‘We Are Puget Sound’: Sally Brownfield / The People of the Water

Hope returns to a peninsula at the southern end of Puget Sound, where a member of the Squaxin Island Tribe grew up respecting the bay and its life-sustaining harvest.
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The Backstory: ‘We Are Puget Sound’ is a visual call to action

Individual and collective actions profoundly affect the future of our shared Salish Sea.
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That new ‘meat study’ making waves on social media? Think twice before taking it seriously.

Unless you have a health condition that precludes doing so, it's probably fine for your health to eat meat in moderation if you enjoy it.
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‘We Are Puget Sound’: Tahmina Martelly: Feeding refugees, protecting the Sound

Food gardens and a rain-collection system transform a Kent parking lot into a healthy metaphor: ‘When you take barriers away, new things can grow.’
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10 ways you can contribute to the recovery of Puget Sound

Here are actions you can take, individually and collectively, from voting to picnicking in a local park.
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Ardeshir Irani, the father of Indian talkies who had many other milestones to his name

Ardeshir Irani | Commons New Delhi: “The theatre was mobbed. Tickets were unavailable for weeks and the police was called in to control a riotous mob,” writes movie historian B.D. Garga on the discharge of Alam Ara in his e book, Artwork of Cinema. Article on LIIST STUDIO The primary Indian sound movie, Alam Ara, was launched in 1931. It modified India eternally. And if there’s one particular person whose identify is most indelibly linked with this alteration, it’s Ardeshir Irani. In the pre...
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Rant & Rave: Returned ring sparks joy

RAVE to the anonymous individual who found and handed in a diamond ring at the Seattle Athletic Club (Northgate campus). It is an irreplaceable heirloom, and I was desperate when I thought it was lost. RANT to the ride-share driver who cursed at me when I pointed out to him that he was blocking a […]
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Treasures in the Trash: A Secret Museum Inside a Working New York City Department of Sanitation Garage

Like many New Yorkers, retired sanitation worker Nelson Molina has a keen interest in his fellow citizens' discards. But whereas others risk bedbugs for the occasional curbside score or dumpster dive as an enviro-political act, Molina’s interest is couched in the curatorial. The bulk of his collection was amassed between 1981 and 2015, while he was on active duty in Carnegie Hill and East Harlem, collecting garbage in an area bordered by 96th Street, Fifth Avenue, 106th Street, and First Av...
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How do pancakes and maple syrup get more exciting? Turn them into a cake.

If you like maple-syrup drenched pancakes, you're going to love this dessert. The sour cream in both the cake and frosting temper what could otherwise be a cloying confection.
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Sunday Best: How Paris became the fashion capital

The "Paris, Capitol of Fashion" exhibit at The Museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) features about 75 outfits, ranging from the 18th century to the present, and demonstrates how the French capital became the international center of fashion.
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New book ‘We Are Puget Sound’ reminds us what’s at risk if we ignore the struggles of the Salish Sea

Maybe if we were more aware of how deeply this special body of water defines and sustains us, we’d be more motivated to save it.
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Travel Troubleshooter | Help, I’ve been banned by Airbnb! 

Why is Chiaka Aribeana banned from Airbnb? And is there any way to get her unbanned?  
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‘We Are Puget Sound’: Les Purce: Leading the orca recovery task force

Purce says the education of Puget Sounders, and those who visit the Sound, must play a central role in recovering the orca.
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The battle is over. The people have spoken. Seattle’s Favorite Brewery is …

After five rounds of voting and more than 123,000 votes, Seattle Times readers have rendered a verdict and picked their favorite brewery in Seattle.
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Made by a boxing coach in a pizza kitchen: This Seattle chocolate company has a unique origin story

Meg Maggie Margaret chocolates is the name of the company run by Margaret Savas, who formerly worked for Fran's Chocolates, but is now making a name for herself with her unique spin on artisan small-batch chocolates.
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Growing Up In Marriage

This past weekend I had the chance to speak at Freedom Church Los Alamos. It’s so great to be among real people – who love God – and are bringing God’s love to others! *Interested in having me come speak to your group or church? Let’s start the conversation by contacting me here. The post Growing Up In Marriage appeared first on SMR Nation.
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Announcing a New AoM Original E-book: The 33 Marks of Maturity

When I explain the Art of Manliness to other people, I often describe it as a site about growing up well, aimed at men. Its mission grows out of an awareness that this process of growing up isn’t an easy task. Part of what makes it difficult, is that maturity is rarely defined, so that you don’t know what you’re aiming for and how much progress you’re making towards that horizon. To that end, today we’re releasing a new original ebook which seeks to transcend one-dimensional pictures of what it...
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She feels guilty for setting boundaries with family

Dear Carolyn Adapted from a recent online discussion. Hi, Carolyn: Now that I’m getting pretty good at setting boundaries (thank you for your help with that!), how do I stop feeling guilty about it? For example, I plan my entire week so I don’t have to leave the house on Sundays. It’s my day to […]
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She’s tired of people asking about her illness

Dear Carolyn DEAR CAROLYN: I live in a small town, and I am being treated for cancer. I’m an extremely private and sensitive person. I don’t want pity or to have to explain my situation to people when they see the little hats I wear. In the beginning I’d just say, “I have a little […]
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Rant and Rave: Thanks for the breakfast

RANT to one of the neighbors on Jones Ave. just north of 65th in Ballard, who put a “I parked like an a***hole” sticker on my car — really? I was parked in a legal zone, not blocking a driveway/curb cut for 90 minutes as I took my wife to dinner for her birthday. I […]
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Podcast #551: Inside the Gangsters’ Code

Lou Ferrante was a mobster who worked for the Gambino crime family and made a trade out of hijacking trucks loaded with expensive goods. Eventually, the law caught up with him and he ended up in prison. There, he discovered a love for reading and writing which set off a personal transformation that led to him leaving the mafia. After his stint in jail, Lou went on to become an author and the host of a Discovery Channel documentary series called Inside the Gangsters’ Code.  Today on the show, ...
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