7-Eleven Serves Up Roamer Canned Wine

No wine glasses? No problem! 7-Eleven has introduced its first private brand canned wine – Roamer. Roamer is available in chardonnay and rosé. The Roamer Syrah-based rosé is a dry, fruit-driven wine with hints of strawberry and raspberry, making it a crisp, easy-drinking rosé. The Roamer chardonnay has an oak influence, with bright tropical and citrus fruits that add to its bright acidity. According to an industry study released this year, the growth of canned wines in  the United States ...
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Red Dead 2 Online “Scamming Players Out Of Their Money”

One Red Dead Redemption 2 rube who decided to spend real world money on the game’s “gold bars” to purchase an item he wanted is claiming that Rockstar is scamming people out of their money by not even letting players know the item is unpurchasable for them when they offer the chance. Realizing he was […]
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How Hospitality Industry Managers Can Impress, Succeed, and Keep Moving Up the Chain

Whether you’re working in food service, Hotels, and accommodations, event planning, catering, tourism, or any of the dozens of great fields that fall under the hospitality industry umbrella, one thing is for certain: with some dedication to your craft, you can keep moving up the chain and find a fulfilling, long-term career. Here are some tried and true ways to help make this happen. Find yourself a mentor Advancing in the hospitality industry requires making connections. You need to establish...
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Resist (The Ad Industry’s Ageist, Sexist and Racist Behaviors) Harder

I remember loving this Coca-Cola commercial when I was a kid. I just admitted that I am old, at least by advertising industry standards. How do you know when you are over the hill? Will you receive a text with a decoded message? Will a colleague or family member take you aside and kindly point […] The post Resist (The Ad Industry’s Ageist, Sexist and Racist Behaviors) Harder appeared first on Adpulp.
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Guest post: Join SIGACT!

This is a guest post by Samir Khuller and Robert Kleinberg. Dear friends, As our research community continues to grow and thrive, SIGACT membership has not grown apace. We respectfully urge you to join SIGACT! Membership is very cheap (and does not require ACM membership) – only $15 a year – and by joining you will be lending your support to the many activities that SIGACT undertakes on behalf of the theoretical computer science research community. These include: sponsoring STOC and other theor...
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Important... to My Email Subscribers

Have you been been receiving Conversation Agent via email? Then this is for you. Beginning in 2019, I'll be moving our emails to another service. This will allow you to receive Conversation Agent in a more readable, mobile-friendly format. To continue receiving my latest articles, you'll need to opt-in through this link or the button below by December 31, 2018. I hope you're excited about the upcoming year! I have some great thought-starting ideas to share about brands, storytelling, language, c...
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What products or services could be advertised using THIS video of a 102 year old sky diver?

How would YOU exploit this video of Irene O’Shea 102 year old sky diver if you were an ad executive given this footage to be used to pitch for any account in the world? What TV commercial could you make out of this video? Here are a few to start you off… Insurance (life, disability). […]
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Colin Kroll, CEO of HQ Trivia, Dies at 34

Colin Kroll, co-founder of Vine and the CEO of HQ Trivia, died Sunday morning of an alleged drug overdose, according to multiple reports. He was found in his Manhattan apartment after his girlfriend called the police, who were performing a welfare check. He was 34. Kroll, who co-founded the popular 6-second video app Vine, was...
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Tesco Boosts Vegan Christmas Private Brand Range

With veganism, the fastest growing culinary trend of 2018 Tesco has increased its private brand range of plant-based Christmas dinner centerpiece dishes. In 2018, demand for chilled and frozen vegan food at the UK based retailer Tesco has soared by more than 50%, helping to grow the UK meat-free market to £310 million. As a result, Tesco has not only doubled its vegan festive main dish offering but has also now launched its first ever vegan party food lines as well as a Christmas vegan sandwich...
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Director Nathini Van Der Meer Explores a Nomadic Culture Revolution in Latest MCM Mobility Campaign

Director Nathini Van Der Meer 's recent film for MCM Worldwide’s Mobility campaign explores a nomadic culture revolution. For the iconic leather goods brand, Nathini positions fluid human movements against an architecturally unique background. Using real dancers instead of models, her exploration of motion and shape reveals the products in a left-of-center and innovative way.  Freedom of expression is largely tied to freedom of movement; it is only when we have both that we—...
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Spotlight: Increased protectionism overshadows Eurozone growth, closer cooperation needed -

Spotlight: Increased protectionism overshadows Eurozone growth, closer cooperation needed by Xinhua writer Zhu Sheng. BERLIN, Dec. 16 (Xinhua) -- The economy of the entire Eurozone is growing, but at a slower pace under the background of ...
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Spotlight: Increased protectionism overshadows Eurozone growth, closer cooperation needed - Xinhua | - Xinhua

