Confronting A Radically New B2B Marketplace: The Storytelling Secret That Will Rock Your Result

by Ken Rutsky, author of “Launching to Leading: How B2B Market Leaders Create Flashmobs, Marshal Parades and Ignite Movements“ In today’s hyper-competitive, global and instantaneous market, where buyers have nearly unlimited access to information and each other, the fight for their attention is like a crowded treadmill constantly gaining speed. Due to the free-flow of information, buyers have become fiercely independent. A recent survey by CEB reported that 57 percent of the typical business-to...
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Tim Soulo on Better Search Marketing

In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn about SEO, ahrefs, Backlinking and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: LinkedIn and ahrefs! From the days of TemplateMonster in Mykolaiv, all the way to Singapore! The ahrefs YouTube channel 8:05 LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is how B2B Marketers and advertisers drive brand awareness and generate leads. It’s the only place where you can find over 500 million user accounts, all business focused, that you can target by title an...
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Daily Search Forum Recap: January 3, 2019

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today...
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A Conversation with Brent Tininenko, VP Private Brands, Freds

To begin 2019 I had the opportunity to interview Brent Tininenko, Vice President Private Brands at Dallas, Texas based discount retailer Fred’s Inc. Brent has spent the last few decades building private brands at some pretty impressive retailers and private brand companies including, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Daymon Worldwide and Nash Finch. We had the opportunity to discuss Fred’s, private brand and cycling. CD: How did you get into the private brand business? BT: 20+ years ago, Eagle Food Centers...
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Depression in girls linked to higher use of social media

Research suggests link between social media use and depressive symptoms was stronger for girls compared with boysGirls’ much-higher rate of depression than boys is closely linked to the greater time they spend on social media, and online bullying and poor sleep are the main culprits for their low mood, new research reveals.As many as three-quarters of 14-year-old girls who suffer from depression also have low self-esteem, are unhappy with how they look and sleep for seven hours or less each nigh...
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Tim Peter Tells Hotel News Now How to Make Hotel Website Perform in 2019

Hotel News Now just talked to a few hospitality professionals about the importance of technology and security. Among those few was Tim Peter, who stressed the value of speed to a hotel’s Google ranking and to guest experiences online. Read his expert opinion in his words below: Slow sites simply won’t rank. And guests say the same thing, with bounce rates climbing as page load times increase. We’ve reached a world where instant gratification isn’t fast enough. To see the rest of his quote, check...
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Private Brand Leads Reveals 2018 Top-Selling Items

As 2018 has come to a close, has revealed the year’s top-selling items. As always, there were some products that were popular across the country. For example, we know that Americans are likely binge-watching their favorite shows with HDTVs being top sellers. Private Brand Mainstays Pillows were also popular across the country. There were also some Private Brand wins with Ozark Trail Insulated Tumblers dominating in 8 states: North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Michigan, M...
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The Chris Voss Show Podcast 251 Nick Hill, CEO Of

Nick Hill, CEO Of
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The Chris Voss Show Podcast 251 Nick Hill, CEO Of #CES #CES2019

Nick Hill, CEO Of
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Down in front!

Doug gets it, most don’t. Look around YouTube at car reviews, and you’ll a lot of people standing in front of cars. Below I’ve snapped captures of early frames in six car reviews. These represent the first time the car is shown whole, in profile. Who’s on review here? The car reviewer or the car? Get out of the way people!Take it from Doug DeMuro. His reviews always start with him standing behind the car. The car is in full view, in all its glory, at center stage. Doug comes second — ...
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2018 Social Media Year in Review

Continued privacy concerns and increased scrutiny around social media platforms were the main headlines for 2018’s year of social. But 2018 also introduced new areas of interest like the evolution of voice technology, built on ongoing trends like longer-form video consumption with IGTV, and gave us the brief craze over platforms like VERO. Campaigns like HBO’s Westworld: The Maze” Voice Gaming Skill and MINI’s Created in a Countryman captured consumer’s imaginations and attention while making th...
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Google’s John Mueller Offers Guidance on Building AMP-Only Sites by @MattGSouthern

Google's John Mueller recently provided some advice on what to look out for when creating an AMP-only site.The post Google’s John Mueller Offers Guidance on Building AMP-Only Sites by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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To those in advertising

Last summer, Muse by Clio launched, with Tim Nudd at the helm as editor in chief. For those with long memories, you may also recognize Tim’s name from his years with Adweek. One of their early guest essays also proved to be among the most popular of the year. For those who haven’t read it, I encourage you to take a few minutes to do so: To Those in Advertising: Yes, We Are Curing Cancer Here Why what we do matters And after you’re done, be sure to sign up for the Museletter, their daily email....
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Snack-Wielding Robots From PepsiCo Are Invading the University of the Pacific

