Bullshit Viral Videos of Nancy Pelosi Show Fake Content Doesn't Have to Be a Deepfake

Two videos of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have gone viral over the past 24 hours, raising ethical questions about the use of editing on social media. President Donald Trump even shared one of the videos last night, calling it “PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE.” But only one of the videos is truly “fake” and…Read more...
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Rockie Awards – The Winners

For those who might have missed the show in April, the Boise Advertising Federation recently published the complete list of winners from this year’s Rockie Awards. Of the 429 entries, 123 were recognized at various levels – Gold, Silver, or Citation. Gold winners were automatically forwarded to the AAF District 11 competition. Notables from this year’s show: Drake Cooper won Best of Show for their 18 Summers campaign, Duft Watterson took Gold in 8 of the 16 categories, and Christal Gammill...
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Logic Then and Now

This week I attended the Association of Symbolic Logic North American Annual Meeting in New York City, giving a talk on P v NP. First I must share the announcement that ASL member Tuna Antinel of Lyon 1 University has been arrested in Turkey for his political beliefs. This website (English version) has details and how to show your support. I last attended the ASL annual meeting at Notre Dame in 1993 as a young assistant professor. Back then I talked about then recent work using a special kind of...

You Ask, I Answer: What Makes Engaging Content?

Lisa asks, “Think about brands you (as a consumer) trust and engage with most often online. Why does their content prompt you to engage?” We’ve all read many answers to this question over the years, and in the end, a consistent answer does exist. For creators, we use the 3L framework. For consumers, we use […] The post You Ask, I Answer: What Makes Engaging Content? appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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Big names aim to swap national politics for EU career -

Big names aim to swap national politics for EU career Government ministers turn their backs on domestic politics to stand in European election.

Friday Bytes: Bluebird, Eurofiber, Napatech, Teridion

Memorial Day weekend has almost arrived, so maybe summer has also after a bit of a rocky spring.  Here are a few last tidbits of news first though: ... [visit site to read more]
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Are IPOs Right for DTC Brands? Not Always, Experts Say

Within the past few months, the retail industry has seen the rise of several new direct-to-consumer unicorn companies (brands that reach a $1 billion valuation or more). Rent the Runway, Glossier and Casper all reached that status in March, and now Away's joined the club. Harry's, on the other hand, was bought for $1.37 billion...
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Viktor Orbán: Manfred Weber is ‘weak’ -

Viktor Orbán: Manfred Weber is ‘weak’ Viktor Orbán said the EPP's candidate to become next Commission president was 'no longer a conservative politician.'

The NRA and its longtime agency are suing each other: Friday Wake-Up Call

Welcome to Ad Age’s Wake-Up Call, our daily roundup of advertising, marketing, media and digital news. You can get an audio version of this briefing on your Alexa device; sign up here. What people are talking about today The National Rifle Association and its longtime agency used to have one of the closest relationships in adland. But now, after nearly four decades together, the NRA and agency Ackerman McQueen are fighting each other in a remarkably bitter legal battle.  Here’s the latest: ...

The New York Times' 'Truth' campaign continues winning streak at D&AD

The New York Times’ “The Truth is Worth it” campaign continues its awards season winning streak, earning two Black Pencils at the D&AD Awards in London. The Black Pencils are the highest accolade of the U.K.-based show and follow the Times' honors at the ADC Club awards earlier this month The effort depicts the diligence and persistence that the Times' journalists put into their reporting through an artful layering of image, text, and sound. Black Pencils were in the TV Commercial Camp...

Rishad Tobaccowala on growth hacking Publicis—and himself

Rishad Tobaccowala has logged nearly four decades at Publicis. Starting with a run at Leo Burnett and followed by stints as chairman of Digitas LBi and Razorfish, he spent some time in leadership roles at VivaKi and Starcom IP as well as other companies under the Publicis umbrella. Today he is the chief growth officer and a member of the management board at Publicis, the world’s third-largest advertising holding company by revenue—that’s behind WPP and Omnicom. In his 37 years he likes ...