Spotlight: Increased protectionism overshadows Eurozone growth, closer cooperation needed - Xinhua |   Xinhua by Xinhua writer Zhu Sheng. BERLIN, Dec. 16 (Xinhua) -- The economy of the entire Eurozone is growing, but at a slower pace under the background of ...
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Lawsuit alleges Apple falsely advertised the screen size of the iPhone X

A lawsuit alleges that Apple was dishonest in the way that it marketed the iPhone X. The lawsuit alleges that despite Apple's marketing campaign, the new iPhone is not in fact all screen because of the notch. The post Lawsuit alleges Apple falsely advertised the screen size of the iPhone X appeared first on Digital Trends.
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data, privacy, and brand trust

Last week’s NYT exposé into the intimate location data collected and shared by mobile apps (including one app that tracked a user’s location more than 14,000 times a day) is the latest in a constant stream of bombshell data privacy revelations in 2018. A recent GlobalWebIndex survey found that 72% of consumers in the US and UK are more aware of how companies collect and use their personal data than they were 12 months ago. 70% are now more concerned about online privacy. They also found that ...
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UK's Advertising Standards Authority Bans Sexist Stereotypes in Ads

Britain is to ban advertising showing women who can’t park or men who struggle to change a nappy in a crackdown on gender stereotypes, the industry watchdog said on Friday.The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said a review had found some stereotypes were harmful, citing ads that belittle men for carrying out tasks seen as female, or suggest new mothers should prioritize looking good over emotional wellbeing.“Our new rule calls time on stereotypes that hold back people and society,” said Sha...
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The Ridiculously Useful Holiday Gift Guide for Marketers and Writers

Is it too late for the Handley Ridiculously Useful Holiday Gift Guide for marketers and writers? Not if you are a procrastinator, like me. In other words, there’s no time like the present. (Sorry.) Here are my 2018 picks for ridiculously useful gifts to help marketers become better, more confident communicators now and in the new year. Some are useful. Some are ridiculous. Some are both. Which are which? Well, that’s up to you. Marketer Gift Guide for 2018 1. Masterclass writing classes. Woul...
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Hit by the Medic Update? Here’s How to Recover (A Practical Case Study) by @StevenMacd0nald

Hit by the Google Medic update? Learn how you can recover by following the steps outlined in this case study.The post Hit by the Medic Update? Here’s How to Recover (A Practical Case Study) by @StevenMacd0nald appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Foreign investors: the government wants to complicate acquisitions - The News Article Insiders

Foreign investors: the government wants to complicate acquisitions   The News Article Insiders The Federal government should in the future be allowed to co-decide, as soon as an Investor comes not from the EU, would like to buy a minimum of ten percent ...
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Two Months Salary? Not on Engagement Rings

We have all seen the commercials, sappy and blurry, that declare two months of salary is the appropriate amount to spend on engagement rings. Are they nuts?! A much better investment of that money is called a down payment if you ask me. Fortunately, there are ways to get a beautiful engagement ring for much less and frankly. So if your fiancee is demanding you spend that much on a ring, you may want to think things through a bit more. 1. Save money with an heirlooms engagement ring. The b...
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Your Guide – Tips for Holiday Tipping (and My Story Working for Tips)

TiThis week, I’m reviewing all of the people who provide me with services, and figuring out how much to tip them.  The following are my tips for holiday tipping. It’s appropriate to tip service providers that you see on a regular basis at holiday time. And avoiding services in December in order to weasel out of tipping someone who provides you with services throughout the year is frowned upon. Read on and see my story on working for tips and who I think you should give a little extra to for the ...
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The worst kind of problem is precisely the kind of problem we’re not spending time worrrying about. It’s not the cataclysmic disaster, the urgent emergency or the five-alarm fire. No, the worst kinds of problems are chronic. They grow slowly over time and are more and more difficult to solve if we wait. Chronic problems are most often solved by building new systems. New ways to engage with the issue over time, methods that create their own habits and their own forward motion. Step one is to real...
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Building A Blessing Budget To Radically Give All Year Long

During the Christmas season, we fully embrace Jesus words: "It's more blessed to give than to receive". Can you take your giving to the next level? The post Building A Blessing Budget To Radically Give All Year Long appeared first on Bible Money Matters and was written by Tim Kiser. Copyright © Bible Money Matters - please visit for more great content.
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Stella Artois Cidre Shows Great Cocktail Potential! Check Out These Recipes!!

The holidays are around the corner and you’re likely looking for the best cocktails to serve (or bring to) your upcoming gatherings that will impress your friends and family. Perfect for spreading some holiday cheer are these fun, tasty cocktails from Stella Artois Cidre. Infused with seasonal ingredients they are perfect for festive winter activities, […]
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