which marks the second reported time a trans person has been killed this year, took place on the eve of Transgender Day of Visibility.Authorities responded to reports of shots fired around 6 a.m. Saturday near the D.C. city limits. Carmon was found on ...
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Review: Vintage vibrators

Masturbating like it’s 1925 with the Polar Cub Electric Vibrator, Oster Massagett, and Vanguard Vibro-Massager The inventor of the first electrical vibrator, doctor Joseph Mortimer Granville, called his device “Granville’s Hammer” — and if that’s not obviously named by a man I don’t know what is. It was for male pain relief; he expressly didn’t want women to use it. “I have avoided, and shall continue to avoid the treatment of women by percussion,” he wrote in 1883, “simply because I ...
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A Week In Toronto, Canada, On A $55,000 Income

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Today: a freelance copywriter working in advertising who makes $55,000 per year and spends some of her money this week on a one-piece swimsuit. Below, we asked the OP some questions about her career. Editor's note: All prices have been converted to U.S. doll...
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New name beat: Fifth City

Maybe it’s because I was reading The Fifth Risk, Michael Lewis’s 2018 book about how the current administration in Washington is “government led by the uninterested,” as NPR put it, but my first response to the announcement last week of the Fifth City makeup brand was: What are the first, second, third, and fourth cities? It could have been worse: They could have called it Fifth Place.   Fifth City is a private-label brand sold through SaksOffFifth—the discount division, launched in 1990,...
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The Freshman Congresswomen Want You To Have The Confidence Of A Man & Run For Office

Photo: Tom Williams/Getty Images. Freshman Congresswoman Katie Hill tends to get "big-idea moments" when she's shuttling back and forth from California to D.C., and at one point during one of these long flights, the 31-year-old found herself writing out a 30-year plan for her future. Her conclusion after several hours of thinking and writing? "Once we get to the point where Gen Z, you guys, make up the biggest voting bloc, then that's when we know our world is heading in the right place,"...
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‘Who are you becoming?’ Why America needs Michelle Obama’s message now

Michelle Obama drew 18,000 to the Tacoma Dome on Sunday night for the Washington stop of her "Becoming" book tour. As a fractured nation tries to find its way, the former first lady's message appeared to unite the audience, and there are lessons to be gleaned from her personal story.
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Forget Trump: The nation’s capital comes to life each spring with boys, blossoms & parties

Spring could be the best time to visit our nation’s capital.
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Breaching Snake River dams could save salmon and orcas, but destroy livelihoods

Folks whose jobs depend on four federal dams in southeastern Washington say that pleas to breach the dams are forcing them to speak out in defense of their economy and their way of life.
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Elizabeth Warren Is A Policy Heavyweight. The Media Is More Interested In Rockstars.

Welcome to Hindsight 2020, Refinery29's weekly column reflecting on the women running for president and the lessons learned (or not!) from 2016.Sen. Elizabeth Warren's policy positions are rooted in her clear-eyed understanding of how capitalism in its current form benefits some, but not all Americans. During her appearance at a CNN town hall Monday, her first major introduction to the national stage this election cycle, the Massachusetts senator embraced this ethos by speaking about her family...
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You Know Madeleine McCann. These Missing Girls Of Color Are Cold Cases, Too.

Three-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared on May 3, 2007 from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal. Her story became an international sensation. What had become of the angelic, little, blonde British girl? Had she been murdered by her parents? Abducted and sold into a pedophilia ring?It's been 10 year's and Madeleine's story still captures headlines. In March 2019, she was the subject of the Australian podcast Maddie, and a Netflix series called The Disappearance of Madeline McCann. ...
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10 Millennial Women Talk About Where They Donate Money & Why

Millennials are more often associated with the penny-pinching $1 Venmo charge than with charitable giving. But in many of the Money Diaries we publish, right under Utilities and Spotify on the OP's list of monthly expenses is a line for donations. From Planned Parenthood to Patreon to ASPCA, millennial women are giving — regardless of how much money they make — to the causes and charities they care about.Philanthropy isn't a word reserved just for multimillionaires. Whether you factor in donati...
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You Need to Sell, Sell, Sell

--> A strange misconception among many people, especially professionals, is that there is something wrong with selling. When I talk about selling, I am referring to any number of sales activities: Selling yourself in an interview Selling yourself in a cover letter to an employer Selling yourself to a client Selling yourself to any other person Packaging yourself in a ”sellable” way In every single interaction we have with others, we are selling. The more you sell, the better you will do in you...
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