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Sleeves For a Summer Wedding – Can it be Done?

If you’ve been dreaming of your wedding since you were a little girl, you’ve probably got the main parts of the vision worked out–the flowers, the venue, the gown. What most of us don’t really think of is the time of year. So, if you’ve always imagined yourself walking down the aisle in a gown with sleeves but you just booked your summer wedding, panic may be setting in. Can you wear sleeves for a summer wedding, or will it simply be too hot? We’ve got great news–it can be done and we’ll show yo...
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How to Wear Your Hair Based on Your Wedding Dress Silhouette and Style

For some brides, they’ve always dreamt of wearing their hair in a specific way for their wedding. For probably many more brides, they truly have no idea how they should style their locks. To be honest, you really can’t go wrong, though there is certainly value to styling your hair intentionally for your wedding. I, Cavin Elizabeth, teamed up with my San Diego bridal boutique The White Flower and Alexis of XO Beauty to help you out if you’re wondering how you want your wedding hair styled. Togeth...
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This Bride's Beauty Prep For Her Zoom Wedding Looked a Little Different Due to COVID-19

When Ashley Yuki and Tim Alexander met through a mutual friend three years ago, they couldn't have ever guessed that same friend would act as a virtual officiant for their Zoom wedding on April 4, 2020. The couple got engaged in May 2019 and immediately started planning their wedding - the nonvirtual version, that is. They had decided on a beautiful location in Palm Springs, a happy medium for both wedding parties, and had every last detail set. "We were really looking forward to just getting e...
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15 Wedding Details Every Couple Forgets Before The Big Day

Planning a wedding is a monumental effort. For a few months before the big day, it is all that most couples talk about. It dominates every conversation.  But even with a lot of planning, some couples still forget small but critical details. Bad move! In this post, we’re going to take a look at the little wedding details that every couple forgets before the big day. Well, with the possible exception of you of course! Rain Coats Some people have the good fortune to live in a pa...
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5 Tips to Buy the Right Bridal Shoe for Your Wedding

Choosing a perfect bridal shoe for your special day is not an easy task. When you head to the market, a huge collection of wedding shoes makes it difficult for you to select the right pair. Although priorities may vary from bride to bride, comfort should be the topmost criteria to choose the wedding shoe. The kind of shoe you choose should ensure all-day comfort as sore feet would be the last thing you want to have on your wedding day. Thus, comfortability should come first, and then you c...
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Parents don’t invite gay uncle to daughter’s wedding as groom’s folks disapprove

Posed by models (Photo: Pixabay) The parent of a woman getting married has turned to the internet for advice after they and their spouse decided not to invite the girl’s gay uncle to the wedding. Although they have no issue with his sexuality, their daughter’s future husband comes from a family that holds homophobic views. The posted, appropriately enough, posted about their dilemma to Reddit’s ‘AITA’ thread: short for ‘Am I The Asshole?’ Posting anonymously, “because I’d rather some people ...
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Most Amazing Unique Wedding Themes From 2019

The last decade has changed the face of weddings and introduced us to themes we would never have dreamed of. From TV-based themes like The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones to whimsical and delightful themes like the Bohemian and South-inspired themes, 2019 was the highlight of everything good about the last decade of weddings. In this article, we feature the top four themes that stood out for us in 2019, mainly because they are sure to remain relevant in 2020. Read on to get inspired! Yout...
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How to Describe the Gown You Want – From Silhouettes to Straps!

If you’re like most brides, chances are you’ve been dreaming of your wedding gown since before you even met your fiancé(e). While the vision may have changed over the years, you can still picture it in your head. Now, the question is, how do you get that image out of your head and into words. No worries, that’s why you have us!  Going shopping for your wedding gown can be as intimidating as it is exciting. After all, you are spending way more than you normally would on a dress and the shopping...
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Koh Samui Wedding Extravaganza

Perfume PosseKoh Samui Wedding Extravaganza Hi there Posse. Last week Jin and I took off for my cousin Mark’s Koh Samui Wedding to his long term partner David. These guys never do anything by halves, come from the wealthy side of the family, have excellent… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseKoh Samui Wedding Extravaganza
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How To Plan the Perfect Vintage Wedding

Your wedding day should be the most perfect, beautiful day of your life. From your gown to your décor, there are many details you should start nailing down as soon as possible if you want to avoid any unpleasant last-minute problems. If you’re in love with the timeless appeal of vintage wedding themes, you’re in luck. It isn’t too hard to find vintage candle holders and other classic items that are available for rent. From the big details to the final touches, here’s how to plan the perfec...
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The Sweetest Flower Girl Looks from Real Weddings

