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How Much Should You Spend on Wedding Invitations?

Making the perfect invitation for your big day should be part of your wedding preparation. Many choose to DIY their invitations, while some still prefer it to be done by a professional. No matter what your choice is, you’re going to spend money on it. So, how much do wedding invitations  usually cost? How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost? A DIY wedding invitation typically costs less compared to bespoke wedding invitations. However, other factors can affect the price. This is r...
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How to Be a Professional Wedding Photographer

A wedding is probably the most promising chapter in every couple’s love story. It is a ceremony that ties the knot to a happily ever after. Indeed, it is a day that may pass but will live forever in the hearts and minds of all the people present on the day.   There’s nothing more effective in immortalizing this special day than wedding photographs. Statistics revealed that 13% of the $79-billion wedding industry revenue comes from wedding photography. Couples invest in wedding photog...
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Loving Muslim Marriage | Episode 1

Female sexual nature and female sexual desires are often misunderstood especially among Muslims. There are some classes and seminars by Muslim speakers that offer advice to Muslim couples about intimacy but unfortunately, the advice is not exactly aligned with correct female sexual nature. So we decided to come together to clarify these misunderstandings and explain the sexual nature of women and their desires, so we can help build healthy intimacy within Muslim marriages leading to happier Musl...
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WATCH: Grooms amaze wedding guests with incredible group dance number

Isaiah and Taylor Green-Jone (Instagram) The golden age of flash mobs may have already come and gone, but two grooms recently brought the concept back in style when they surprised their wedding guests with a joyous routine. Isaiah and Taylor Green-Jones tied the knot in Portland, Oregon over the summer, and it was a reception for the books. Related: WATCH: Man proposes to his boyfriend in crazy romantic viral video AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { AdBridg.display("div-gpt-ad-inarticle1"); }); ...
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Classical Hebrew Wedding Rings To Make Your Special Day Even More Special

In a Jewish wedding of the traditional kind, the Hebrew wedding ring is sacrosanct. It goes one step beyond the declaration; the handing over of the ring represents a formal consecration, moving the marriage into the realm of the sacred. It is customary for a classical Hebrew ring ceremony to consist of an elegant gold band. According to Jewish beliefs, smooth rings bring prosperity and well-being to one’s married life. The presence of Hebrew wedding rings symbolizes a lifelong commitme...
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Bridal Shoes You'll Totally Love!

Looking for the perfect pair of bridal shoes to complete that wedding day look of yours? From heels to flats and everything in between, we've rounded up some of our favorite wedding shoes.  Perhaps, you're looking for a picture perfect pair? And a pair of flats so you can dance the night away? Girl, we see you. And we totally got you! Want to know the best news ever? You can actually purchase these heels straight from the comfort of your home. See a pair you love? Simply click to shop! ...
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10 Statement Wedding Dresses You Never Knew You Loved

There’s a reason why modern brides are opting for sexy wedding dresses. And we’re pretty sure it has to do with the level of epic-ness you’re about to see in the 14 daring bridal gowns below. You’ll see that sexy can be flirty + femme, haute couture or even sophisticated chic. With strappy backs, plunging necklines, high slits, off-the-shoulder swoops and even nude bodices with nothing but intricate embroidery… these wedding dresses for modern romantics will stop you in your tracks! View full po...
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11 Waterproof Mascaras That Will Hold Up Through Any Wedding-Day Tears

Waterproof mascaras do more than last through the tears caused by the emotional speeches that your friends or loved ones make on your wedding day. They also come in handy for wedding day surprises like unexpected humidity . . . or when your cake doesn't arrive on time. Between these 11 mascaras, you can achieve the desired effect you want for your eyelashes - whether it's length, volume, or curl - without having to worry about them smudging or flaking while you're walking down the aisle. See our...
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The nephew of Singapore’s prime minister just married his boyfriend

View this post on Instagram The gay grandson of Lee Kuan Yew, Li Huanwu and his boyfriend Yirui, were among the thousands of attendees at Pink Dot 2018! – ? ? @mrseanfoo ? #pinkdot #pinkdot10 #dearstraightpeople #comingout #pride? #lovewins #gaycouple A post shared by Dear Straight People (@dearstraightpeopleig) on Jul 21, 2018 at 8:18pm PDT Li Huanwu is the nephew of Singapore’s Prime Minister Le...
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The nephew of Singapore’s prime minister just got gay married

