Google Search Hanukkah Decorations For 2018

Google has posted their Hanukkah or Chanukah decorations for the holiday season. Why they also posted the Christmas and Kwanzaa decorations as well, but since Chanukah starts in less than 24 hours - I am sharing these decorations now.
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Local Mercato Scores Again in LA for a Timely Holiday Marketplace on Dec. 6

Coming to you with Local Mercato’s next event, their Holiday Marketplace on Dec.6 from 6:30-9: 30 pm at The Riveter (2236 S. Barrington Ave., LA, 90064). (This is not a restaurant or a bar!) This fun and festive evening will feature over 20 local Los Angeles brands to shop, with a portion of sales going […]
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Survey of teens says social media lets them connect with friends and get support

A survey of teenagers shows the ways that social media sites can be beneficial to them, like feeling more connected to their friends, the ability to interact with different people, and as a venue to get support when they are struggling. The post Survey of teens says social media lets them connect with friends and get support appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Google officially rolling out new search bar with sticky header, rounded search bar

After months of testing, Google is rolling out the new search bar for the search results page. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Barry Schwartz]
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There’s a Lot More to Branding Than Creating a New Logo

If you search for branding on Google you get 773,000,000 results. Most of the articles on the front page talk about the importance of a modern logo, before analyzing how a famous company logo has changed over time. Unfortunately these articles largely miss the point. Brand identity is important, but a successful branding exercise is a lot more than creating a modern looking logo. I thought the best way to start this article would be to do something a bit contentious. Below is an image of how the...
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McDonald’s is Turning Reddit’s ‘Hamburger Menu’ into an Real Burger Menu

On December 3, McDonald’s is putting a unique spin on a classic internet icon – the Hamburger Menu – in honor of its inventor, Norm Cox.In the 1980s, Norm Cox changed the Internet forever by simplifying the dropdown menu on websites to create what is now known as the “Hamburger Menu.” As fellow burger lovers, McDonald’s is inviting fans to celebrate Norm’s Hamburger Menu on his birthday, December 3, through a creative activation that will make Internet history.To help with pulling off a birthday...
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28 Tips for Studying for Final Exams

Image Credit: “Despair” by Juliana Coutinho Final exams are approaching on college campuses around the world. Finals can be stressful, even for the most prepared students. Here are some tips to help you succeed: Preparing for the Final Find out what your entire final exam schedule is so that you’ll know how many finals you will have on each day. Prepare a written schedule for yourself indicating when you will study for each test. Leave some time in your schedule for exercise and relaxation...
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Why the Internet Should Be Part of latest tech Infrastructure Plan

With countries inviting people through different programs like investor visa, it is becoming easier to acquire the information of individuals since every procedure has been shifted to online. It is becoming the need to the hour for the countries to Read more… The post Why the Internet Should Be Part of latest tech Infrastructure Plan appeared first on TechRecur: Latest Telecom Media & Technology News, Trends, Analysis, Press Releases.
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How the marketplace of ideas went rogue

The marketplace of ideas is a better metaphor than it's intended to be, notes Eli Pariser. As any good economist will tell you, the best product doesn't always rise to the top.The institutional gatekeepers and experts who once kept checks and balances on the marketplace of ideas have been replaced by social media algorithms that reward emotion and outrage over expertise and truth.How can media institutions like Facebook make this right? By reevaluating the business model that serves advertisers ...
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1,000 little steps

There’s nothing in the dentist’s office that was there fifty years ago. Every device, every compound, every technique has been changed. Bit by bit. Involving thousands of people and organizations. Improvements large and small (mostly small), in every corner. And every one of those improvements was met with resistance. Every change was fought, tooth (!) and nail. Every one had critics and skeptics and hold outs. That’s how the world changes. By drips. Persistent, generous, tiny drips.          ...
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Margaret Atwood set to publish ' The Handmaid's Tale' sequel in September 2019 - Daily News & Analysis

Margaret Atwood set to publish ' The Handmaid's Tale' sequel in September 2019   Daily News & Analysis Canadian author Margaret Atwood said on Tuesday that she is writing a sequel to her best-selling dystopian novel The Handmaid's Tale. "Yes indeed to those ...
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Be the boss of email marketing

Email marketing might seem like an easy way to communicate with your customers, but creating and growing your email list of faithful users takes more time and effort than you might think. Marketing your business via your email list, above all, is about developing trust and intimacy with your clients. You would want to have a growing email list of people who engage with your content, who are interested in your products or services, and who are or will be your buyers. First of all, when starting t...
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Top 5 Social Media Tools That Will Save You Time

Most business owners will tell you that nothing comes a premium like time. From overseeing production to managing employees to developing a marketing campaign that works, there often is not enough time in the day to complete all the tasks required by the demands of the business. Here we’ve gathered some of the top social media tools that will save you time in a variety of areas. Jungle Scout. In business, standing out from the competition can be difficult and finding the time to make that happen...
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How Customer Service and Digital Marketing Can Work Hand-in-Hand

A few years ago, when digital marketing was not as big as it is now, there was no need for a company’s marketing department and their customer support to collaborate. However today, a company cannot become that successful if both these departments don’t work hand-in-hand. This is primarily because the channel where a company will market is often the same channel that their customers are turning to if they have concerns and issues about the company’s products and services. To make it clear, let’s...
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Check Out French Deal for Great Gifting Ideas for the Guy who Loves Fashion!

Until recently I was not aware of French Deal, the  clothing line based in France.  French Deal is a very fashionable line that transcends a lot of categories but it’s distinctly French and very fashion-oriented. The brand is known for cutting edge designs that  show off an acute attention to detail and style. This line […]
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