If you’ve ever been asked to be a flower girl when you were younger, you remember the rush of excitement! At that age, a bride asking you to be in their wedding party is tantamount to the Queen herself asking you to join her court. It’s so important that the looks complement your wedding style while also making your sweet flower girl feel special. Here are some of our favorite looks from real weddings to help your little princess shine on your big day! Continue reading on Style Me Pretty
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Dad’s unfortunate response to son coming out could leave him alone and bitter forever

Learning to accept an LGBTQ family member can still be a process for many people, but one dad would be wise to speed up his timeline if he wants to keep his family. Writing into the popular advice column Dear Abby, “Supportive Mom in New York” opens up about her less-than-supportive husband who’s been acting like a toddler in a temper tantrum ever since their son, “Greg,” came out. Related: Advice columnist shuts down straight guy complaining about flirty gay friend AdBridg.cmd.push(function()...
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Your Personal Wedding Planning Terminology Dictionary!

Vendors in the wedding industry have created many unique terms for the wedding world. Many of these terms are spoken without regard to the fact couples may have no idea what they mean! To help you in meetings, research, and general wedding planning, I’ve put together your own personal wedding planning terminology dictionary with a focus on terms that are not necessarily common knowledge.Continue reading on Style Me Pretty
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When to Start Shopping for Your Gown, and More Importantly – When to Stop!

Sooo, your S.O. has finally put a ring on it and now all you can think about is what you’re going to wear down the aisle. We totally get you - it’s one of the best parts of wedding planning! It can be so tempting to dive right into gown shopping as soon as your engaged–for some, even before it’s official! Let us break down the timeline for you so that you know exactly when you should start and stop shopping for your dream gown. Continue reading on Style Me Pretty
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The 2020 Wedding Fashion Trends – Which Ones to Embrace and Which to Avoid!

It’s the end of a decade and 2020 promises to be an interesting year in bridal fashion. We have two aesthetics challenging each other for their place in modern fashion history – excess and minimalism, and from the looks of it, excess is winning.  Continue reading on Style Me Pretty
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Gay inmates make history by tying the knot in prison

Two prison inmates just made history for being the second same-sex couple ever to tie the knot inside a correctional facility of a European Union member country. 34-year-old Kevork Tontian and 30-year-old Wemson Gabral da Costa were wed inside Cyprus’ prison complex in Nicosia, Cyprus last week. “We dare, we dare, we asked,” Tontian tells the AP. “There is no shame. Love has no shame.” AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { AdBridg.display("div-gpt-ad-inarticle1"); }); The newlyweds, who were both re...
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Galia Lahav Fancy White Collection with Diamonds Galore

Luminous. Breezy. Couture. Few words could better describe the latest bridal collection from Galia Lahav: Fancy White. Except perhaps diamonds. This collection is chock full of girls’ best friend! Brilliant shimmers bounce off these bejeweled gowns with voluminous organza, delicate tulle and flowy silk overflowing – symbolic of the beauty that’s reflected from within. The Fancy White bridal collection is all about individuality, and we are head over heels for the bold, confident spirit these gow...
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WATCH: Kathy Griffin married in surprise NYE ceremony with Lily Tomlin presiding

Kathy Griffin welcomed the new decade with a surprise wedding, marrying longtime boyfriend Randy Bick at her Hollywood home on December 31, 2019. The small (and quite short) ceremony was presided over by none other than Lily Tomlin, whose partner, Jane Wagner, was also in attendance. The entire ceremony was just under 14 minutes but I have to give you guys the uncut first 75 seconds. LOVE IT! We promised you atypical. We are in love and we cannot stop laughing. Thank you @LilyTomlin and Jane...
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Seriously Stylish Fashion Moments From Styled Social in 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, styled social was seriously stylish this past year and have us so many Pinterest worthy wedding day fashion looks! We’re talking floral appliqués, breathtaking silhouettes and timeless dresses for the ladies and colorful looks for the men in the custom fitting suits that will inspire you to change your entire wardrobe. So whether you’re needing some engagement outfit ideas or don’t know where to begin for your wedding day look, we’ve rounded up some stunning dresses and sui...
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4 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming A Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is one of the most longed-for industry nowadays. A lot of people want to be part of this profession because of numerous perks. It does not require a person to spend at least eight hours in the office doing repetitive jobs. If you are a wedding photographer , your position is filled with lots of heartwarming moments and find yourself surrounded by smiling, happy people. But before you consider shifting careers to become a professional wedding photographer, here are seve...
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Here’s Exactly What Goes Into Your Gown Budget

