19 Price-Chopped Amazon Beauty Products To Add To Your Cart This Week

It's easy to feel overwhelmed shopping on Amazon. Not that we don't do it all the time (because free two-day shipping is the bomb), but you can't help but let out a heavy groan when you realize you're almost out of an essential — say, shampoo — and a simple Prime search pulls up 351 pages of what seems like every bottle can ever made.Fret not, because we're here to help. After skimming through thousands of handmade soaps and razor-refill boxes, we compiled the best beauty deals available on Ama...
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Be a Better Friend to a Girlfriend who has lost a Parent

For many of us, it’s already happened. We’ve experienced the loss of a parent and/or have girlfriends who have. Sad situations sometimes make it tough to be a better friend. How can we be a better friend when a friend’s parent passes away? First, keep in mind that It’s especially tough on our friend because, generally, she’s known her parent all her life. She’s never experienced life without that person in it – that’s a unique experience and a milestone in her life. Sometimes that puts her as...
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Sponsored: A real-life example of how critical allies are for women to reach executive ranks

Promoting people who are different from you may require changing how you talk about their perceived failings.
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Simple & Fab: A Smart Casual Outfit

I stumbled across this outfit and thought it was easy, comfy, versatile, and fabulous. Combine a pair of dark wash jeans with a top in a shade of grey, taupe or white. Layer a trendy long blazer over the lot and add dressy metallic footwear.  In this case the shoes are silver, but any metallic is good. I can see a silver, grey, white, or red bag and silver statement jewellery finish off the look. Feel free to substitute the black jacket for a dark neutral like charcoal or dark blue. The topper ...
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10 Millennial Women Talk About Where They Donate Money & Why

Millennials are more often associated with the penny-pinching $1 Venmo charge than with charitable giving. But in many of the Money Diaries we publish, right under Utilities and Spotify on the OP's list of monthly expenses is a line for donations. From Planned Parenthood to Patreon to ASPCA, millennial women are giving — regardless of how much money they make — to the causes and charities they care about.Philanthropy isn't a word reserved just for multimillionaires. Whether you factor in donati...
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Warning: Looking at Sarah Hyland's Shaggy Lob Will Make You Want to Copy It ASAP

Shag haircuts may have reigned supreme in the 1970s, but they're back in a big way this year - and it looks like Sarah Hyland is fully on board with the modern-day resurgence. The 28-year-old actress just shared an Instagram snap of her fresh, shaggy lob, captioning the paparazzi photo, "Shagadocious bro," and tagging LA's Nine Zero One salon as the source of her chop. Hyland's long bob is choppy, layered, and undeniably sexy. Whereas the Modern Family star has been rocking longer hair so far t...
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Cool off with some traditional Taiwanese desserts at Meet Fresh in Bellevue

This location of Taiwanese dessert chain Meet Fresh, located in Lake Hills Village in Bellevue, was opened late last year by Elaine Song, owner of dumpling restaurant Jiaozi! in the Chinatown-International District, which closed last year when its lease expired.
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I Test Products For Work, and These Are the 9 Best Skincare Items I've Bought on Amazon

All day, every day, I am recommending purchases to customers as a shopping editor. I take that job very seriously, especially when it comes to beauty products. We're putting this stuff on our bodies, so of course it needs to be good. Whether you need a new moisturizer or eye gel, I curated a list of the very best skincare essentials you can buy from Amazon. These products have excellent reviews and I have tested most of them myself. Check them out and give something a chance! Related: ...
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Sarah Hyland Just Embraced 2019's Biggest Haircut Trend: the Shaggy Lob

Shag haircuts may have reigned supreme in the 1970s, but they're back in a big way this year - and it looks like Sarah Hyland is fully on board with the modern-day resurgence. The 28-year-old actress just shared an Instagram snap of her fresh, shaggy lob, captioning the paparazzi photo, "Shagadocious bro" and tagging LA's Nine Zero One salon as the source of her chop. Hyland's long bob is choppy, layered, and undeniably sexy. Whereas the Modern Family star has been rocking longer hair so far th...
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Sephora Favorites Festival Faves for Spring 2019

Sh1t! It’s festival season already!? How did that happen!? Things I hate most in the makeup community: reading about Coachella and how to make your makeup wear longer in the desert heat. Or some other such nonsense. Sorry! On the upside, at least along with festival season we get fun makeup picks from time to time. Sephora has a new Favorites Set which has some fun essentials that don’t always have to be used at an outdoor concert but can easily as travel buddies. This set includes: Am...
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Is it just me, or is Washington’s east-west divide more divisive than it used to be?

