5 Groups or Organizations Most Forgotten During the Holidays and How You Can Help!

You know you have someone on your list who you find is difficult to shop for gifts. While you might be at a loss on what to buy as a gift, there’s another way of gifting. Why not make a donation to a local charity on behalf of that person on your list?  Finding out […]
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What is AWS? – An Introduction to Amazon Web Services

  Source: Not everyone realizes just how much of their day to day activities depends on cloud-based services. It’s not just internet email and social media but chances are the applications you use at your workplace are stored in Read more… The post What is AWS? – An Introduction to Amazon Web Services appeared first on TechRecur: Latest Telecom Media & Technology News, Trends, Analysis, Press Releases.
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Brand Licensing’s Rising Value In The Digital Age

  Consumers today have immediate access to troves of information about any product, so in theory, they no longer need to rely on the good name of established brands to guide decisions on what to buy. But that perspective is misleading: The volume of product information available is so vast, even overwhelming, smart brands have the power to rise above the information and marketing cacophony. And while we all want to stay connected through our digital devices, there is another countervailing tre...
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Three Short and Sweet Possible Legislative Responses to Texas v. United States

Nick Bagley and I have a short piece in The Atlantic offering the incoming House of Representatives three strategies for super-simple legislation that would end the litigation in Texas v. United States and preserve the ACA.  One would raise the penalty for not carrying insurance from nothing to one dollar; one would clarify that the mandate is severable; one would just repeal the mandate, which, given the absence of a penalty, now hangs atavistically around the ACA like a human appendix, doing n...
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Daily Search Forum Recap: December 20, 2018

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today...
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QBiz: Swiggy Raises $1 Billion; IL&FS To Sell Education Arm - The Quint

QBiz: Swiggy Raises $1 Billion; IL&FS To Sell Education Arm   The Quint Latest Business News: Swiggy said it has received $1 billion funding from technology investor Naspers. IL&FS initiated a process to sell its stake in its education ...
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Doug Jones ‘Outraged’ by Russian-Style Tactics Used in His Senate Race

Mr. Jones called for an investigation after a report in The New York Times revealed social media fakery that was used in the race against Roy S. Moore.
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Facebook removes fake Bangladesh news sites

DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — Facebook is shutting down a series of fake news sites spreading false information about the Bangladesh opposition days before national elections, an official from the social media platform told The Associated Press. The sites — nine Facebook pages designed to mimic legitimate news outlets, as well as six fake personal accounts spreading anti-opposition propaganda — were created by Bangladeshis with government ties, Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity pol...
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Social Media: The New Presentation Space

With the rise of social media and constant access to HD cameras in everyone’s pockets, sharing your thoughts and ideas has never been easier. With a simple email and password, you quickly gain access to the minds of people you would otherwise never cross paths with. Whether you are selling your brand or looking to get your ideas and thoughts out into the world, social media is a great platform to bring your presentations to the masses. Don’t get us wrong – becoming a rockstar at social media tak...
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Axios Future - December 20, 2018 - Axios

Axios Future - December 20, 2018   Axios Welcome back to Future. Thanks for subscribing. Situational awareness: The 2018 bear-market swoon is turning into a bloodbath. U.S. stock markets fell further ...
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Bangladesh's consequential election - East Asia Forum

Bangladesh's consequential election   East Asia Forum Author: Ali Riaz, Illinois State University. Bangladesh's upcoming parliamentary election, scheduled for 30 December, may become the most consequential for ...
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The best new social media features of 2018

Social media sites and apps are constantly changing and evolving to match the needs of their user base — for good, and for ill. Whether it’s Facebook Watch‘s new shows actually making it worth using, or Snapchat’s reviled redesign, social media changes can be a polarizing topic for the millions of people who use the sites every day. But sometimes, the changes just raise the whole site or app a bit, and make the experience of using them better (or mercifully less tedious). These are the best soci...
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Entertainment and Media Market Research And Technology Outlook 2018-2025 - Daily Industry Updates

Entertainment and Media Market Research And Technology Outlook 2018-2025   Daily Industry Updates The Global Entertainment and Media Market Research Report Forecast 2018-2025: is a valuable source of insightful data for business strategists. It provides the ...
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I Downloaded All 840MB of My Facebook Data. It Was Boring, Baffling, and a Bit Scary.

If an online product is free, then you are what’s for sale.
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Emotional support (fried) chicken

Emotional support animals run the gammet these days, and more and more people are trying to bring them on planes, from peacocks to fish.Fast food chain Popeyes created a limited edition carrier, served at the Philadelphia airport, for passengers to take on board as their "emotional support chicken." It's a TSA-approved way for consumers to get comfort (food) on their flights and ease the pain of holiday travel. The move also is a smart and playful way to take part of the emotional support trend...
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Williams-Sonoma Sues Amazon Over Private Brand

Catalog and mall stalwart Williams-Sonoma has filed suit against Amazon. The trademark- and patent-infringement suit claims that the Amazon’s private brand Rivet includes furniture that is “strikingly similar” to those made by Williams-Sonoma’s West Elm division, including a $300 orb chair the household retailer introduced two years ago, according to the suit. “It is implausible Amazon could have conceived of a product line with nearly identical product designs” that feature product names co...
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Tubi Claims to Be the ‘Stupid Smart Way’ to Stream in New Campaign