Shaping The Central Office of the Future

This article was contributed by Lior Mishan of Ethernity Networks Service providers have been under increasing pressure for several years to meet the growing expectations and demands of users. Now the advent of 5G networking is only adding to those expectations. ... [visit site to read more]
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Mr Bullet iPhone iPad – Sanguinaire Jeu de Tir pour Espions (gratuit)

Source : Mr Bullet iPhone iPad – Sanguinaire Jeu de Tir pour Espions (gratuit) Si tirer sur tout ce qui bouge et regarder le sang gicler dans tous les sens ne vous effraie pas, alors le The post Mr Bullet iPhone iPad – Sanguinaire Jeu de Tir pour Espions (gratuit) appeared first on
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L’Excellent Jeu ‘Les Sims 4’ sur Mac est Maintenant Gratuit

Source : L’Excellent Jeu ‘Les Sims 4’ sur Mac est Maintenant Gratuit C’est une première pour l’éditeur Origine qui offre pour les utilisateurs d’un Mac et d’un PC sous Windows son excellent jeu vidéo The post L’Excellent Jeu ‘Les Sims 4’ sur Mac est Maintenant Gratuit appeared first on
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Meet Karen Wickre, the editor who helped Twitter and Google find their voice

We often think of tech companies as faceless platforms; social networks where we imprint our personalities, empty documents we fill, and conduits for communicating. But tech giants do have their own voices, carefully crafted by editors, designers, and product developers. Karen Wickre is one such editor, and she’s helped define the voices of some of the most important tech companies on the planet. Back in 1994, Wickre was publishing some of the earliest guides to the world wide web — for some per...
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Il Transforme son Apple Watch en OR sans OR (video)

Source : Il Transforme son Apple Watch en OR sans OR (video) Déçu de ne plus pouvoir s’offrir une montre Apple Watch en OR 24 carats depuis qu’elle a été retirée du catalogue en The post Il Transforme son Apple Watch en OR sans OR (video) appeared first on
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Print Media Market Size, Status and Growth Outlook 2019-2023 -

Print Media Market Size, Status and Growth Outlook 2019-2023 Markets Covered: Directory, Mailing List, And Other Publishers, Book Publishers, Newspaper & Magazines Publishers , Directory, Mailing List, Others ...

How Will Slovakia Vote in the European Elections? - Fair Observer

How Will Slovakia Vote in the European Elections?   Fair Observer Is there any hope that the European elections will bring positive change for Slovakia? The answer is yes.

Keep Your Hilton Honors Points From Expiring with a $1 Amazon Purchase

Updated with alternative method. My relative lack of travel these days means that I am constantly keeping miles and points from expiring. Here’s the official policy of Hilton Honors point expiration: Hilton Honors Points do not expire as long as Members remain active in the program. To keep an account active, Members can stay at one of Hilton’s hotels, or earn or redeem Hilton Honors Points within 12 months. [For Hilton Honors credit card holders, Hilton Honors Points will not expire as long ...
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Nike selling virtual Air Jordans in a partnership with Fortnite

The holy grail for any clothing brand is if they can sell virtual merchandise at scale without ever having to manufacture anything, which is exactly what Nike have managed to achieve with their newly announced collaboration with Fortnite. Epic has partnered with Nike’s Jordan brand to deliver branded content to the game. As part of the collaboration a new specially themed game mode has been added as well as some Jordan cosmetic gear. While this is the first specific clothing br...
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Bruce McIntyre on a mindful approach to #caregiving and #parkinsons. #mindfulsocial

This chat with Bruce McIntyre covers a lot of topics, from his personal journey as a caregiver to serving as the Executive Director of the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma. He’s been through quite a lot on this journey and has dedicated his life to helping other family caregivers learn how to take care of their loved ones as well as themselves. As a leader, he’s learned lessons along the way to bring more kindness and less judgment to how he works with his team, and how to really talk to people ...
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Chris, John and just a bit of Ty Pennington