If westersiders really knew the eastsiders, would they still want to breach their dams?
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Considering Tape-In Extensions? Read This First

Extensions are complex. First of all, there are hundreds of hair types to choose from depending on the look you're going for — long, short, curly, and every color you can imagine. And if you thought picking out the right extensions was hard enough, the methods used to install them are equally unique.You have a few options: The sew-in method, which actually sews wefts of hair to your natural hair; clip-ins that are fastened with barrette-like attachments; micro links, which are individual extens...
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Top Sell-Out Items That You Can Now Shop

Searching for a fresh trend before it catches fire (and subsequently sells out) is, as Cher Horowitz put it, like searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie...A.k.a. impossible. While we can't always predict the next big thing to buy, we can catalog the best big things that are actually shoppable now. With a little help from our weekly column, The Sell-Out, we pulled together the top-selling products from the past year that are no longer sold out.Instead of suggesting purchase alternatives, a...
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We Tried $135 Worth Of Natural Deodorant — Here's What Worked

Every time we question whether a personal-care product is truly safe or not, the "answer" we're given is so ambiguous, we might as well be shaking a Magic-8 Ball: "More research is needed." (So much for living in the information age.) Deodorants and antiperspirants that contain aluminum salts are the perfect example. The ingredient, which is used to plug up sweat glands, is brimming with controversy — and vastly differing opinions.On one hand, nascent studies have detected high levels of alumin...
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I Finally Found a Styling Cream That Controls My Frizz, and Now My Hair Is So Smooth

I have been dealing with annoying frizz and flyaways for most of my life - I have lots of hair but it's thin, so it's prone to breakage. Whether I pull my hair up in a ponytail or give myself a blowout, pesky little frizzies always pop up. I have tried more products than I can count, but the most effective option I keep on my vanity is MISSIO Hair Styling Cream ($26). It adds volume, thermal protection, and shine to your style. The formula includes an antioxidant-rich fruit extract blend with ac...
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Is A Strong Community The Secret To Success For Female Founders?

Women might be starting business in record numbers, but they are still struggling to raise money at the same rate as men. According to a 2018 study from PitchBook, companies with female founders only received 2.3 percent of venture capital last year. There's a lot of work to be done to even the playing field for women entrepreneurs, but there are a growing number of organizations trying to fix this problem. Rebecca Minkoff, co-founder and creative director of her eponymous clothing line, starte...
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I'm Throwing Out All My Skincare Products, Because This Line Is Frankly All I Need

As someone who lives in a bustling city in New Jersey but needs to spend time outdoors to ensure my sanity, there are few things I enjoy more than hiking in the woods for a few hours. And while escaping the demands of real life and putting off everyone else's bullsh*t until the foreseeable future just focusing on putting one foot in front of the other is a form of self-care I can't really function without, being trapped in the woods without a dependable skincare routine is less than ideal. Fortu...
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A Week In New York City On A $65,000 Salary

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Today: a kindergarten teacher who makes $65,000 per year and spends some of her money this weekend on strawberry gelato.Occupation: Kindergarten TeacherIndustry: EducationAge: 28Location: New York, NYSalary: $65,000Paycheck Amount (2x/month ): $1,935Monthly ...
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34 Celebrities Who Ditch Makeup On Their Day Off

There is only one rule of makeup, which is that there are none. Foundation diehard? Allow us to direct you to our favorite ones. More the fiercely fresh-faced type? Here's the skin-care routine that will make you glow. We don't subscribe to the narrative that either one is better, or braver, than the other.That said, we've noticed an uptick in celebrities who have been jumping on the no-makeup train — led by the patron saint of cosmetics-free complexions, Alicia Keys. But that's not to say all ...
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Lori Loughlin & Felicity Huffman Might Go To Jail, But That Doesn't Mean Their Careers Are Over

Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman have gone AWOL. The two actresses at the center of the college admissions scandal have posted their bail ($1 million and $250,000, respectively) after being charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services fraud. Loughlin has also been removed from her current projects on Netflix and Hallmark. The final nail in the coffin? Social media. Both women have now scrubbed their respective Instagram and Twitter accounts, and Huffman has also taken down...
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Exclusive: Bernie Sanders Campaign Announces 10 New Women Hires

The Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign has announced 15 new hires in key positions, 10 of them women. This comes on the heels of the campaign hiring four key Iowa staffers and three 2016 veterans in New Hampshire last week.The campaign says that now, every single one of its teams — management, political, policy, organizing, communications, advance, digital, and fundraising — has women, and predominantly women of color, in leadership positions. Overall, the national leadership team is aro...
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ColourPop Is Dropping a Disney Villains Makeup Collection, and Being Bad Never Looked So Good

It's not easy being the Evil Queen, but wearing ColourPop's Disney Villains makeup collection helps. The collaboration between the two brands continues after the success of the ColourPop Disney Designer Collection, which launched last Fall. This time, the princesses are taking a backseat to some of fans' favorite antagonists, including Ursula, Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, Hades, and Dr. Facilier. POPSUGAR can exclusively reveal the collection in full, for all your devilish makeup delights. Embra...
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This $3 Viral Amazon Accessory Is Crashing Our Instagram Feeds

For those of us who shop professionally, Amazon is a source of delight and discovery, offering up problem-solving products we never knew existed and surprisingly fashion-forward wardrobe staples. Ever since the e-tailer produced a puffer coat that took the internet (by way of the Upper East Side) by storm last year, we’ve been hot on the trail of the site’s next big hit. And, by golly, we've found it with the Amazon pearl barrette.We’ve been noticing the inexpensive but eye-catching item poppin...
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The President Of Brazil Made An Anti-LGBTQ+ Statement. Trump Nodded Along.

During his visit to the White House on Tuesday, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro said in his remarks that the U.S. and Brazil stand side-by-side "in their efforts to ensure liberties and respect to traditional family lifestyles, respect to God, our Creator, against the gender ideology or the politically correct attitudes, and against fake news."President Trump vigorously nodded along with the entire statement, as the video below shows. The statement, which has several concerning parts, has no...
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5 Products You Need If You're Getting Married in a Hot Climate, According to a Makeup Artist

There are plenty of things to consider when getting married: choosing the right hairstyle, getting all of your expenses in order, picking the perfect hashtag, all while trying not to get a pimple days before your wedding - the list goes on. But if your nuptials are taking place somewhere warm, there are a few additional things you might want to consider when it comes to your makeup. "If you're getting married in a hot climate then you will need to consider how this might affect the performance ...
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7 R29ers Dish On The Trends You Should Try This Spring

Despite our love for fuzzy socks, rib-knit turtlenecks, and teddy-bear coats, we'll be the first to admit that we're pretty over playing the layer game (as in, piling on as many clothes as possible to brave biting-cold temps) and wearing the same tired combo day after day. Nothing against winter, but now that the seasons are gearing up to shift, it feels like an opportune time to do a little switcheroo and swap out our recent mainstays for some fresher pieces that are lighter, brighter, and bre...
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Lady Gaga Had Rhinestones Lining Her Eyes at the Daily Front Row Awards

Lady Gaga's makeup at the Daily Front Row Fashion Awards brought "La Vie En Rose" to reality. Dressed in Rodarte, Lady Gaga attended the ceremony with pink shadow swept across her lids and eyes framed by curled, mascara-slicked lashes. Above those lashes were rhinestones with an iridescent finish. She attended the awards to honor her longtime hairstylist (with whom she's had a working relationship for the past 10 years). See her entire look ahead.
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Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Eyeshadow Palette ($45) is a new, limited edition Spring/Summer 2019 14 shade palette that contains bright pops of color combined with a few warmer neutral shades. I’ve become quite boring in my old age which means this eyeshadow palette wasn’t terribly appealing to me but I love Anastasia’s eyeshadow formula so much that I decided to purchase it and see if I could get some fun looks out of it for Spring and Summer. The palette is made in the USA however, it does...
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How To Help The Victims Of The Christchurch, New Zealand Shooting

The world is mourning the tragic loss of 50 people and the injury of 50 others in the terrorist attack which targeted two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday. In the aftermath, organizations and community-organized crowdfunding have come together to support the victims and their families.The attack was carried out during Jumu’ah, one of the most attended congregational prayers. Four suspects are in custody. Authorities have not released their names; however, they have stated that the...
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Ivanka Trump Believes That She'll Be President One Day

The first daughter and White House advisor's schedule isn't public, but we'll keep you posted on her goings-on every week.• Ivanka has not complied with federal laws to preserve her email communications, House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings said on Thursday. He said in a letter that her lawyer told the committee last year that emails are wiped if she does not respond to them, which he said doesn't appear to be the case. Rep. Cummings said that is a violation of the Pres...

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