Zaubergläser: 3 Rituale für mehr Liebe, mehr Geld & weniger negative Energie

Du brauchst dringend Geld, bist einsam oder hast das Gefühl, nur noch von negativen Energien umgeben zu sein? Dann bist du hier genau an der richtigen Stelle! Denn in der folgenden Slideshow stelle ich dir drei Rituale vor, die dein Leben mit etwas Glück ein kleines bisschen besser machen könnten.Bevor es losgeht will ich aber noch etwas klarstellen: Zauberei ist eine Kunst, keine Religion. Jede*r kann sich an ihr versuchen – ganz gleich, welche Religion er oder sie hat. Und natürlich können au...
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Everyday Parsi: Feroze Jamshedji Unwalla

Our first author in the Everyday Parsi 2020 series is Feroze Jamshedji Unwalla from Mumbai, India. Feroze Jamshedji Unwalla writes… My earliest memories of Muktad, in the mid-1940s, were of accompanying my parents and siblings to Daman from Udvada, where we lived. My Bapawaji , Ervad Hormusji .J. Unwalla , the Panthaki of the Daman Dar-E-Mehr, was highly respected not only by the Parsees in Daman but all the other communities who were then under the Portuguese rule. Muktad, observed for 1...
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Everyday Parsi: Homi Gandhi

Our third author in the Everyday Parsi 2020 is Homi D. Gandhi Homi writes… When I was a child, Muktaad prayers at the Gandhi household on the Gandhi Street of Parsiwad, Fort, Bharuch had a special significance, as it was one of the few Parsi homes hosting the 18-day Fasli Muktaad at home. Although I had participated in the rituals, I was very young and unaware of their significance. Sometime in February 1946, my Bapaiji (paternal grandmother) confided in me that our community handyman,...
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What about Asad Shafiq?

Following the piece on Azhar Ali and his performance during the Misbah era and post it, a lot of enquiries have been made regarding Asad Shafiq. Most believe that his performance too has deteriorated since the retirements of Misbah and Younis Khan. Initially, I had thought so too, and had planned to write regarding both Azhar and Asad. However after reviewing Asad's numbers, I was quite surprised. A career average of 38.9, an average of 39.4 during the Misbah era, and 37.4 after it s...
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The Wine Windows of Renaissance Florence Dispense Wine Safely Again During COVID-19

Everything old is new again and Tuscany’s buchette del vino—wine windows—are definitely rolling with the times. As Lisa Harvey earlier reported in Atlas Obscura, buchette del vino became a thing in 1559, shortly after Cosimo I de’ Medici decreed that Florence-dwelling vineyard owners could bypass taverns and wine merchants to sell their product directly to the public. Wealthy wine families eager to pay less in taxes quickly figured out a workaround that would allow them to take advantage...
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Get the Ancient Roman Look: A Hair & Makeup Video Tutorial

Remember early April, when we threw ourselves into the Getty Challenge, turning ourselves into historic art recreations in lieu of climbing the walls? Seems like ages ago, doesn’t it, that you wrapped a shower curtain around your head and rifled through the button box, rabid to make yourself into a masterpiece. While it’s not accurate to say we’ve collectively settled into a new normal, many of us have accepted that certain alterations to our everyday lives will be prolonged if our every...
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Reviews: Electro Limonade Bouquet Encore, the Electronic Duo of L'Orchestre Parfum

In September 2019, during the TFWA event in Cannes while presenting their creation Piano Santal, L’Orchestre Parfum founder Pierre Guguen shared with me his wish to explore a new musical horizon, the one of electronic music.   And so he did, which led to the recent launch of two new creations straight out of the electro universe: Electro Limonade and Bouquet Encore, respectively signed b... Read full article: Reviews: Electro Limonade Bouquet Encore, the Electronic Duo of L'Orchestre Parfum ...
Tags: Fashion, Cannes, L Orchestre Parfum, Pierre Guguen, Piano Santal L'Orchestre Parfum

11 Traurige Songs, bei denen dir garantiert die Tränen kommen werden

Fakt ist: Für jede einzelne Situation in deinem, gibt es ein passendes Lied – egal ob du gerade eine Trennung durchmachst, unglücklich verliebt bist, oder Probleme in der Familie hast.Die Kunst besteht also darin, so schnell wie möglich das perfekte Lied für deine Stimmung auf Spotify und Co. zu finden, damit du deine Emotionen mithilfe der Songlyrics und Melodien verarbeiten kannst. Falls dir derzeit vor allem zum Weinen zumute ist, habe ich für dich eine kleine Liste mit den Songs vorbereitet...
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Floral Street Arizona Bloom

