ETA Executive Travel App: 1,000 United or American Miles After Each $300+ Booking

ETA (Executive Travel App) is an app that scans your calendar to automatically suggest travel options (hotels, flights, Uber) based on your calendar and personal travel preferences. They still have a new user offer of 3,000 United or American miles when you are referred by a friend and you book your first $300+ trip with ETA (hotels, flights, or car rentals). The referred person also gets 3,000 miles. That is my referral link if you wish to use it, thanks if you do. If you already signed up p...
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Movies Anywhere: Sync 2 Accounts, Get 3 Free Movies

Movies Anywhere is running an anniversary promotion where you can get three free streaming movies for syncing two more accounts. The Martian, Happy Feet, and Fast and Furious 8. You can even get these free titles if you already have a 5 (add 1 more) or 6 (the max unless you have Xfinity) synced accounts. Note that the new links must occur by 11:59pm PST ON 12/27/18 to qualify. Details: * Movies Anywhere users with four or less synced Digital Retailers as of 11 am PST on 11/07/18 must sync ...
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Daily Search Forum Recap: December 26, 2018

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today...
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‘What the Hell Is This?’ Officer in Viral Subway Video Didn’t Know He Had Gone Viral

The New York police officer, Syed Ali, said he was glad a video of him fighting five assailants using just his baton and his feet had been widely shared.
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LinkedIn Co-Founder Apologizes for Deception in Alabama Senate Race

The tech billionaire Reid Hoffman said he had no idea his money had been spent on a Russian-style social media disinformation campaign.
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 7  Seven Secrets of Being a  Successful Marketer

Marketing is the heart of every business organization from small-scale enterprises to large scale and multinational enterprises. The importance of marketing in every business organization cannot be overemphasized as it is through marketing, information about the product and services they render is made known to the public. The leads to wider publicity for the organization which gives it a chance to be discovered by potential customers Good marketing helps to boosts the sales of every busin...
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Commercial Printing Industry to 2025 Analysis and In-depth Research on Market Size, Trends, Emerging Growth Factors and Forecasts - DigiTribune

Commercial Printing Industry to 2025 Analysis and In-depth Research on Market Size, Trends, Emerging Growth Factors and Forecasts   DigiTribune Commercial Printing Market is an upcoming market in Services sector at present years. Commercial Printing Market also consists of capacity, cost/profit, ...
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Six Great Reasons To Enter The Vertex Awards

If you read My Private Brand regularly or you follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook you’ve probably heard a thing or two about The Vertex Awards — the prestigious international private brand design competition that we co-founded with Global Retail Brands magazine five years ago. So let me give you a few good reasons: Global recognition no matter what kind of retailer or designer you are or where you’re from or who you work for. All winners will be published on the Vertex Awards site, My P...
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The IRS Wants to Investigate Tax Dodgers via Social Media

The Internet Revenue Service (IRS) is looking to get its hands on a product that will help its agents investigate tax dodgers who’ve set up shop on social media, according to a request posted to the federal government’s procurement website, FedBizOpps.Read more...
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Federal Workers, Some in ‘Panic Mode,’ Share Shutdown Fears on Social Media

Flocking to the hashtag #ShutdownStories, government employees and contractors recounted anxiety over buying food and paying rent.
Tags: News, Social Media, Republican Party, Trump, United States Politics and Government, Donald J, Shutdowns (Institutional, Government Employees

Messenger: Here’s How to Add AR Stickers to Photos and Videos

Facebook recently introduced augmented reality (AR) stickers in Messenger, allowing users to place animated stickers on top of their photos and videos that appear to be in the real world around them. Our guide will show you how to add an AR sticker to a photo or video in Messenger. Step 1: In the conversation...
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Thanks So Much To All Of Our Advertisers

We appreciate your support this holiday season.
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Braving the Storm: 4 Steps to Handling a Medical Emergency

More than 7 million people find themselves in Australia’s hospital emergency departments each year based on a recent report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. These visits stem from a wide range of issues, some of the most common being vehicle accidents, on-the-job injuries, heart attacks and complications from long-running health conditions. While hospital staff members are trained to handle these situations, the average citizen isn’t typically equipped to deal with sudde...
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PB Careers: Amazon Sr. Program Manager, Consumables Private Brand

Sr. Program Manager, CPB Tech Location: US-WA-Seattle Job ID: 764536 Company: Services, Inc. Position Category: Project/Program/Product Management–Non-tech Job Description Are you passionate about building customer experiences that change the ways customers shop on Amazon? Are you a customer-obsessed individual who thrives on solving complex problems? Amazon’s Consumables Private Brand team is seeking an experienced Sr. Program Manager to work cross-functionally on new customer exper...
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Looking for a Snappy Cocktail? Check Out These Two Cocktails Featuring Ginger!

I love the snappy, sassy, spicy flavor of ginger. I have been known to slice ginger thinly and toss it into a canned soup or into a cup of tea. Here’s a more interesting way to use ginger – in a couple of cocktails courtesy of Santa Margherita wines.     Ginger and Jasmine SERVINGS: […]
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Holiday Tails from Petco

This week we will be featuring holiday commercials from around the world, most of them feature private brand in an entertaining and often touching way. Others are just great examples of retail advertising. Every day we have the opportunity to make a difference in a pet’s life. This short holiday film shares how one family comes together to do just that. Discover how this young boy who at first has his eye on a shiny red bicycle, does the unexpected. Watch the commercial from US pet retailer Pet...
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Looking for a Snappy Cocktail? Check Out These Two Cocktails Featuring Ginger! Day 4 of 12 Drinks of Xmas!

