Rock the Golden Globes with Incredible Cocktails Created by Tasha Powell!

Tasha Powell is an amazing food stylist who is a trained Le Cordon Bleu chef. Not only that, she’s an entrepreneur and photographer. She took all the photos of these cocktails! Bio of Tasha Powell: Tasha is a stylist and writer who specializes in working with celebrities, celebrity chefs and leaders in the entertainment, hospitality […]
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What Names Have Naming Agencies Given To Their Own Naming Agency?

You’d be surprised. Most are descriptive, others are simply named after the founders. Some spent a few moments with a thesaurus, naming themselves Metaphor, Lexicon, Catchword, Idiom, etc.Those from the Obfuscating School of Naming cobbled together a string of letters based upon languages their target audience doesn’t speak – perhaps just because they could get the dot com: Nomenon, Nomina, Nomino, Tanj, Zinzin, Cintara, et al.The full list of Naming Agency names resides here, humanely caged for...
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An abrupt reversal

In October we wrote about the news of Chad Rea joining Oliver Russell as its new creative director. Well, it appears there’s been an about-face on that front recently. Chad posted an update on LinkedIn that he would not be moving to Boise, but rather will remain in Austin, Texas. You can read his full post here: Tomorrow, I’m starting with a clean slate. Reading between the lines, it sounds like the fit may not have been there, on either side. And as is the case with any shop, the fit and the cu...
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The Chris Voss Show Podcast 252 Stephane Valcauda, CEO of AJI DIGITAL

Stephane Valcauda, CEO of AJI DIGITAL
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Get Email Information Into Google Sheets Using GAS

Last updated: 05/01/2019, 1 min read (without the code) Introduction We have already seen how to send emails directly from Google Sheets. In this post, we will learn the opposite: how to retrieve email information using Google Apps Script. We will assume that you have a valid Google account hence, the information you want to retrieve comes from your Gmail. The GAS code relies on a search pattern to perform the searching in your mailbox. There are several options you can use in this pattern:.....
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Eva Longoria Features in 'Spread No Drama' Campaign for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! taps Golden Globe-nominated and SAG Award-winning actress, producer, director, entrepreneur, philanthropist and L'Oreal Paris Global Brand Ambassador Eva Longoria to star in multiple comedic short-form videos aimed at inspiring people to reduce food drama and encourage a lifestyle focused on balance. The creative centers around her inner dialogue in the form of several hilarious and over-the-top "Mini Eva" characters."Humor and fantastical scenarios are the brand...
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Whirlpool (WHR) Holding Increased by Tradition Capital Management Llc; As Marathon Pete (MPC) Stock Price Declined, Arosa Capital Management LP Lowered Its Position by $8.18 Million - The FinReviewer

Whirlpool (WHR) Holding Increased by Tradition Capital Management Llc; As Marathon Pete (MPC) Stock Price Declined, Arosa Capital Management LP Lowered Its Position by $8.18 Million   The FinReviewer Tradition Capital Management Llc increased its stake in Whirlpool Corporation (WHR) by 61.54% based on its latest 2018Q3 regulatory filing with the SEC.
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9 Tips for Breaking Out of a Rut

Lately, you’ve felt utterly uninspired. Lately, your days have been bland, dull and boring. It’s as though you’re a robot stuck on the same setting and program. Every. Single. Day. Maybe everything feels like one big slog. And you’re not sure what to do about it. You feel trapped, restless, frustrated, or overwhelmed. In other words, you’re in a rut. Ruts can have a variety of causes. Sometimes, something has simply gotten old. For instance, a once healthy and fulfilling routine, over time, ca...
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2H 2018 Quick Links, Part 2 (Trademarks)

*  Chanel, Inc. v. Wgaca,  2018 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 158077 (SDNY Sept. 14, 2018): Chanel’s amended complaint plausibly alleges that WGACA’s use of the hashtag #WGACACHANEL infringes Chanel’s trademarks. It alleges that WGACA conjoined its acronym with the Chanel trademark to create the impression that WGACA is affiliated with Chanel or is an authorized Chanel retailer…. WGACA’s Chanelbranded items would be readily identifiable as Chanel without the #WGACACHANEL hashtag and the multiple uses of Cha...
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The Psychology of Social Proof and Why It Makes Word-of-Mouth Marketing So Effective

What is Social Proof? Social proof is a result of a deeply rooted psychological bias. It implies trust in other people. The forms of this trust include the belief that the majority knows better and that the best way to make a decision is to look at people and see which decision they’ve made. As most psychological biases, this one generally makes sense. Think of your behavior in any new environment: at a new workplace, or at a party where you don’t know anyone, or in a foreign country. Every r...
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Money Mantras & Words to Live By

People typically use mantras as a way to focus on a concept larger than the self. However, when it comes to personal finance, simple truisms keep us in line with our core values and long-term goals while guiding us toward financial prosperity. Let these money mantras and words to live by from inspirational figures illuminate your path to both financial and personal wellness. Let Money Affect Your Mind, Not Your Heart It’s not unusual to desire more money than we need. We t...
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FA Cup | Chelsea v Nottingham Forest Preview | Cahill | Fabregas | CHO | The Chelsea Daft Vlog

It's matchday and I preview the game against Nottingham Forest at Stamford Bridge where we expect plenty of rotation, a performance and some goals. Could this be the final swansong for the likes of Gary Cahill and Cesc Fabregas? Also, a chance for Callum Hudson-Odoi to shine?Come on Chelsea!!What do you think of anything discussed in the Video? I want to read as many Chelsea opinions on these as possible on here or over on my new YouTube channel.Thank you SO MUCH for watching. Show your support...
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The Top Trending Colors of 2019 + How to Incorporate Them into Your Wardrobe! Guest Post!

If you are in a quandary about the colors of the year and how you might not be happy with the blazing coral color, don’t worry! There are lots more colors to look at and wear as makeup, accessories and clothing that will work for you! Guest blogger, Roxy Burg of has put together […]
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Conscious Innovation

Readers of this column understand how the role of business itself is morphing. Technology has met customer preference and disrupted many categories. Think of Airbnb, Lyft and Uber, as well as UberEats. Look at the unimaginable growth of Apple and Amazon. Examine, too the function of innovation as a formal discipline and the rise of ...
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Old Rhymes with Cold, Rolled and Spoiled

There are not many people over 50 left standing in the agency business. It’s a stupid fact of agency life, but a fact nonetheless. According to an IPA Excellence paper, written by AMV BBDO’s Strategy Director Olivia Stubbings, people over 50 represent just 6% of adland’s workforce. To put that in perspective, 22% of those […] The post Old Rhymes with Cold, Rolled and Spoiled appeared first on Adpulp.
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The Spiderman Paradox

On one hand, Uncle Ben’s rule makes great sense: “With great power comes great responsibility.” The essence of the rule is that once you have great power, you need to take the responsibility that goes with it. And yet, it’s backfiring. It’s backfiring because so many walk away from their great power. They walk away because they don’t want the responsibility. We have the power to vote, but decide to stay home and whine. The power to publish, but click instead. The power to lead, but follow meekly...
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