  Arizona Bloom is the newest fragrance of the UK brand Floral Street, announced as a scent freedom, flavored and bottled. Sunny, nomadic, free-spirited and euphoric, the new fragrance features an unusual blend of notes inspired by Arizona nature.     "Arid wilderness, neon skies and eternal sunshine make for the ultimate natural high. Taking its inspiration from the flora and fauna of desert... Read full article: Floral Street Arizona Bloom from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
Tags: Fashion, UK, Arizona, Fragrantica Perfumes, Floral Street, Arizona Bloom

Die Dusche ist der perfekte Ort zum Masturbieren & so wird deine sexy Me-Time noch besser

Wenn du in einer WG, bei deinen Eltern oder auch mit deiner Partnerin oder deinem Partner zusammenwohnst, weißt du, wie schwer es sein kann, mal einen Moment für sich ganz allein zu haben. Und Corona macht das Ganze auch nicht gerade leichter, denn auch nach der Aufhebung des Lockdowns verbringen viele von uns aktuell mehr Zeit zuhause als noch vor ein paar Monaten. Es ist also für viele gerade gar nicht mal so leicht, einen Zeitpunkt zu finden, an dem sie ganz in Ruhe masturbieren können ...
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Perfumed Horoscope: August 10 - August 16

  This week could bring restlessness and it may be worthwhile to look at how to soothe it, and what may be behind it. It will definitely be a mental issue, and disciplining your mind by choosing a constructive means of focus could be the best solution, but it won't happen instantaneously. This week we are looking at the art of Atelier Segall Barutti.       Aries You may feel some res... Read full article: Perfumed Horoscope: August 10 - August 16 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes ...
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The False Gospel of Visionary Success

“The whole problem is that churches don’t operate like businesses,” the businessman explained. “If they did, we’d all be a lot better off.” I can’t remember what prompted this discussion, but I heard it a few times from this man and others. Pastors should look to business leaders for inspiration. Churches should adopt business practices. Churches should also teach their people how to do this so that they know how to really live well in this world. It’s widespread. It’s the false gospel of ...
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Does Any Law Firm Have a Healthy Work Culture?

Earlier this year, health law attorney Jay McEniry wrote in the American Bar Association’s The Health Lawyer about the need for greater human connection in the practice of law. He cited an article I wrote for SmartBrief. Here’s Mr. McEniry’s article: “Chair’s Column” Addressing Our Loneliness Epidemic.” For the 3rd edition of our book, Connection Culture, I’d like to profile a law firm that values and intentionally cultivates human connection in its culture. Sadly, I’m unaware of any that fit ...
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Revlon x WW84 Celebrates Makeup Inspired by Wonder Woman (Maybe!)

Revlon x WW84 is a new makeup collection inspired by Wonder Woman and the new Wonder Woman 1984 Movie that is starting to launch in stores in preparation for the movie release in October. The movie was supposed to be a major Summer blockbuster but with the pandemic the launch got pushed two different times and finally a Fall 2020 date was set. I dunno about you but movie theaters in New York aren’t yet open or at least the ones around my area aren’t. I believe they open after Phase 4 is compl...
Tags: New York, Mac, Walmart, Beauty, Andrew, Revlon, Fall Collections 2020, Revlon WW84 Colorstay Cream Eyeshadow, Revlon Kiss Melting Shine Lipstick, ReviewDemi Lovato

Shan Masood's Second Inning

Shan Masood scored an impressive 75 on test debut against South Africa in Abu Dhabi.That was 7 years ago and since then he has played only 21 tests scoring 1,345 runs at an average of 33.6.Those are not great stats, however it is largely due to the fact that he has never had a prolonged run in Pakistan's test playing XI.Till now.It is already difficult for batsmen who are not considered for white ball cricket to maintain consistent performance at test level. It is made even harder by the selecto...
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News for Paco Rabanne Invictus Collection

  Under licence of the Puig company, Paco Rabanne presents new products which add to the very popular Invictus collection; the newest and the biggest size bottle of 200ml Eau de Toilette, and the attractive collector Invictus "Football" gift set.   Invictus was launched in July 2013 as a woody aquatic fragrance, the creation of several popular perfumers Veronique Nyberg, Anne Flipo, Ol... Read full article: News for Paco Rabanne Invictus Collection from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes ...
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8 Surefire Tips For Selling Your Car Quickly and Safely