In days of yore, peckish college students had to physically seek out sources of sustenance. No more: Food giant PepsiCo announced it is bringing a fleet of self-driving robots to the nearly 5,000 students at the University of the Pacific's Stockton, California, campus. The robot, Snackbot, hails from robotics company Robby Technologies, and will include...
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Reviewing my 2018 Goals and Plans

It’s January 3rd and I already feel behind on 2019. Most of the bloggers somehow managed to write their year-end recaps at the end of year. On the positive side, I created my 2018 Goals and Plans in February. In comparison, I’m doing quite well. In last year’s article, I listed a bunch of quick excuses why I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted in 2017. I was the main care-giver for a 3 and 4 year old. I spent a lot of time reading politics. I was being sued for defamation, which can be a ...
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Marketing Events In Facebook

Explore valuable insights for marketing events in Facebook discovered by testing and analyzing data for over a year! Read more at
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My Nine Instagram Favorites of 2018

I used #2018bestnine to compile a collage of my top nine photos from Instagram for 2018. The top nine are ranked according to how many “hearts” (likes) were given on each picture. In case some of my followers aren’t on that social media platform, I thought I’d also post the compilation here as many of […]
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Google is Shutting Down its Small Business Community Message Board by @MattGSouthern

Google's "Small Business Community" message board is shutting down, according to an announcement published on January 2nd.The post Google is Shutting Down its Small Business Community Message Board by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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January 2019 Google Webmaster Report

In our first monthly recap for 2019 we covered a couple smaller unconfirmed Google updates. It was a slower month with the holidays and New Years but Google launched some new features...
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This Self-Aware McDonald’s Ad Knew Exactly What You Needed on New Year’s Day

There are many ways to cure a hangover ... and some are actually backed by science. Hydration, supplements and a little "hair of the dog" appear to be some proven methods--as is eating a good breakfast. Of course, topping the list is limiting alcohol intake in the first place, but on New Year's Eve, let's...
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Try Cooking Up a Special Gift ! 2 Ingredient “Croccante” Is Super Simple!

Considering how often I feature food, you might think I love to cook. Actually, it’s both yes and no. I like to cook things that are fairly simple and that don’t have a ton of ingredients and lots of effort to put into creating the food.   Thanks to this is one recipe I […]
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How Much Would We Have to Pay You to Quit Facebook for a Year?

College students in a recent study demanded an average of $2,076 to quit Facebook for a year. As Ars Technica explains, this wasn’t just a survey—researchers actually held little auctions to pay the lowest bidder to quit for a day, three days, a week, and a year. That’s not counting the students who refused to put any…Read more...
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Anti-Brexit Advertising: Together We Thrive

With nationalism on the rise, globalism needs a champion. HSBC is ready to serve. “We are not an island” celebrates elements of British life that are indebted to the nation’s connections to the wider world. HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world, with operations in 66 countries and […] The post Anti-Brexit Advertising: Together We Thrive appeared first on Adpulp.
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Didn’t Get the Medical Sales Job? Here’s Why (and What to Do Next Time)

If you’ve had a medical sales interview but didn’t get the offer, you need to hear this. I recently spoke to a qualified candidate who looks good on paper and sounds good in the interview, but is making a critical mistake in the interview and missing the job offer. This is a common but fatal interview mistake. The good news is that it’s also easily fixed. Don’t miss this 5-minute audio that will change the way you think about the interview and get you hired. Click the control below to listen ...
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Here’s How Messaging Is Positioned to Dominate in 2019

Messaging is the most frequent digital activity that a person does, period. In 2018 alone, the four largest mobile messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber) held 4.1 billion combined users, surpassing 3.4 billion users on the four largest social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn). We also have seen growth in categorical messaging platforms in...
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Vice-Owned Virtue Names New Creative Lead, Moves Beyond Parent Company’s Cultural Cred

Virtue wants brands around the world to know that it's no longer one with Vice. Just over one year after officially consolidating its marketing divisions under one umbrella, folding the Carrot brand and parting with CEO Mike Germano, the still-young media company's ad agency promoted Cameron Farrelly to the role of North American chief creative...
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BMG - Business Analyst (UK) - Music Business Worldwide

BMG - Business Analyst (UK)   Music Business Worldwide We are a growing international music company that offers a friendly and collaborative working environment with great benefits and a leadership team who ...
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BMG - Product Owner, Recorded Music Supply Chain Systems (UK) - Music Business Worldwide

BMG - Product Owner, Recorded Music Supply Chain Systems (UK)   Music Business Worldwide We are a growing international music company that offers a friendly and collaborative working environment with great benefits and a leadership team who ...
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Why was January 1, 2019 a Special Public Domain Day?

(January 1, 2019 : via the Duke University Law School Center for the Study of the Public Domain) “For the first time in over 20 years, on January 1, 2019, these published works entered the US public domain. Works from 1923 will be free for all to use and build upon, without permission or fee. They include dramatic films such as The Ten Commandments, and comedies featuring Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd. There are literary works by Robert Frost, Aldous Huxley, and Edith Wharton...
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