View this post on Instagram The gay grandson of Lee Kuan Yew, Li Huanwu and his boyfriend Yirui, were among the thousands of attendees at Pink Dot 2018! – ? ? @mrseanfoo ? #pinkdot #pinkdot10 #dearstraightpeople #comingout #pride? #lovewins #gaycouple A post shared by Dear Straight People (@dearstraightpeopleig) on Jul 21, 2018 at 8:18pm PDT Li Huanwu is the nephew of Singapore’s Prime Minister Le...
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120+ Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas For Couples Ready to Seal the Deal With Ink

Love is forever, so why shouldn't your wedding rings be, too? We're here to make a case for skipping the wedding bands and going for matching finger tattoos instead. From the initials of your beloved to realistic-looking ring tattoos, odes to your love story or favorite hobbies, the possibilities for design and placement are endless. And, one big bonus? You never have to worry about losing a pricey diamond engagement ring or wedding band. They also make wonderful anniversary gifts to each other,...
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The 9 Prettiest Eye Shadow Palettes You Should Have on Hand For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day eye makeup might be challenging to decide on, and we understand why. Between the array of options that you have for your eye shadow palettes (including compacts of warm neutrals, romantic pinks, and smoky grays and purples), you might find that you have too many options. We've done the research and narrowed down the perfect palettes for you. Ahead, check out our picks for the nine best eye shadow palettes for your wedding day - the ones with the most beautiful and easy-to-use f...
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Twitter responds accordingly to Alabama’s freakout over gay cartoon rat wedding scandal

"The real reason the Arthur gay wedding isn’t good representation is the only people who seem to be gay at the wedding are the grooms."
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How Are Wedding Ceremonies Celebrated Worldwide?

Have you ever wondered about the different types of wedding ceremonies that are held all over the world each day? While the number of marriages in the Philippines has been going down recently, there are still well over 400,000 taking place each and every year. That is a lot of people tying the knot. And with many people electing for large weddings these days, there is a good chance you have been to a few different types of weddings in your life. Types of Wedding Ceremonies If...
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27 Charming Flower Girl Dresses for Spring and Summer

Talk about the #dailydarling, these flower girl dresses for spring and summer are melting our hearts. These little ladies are getting more and more fashionable every year – they’re giving us adults a run for our money! So as we’ve been spotting cute ruffled sleeves, darling lace patterns, layered tulle skirts and soft linen wraps… we figured we must get this adorableness in front of you stat! So prepare to see the most darling flower girls of all time, and their cute little dresses that just may...
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Complete Your Summer Wedding Beauty Look With One of These Hairstyle Ideas

Your Summer wedding hairstyle deserves to be as dreamy as your wedding, and if you're still scrolling through Pinterest looking for one - you've come to the right place. On this list, you'll find creative ways to further elevate your updo, ensure your braids remain practical in the Summer weather, and integrate the tiny details of your bouquet into your short haircut. Some of these hair looks even weave in the season's most popular hair trends. Check out our picks for the prettiest hairstyles f...
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The 11 Most Popular Wedding Dress Trends from Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2019

The lucky team at SMP just got back from the most amazing fashion-filled week in Barcelona taking in all the pretty at Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2019, and we’re here to fill you in on all the can’t miss trends fresh off the runway! From modern jumpsuits to jaw-droppingly big ball gowns – there’s SO much to see! So let’s get right into it, shall we… prepare for some major Pinspiration ahead! 1. Capes Capes started making an appearance on the bridal runways a few years ago, but this ...
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5 Common Beauty Mistakes Brides Make Before Their Wedding

You probably have a long checklist of beauty-related errands to complete leading up to your wedding, like booking your hair and makeup artists and ensuring your skin glows on your big day. Unfortunately, many brides make mistakes when trying out treatments and products for the first time and end up with less than desirable results on their wedding day. The to do-list might seem overwhelming, but luckily, we're here to help. We've consulted hairstylist Linet Keshishian and dermatologist Deborah J...
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5 Flowers To Consider For An Indian Wedding

We are famous for our Big Fat Weddings! People of this sub-continent put their soul in arranging a wedding that looks spectacular, made of flowers, creative staging, floral arrangements , lighting, music and of course lehenga clad girls and women glittering in gold, all this and so much more that might put Hollywood’s most dazzling event to shame. Indians take pride in their weddings and one of the most cardinal elements in making a wedding grandiose is a flower. Although every flower is ...
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How To Choose A Wedding Theme For Your Big Day

You’ve found your perfect love match and you’re now engaged to be married. What could be more exciting than that? Well, planning how you will start your married life together should be an equally thrilling prospect. Unfortunately, for some loved up couples choosing a wedding theme for the big day can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you feel overwhelmed by the number of things that you need to plan and organize. If you’ve managed to get as far as writing out a guest list and t...
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Nothing Helped My Prewedding Stress Zits Until I Found These Acne Healing Dots