You’ve got your first bridal appointment scheduled, your gown inspiration board curated, now all that’s left is to decide just how much you are willing to spend on your gown. It may seem like a simple question, you may have already set aside a specific amount when you were determining your wedding budget, or a friend or relative may be gifting you the gown and determined the budget for you. But your gown budget needs to cover so much more than the gown itself. So, before the bridal consultant as...
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What Every Bride Wishes They Knew About Alterations

Months have passed since you found your dream gown and now it’s finally arrived! The feeling of seeing your gown for the first time (instead of a store sample) can be exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. The scary thoughts come flooding in, “What if it’s not how I remember it?”, “What if it doesn’t fit right?”–this is totally normal, trust us! Your gown is a big deal to you, and it should be, but don’t let it stress you out. The important thing to remember when it comes time to pick...
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Traditional Bridal Ensembles in Different Parts of the World

When people imagine weddings, the majority have an image of a groom wearing a classic black suit and the bride in a beautiful white gown, with a stunning wedding ring and diamond or sapphire engagement ring to complete her bridal wear look. What comes as a surprise to many is that these outfits wouldn’t be worn for weddings in other parts of the world, and some may even say that these outfits are dull compared to the clothes brides and grooms wear in other cultures. In this post, w...
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4 Mother of the Bride Looks She Won't Hate!

Is your mom still on the hunt for the perfect Mother of the Bride Dress? Goodness. We know the struggle! Maybe she's looking for something classic and sophisticated? Maybe a dress that's a little less traditional? Something on-trend? She definitely has an idea of what she's looking for — but she just hasn't found the one.Well, brace yourselves, m'dears! Because today we're excited to share not one, but four dresses perfect for mom. Heck, they're so pretty, your bridesmaids could even wear them. ...
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All The Designers We Loved from New York Bridal Fashion Week 2019

New York Bridal Fashion Week 2019 defined bridal #goals. Picture a week full of jaw-dropping gowns with trains for miles, eloquent, hand-applied embellishments, cascading, cloud-like skirts… you get the idea! The team at SMP team had the privilege of attending, and today, they're back to report on some of their favorite shows debuting trends for 2020. Scroll on to get the scoop and get ready to start swooning. Eisen Stein Continue reading on Style Me Pretty
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The Fit and Flare Wedding Dress – The Perfect Silhouette

When it’s your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. And most of all, you want to look perfect. And for many brides, they want to look feminine and glamourous, with the perfect silhouette. A fit and flare wedding dress is the perfect  style for those of you who want a dress that hugs every gorgeous curve, and makes you look like a diva. What is the Difference Between the Various Silhouette Dresses? There are three types of silhouette wedding dresses – the mermaid, the trumpet and the f...
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How Much Should You Spend on Wedding Invitations?

Making the perfect invitation for your big day should be part of your wedding preparation. Many choose to DIY their invitations, while some still prefer it to be done by a professional. No matter what your choice is, you’re going to spend money on it. So, how much do wedding invitations  usually cost? How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost? A DIY wedding invitation typically costs less compared to bespoke wedding invitations. However, other factors can affect the price. This is r...
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How to Be a Professional Wedding Photographer

A wedding is probably the most promising chapter in every couple’s love story. It is a ceremony that ties the knot to a happily ever after. Indeed, it is a day that may pass but will live forever in the hearts and minds of all the people present on the day.   There’s nothing more effective in immortalizing this special day than wedding photographs. Statistics revealed that 13% of the $79-billion wedding industry revenue comes from wedding photography. Couples invest in wedding photog...
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Loving Muslim Marriage | Is it Haraam to Talk About Sex?

Female sexual nature and female sexual desires are often misunderstood, especially among Muslims. There are some classes and seminars by Muslim speakers that offer advice to Muslim couples about intimacy but unfortunately, the advice is not exactly aligned with correct female sexual nature. So we decided to come together to clarify these misunderstandings and explain the sexual nature of women and their desires, so we can help build healthy intimacy within Muslim marriages leading to happier Mus...
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Loving Muslim Marriage | Episode 1

Female sexual nature and female sexual desires are often misunderstood especially among Muslims. There are some classes and seminars by Muslim speakers that offer advice to Muslim couples about intimacy but unfortunately, the advice is not exactly aligned with correct female sexual nature. So we decided to come together to clarify these misunderstandings and explain the sexual nature of women and their desires, so we can help build healthy intimacy within Muslim marriages leading to happier Musl...
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