Iranshah Offerings Website Launched

Our dear mentor Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor informs us… There is a new website We can use it to humbly request an offering of Sukhar, Kaathi, Maachi and light divo on our behalf. Payment can be done through NEFT after placing the request. Please share with all the Zarathoshtis worldwide. It is especially helpful during the time of the pandemic when we cannot visit Udvada in person. You can also use the following link for the Udvada Muktad Scheme
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Woven In Time: The Story Of The Parsi Gara Sari

They hide within their folds the story of voyages at sea, the old trading routes and the rise and blossoming of an entire community Article By Shaeroy Chinoy  | Elle Traditional Indian textiles and art forms speak volumes about history, the regions they come from, the culture and art, but often there is a deeper story. The Parsi Gara is one such great example. They hide within their folds the story of voyages at sea, the old trading routes and the rise and blossoming of an entire community. ...
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The Psalm 1 Life

If I aspire to anything, it’s to live a Psalm 1 life. Psalm 1 captivates me. It pictures two ways of life. There are only two ways, after all. We think there are more, but the choice before us is binary. One is to listen to all the wrong voices, to be shaped by views of life that seem to make a sense of a lot of people. It’s to allow ourselves to be influenced by the zeitgeist, to be consumed with a constant diet of posts and media that drag us, slowly and imperceptibly, away from God. ...
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An Introduction to Grown-Man Walkie-Talkies

A disaster hits your area. Cell and phone services are overloaded or down.  You can’t connect with your loved ones and friends to coordinate emergency plans.  Or can you? Thankfully, you have a backup method of communication: the handy two-way radio transceiver, known colloquially as the walkie-talkie.  Walkie-talkies may have been one of your favorite and most fun toys as a kid, but the more powerful, high-tech versions have true functional uses for grown-ups. Here in the United Sta...
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Local Sex Near Me

I’m hoping that me discussing my own story is doing something to them, she said, but it’s also meaningful for me being a writer. If the person is reluctant to do so, move on. Now their daughter is at the helm of the organization, which arouses customized trips to over 60 countries. The secret is to be authentic and comfortable with who you are.warts and all! You are able to filter them out using the scale on the side of the web page, which means you just see comments with a minimum score that yo...
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