In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn about Life to the Extreme, Dark Web, Velvet Rope Social, and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: LinkedIn and Trust Insights Chris on the Blue Mic Facebook Pixel Less Effective? Facebook removes inauthentic behavior accounts Darkweb vs. the Velvet Rope 8:05 LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is how B2B Marketers and advertisers drive brand awareness and generate leads. It’s the only place where you can find over 575 million user ...
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Ads (sadly) not rebooted for ABC’s ‘All in the Family,’ ‘Jeffersons’ nostalgia trip

You’d think ABC’s live re-staging of “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons” seemed to have offered marketers a rare opportunity to dust off some long-forgotten creative from the leisure-suit era, but as it turns out, most of the brands that advertised in Wednesday night’s retro showcase didn’t exist back when the Norman Lear sitcoms first aired. Of the 35 brands that aired commercials in the 90-minute ABC production, only seven would have been in a position to purchase national ad inventory...

RSC Anderlecht and Branded by Geronimo Tell a Princely Tale #THEPRINCEISBACK

THE PRINCE IS BACK … this was the headline broadcast by soccer club Anderlecht on Sunday at midday. Just four words, but they sent a chill down the spines of everyone who loves the mauves: legendary soccer player Vincent Kompany would be coming home. A whirlwind decision for Vince the Prince, for Anderlecht, and for Branded by Geronimo, the communication partner that masterminded the viral campaign video.The news has since gone global: after an international career spanning 13 years, Vincent Kom...
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At the Get-There-Before-the-Blogs-Do Café...

... it's not too late. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Top Tips For Leveraging Video To Build A Brand

by Pamela Webber, Chief Operating Officer at 99designs When was the last time you watched a video on your laptop or phone? Chances are it was today, or at least in the past couple of days. That’s because video has become one of the most relevant and popular forms of marketing content thanks to its powerful ability to engage large audiences across a range of demographics effectively. In fact, Cisco has predicted that online video will account for an incredible 80% of all consumer internet traffi...
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Neymar Jr. Show off His 'Spirit' in Latest Campaign for Diesel

Diesel Fragrances and Neymar Jr., accompanied by , give us their definition of bravery for the launch of a new fragrance, “Spirit of the Brave”. Spread in North-America, South-America and Europe, the campaign was launched on May 19th.Within just 10 years, football player Neymar Jr. has become a star. Exposed to millions of fans, journalists and opponents, each of his gestures is photographed, shared and scrutinized, every word he utters gets analyzed and tweeted.So what exactly is being brave w...
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Why Sensitivity Is Behind The Strongest Brands

While the business world moves at its greatest pace, brands must remember that the basic expectations of the people it serves are holding steadfast. And that the customer’s experience with your brand will always be shaped by the driving power of human needs. One of which is sensitivity; the awareness of the needs and emotions of your customers. In a world that values what a brand says much less than what they do, nothing reinforces the human characteristics of a brand (or lack thereof) than i...
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Three Ways to Jazz Up Your Trade Show Booth

“Did you get the sign?” “What sign?” “The one we ordered a month ago for this trade show!” If this exchange sounds familiar, you might have run a booth at a trade show. You’re one in hundreds and by the time people get to your booth, they’re glassy-eyed and ready to go check out the refreshments. You’ve got to knock their eyeballs out and get them to stop thinking about food and start thinking about your product. That takes a bit of prior effort on your part. Here are some ways you can really at...
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You Suck at Blogging: Here’s How to Fix That

Everyone and their mother have a blog on their website. This is probably why there are 1.7 billion websites on the web right now. 90% of those people don’t know how to write a blog (my estimation). And probably a good number think they do know how to write a blog. The question is, how many of those people are driving traffic with their content? Bad news is, you’re one of those people most likely. And you’re not seeing any traffic because of your blog. You’re probably thinking right now, “bloggin...
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