I woke up two days before my dream wedding with the skin of my nightmares. I didn't consider myself a "stressed-out" bride, but my face told a different story on the morning my fiancé and I made the drive from San Francisco to San Diego, CA. A long distance away from the safety of my dermatologist's office, I tried to ignore the cystic bumps growing under my skin. This was easier said than done, however, since the zits were conveniently located in the middle of my forehead and chin. Thankf...
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The Most Fabulous Floral Dresses To Flaunt in 2019

Flowers are pretty much synonymous with spring. After all, there's nothing like delicate peonies, blush colored roses, or blooming ranunculus to cue the start of the beautiful, breezy days ahead! So it should come as no surprise then that we're all about the latest trend taking over the bridal scene in 2019 — flowered gowns. Picture a playful array of printed and appliqué blooms covering cascading frocks, in dresses so dreamy, they're like a real-life fairy tale coming down the aisle. If you're ...
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Everything You Need to Re-Create Sabrina Dhowre's Gorgeous, Glowy Wedding Makeup

Sabrina Dhowre's glowy wedding makeup can be summed up in one word: gorgeous. The 29-year-old model tied the knot with actor Idris Elba in Morocco on April 26, and she relied on Charlotte Tilbury products to get her stunning glow. While Dhowre and Elba kept much of their wedding under wraps, Tilbury gave beauty fans a peek into the exact products she used on the bride. According to Tilbury's Instagram post, she started Dhowre's bridal makeup with a bit of her Magic Cream ($64) in conjunction wi...
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Bold Bridal Beauty Ideas That Your Guests Will Never Forget

Your makeup and hair on your wedding day are exactly that: yours. If you want nude tones swept across your face that won't ever distract from the intricate beadwork of your A-line gown, we completely get it. If you want your beauty look to be a little different - and more standout than the ones of the brides whose weddings you've previously attended - then we have a few pointers. Here, you'll find ways to work a graphic eyeliner look into your wedding's color palette, sweep on shocks of color t...
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The Secret to Meghan Markle's Wedding Glow Wasn't Actually the Makeup

There are plenty of tricks Meghan Markle uses to maintain her ever-glowing complexion and minimalist makeup look. From subtly overlining her lips to playing with slight makeup changes, she's the queen duchess of a sophisticated royal glow. Her wedding day makeup was the epitome of radiance, with makeup that lasted through the entire day of celebration without looking caked on, while allowing her freckles to show but still providing just enough coverage. This is all thanks to her trusty makeup ar...
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These Brides Had Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and a Gorgeous Tattoo

Tattoos are works of art, so why not show them off on your wedding day? This personal accessory can seamlessly tie up your bridal look - plus, it's totally and uniquely "you." There are so many different types of tattoos, from intricate and tiny tattoos to large, colorful ones and even matching tattoos you can get with your spouse-to-be, that the only question is: how will you show it off? If you are looking for some ink-spiration, then take a peek at all of these beautiful brides and the ways t...
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5 Products You Need If You're Getting Married in a Hot Climate, According to a Makeup Artist

There are plenty of things to consider when getting married: choosing the right hairstyle, getting all of your expenses in order, picking the perfect hashtag, all while trying not to get a pimple days before your wedding - the list goes on. But if your nuptials are taking place somewhere warm, there are a few additional things you might want to consider when it comes to your makeup. "If you're getting married in a hot climate then you will need to consider how this might affect the performance ...
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Tips on Getting the Right Engagement Ring

For anyone who is looking to ask that big question to his partner, getting the right ring is one of the most important aspects, not that this will change your partner’s response of course, but if something is worth doing then it is worth doing right. Men and women all over the world propose to each other every day and the majority of them have struggled and worried for many months over getting the choice of ring just right. If you are in this position at the moment and you wish to propose to you...
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9 Must-Have Beauty Products to Keep Any Bride From Losing Their Sh*t

Whether you're the bride or in the bridal party, the only thing you want is for the wedding to go off without a hitch. The good news is there is a portable product that can solve most beauty emergencies. From helping with bad breath to broken nails, ahead are the must-have tools to keep your special day running as seamlessly as possible.
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12 New Berlin Restaurants to Try Out in 2019

photo: CELL.  Not even a year has passed since our last new Berlin restaurants round-up of 2018. But my list of interesting new openings has already surpassed 10 so it’s about time for another one for 2019! The last couple of months have brought us quite an interesting wave of new gastronomic projects. Some hail from already established entrepreneurs while others are complete newbies in the food scene of the city. While recent years showed a slight tendency towards more exquisite places I f...
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