Are you going to sell your car? When it comes to selling a car, whether used or used, it is normal for owners to seek better ways to value it to guarantee the sale. Therefore, many aspects must be considered for the sale, since all of them will be evaluated for the purchase. If you are thinking of selling your car, it can be tempting to simply take some pictures, post on some vehicle buying and selling sites and think that everything is fine. But to make a good sale, you need to plan and e...
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Everyday Parsi: Khushru Master

Our sixth author in the Everyday Parsi 2020 series is Ervad Khushru Master of Auckland, New Zealand. Khushru shares the “Memories of a 12 year-old-mohbed” All of 12, I vividly recall how excited my younger brother  Neville and I were for our first muktad  at Sir Jamshetjee Jeejebhoy Agiary better known as Sir ni Agiary. It may be something due to the fact that our father Khursetjee Vajifdar was a devout and dynamic dastur who got us started with public service as a young age.  In sp...
Tags: Life, Auckland, Neville, Mehr, Everyday Parsi, Auckland New Zealand Khushru, Jamshetjee Jeejebhoy Agiary, Khursetjee Vajifdar, Petit School Boarding, Aspi Shahlori, Ervad Khushru Master, Farida Besides

KVD Vegan Beauty Formerly Kat Von D Makeup Is Now Sold at Ulta

Kat Von D launched her makeup line in 2009 at Sephora and it was a massive success. I remember it like it was yesterday! The endless press, the hype, it was really a big deal at the time. Fast forward over a decade lately and cancel culture caught up with Kat Von D. In January, she posted on Instagram that she was selling the shares of her brand to Kendo and would have nothing more to do with the brand. In most interviews done sine that post she has blamed motherhood as one of the main rea...
Tags: Beauty, Sephora, Kat Von D, OCC, KAT, Ulta, Beauty News, Kat Von D Makeup, Kat Von, Kendo, Ulta Lawsuit Kat Von D, Kat Von D Beauty Sold, KVD Vegan Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty Elizaeth, James Bite Beauty, Kat Von D Steps DownMakeup

Tropical Print Dress for British Summer

A new outfit from Hayley Hall, whom we introduced to YLF in September 2019. Hayley is sporting a tropical leaf-patterned dress as a nod to a Summer holiday abroad that is not going to happen this year. The breezy two-tiered midi dress has a flattering V-neckline, and playful ruffle short sleeves. The elasticated empire waist with added skinny belt creates structure, while the double tier creates movement. Hayley has paired the pretty classic dress with on-trend black espadrille flatforms and a ...
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L’Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream Leave-In Conditioner For When You Can’t Leave the House for a Haircut

Been a while since you left the house for a hair cut? Tell me about it! There’s always L’Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream Leave In Conditioner for those of us experiencing split ends that can’t get out due to the pandemic. My hair had literally bypassed my butt by the time I finally became brave enough to head to the hairdresser. Which wasn’t a bad experience at all by the very way! If you’d like to hear about it comment below and maybe I’ll do a post. I keep it pretty long but it re...
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Giorgio Armani My Way: There’s Only One Rule

  In the summer of 2020, the fashion house Giorgio Armani presented MY WAY, a bright white floral fragrance that offers us a new look at femininity. The fragrance is created with a focus on sustainability: its bottle can be refilled, and the ingredients it is made from are produced by farming communities that respect the environment. Responsible sourcing of ingredients is one of the initiativ... Read full article: Giorgio Armani My Way: There’s Only One Rule from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colo...
Tags: Fashion, Giorgio Armani, Giorgio Armani My Way

Tom Ford Boys & Girls Lipsticks Now On Sale at Sephora

Last week I posted about the Beautylish sale on Tom Ford Boys & Girls Lipsticks! I’m happy to report they are also now on sale at! Enjoy! Where to buy Beautylish Sephora You may also enjoy... Juice Beauty Friends and Family SaleTom Ford Boys & Girls Lipsticks 50% Off ($18 Each) Major Sale20% Off Tom Ford Boys & Girls Lip Sets Is It Raining Fire Outside?Rouge Bunny Rouge Sale Starting at $10 The post Tom Ford Boys & Girls Lipsticks Now On Sale at Sephora appeared first o...
Tags: Beauty, Tom Ford, Sephora, Steals and Deals, Tom Ford Boys Girls Lipsticks, SaleTom Ford Boys Girls Lipsticks