Tubi, an ad-supported, free-to-consumers streaming service, is "the best free steaming service that no one has ever heard of," according to the company's head of marketing, but a new brand campaign tied to the holidays aims to change that. "When people hear free streaming, they get a little bit skeptical," Emily Jordan said. "Free doesn't...
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Soundcloud Artist Services Team Offers 5 Tips To Jump-Start Your Music Career In 2019

Soundcloud sees the most new music uploads during this January. So since it's the time for creators to refocus on growing and building their careers, Soundcloud's artist and label services team it offering its top 5 tips to“break through the noise" and kick-start a music career in 2019.   1. Get Inspired, Get Motivated Getting out of a creative slump and back on track can feel more difficult than it is. We’ve heard from creators that motivation is one of the biggest barriers to con...
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Augmented Intelligence Is The Key To Driving Rapid Business Value With AI

Leveraging AI to augment human intelligence leverages the superhuman advantages of AI and the super-AI advantages of humans to drive large, tangible business value quickly. Thanks to easier stakeholder buy-in, quantifiable ROIs, lower R&D costs, fewer technological hurdles, and less change management, AI is being used to augment jobs ranging from data center technicians and […]
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Affect Forecasts PR and Digital Marketing Predictions for 2019

This year was a transformative year for the public relations industry. With the rise of user generated content due to downsized staff in newsrooms and an increased focus on social media, PR professionals are expanding their scope of work beyond just traditional media relations to be successful. As planning for 2019 is underway and the industry continues to evolve, Affect’s executive team compiled their predictions for the PR and marketing industry trends. The Decline of User-Generated Conte...
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Blogger Outreach: How to Secure Valuable Links for Your Brand

When you need to market your business, it can seem complicated to find out where to put your advertisements on the internet. There are many ways to place your business… Read more » The post Blogger Outreach: How to Secure Valuable Links for Your Brand appeared first on
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20-Plus Brands Have Stopped Advertising on Tucker Carlson Tonight After Immigration Comments

Samsung, SodaStream, Pfizer's Robitussin, Jaguar-Land Rover, TD Ameritrade, and SanDisk are among at least 20 brands that have either fully stopped or temporarily suspended advertising on Fox News' 8 p.m. program, Tucker Carlson Tonight, after the host said last Thursday on his show that immigration makes the United States "poorer, dirtier and more divided." The...
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Private Brand Foot Care in Israel

Israeli beauty retailer SACARA was established in 2013 by brothers David, Yaakov and Moshe Golbari. The chain now has stores throughout the country. Agency Gadi Adar Thinkdesign was tasked with designing a new line of private brand foot care products including soap, gel, peeling, and cream. The design uses a distinctive color palette over metallic material; contrasting colors are used between the foot graphic and the background achieve product differentiation and increase shelf visibility. Y...
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How to Get Your Church Website to Rank for “Christmas Eve Services near me”

Are you ready for Christmas? Is your website? If you are person responsible for your church’s website, hopefully you have information about your church’s Christmas Eve services (and Christmas services if you have them) on your church website. I did a quick search to see how Google responds to people searching for “Christmas Eve services near me” There are a few of things about the search results I find noteworthy. 1) Some churches are using paid ads See the paid ad for Harborside Church which a...
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IBM-Powered AI Platform Wants to Reinvent the Influencer Marketing Model

A new content marketing platform is tapping artificial intelligence to match brands with content creators--but it doesn't consider itself to be in the influencer business. Built on technology from IBM Watson, the startup Props announced on Thursday that it's raised $5 million for an official rollout with investors including tech development firm Axispoint and Jump...
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Agency Holiday Cards 2018: Inventive and Creative Send-Offs to the Year, Part 2

The submissions keep coming in, so we're going to keep highlighting the most interesting holiday cards of 2018. You can find the rest of the roundup here. Stay tuned for part three. &Barr -- "40 for More" Orlando agency &Barr made the most inexpensive card possible to send to clients, for a good reason. The...
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Your Periodic Reminder That Keyword Ad Lawsuits Are Stupid–Passport Health v. Avance

The parties compete for the provision of health services related to traveling, like immunizations. The defendant Avance bought keyword ads triggered on the plaintiff’s trademark “Passport Health.” In 2013, the trademark owner complained, and Avance apparently dropped the Google ad buy. However, apparently everyone forget about Bing. In 2017, the trademark owner reemerged, complaining about the Bing ad buys. This lawsuit ensued. It doesn’t go well for the trademark owner. You kind of get the sens...
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What Marketers Can Learn From Blippar’s Dissolution

It was with some surprise that we learned of the insolvency of Blippar, a much-heralded startup whose primary idea was to use mobile phone augmented reality to bring objects and physical advertising to life in novel and fun ways. To do this, users simply had to see an advert, such as a billboard, that was...
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The Bachelor Was Nielsen Social Content Ratings’ Most Social TV Show of 2018

ABC reality competition juggernaut The Bachelor was the most social television series in 2018 in terms of average interactions per episode on Facebook and Twitter, according to the year-end wrap-up from Nielsen Social Content Ratings. Here is a look at the top three in every category analyzed by Nielsen Social Content Ratings. The complete lists...
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A Few Things We Think Mattered in 2018

As a team, we’re always sharing cool things we find with the group. You’d be correct in guessing that not all of it’s work-related—we’re human too, and we enjoy music, movies, TV, books, video games, and memes like the rest of you.  For this list though, we wanted to bring you industry-related articles and internet things that we found most interesting in 2018. Check out our favorite topics from the worlds of SEO, PPC, Web Dev, Design, CRO, and Analytics. SEO JavaScript’s impor...
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