I love the snappy, sassy, spicy flavor of ginger. I have been known to slice ginger thinly and toss it into a canned soup or into a cup of tea. Here’s a more interesting way to use ginger – in a couple of cocktails courtesy of Santa Margherita wines.     Ginger and Jasmine SERVINGS: […]
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True brand awareness

Fantastic branding It’s been said that your name is your favorite word. Likewise, a brand’s name is its favorite word. Pair their name with their logo, and it’s a self-love fest.You can see this play out when you order a physical product from an online store. The shipping box is often branded. Sometimes the tape is even branded. Then once you tear into it, the internal packaging is branded. Then the item, too — often in multiple places. Name, logo, name, logo, name, logo.There’s nothing inhere...
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Our Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2018

How are you celebrating the New Year? By catching up on these popular posts from our blog, I hope. Back by popular demand, these are the most popular posts of the year, voted by you, trusty visitors and readers. Big thank you to our contributors, including Jessica Gioglio, Kayla Matthews, Barry Feldman, and Shane Barker, for sharing their insights on the best marketing advice of the year. 13 Critical Podcast Statistics of 2018 If you’re a content marketer, you already know how crazy people a...
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Not Even Adorable Pups Can Make Me Use Snapchat

Snapchat hasn’t had the best year. It faced blowback from its botched redesign, lost 3 million daily users in just three months, and its stock price has never been lower. But now you can add new augmented reality lenses to your dog, so that’s something I guess.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Social Media, Snapchat, Please Follow My Dog On Instagram

Redbox Drops First National TV Spot About a Multitasking Man With Fingers for Toes

We may be just a few days away from the end of the year, but for Redbox, there's no slowing down. The video rental and streaming service, perhaps best known for its bright red kiosks outside your go-to convenience store, dropped its first-ever national televised spot in its more than 16-year history. To create the...
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These 3 Logo Design Trends Are Expected to Dominate in 2019

It's that time of year again when branding soothsayers start predicting what colors, fonts and overall design looks will be hot in the year ahead and which fads will fade into oblivion. While no one simply wants to jump on the latest trend du jour, it is undeniably valuable for marketers to be aware of...
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What Does an Official Christmas Tree Say About a Country?

Rome’s puny tree last year was the sorriest of holiday sights. But this year’s lush, lavishly decorated thing is much worse.
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Native Programmatic Is Still Integral to Digital Marketing Strategies

Remember a few years back when native programmatic advertising was one of the industry's hottest topics? In those days, industry players were loudly proclaiming that the process of assembling and distributing native ads would finally be scalable due to the benefits of automation inherent in a programmatic context. Well, that truly turned out to be...
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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Continue to Shape Marketing

In 2018, artificial intelligence began making its virtues clear to the marketing industry in tangible ways. Want proof? Just check out Lexus' powerful new commercial scripted by IBM Watson. So, what does AI have in store in 2019? Holistic media buying The fact that consumers habitually juggle content streams has long been a thorn in...
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Here Are the Best Ways to Market Movies via Facebook and Instagram

While the idea of spontaneously seeing a film may seem whimsical, it's not happening too often, according to a recent online study by Accenture that was commissioned by Facebook. Accenture surveyed 1,074 active U.S. moviegoers--defined as someone who has seen at least one movie in a theater over the past six months--aged 18 and up...
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‘Share the Love’ With Forester: 5 Questions With Subaru’s Brian Cavallucci

Subaru has an important priority in the new year: launching a fresh version of its staple Forester SUV. But the brand also believes it’s important to extend its “Share the Love” holiday season charity campaign for an 11th year by prominently promoting it in November and December. So Subaru is working toward both priorities in the latest edition of “Share the Love,” which highlights the new Forester in the context of the charity campaign under which the brand says the company and its dealers ...
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Consumers Don’t Confuse Almond Milk and Cow Milk–Painter v. Blue Diamond

A putative class claimed Blue Diamond “mislabeled its almond beverages as ‘almond milk’ when they should be labeled ‘imitation milk’ because they substitute for and resemble dairy milk but are nutritionally inferior to it.” The lawsuit fails. The court responded that the FDA has exclusive control over food labeling. The court also rejected the parallel false advertising claims. The court says: Painter’s complaint does not plausibly allege that a reasonable consumer would be deceived into believi...
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Voting Open – Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2018

Innovation Excellence loves making innovation insights accessible for the greater good, because we truly believe that the better our organizations get at delivering value to their stakeholders the less waste of natural resources and human resources there will be. As a result we are eternally grateful to all of you out there who take the ...
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How to avoid the social media storm

Previously, we dug into the details of two very different but very visible social media storms and how the brands (Crock-Pot and Old Navy) dealt with the unexpected spotlight. Don’t think for a minute that your local business is immune to the same sort of trouble. The good and the bad of social media is that it is an equalizer. If the story is good, bad or salacious enough – it can quickly get national or international attention. The web is filled with examples of how small, local companies are...
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