Everyday Parsi: Soonu Engineer

Our fourth author in the Everyday Parsi 2020 series is Soonu Engineer of London, United Kingdom Soonu writes… As a child, Muktad filled me with wonderment. Our house, already swept and swabbed twice daily, was given an extra special sparkle and, sometimes a whitewash, in anticipation of the arrival of the heavenly souls of our ancestors. Delicious but simple food was prepared as a gesture of hospitality. The marble-and-copper prayer table in our kitchen gleamed in the flickering light of ...
Tags: London, Life, KARACHI, Mehr, Gujarati, Avestan, Humbandagi, Everyday Parsi, Muktad, Muktad Muktad, London United Kingdom Soonu, Jehangir Rajkotwalla Bagh, Muktad Humbandagi, Maneckji Nusservanji Dhalla, Kasti, Kersi B Shroff

I Would Have Loved a Berry Pavlova: The Smell of Regret in Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next

Let’s just say it: Thank U, Next may be a bopping pop hit, but it’s an ironic gamble for the name of a perfume. In the context of Fragrantica, for instance, how often do comments and reviews decide that the scent in question just doesn’t do the various works of magic that were hoped, and—lovable malcontents that many of us are—we announce that this is not the one; the glass slipper does ... Read full article: I Would Have Loved a Berry Pavlova: The Smell of Regret in Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Ne...
Tags: Fashion, Ariana Grande, Fragrantica Perfumes, Berry Pavlova

6 Tips for Getting a Healthy Glowing Skin

No matter what a person’s age, healthy skin results in enticing glow and vitality. Flawless skin is attractive and to get it, and when it comes to getting flawless skin, every little bit counts: food, exercise, vitamins, and beauty treatments. Glowing skin is a smooth and comfortable skin that is not ashy, brittle or flaky, Flawless skin is distinguished by tiny pores and clear skin without blemishes. If you are looking for how to make your skin this way, we have put together a few help...
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Renting is Better Than Buying for Some People

One of the commonly accepted indicators of financial success in our society is homeownership, but it’s not necessary to buy a home just to reflect financial success. For many people, it can make more sense to rent a home. After all, whether home buying is the best choice for you largely depends on your goals, and your lifestyle preferences. So how do you figure out whether renting is better than buying? Does Home Ownership Fit Your Lifestyle? The first thing to ask yourself is whether or not ...
Tags: Real Estate, Marketing, Lifestyle, Taiwan, David, Miranda

Tuscan Emotion by Ermanno Scervino: Review

The Florentine ready-to-wear fashion brand Ermanno Scervino was founded by businessman Tony Scervino and clothing designer Ermanno Daelli twenty years ago, in the year 2000. Their first fashion collections for men and women were shown in 2003 and 2005 at Milan's Fashion Week and at the Florentine Pitti Imagine exhibition. Then the brand was developed further with a junior collection, underwear an... Read full article: Tuscan Emotion by Ermanno Scervino: Review from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colo...
Tags: Fashion, Ermanno Scervino, Milan s Fashion Week, Tony Scervino, Ermanno Daelli, Florentine Pitti Imagine

"How the Pandemic Defeated America"

How did the writer of the title article headlined in this post ever slip by? I read the Atlantic faithfully, but somehow I missed Ed Yong. The essay is easily the most original, insightful, profoundly creative article on the subject you'll find. What's most unusual is his historical/cultural orientation to the question of how we got where we are today. And then how to deal with this pandemic and the others that will follow. Here are four paragraph bits as examples: Despite ample warning,...
Tags: Australia, Africa, Careers, America, Atlantic, Ed Yong, South Korea Thailand Iceland Slovakia

Wet n Wild Mega Last High-Shine Lip Color Evoking the Spirit of Pat Mcgrath

Is Mother upset that Wet n Wild Mega Last High-Shine Lip Color ($2.99) evokes the spirit of her LuxeTrance Lipstick? One does wonder! Notice that little lip accent on the tube? Feels very Pat Mcgrath doesn’t it? I thought so! Wet n Wild Mega Last High-Shine Lip Color is a fairly new lipstick that launched a few months ago along with Mega Last Matte Lip Color (with the black packaging this looks even more Pat Mcgrath) in 14 shades each. I was intrigued by the High-Shine formula as you know me I’...
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